Last Updated: March 27, 2024

How To Generate A Music Video with AI in 2024 – 5 Amazing Websites

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    A few years ago, it would sound crazy if anyone had thought you could generate music videos with AI. Music has seen some impressive technologies in recent years. Digital instruments have augmented many artists’ creative efforts and helped to deliver amazing results to the eager audience.

    However, AI is breaking new ground in ways never seen before. And the music industry is not left out. Gone are the days when musicians struggled to create brilliant music and captivating music videos to go with it. AI music video creation now cuts out much of the hassles and nerve-wracking costs associated with traditional methods.

    Generating music videos with AI offers several advantages. Firstly, it significantly reduces production costs. This means that you can make professional-looking visuals regardless of budget limitations. Secondly, AI platforms are often intuitive and user-friendly. So, they enable even those with zero video editing experience to create brilliant videos. Most importantly, AI allows for creative exploration. Musicians can experiment with different styles, effects, and storylines.

    This article explores the exciting world of AI-powered music video creation. We will examine various AI music-video platforms and their unique features. So get ready to unleash your creativity and bring your music to life with AI.

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      How to Create Music Videos with AI - A Step-by-Step Guide

      AI music video generators use a complex system and dataset to bring music to life. One popular technique is style transfer. AI analyzes the style of existing artwork or videos and applies it to your music to create a music video.

      Another technique is object recognition. AI can identify objects within an uploaded image or video. Then, it can analyze and manipulate them based on your input. This technique helps to create dynamic graphics and animated objects. It animates objects to the rhythm of your music. It can also change the scenery in sync with the lyrics.

      So, when you want to create AI music videos, how does it work? Here is a breakdown of the steps to generating great videos for your music.

      Step 1: Generate Your Music

      You can start by generating music if you do not already have. But if you do, you can skip this step. Many online tools can generate original musical pieces from simple prompts. Tools like Amper Music and Jukebox allow you to create a prompt, and then specify the genre and mood of your song. Some also let you work with existing musical samples.

      AI music generators use machine learning algorithms with musical datasets to generate an output. The output can include original melodies, lyrics, and even entire compositions. Open-source platforms like MuseNet also let you explore various AI-generated music styles.

      Step 2: Choose an AI Music-Video Platform

      Choosing the right platform for your music video can influence quality and creative output. Some AI video generators create animated characters, while others generate stunning music visualizers and lyric videos. 

      This article suggests five great AI platforms for the music-video generation. These websites offer different video styles for your music. You only have to choose the right one for your video style. 

      Step 3: Upload Your Music

      Once you have chosen your platform, upload your music file. Most platforms accept popular audio formats like MP3 or WAV. Also, ensure your music has great audio quality for better results.

      Step 4: Choose a Template or Create Your Visuals

      This step depends on the platform you choose. Some platforms already have presets you can select and manipulate to your taste. This is common for music visualizers and lyric videos. Others let you design your visuals from scratch. You can start with a prompt like a teddy carrying the US flag at the top of a train. The AI platform will generate your character, and you can decide the motion that follows.

      Step 5: Customize and Export

      You can customize your video after creating your visuals or designing custom characters. In addition, you can include your name, track, and other meta descriptions for your music video. Then, you export it to your desired video template.

      Overall, AI video generation makes the video-production process easier. Traditional methods require a lot of resources and expertise. Yet, AI platforms offer a cost-effective and user-friendly solution.

      5 Amazing Websites for AI Music Video Creation

      1 - Neural Frames - Best Real-Time Music Video Editor

      Neural Frames is a platform that allows you to bring your musical vision to life. It is one of the best AI-powered music video generators out there. Think of it as a digital audio workstation for video. You can easily translate your ideas into mesmerizing full-length music videos. You can also create the perfect clips for Spotify Canvas, YouTube, and social media.

      Neural Frames work with text prompts. You provide your video idea and it transforms it into motion pictures. The platform uses Stable Diffusion for photorealistic image generation. It then lets you work further with its intuitive editing tools.

      Neural Frames is ideal for different project types. You can create short music video content or longer videos for full tracks. According to user reviews, it offers a unique experience to creatives looking to work with many ideas in a short span. Its real-time editing using text prompts lets you work with ideas as you think of them.

      Key Features

      • Unmatched Control: Neural Frames offer you control over the creative process. You can envision your music videos and watch them come alive. You can also choose your favorite animation styles and unique characters. Additionally, you get customization options to help you create your video as you wish.
      • Easy-to-Use Editor: You can start creating your music video from a simple prompt and Neural Frames converts it into animated pictures. Also, the platform has an AI assistant to help you with ideas for effective prompts. 
      • Real-time Modifications: You can refine your video on the go. Neural Frames lets you modify your prompt and make creative choices mid-generation. Plus, the modification is real-time. As you edit your prompt, you see the changes. This feature guarantees that you get your perfect creation, even while experimenting with ideas.
      • Audio-Reactive Effects: Music videos you create with Neural Frames synchronize well with your music. The aural effects and lyrics are represented in the visual output.
      • Visualizers: Neural Frames can elevate your discography with captivating visualizers. These visualizers sync perfectly with the music’s mood and beats. You can also generate abstract visuals. The highly engaging visualizers and abstract art can serve as music videos. These are useful if you want something simpler than an actual video.


