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Zap-Hosting Review – Everything You Need to Know in 2024

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    Want to make your own game server but don’t want to deal with crashes, lag, or other problems? Or maybe you’re a web developer who builds web applications on the internet, or a business owner who needs a good web hosting provider for your website.

    Not to worry! You have come to the right place. 

    At, we give important information about different social media marketing tools, services and reviews for different web hosting providers.

    Zap-Hosting is the answer to your question. In this blog post, we will show you why it is. In this review, we’ll explore everything you need to know about Zap-Hosting, including its strengths, weaknesses, and pricing. 

    We will also show you the performance test results of our own website which has been hosted on Zap-hosting. 

    First of all, let’s see what Zap-Hosting is all about.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Zap-Hosting?

      Zap-Hosting is a web-hosting provider that has been offering its web hosting services to individuals and businesses since 2010. Based in Munster, Nordrhein-Westfalen, Germany Zap-Hosting offers various server rental services, including Virtual Private Servers (VPS), root servers, and game servers. 

      VPS provides a dedicated portion of a physical server’s resources, while root servers offer full control and access to a physical server. Game servers are specifically configured for hosting online multiplayer games.

      Customers can choose from various configurations depending on their needs. These configurations typically involve processing power (CPU), memory (RAM), and storage space (HDD/SSD). 

      Zap-Hosting also offers features like instant setup, DDoS protection for security, and a user-friendly control panel for managing the server.

      Zap-Hosting serves those who need a reliable and powerful online environment to run applications, websites, or games, especially those that require continuous operation and strong performance.

      Services Provided by Zap-Hosting

      Zap-Hosting has something for everyone, from VPS to gaming servers and from web spaces to TLDs. Zap-Hosting can be your one stop solution for all your hosting needs.

      Let’s check out all the things it has and see how it can be used.

      Game Server

      Looking for a reliable and user-friendly platform to host your own game server? Zap-Hosting provides cloud based prepaid gameserver at very affordable rates. You can get this gameserver in two different ways. You can either rent a gameserver or buy one.

      • Rent a Gameserver: You can always rent a powerful gaming server on Zap-Hosting by paying an affordable monthly fee. There are no restrictions on features whatsoever. The thing I personally like best is that if you get bored playing the same game you switch the games to whatever and whenever you want.
      • Buy a Gameserver: Why pay every month when you can own your own gameserver? With, you can buy a gameserver and play forever without worrying about monthly fees. Pay once and enjoy endless gaming fun on your own server. It’s simple, it’s affordable, and it’s all yours! 

      Key Features of GameServer of Zap-Hosting

      • Fast Gaming Experience: When you play games with Zap-Hosting, you get next level gaming experience. Their servers use high-speed storage (SSDs), so your games load very fast and run super smooth without any annoying lag.
      • Safe and Secure: Playing games on Zap-Hosting is safe and secure. They’ve protected their servers with DDoS protection. It keeps your game server safe from hackers and viruses, so you enjoy your gaming without any worries.
      • Easy Setup: Setting up your own game server can be with Zap-Hosting. They’ve got automatic setup features that make it quick and easy to get your server up and running in no time.
      • Full Control: Feeling bored of playing the same game again and again? Not a problem! With Zap-Hosting, you can change the game on your server anytime you want. That means you have many options and can have fun with your friends all the time!

      Games at Zap-Hosting

      Looking for exciting games to play with your friends? Zap-Hosting has got you covered with a wide range of options that guarantee endless entertainment!

      If you’re a fan of sandbox adventures, Minecraft is the go-to choice. With servers starting at just 2.76 €, you and your pals can dive into the blocky world of creativity and exploration.

      For those looking for thrilling challenges, ARK offers a prehistoric playground where you can control the dinosaurs and conquer the wild. Servers for ARK start at 7.90 €, providing hours of adrenaline-pumping gameplay.

      If survival is more your style, Valheim beckons with its Nordic-inspired landscapes and epic battles against mythical creatures. Starting at 7.90 €, Valheim servers offer a chance to forge your Viking legacy.

      For fans of strategic warfare, Rust provides intense multiplayer action set in a harsh open world. Servers for Rust start at 8.64 €, offering opportunities for both cooperation and competition.

