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AI Writer Review – My Personal Experience with this AI tool

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    100% human content The content of this article was entirely researched, written and reviewed by humans, to ensure accurate and exclusive information. No AI writing tools were used.


    The digital world relies mostly on powerful content that engages, informs, and resonates with readers. Whether you’re a marketer, entrepreneur, student, or writer, you struggle to express thoughts and ideas eloquently.

    But fear not, there’s a new yet powerful AI writing block: AI Writer. I will talk about my own experience with this tool in this review. I will examine and enlist its capabilities and, of course, any potential roadblocks. 

    If you are fed up with battling writer’s block or stressing with deadline anxiety, AI-writer can be your remarkable solution for making the writing journey easier and your productivity higher. 

    Let’s get right into it!

    Table of Contents
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      What is an ai writer?

      AI Writer is an AI-writing software to assist in your writing process efficiently with quality. Over the course of its eight-year existence, AI-writer has become increasingly popular in a variety of fields, including content marketing, e-commerce, and academia.

      The brain behind the AI Writer, Fabian Langer, is a UAE native, and even after nearly eight years since the tool’s release, it remains effective.  

      This writing assistant tool can condense lengthy text into shorter, more concise versions and generate unique content from scratch with accurate prompts. It ensures error-free and well-structured writing while maintaining the sincerity of the content.

      If you’re a rookie, don’t pause to give it a shot; you will not regret it. Also, AI Writer has a 7-day free trial so that you can check the efficiency in the meantime.

      My personal experience with AI writer

      Let’s closely examine this tool and assess its performance, usefulness, and speed of work!

      #1 Sub-Topic Discovery

      Finding ideas for content is a daunting task, especially when you’ve a short time, and can’t dig through social media or competitors’ blog sections. Whereas AI writers simplify the overall content planning process with its subtopic discovery.

      This feature identifies what’s hot in your industry and what Google searchers want, giving you the perfect idea for generating content. 

      Now, let’s dive into the subtopic finder tool. It’s a great asset for tackling writer’s block and writing challenges.

      So I fed this sentence into AI Writer and let it do its thing: Generally, topic idea generation takes about 30 seconds – plus, there won’t be a cost associated with using it! So it makes life much simpler.

      Now, here’s what the AI-generated:

      The suggestions are impressive and suitable for discussing why fire is red and potential blog topics due to decent search volume. The feature works well but requires a decision on how to utilize it. It saves time on subtopic creation but still involves some legwork.

      #2 AI Content Generation

      After, the (Sub)Topic Discoverer’s generated headline or your manual input, the AI-writer’s Research and Write tool lets you create a draft. It only needs your prompt and desired article length – no additional information is required.

      For instance, I have given “Why fire is red.” Check the carousel below!

      In my case, I had to wait for about two minutes before an article appeared on Open. The reason isn’t clear; maybe demand or a trial queue. Nonetheless, it all worked out, and my article showed up!

      So here’s the big reveal :

      However, there’s one issue: the text looks too long and lacks subheadings or bullet points for visual breaks. It needs some revisions before publishing—time for some writerly upgrades. 

      Even creative writers seek the assistance of AI writers to generate plots; all they need to do is provide a scenario and a tone.

      The most appealing feature is its Include twist option. That’s really great and worth it to use.

      #3 SEO-optimized Editor

      AI-Writer claims a 73.47% ranking advantage with its optimization tool, although they don’t explain the source of this figure. 

      The SEO editor is pretty simple, similar to tools like Frase or ClearScope. After selecting your main keyword, you can input your article. The top of the page provides a list of semantic terms to enhance your article’s relevance. 

      While using this, your content will improve its SEO score and make it more appealing for Google to list on this keyword. Exactly like this picture below:

      Feature spotlight

      This SEO editor feature is only on the premium plan.

      #4 Live Citations

      Like, AI writer joins their team in suggesting live citations. 

      GPT-based models can sometimes generate inaccurate factual claims, leading to time-consuming fact-checking. On the other hand, AI Writer addresses this by including easily verifiable sources in every article.

      It’s important to note that the sourced information may not always be accurate. Nevertheless, AI Writer remains one of the most precise tools of its kind. Even when information is incorrect, the provided sources help pinpoint the issue, allowing for quick corrections.

      This is how the AI writer built its place firmly with the actual facts and the source.

      #5 Reword and Enhance

      Let’s check out AI Writer’s Reworder tool now!

      Simply, this style aims to add an interesting and new spin on the text while maintaining all its information.