      Neural Frames is a game-changer, offering an immersive audio-visual experience. Its pricing options also make it accessible to music video creators looking to cut some production costs. Neural Frames’ custom character lets you reuse your video character multiple times. It can help create creative signatures and save production time.

      2 - Kaiber - Best for Audio-Reactive Music Videos

      Kaiber bridges the gap between cutting-edge AI technology and artistic expression. Its collaborative approach blends an AI research lab with a creative studio. This allows users to create immersive interactive experiences for artists and brands.

      Kaiber offers a user-friendly approach to music video creation. It uses pre-built templates to create diverse artistic styles and aesthetics. 

      To use Kaiber, you can upload your song. Then, you browse through the collection of styles. Kaiber then uses its advanced AI engine to generate visuals that sync with your audio. You can also use prompts, images, and music as input. Additionally, Kaiber promises easy accessibility to your designs with its cloud-based operation. You can access your design anywhere, paving the way for easier collaborations. 

      Key Features

      • Audioreactivity: Upload your song and let Kaiber’s AI analyze the music. It generates music videos that respond to the rhythm and mood of your track.
      • Transform: Kaiber can take existing videos and create something new from them. It applies artistic filters and transforms them into entirely new styles. So, if you have a music video already, you can improve it using Kaiber.
      • Animate: You can choose between flipbook animation and motion animation. The flipbook uses the classic frame-by-frame animation style. On the other hand, motion animation creates smooth visuals.
      • Mobile Accessibility: Kaiber is available on Android and iOS through its mobile apps. So, while creating a music video on a PC, you can continue your editing on mobile.


      Kaiber offers a different approach from the popular text-prompt method. Using your music or an existing video as a prompt promises a greater sync with the output. In addition, you can enjoy a free trial to explore the website’s capabilities. Kaiber also offers access to its galleries of existing music videos created on the platform. These videos attest to its capability to create captivating music videos.

      3 - Runway - Best for Long-Form Music Videos

      Runway is the creation of artists with a mission to make AI video generators accessible to everyone. Plus, they want everyone to explore their creative potential regardless of technical expertise.

      Runway helps you bridge the gap between your vision and reality. Its remarkable AI-powered tools offer a wide range of functionalities. These include Text-to-Video, Image-to-Video, Video-to-Video, Text-to-Image, and Motion Brush. With a simple text prompt, you can create music videos on Runway. You can also create from an existing video. Additionally, Runway lets you turn any images into videos. Imagine being able to create a music video from your still shots.

      Runway’s vision goes beyond simply providing tools. The platform empowers budding storytellers with the tools to achieve their creative ideas. It is easily accessible and its tools are intuitive.

      Key Features

      • Runway Studios: The Runway Studios is a rich visual studio with impressive creative tools. It provides easy-to-use AI-based tools for amazing music video creation. The studio caters to different video needs, including editors for YouTube and TikTok.
      • Automatic Audio Transcription: Runway’s Clean Audio tool helps you remove unwanted frequencies from a voice recording. So you can clean up your music for better audio while creating your music video. Additionally, Runway is capable of generating voice-overs from texts. 
      • Custom AI Models: You can train customized models for generating content and performing various tasks. This also makes it easier to reuse your resources in other projects.
      • Remote Collaboration: Runway lets you remotely collaborate with other creatives. So, you can collaborate to get the best-desired results. You can also feature other AI artists on your music-video project.


      Runway allows musicians, filmmakers, storytellers, and content creators to explore their creativity. It helps them tell their stories using advanced AI generators and editing tools. Unlike most AI video generators, Runway can create longer videos. Additionally, its freemium plan lets you explore all the tools, although with limited project counts. However, the premium plans are worth every penny.

      4 - Renderforest: Best for Music Visualizer

      Renderforest is a one-stop shop for all your creative needs. The website offers tools for video-making, animation, presentations, mockups, and branding. Within its wealth of tools, musicians will find its music visualizer most appealing.

      Renderforest boasts a rich library of pre-made music visualizer templates. You can find various styles like abstract landscapes, neon beats, and turntable effects. Moreover, these templates are audio-reactive. The visuals dynamically respond to the rhythm and mood of your music.