      And if you’re a fan of classic shooters, Team Fortress 2 servers are available starting at 57.50 €, providing fast-paced, cartoonish mayhem for you and your friends.

      With prices starting as low as 2.76 €, Zap-Hosting ensures that there’s a game for every budget and preference. So gather your friends, choose your adventure, and get ready for endless fun!

      TeamSpeak 3 Server Hosting at Zap-Hosting

      Another useful server hosting provided by Zap-Hosting is TeamSpeak 3 Server. The TeamSpeak 3 Server at Zap-Hosting is a special service for gamers. It helps you talk to your friends while playing games online.

      With this service, you can set up your own server easily. It’s like having a private phone line for gaming! The server comes with fast storage, strong protection from cyber attacks, and it connects quickly to players worldwide. 

      You can even add extra features like backups and voicebots. And don’t worry about the server crashing – it runs on high-quality hardware. Zap-Hosting’s TeamSpeak 3 Server is a great choice for gamers who want smooth communication during their games.

      Virtual Private Server (VPS) by Zap-Hosting

      Zap-Hosting offers super-fast VPS Hosting service. You can rent their VPS and set up your projects quickly with powerful servers. Whether you prefer Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD hosting, Zap-Hosting has the solution you need.

      Key Features

      • Hosting Options: Choose between Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD VPS hosting to suit your needs.
      • Quick Setup: Your VPS can be up and running in minutes with just a few clicks.
      • High-Speed SSDs: Enjoy fast storage for smooth and efficient performance.
      • DDoS Protection: Your VPS is safe against DDoS attacks for enhanced security.
      • Flatrate: Benefit from unlimited traffic with fair usage policies.
      • Global Server Locations: Choose from multiple server locations worldwide for best performance.
      • Full Access: Enjoy complete control over your VPS with easy-to-use admin panel.
      • Modern Hardware: Zap-Hosting uses high-quality hardware to ensure reliable performance.

      Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced professional, Zap-Hosting’s VPS hosting pricing plans serve various needs and budgets, ensuring that you can find the right plan for your requirements.

      Rent a RootServer at Zap-Hosting

      If you have larger projects and find that a VPS isn’t powerful enough for your needs, Zap-Hosting provides even more powerful hosting than VPS options. RootServer is the option you should consider using for this.

      Renting a powerful RootServer from Zap-Hosting is quick and easy. With just a few clicks, you can have your own blazing-fast root server ready for any kind of project. 

      These servers offer 66% more power, making them ideal for projects that require extra performance. Plus, you can even run Windows on your server, providing flexibility for various applications.

      Key Features of Zap-Hosting’s RootServer Service:

      • Full Administrative Access: Enjoy complete control over your server with full admin access, ensuring that you can manage your server according to your requirements.
      • Comfortable Server Management: Benefit from a variety of administrative interfaces that make server management comfortable and easy, allowing you to efficiently configure and monitor your server.
      • Optimal Connectivity: Choose from multiple server locations offered by Zap-Hosting to ensure optimal connection for your projects, allowing you to select the location closest to your target audience for improved performance.
      • Cost-Effective Systems: Use cost-effective systems equipped with powerful Intel Xeon CPUs and DDR4 REG ECC RAM, providing you with the performance and reliability you need for your applications.
      • Fully Virtualized Root Servers: Rent fully virtualized dedicated root servers that guarantee the resources you’ve acquired, without sharing with other customers, ensuring consistent and reliable performance for your services.
      • Free DDoS Protection: Protect your server from external threats with free DDoS protection, ensuring that your server remains secure and operational even during DDoS attacks.
      • DDoS Protection Manager: Manage your DDoS protection settings efficiently with the DDoS Protection Manager, allowing you to customize and optimize your server’s security measures according to your specific requirements.

      Dedicated Server

      Use Zap-Hosting’s dedicated server for maximum performance and control over your hosting environment. With dedicated servers, you get your own physical server, ensuring that you have all the resources to yourself without sharing with other users. This results in better performance and reliability for your applications and websites. 

