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The Truth About Copymatic: Is It Worth Your Bucks?

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    Around hundreds and thousands of AI writers are in the market, but only a few can be trusted to deliver high-quality content on time. 

    Just raise your hand if you have tried any AI copywriter in the past; if so, you might be wondering and hunting for the copywriter to fulfill these criteria given below at least once,

    • It should be obtained for no more than $50.
    • There is no need to run several copies of the script.
    • Amicable and intuitive user interface
    • It is simple to write extensive sales copy or complete blog articles using a user-friendly wizard.

    Thankfully, we reviewed most of them and created a Best AI Writing Softwares List to save you some time. 

    And as far as we tested and examined Copymatic, it satisfies all the above criteria…but without compromise?

    So for today, yes, we are going to talk about Copymatic. How good it is? What are the pros and cons? Without any further wordings, let’s start the review!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Copymatics?

      Copymatic AI is a content generator that leverages OpenAI‘s GPT-3 (a Natural Language Generating model) for its next-word generation capabilities due to its power and adaptability. It creates something new based on the situation, hence it uses the most advanced version of OpenAI. (DaVinci)

      You can whip up compelling text and accurate articles in no time using Copymatic. The blog entries it offers are also geared toward search engines, so you can use them to fulfill your SEO content requirements.

      Well, as you see our experience was quite positive; we tried Copymatic for around 1 week, and considering also other tools we tried, trust us, we were quite surprised. And in a good way! 

      Let’s see its features in detail, then you will know why we like it, some advice and, the few cons too.

      1 Minute Article generator!

      Features of Copymatics

      The cutting-edge technology within this piece of software makes it simple for you to generate copies with a high potential for conversion. You don’t need to be able to write to produce high-quality content for your marketing efforts.

      Copymatic is a piece of software that makes composing copy much more effortless. This indicates that you are free to develop a limitless amount of written material to fulfill all of your marketing requirements, regardless of the field in which you operate and your copywriting skills. 

      Let’s take a deeper look at the features.

      #1 - Seamless Content Generation

      Copymatic gives you the ability to generate a limitless amount of content. This is quite surprising since most tools have a usage-based limit, usually about word count. Not this tool, which is able to assist you with any content, regardless of how short or long the form may be.

      But, consider that only Copymatic Pro subscriptions offer an unlimited number of content production options.

      Users that subscribe to the Starter Plan earn just one thousand content creation credits each month, which is equivalent to writing 100,000 words.

      #2 - In-built Plagiarism Checker

      A plagiarism checker is already integrated into Copymatic for your convenience. It can be super useful to make sure your content has not been copied from anywhere before publishing it. 

      It’s really tough to find original and unique content; if your piece of content is Plagiarism free, then you have a better chance of ranking on Google driving traffic to your site.

      And as per our testing, all the copies were plagiarism free. We obviously tried to run the test with other popular plagiarism checker, and they confirmed the uniqueness of Copymatic’s outputs. 

      So, that is 1 point in favor of Copymatics as this is not always the case with AI writers!

      Copymatic will first submit your text into the form, then proceed to check billions of pages for instances of Plagiarism. 

      The Starter package includes a credit allowance of 3,000 words for detecting cases of Plagiarism. On the other hand, the Pro plan consists of credit for identifying plagiarised content equal to 10,000 words. 

      You can also purchase additional credits for the detection of Plagiarism for $2 every 1000 words.

      #3 - Content Templates

      Copymatic provides users with more than 70 different templates for generating content.

      So, you can use Copymatic for a lot of different use cases, from social media to ad copies.

      You will also be able to submit a request for a new tool once you have logged into your account, and their team will seriously take your request into consideration.

      #4 - Long-form Article Generator

      This is the feature we are most amazed about. Trust us, and you can generate nearly 1500+ words in under 30-Second. It’s a 30-second writer Buddy!

      One of our favorite elements of Copymatic is how simple it is to write long-form articles using it. In fewer than 30 seconds, you may generate a search engine optimization (SEO)-friendly article that contains 1500 words.

      Simply inputting your content title into Copymatic will cause it to generate an outline, introduction, and entire piece in a matter of seconds.

      But of course is not just about speed, right? Quality, relevance and uniqueness also matter.

      As per uniqueness, we mentioned before how on our tests all our results returned plagiarism-free results.

      As per quality, this tool has definitely the potential for producing high-quality, engaging articles, which stay relevant to the given topic.