      Creating videos with Renderforest is a breeze. All you need are your name, song title, and a background photo if you wish to. Then, simply select a template that complements your music and pick a color scheme. Lastly, upload the song you want to feature in the video.

      Before you can use the platform’s many features, you will need to create an account. You can explore Renderforest with the free version. However. This option offers limited one-minute videos with a watermark.

      Key Features

      • Wide Range of Templates: You can create stunning music visualizers in a few clicks, thanks to Renderforest’s templates. The platform offers a myriad of templates for various music themes and styles. The templates are also easy to use and edit for your intended use.
      • Customization Options: Renderforest templates offer a convenient starting point. However, you can always add your personal touch. You can upload your logo and custom backgrounds. These help boost brand recognition. Furthermore, you can include your artist’s name to personalize the visualizers.
      • Intuitive Production Process: Renderforest’s user-friendly platform makes creating music visualizers a breeze. Simply choose a template to get started. Then, you upload your music. Next, you customize the template with your logo, texts, and elements. And your video is ready. Render and download your music visualizer.
      • Quick Resize: You can create videos for different screen sizes. Renderforest lets you render your music video for mobile and widescreen. You can also get your videos in portrait and square.


      Renderforest offers a broader range of creative tools for various uses. So you do not get to create only your music video. It gives options that let you market and promote your videos easily. You can also include it in a broader digital marketing plan to reach your audience faster. Therefore, it is a perfect tool for creatives to create and monetize their creations.

      5 - Specterr: Best for Lyric Videos

      Specterr empowers musicians to create both music visualizers and lyric videos. This web-based platform features a live video preview. This allows you to see your creation evolve in real-time as you work on it.

      Specterr requires no downloads. You can jump straight into the online editor and start creating. Additionally, it offers simple controls and advanced options for extensive customization.

      Specterr offers a free version that can generate HD-quality visualizations. You can export these at a maximum of 720p. Additionally, you get complete control over the shapes, movements, and particles of any preset visualization you choose. 

      Key Features

      • Music Visualization and Lyric Video Creation: Specterr caters to music visualization and lyric video needs. You can create stunning visuals with audio-reactive features to match your music’s mood. In addition, you can easily add synchronized lyrics to your music. The lyrics video comes with customizable text styles and effects.
      • Cloud-based Rendering: Upload your music, and Specterr’s powerful servers handle the rendering process. This saves you time and resources. Moreover, the platform gives you unlimited storage to export and store your videos. So, you can create as many videos as you want, and access them anywhere.
      • Straightforward Creation Process: Specterr’s intuitive interface allows you to create your first video in under 5 minutes. You start by choosing a preset. Then, upload your high-quality music file and preview the visuals synced with your music. 

      Next is to add your lyrics. Also, type in the name of the artist and the song. Then, export your video. You can also include visual elements like effects, background images, and 3D particle effects.



      Specterr offers longer music videos. Its intuitive interface and pre-made templates help you create videos quickly. Plus, you do not need to sign up to access the studio. This lets you explore and play around the tools without committing to the platform.

      Limitations to AI Music Video Generation

      AI music video generation is great for all its benefits. Unfortunately, it has some challenges hindering its 100% success.

      1. Variety in Output: AI music video generation offers diverse options, but repetitive patterns may emerge, especially in pre-built templates.

      2. Customization Options: Some platforms offer customization, yet complete creative control might be lacking, limiting artists’ freedom.

      3. Technological Limitations: AI technology is still evolving, meaning not all creative ideas can be realized due to current constraints in styles and available datasets.

      4. Future Potential: Despite current limitations, advancements in AI are inevitable, promising to surpass human imagination in generating innovative content.

      Frequently Asked Questions

      What are the problems with AI-generated music videos?

      AI-generated music videos can lack originality. This is due to pre-built templates limiting the creation of unique visual identities. Although there are customization options, these may not be enough for some artists.

      Does AI-generated music video have a copyright?

      The copyright of an AI-generated music video depends on several factors. The main factor is the AI platform’s policies and terms of service. Your contribution to the video creation can also affect the copyright. Using pre-existing and third-party materials may reduce your copyright claims.

      Can I use my footage or images with AI-powered music video generators?

      Yes. Some AI music video generators allow you to upload your videos or images and work with them. This lets you add your personal touch and exert greater creative control.


      AI-powered music video generation platforms offer many simple and advanced features for video creation. Platforms like Neural Frames let artists unleash their ideas with great tools and customization options. Kaiber provides user-friendly templates for new creators to explore. Runway can create an entire movie-like music video in minutes. 

      Renderforest and Specterr offer music visualization and lyric video creation, respectively. So, for any music video you want to create, there is a perfect AI tool for you.

      Despite their limitations, these AI music video generators offer an easy way out for musicians and growing talents. They reduce production costs and reliability on technical experts. In addition, they make your music videos easily accessible to your audience.

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