      Here’s what I fed it:

      For those reading on small screens, here’s the text from that pic above:

      “Laughter is a universal language that transcends cultural barriers, bringing people together in moments of joy and amusement. But have you ever stopped to ponder why we laugh? What is it about certain situations, jokes, or even absurdity that tickles our funny bone? The science and psychology behind humor are as intriguing as they are complex. Scientists and researchers have delved deep into the mysteries of laughter, seeking to unravel its enigmatic nature.”

      After giving itself time to process and fine-tune text changes, AI Writer finally finished up and gave us its results: Alright, now this revamped text looks pretty decent!

      Now Let's check its Originality and Quality!

      When assessing AI-generated content, it’s essential to evaluate its originality and quality, just as you would with human-written content. The goal is to ensure that the AI-generated material meets the same standards of credibility and quality that readers expect from your content.

      So, below, I manually tested its originality and quality and used some plagiarism tools.

      Content’s Originality

      AI Writer includes a plagiarism checker to help ensure content is authentic.

      To be safe, let’s run it through some free tools such as DupliChecker and Plagiarism Detector to verify its original text.

      Plagiarism report
      Scan property

      Thus, the generated content is 100% unique. Still, we can’t post it directly and must humanize the content. If you check the same generated content on the AI content detector, the possibility of AI-generated is high! Just to ensure this, check the screengrab; I have used Copyleak for a test run.


      Check the percentage of AI; anything above 20% is not valid material to post because the content should be focused on User-not on search engines.

      If you want to know more about AI content ranking, I have added a complete blog about Can AI content ranking on Google in SM90. Do check that for detailed information.

      Content’s Quality

      Now, let’s review the content quality, but don’t get too caught up in psychological jargon—this isn’t an introductory class, after all!

      So, let’s focus on the very first sentence here. I personally don’t find this to be an effective opening statement to start exploring our topic; it starts out by talking about why red isn’t the main hue in the fire, while our real concern should be why the fire is red.

      Fire has

      But herein lies the central flaw: this entire paragraph is somewhat inaccurate. First, it claims Red is not the dominant hue in the fire; later, it states that because of temperature, it dominates; and finally, it concludes by suggesting this dominance makes Red more prevalent, which is utter nonsense!

      Complicating matters even further, these claims are presented so convincingly and with such impressive language that if you’re new to the topic, you might just accept them as absolute truth even though they are far off-base.

      Here’s the twist – as an aspiring physicist, I dove into this entire post and was pleasantly surprised to discover a hidden treasure trove of accurate information. However, to make it ready for publication, you’d need to invest a good hour or two in fact-checking and editing. Even for someone like me with some AI knowledge, pinpointing where things have gone off track can be quite the challenge!

      No AI writing tools often come without any issues. While their content can seem solid at first glance, there might still be gaps that need attention. As a user, it’s important to keep this in mind before fully relying on these tools.

      AI writing tools like AI Writer are great companions,

      1. Writing song lyrics, telling jokes, brainstorming business plans, and so forth should not become your sole reliance. For such tasks, accuracy may not be critical. 
      2. On the other hand, when it comes to blog posts or news articles requiring fact-based accuracy – something AI can still not do reliably… yet!

      Pricing Plan

      AI-writer has three paid plans for both Monthly and Yearly,

      1. AI-Writer Basic – Monthly $29 & Yearly $290
      2. AI-Writer Standard- Monthly $49 & Yearly $490 
      3. AI-Writer Power – Monthly $375 & Yearly $3750

      Check the complete details below!

      For solopreneurs, bloggers, and startups managing one or two blogs.
      $ 29
      • Up to 40 Articles
      • 1 USER
      • SEO EDITOR
      • API ACCESS
      For everyone with some serious demand for fresh content.
      $ 375
      • Up to 1000 Articles
      • 10 USERS
      • SEO EDITOR
      • API ACCESS
      For freelanceers writing oodles of content each month.
      $ 49
      • Up to 120 Articles
      • 3 USERS
      • SEO EDITOR
      • API ACCESS

      Let's Wrap-up

      AI Writer is an impressive AI writing tool that can quickly produce full blog posts and find subtopics or paraphrase text. 

      However, unlike Writesonic or Autorytr tools that make content sequentially over several minutes as Copymatic does, AI Writer may take only 5-10 minutes per piece of quality content that may contain some errors, like other AI writing assistants. Therefore, users should take caution and carefully monitor the output from AI Writer for the best results. 

      AI Writer may help, but don’t forget to verify its output before using it; alternative AI writing tools may yield better results.

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