      Key Features of Zap-Hosting’s Dedicated Servers:

      • Lightning-fast Performance: Benefit from maximum performance at an affordable price with modern hardware, including a 10 Gbit/s network card and SSD hard drives.
      • 100% Performance Guarantee: Rent your own physical server with an ILO management interface, HP Enterprise Server Hardware, Raid Controller, and fast SSDs for unparalleled performance.
      • Bare Metal Hosting: Enjoy complete control over your hardware with bare metal hosting, ensuring maximum performance without sharing resources with other users.
      • Customizable Configurations: Choose from various server options tailored to your needs, featuring fast Intel Xeon E5v2 server CPUs, up to 256 GB of RAM, up to 2x2TB SSD hard drives, and a 10 Gbit/s SFP+ network card.
      • Full Administrative Access: Manage your server effortlessly with full administrative access and the HP ILO administration interface, allowing you to monitor the server screen and install operating system ISOs with ease.
      • DDoS Protection: Protect your server from external threats with access to the DDoS Manager and manage rDNS & IP settings to ensure security and reliability.
      • Usage Matrix: Stay informed about your server’s performance with comprehensive statistics on traffic, CPU temperature, and fan speed, empowering you to optimize your server environment.
      • Best Connectivity: Benefit from server locations in FFM / Eygelshoven, GERMANY, ensuring optimal connectivity for your applications, whether you’re hosting game servers or Teamspeak servers.

      Server Locations of Zap-Hosting

      To ensure the best connection for your hosting needs, Zap-Hosting offers various server locations across the globe, guaranteeing optimal speed and performance.

      • Singapore, Asia: Situated in the OVH data center in Asia, their Singapore location covers the entire Southeast-Asian region. Players from countries like Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, and more benefit from this spot, with high-speed Intel server processors and NVMe SSD hard disks ensuring smooth gaming experiences.
      • Sydney, Australia: Sydney location in the OVH data center serves to players across Australia and New Zealand. With rented Intel server processors and robust DDoS protection, gamers enjoy seamless gameplay with short ping times.
      • Vint Hill, USA (east): Located in the OVH data center in the United States, Zap-Hosting’s Vint Hill location provides excellent coverage for the American region. With leased AMD server processors and NVMe SSD hard drives, coupled with OVH Game DDoS Protection, players experience minimal disruptions and optimal performance.
      • London, UK: Expanding their European coverage, Zap-Hosting’s London location in the OVH data center serves customers from the UK. With high-performance Intel processors and reliable DDoS protection, gamers in the UK enjoy low-latency connections and uninterrupted gameplay.
      • Montreal, Canada: Covering the east coast of Canada and America, Zap-hosting’s Montreal location offers robust hardware and DDoS protection. With rented Intel server processors and automatic technician notifications, players experience minimal downtime and optimal performance.
      • Helsinki, Finland: Their data center in Helsinki serves players and users from the Baltic States, parts of Russia, Belarus, and Sweden. With overclocked CPUs and superior DDoS protection, Gamers benefit from quick resolution of issues and peak performance.
      • Dallas, USA (central): At Dallas location in the State of Texas, Zap-Hosting deploys its own hardware and network technology. With Dell servers and strong DDoS protection, players benefit from optimal protection against attacks and superior performance.
      • Los Angeles, USA (west): In the state of California, their Los Angeles location boasts their own network hardware and powerful servers. With Juniper switches and HP Blade servers, gamers experience smooth gameplay with minimal disturbances.
      • Ashburn, USA (East): Situated in the state of Virginia, their Ashburn location features their own network hardware and robust DDoS protection. With HP Blade servers and advanced filter hardware, players enjoy unparalleled protection and performance.
      • FFM / Eygelshoven, GER: In Frankfurt, Germany, Zap-Hosting offers its own server infrastructure with dedicated hardware and network. With Tier III data centers and Combahton DDoS Protection, customers benefit from optimal connections and top-class  security.

      No matter where you are, Zap-Hosting ensures that your gaming experience is smooth, fast, and secure, with 24/7 on-site technicians and advanced DDoS protection keeping your hosting running smoothly.

      How to Order a Server on Zap-Hosting

      Ordering on is simple and easy, ensuring you get your own powerful server configuration at a fair price. Here’s how it works:

      • Selection: Choose your desired configuration for your Server from the available options. Zap-Hosting offers a variety of configurations to suit different needs and preferences.