      Of course, sometimes the results might not be the best. But as we learnt, this is the case with all AI article generators

      #5 - 25 Languages supported

      With Copymatic, you can write in English, Chinese ( Simplified version), French, German, Hindi, and Russian, among the more than 25 languages it supports. Because Copymatic is multilingual, you can write in a variety of tongues.

      Let Copymatic handle the rest of the work, no matter what your language is. Select the desired language and content template, explain what you want to, and get content back.

      This feature will prove invaluable if your advertising efforts are aimed at a global audience or at a single country.

      While the results will not be as accurate as in english, they seem to be still quite accurate. We believe the reason to this is that they use Neural translation for languages which are not english.

      #6 Landing Page Creation on Copymatic

      Unlike other AI tools, Copymatic has a unique feature set that’s hard to find in any other AI tool. This landing page feature is an excellent and quick way to build a website in a minute just by entering some basic details for the landing page like the name of the company, description, type of the website, tone of voice, and selecting the sections that need to be added to your website.

      Once these details are filled in, you need to click on “Create New Page.”

      Vola! The landing page will be created in one click, plus these sections are editable, and once done, you can save them too.

      There was a learning curve for us to understand how well Copymatic actually functioned at first. But have no fear! Our analysis led us to conclude that the AI-driven content generator can produce excellent content in any language. There is no need to hire a professional writer when you have Copymatic take care of it for you. Just follow the bulleted steps given below,

      1. Signup and Login into the Copymatic
      2. Chose the content template you need to work on
      3. Explain a bit about your niche, and Niche specification is vital here
      4. Finally, generate your copy. 

      Copymatic will generate quality SEO content in moments. Whatever the language is, Copymatic will ace it. However, there are some mismatches! As these tools are AI, it’s not human, so you need to direct the AI in the proper direction to attain the maximum high-quality content.

      Pros and Cons


      Pricing Plan

      As per pricing, multiple tiers are available; two billing options are available, which are monthly and annual. The latter will give you around 30% discount.

      • Starter – $29 per month and $19 per month
      • Pro – $49 per month and $32 per month


      $ 29 Billed Monthly
      • 1 user seat
      • Unlimited words
      • Unlimited chat access
      • Access to all tools
      • Unlimited projects
      • 25+ languages
      • Plagiarism checker


      $ 99 Billed Monthly
      • 25 user seats
      • Unlimited words
      • Unlimited chat access
      • Access to all tools
      • Unlimited projects
      • 25+ languages
      • Plagiarism checker


      $ 49 Billed Monthly
      • 5 user seats
      • Unlimited words
      • Unlimited chat access
      • Access to all tools
      • Unlimited projects
      • 25+ languages
      • Plagiarism checker

      Users Review

      Let’s see what users say about Copymatic! When you check on Trustpilot, it has 4.4 out of 5, which means Copymatic satisfies a great number of users with its performance.

      Check out the below screengrab. This user is amazed and happy about the outcome! And says, “Honestly, I am impressed. The quality of the content produced went beyond my expectations. Will use this tool as long as I can. I used their AI blog post writer to create some articles. I did not have to edit much afterward. I am satisfied with the results, and this tool has allowed me to save a lot of time.

      CopyMatic Overall Rating

      Output quality
      Average 75%
      Output accuracy
      Not always accurate 68%
      Generation speed
      Good 85%
      Free Trial 95%
      24/7 100%


      Q: Is Copymatic Free?

      Yes, Copymatic has a free seven-day trial with 10 Credits, allowing you to use all the AI features. For more detail about the pricing, check the pricing section mentioned just above.

      Q: Is there any discount on Copymatic?

      Yes, if you subscribe to the annual subscription, you will get 4 months free (30%); you need to pay only for eight months.

      Q: Does it support Long-form Articles?

      Indeed! Copymatic speeds up long-form writing. The tool builds subheadings, an opening paragraph, and a complete blog post from just a title and keywords.

      Q: Does Copymatic have a WordPress Plugin?

      Yes, Copymatic has a free plugin for WordPress.

      Q: What are all the alternatives to Copymatics?

      Below are some of the alternatives to Copymatics,

      1. Rytr
      2. Peppertype
      3. Writecream
      4. Nichess
      5. Article Ninja
      And here a quick list with all the AI writing tools that we tested, including pricing and rating.

      Our Verdict is a slashing piece of tool that can create quality content which is SEO optimized and unique.

      Using their many other categories, you may design landing pages, write emails, AD copies and more. 

      Copymatic is an excellent tool that has left quite an impression on us. We would suggest it to anyone who is looking for original content that will help them make more money through increased sales.

      Don’t put it off! It is time to get things rolling!

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