      • Setup: The setup time for your dedicated server depends on its availability. You can check the status symbol next to each configuration to see if it’s ready. A green status means the configuration is available and will be ready within minutes. If the status is orange, it means the configuration is not immediately available and will take approximately 5 business days to assemble.

        • Configurations: Zap-Hosting offers numerous configuration variants for Dedicated Servers, ensuring you can find the right system for your specific use case. Configurations include options for CPU, RAM (up to 256 GB), and disk space (from 500 GB up to 2x 2 TB SSD hard disk space). Currently, there are 49 different dedicated server configurations available to choose from.
      • Payment: After configuring your system requirements and selecting everything you needed now it’s time to make the payment. 

      At Zap-Hosting, you can pay using various methods:

      • ZAP Coins: Use ZAP Coins for payments.
      • Credit Card: Pay with your credit card.
      • Giropay: Use giropay for payment.
      • EPS: Pay using EPS.
      • PayPal: PayPal is also accepted.
      • Paysafecard: You can pay with paysafecard.
      • Bitcoin: Use Bitcoin for payment.

      With these options, it’s easy to pay for your services at Zap-Hosting.

      Due to its performance and comprehensive permissions, dedicated servers can be used in various areas, such as websites, databases, cloud solutions, game servers, and voice servers.

      With Zap-Hosting, ordering your own server is easy, giving you full control over your hardware and ensuring maximum performance for your applications.

      Other Services by Zap-Hosting

      Zap-Hosting provides affordable and instant solutions for web hosting and domain registration, starting from just 3.90 Euro. With their EasyDNS Module, linking your domains to products is simple and easy, eliminating the need for setting up inconvenient DNS records manually.

      • WebSpace: Rent webspace starting from 3.90 €, ideal for those who want to take their projects online quickly and easily without the hassle of setting up a server. Our webspaces offer a convenient solution for hosting websites and applications.
      • Top-Level Domain (TLD): Get a catchy top-level domain for your website starting from 7.90 €. Zap-Hosting offers a variety of extensions to choose from, ensuring that you find the perfect domain for your website or business.
      • Plesk License: Simplify the management of your web projects by renting a Plesk license for your VPS or rootserver, starting from 8.49 €. Plesk provides a user-friendly interface for managing websites, email accounts, databases, and more, making it easier than ever to control your online presence.

      At Zap-Hosting, they are offering everything you need for your online projects. Whether you need webspace, a top-level domain, or a Plesk licence, it has everything you need with affordable and reliable solutions.

      Our Own Experience With Zap-Hosting

      Whenever we publish reviews for anything on our website,, we try to get a real experience of that tool or website. Fortunately, when we decided to write this review on Zap-Hosting we already had a Lifetime plan for its Webspaces.

      We have hosted one of our WordPress websites, “Vacation Dreams” on Zap-Hosting. This is just a demo website with only the default WordPress installation for testing purposes only. 

      We’ve not even installed the caching plugin on this website to get a better idea of how it performs on the Zap-hosting server.


      We checked the geolocation of our website and currently it shows our website is hosted on a server that is based in Germany which is good as Zap-Hosting has their head office as well as the main server being based in Germany.

      For the performance and speed test, we’ve used the most popular and trusted website  called

      Test Results

      We’ve done two tests here. In the first test we select Test Server Location as Amsterdam, Netherlands, which is not far from Germany, to check how it performs there. Below is the result we got:

      Test 1

      As you can see from the performance result, it gets a Grade A with a 98% performance rate. Our website loads very fast. It takes under one second to load completely. 

      Test 2

      For this, we selected Vancouver, Canada, as Test Server Location because Canada is very far from Germany, so we just wanted to check how it performs from this far. And below is what we found:

      As you can clearly see in the above result, even being very far from its base, our website is still performing very well. GTmetrix gives a Grade B to our website with an 84% performance rate which is quite high. It takes only about two seconds to load our website from Vancouver, Canada which is not bad either.

      After studying the above results, we can say that anyone who wants to host their website on a reliable web host, along with hiring game servers and dedicated servers at one place, Zap-hosting is not a bad idea at all. In fact, it can be one of the best options.

      Users’ Reviews’ Overview of Zap-Hosting

      Image illustrates the user review about Nichesss.

      I researched websites like Trustpilot, Sitejabber, to find out what real users of Zap-Hosting are saying about it. Here is the overview of these reviews

      Positive Review:

      Zap-Hosting attracts users with its affordability and user-friendly interface. Customers frequently appreciate their helpful and knowledgeable customer service representatives who are quick to respond to inquiries.  

      Many users like the reliability of Zap-Hosting’s servers, highlighting minimal downtime and smooth performance

      Additionally, Zap-Hosting offers a wide range of features and the ability to customize your server to fit your specific needs. The ability to easily scale resources up or down as needed is another advantage users appreciate.

      Negative Reviews:

      However, Zap-Hosting isn’t without its drawbacks.  Some users have found it difficult to get refunds, with the company offering credits instead of returning money.  

      While some users experience excellent server response times, others have reported slowness. 

      Additionally, customer support options are limited, with no phone support available and potentially long wait times for email responses. There have also been scattered reports of occasional server stability issues.

      Overall, Zap-Hosting presents a mixed bag. While affordability, ease of use, and great customer service are definite pros, potential difficulties with refunds, slow server response times for some users, and limited support options are downsides to consider.

      Alternative to Zap-Hosting

      Here are some other places you can use instead of

      • Asura Hosting: They have lots of plans for different games and prices. Easy to use and servers work well.
      • Nitrado: Another good place for game servers. They have helpful support and good prices.
      • Shockbyte: Their control panel is easy to use and they protect against DDoS attacks.
      • Guru Hosting: They offer different plans and have fast servers at a good price. Not just for games.
      • DigitalOcean: Similar to Vultr, they have reliable servers and an easy-to-use panel.
      • Linode: They have affordable prices and fast internet. Also not just for games.
      • Apex Hosting: Good for game servers, with support all the time and a money-back guarantee.
      • Beastnode: Their servers are strong and they protect against DDoS attacks.
      • Survival Servers: Specializes in Minecraft servers with lots of different plans.
      • Pebblehost: They’re cheap and have good support.


      What types of servers does Zap-Hosting offer?

      Zap-Hosting offers game servers, VPS (Virtual Private Servers), root servers, and dedicated servers.

      How does Zap-Hosting ensure security for its servers?

      Zap-Hosting protects servers from hackers with DDoS protection and keeps them safe from viruses.

      What are the pricing options for Zap-Hosting’s game servers?

      Game servers can be rented monthly or bought outright, with affordable pricing for both options.

      Can I switch games on my Zap-Hosting server?

      Yes, you can change the game on your server whenever you want, giving you lots of options for fun.

      What are the key features of Zap-Hosting’s Virtual Private Servers (VPS)?

      VPS from Zap-Hosting are fast and secure, with options for Linux, Windows, or FreeBSD hosting, and they come with DDoS protection.

      How does Zap-Hosting’s DDoS protection work?

      DDoS protection keeps your server safe from attacks, ensuring it stays online and secure.

      What payment methods does Zap-Hosting accept?

      Zap-Hosting accepts various payment methods including credit cards, PayPal, paysafecard, and Bitcoin, making it easy to pay for services.


      Zap-Hosting is a good place for hosting websites, games, or applications. It has been around since 2010 and offers different types of servers like VPS, root servers, and game servers.

      If you want to host a game, Zap-Hosting is a great choice. You can rent a gaming server and play your favorite games without any problems. The servers are fast and secure, so you don’t have to worry about hackers or viruses. Plus, setting up a server is easy and you have full control over it.

      Some key features of Zap-Hosting’s game servers are:

      • Fast gaming experience: Games load quickly and run smoothly without any lag.
      • Safe and secure: Servers are protected against DDoS attacks, keeping your game server safe.
      • Easy setup: Setting up a game server is quick and simple with automatic setup features.
      • Full control: You can change the game on your server anytime you want, so you never get bored.

      Zap-Hosting also offers other services like TeamSpeak 3 Server hosting, VPS hosting, dedicated servers, and web hosting. No matter what you need, Zap-Hosting has something for everyone at affordable prices.

      While there may be some drawbacks like refund difficulties and occasional server issues, the overall affordability, user-friendliness, and helpful customer service make Zap-Hosting a popular choice. 

      However, if you’re considering alternatives, options like G-Portal, Nitrado, and Shockbyte also offer competitive features and pricing.

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