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Best Sites To Buy YouTube Comments In 2024 (100% Real)

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    A lot of content creators don’t realize the power of comments on YouTube, and this causes them to miss out on a myriad of benefits on the site. If you look closely, you will notice famous content creators on YouTube encourage their viewers to comment on their videos, sometimes even multiple times during a short video – this is to show the power of comments. 

    To increase the number of comments a video has, naturally, content creators embed call-to-actions (CTAs) in their videos to get their viewers to comment on the video. Aside from the use of a call to action, there are numerous ways that a video can gather comments, and one of the most popular is buying comments to enhance a YouTube channel’s reach. 

    There is a lot of controversy about buying comments to boost a video or channel’s reach. However, there are precautions that an individual can take to ensure their safety and the safety of their channel, one of which is ensuring that the source of purchase is legitimate. 

    One of the safest ways you can know that a provider is legitimate and will deliver service that will not cause your YouTube channel arm is to research the provider. This is why we have curated a list of safe 8 websites that provide comment-delivery services on YouTube.

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      Best Websites to Buy YouTube Comments

      1. Lenostube

      Lenostube is one of the best sites to buy YouTube comments. They offer high-quality comments written by real people at an affordable price. These YouTube comments are so well-written that they are guaranteed to increase your organic growth on YouTube gaining you more likes and views.

      One excellent feature of Lenostube is that it allows you to customize the comments that will be delivered. You can choose whether you want the majority of the comments to come from males or females. For instance, say you run a beauty and makeup channel, you wouldn’t most of your comments coming from men.

      If you choose to use Lenostube, there are three different types of comment packages you can go for. They have a custom package with users based in the USA where you can specify the nature of the comments you want. Their second package involves random comments relevant to your content from people based in different countries. 

      Their last option allows you a mix of both which provides a cost-effective approach of gaining comments. Lenostube is used by many and offers a refill guarantee in case of a rare drop in comments. They are a great choice to consider buying comments from with an excellent rating of 4.7/5 by Trustpilot. Regarding pricing, Lenostube offers 40 manually written comments for $30.

      2. GetAFollower

      One of the greatest sites to purchase YouTube comments is GetAFollower, a business with an unmatched record for helping people and YouTube channels become more well-known.

      They have elevated the visibility of thousands of channels by adding relevant comments from real accounts to their clients’ YouTube videos. They are experts in all facets of social media marketing, interaction, and boost packages.

      GetAFollower has a track record of being prompt and dependable. They also offer a money-back guarantee if you’re unhappy with the service; however, they are extremely confident that this won’t happen given their many happy customers and positive feedback.

      The pricing for GetAFollower starts at 10 comments for $5, and you can buy up to 100 comments for $37 at once.

      3. SocialWick

      If you’re looking for genuine excellent comments that come from quality accounts with profile pictures, bio information, and posts, then SocialWick is your must-use service.

      They stand out by promptly delivering genuine comments that offer credibility for your channel. These comments can easily be modified to perfectly align with your content. 

      There are some major selling points for SocialWick. The first is their fast delivery. SocialWick offers fast delivery, not only for YouTube comments but for all of their services. The second selling point is their “No password required” system of buying comments which means that you don’t give up your YouTube password for the service.

      This allows for the third selling point – 100% confidential YouTube comments buying. 

      The fourth selling point is the 60-day refill and 24/7 support. Their support channels include chat and support tickets. Finally, you can easily track your order on SocialWick using only your email and order ID. 

      Another reason SocialWick is highly recommended is its ability to deliver quality services over many other social media platforms, not just YouTube. So if you’re looking to launch multiple result-driven marketing campaigns across other platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and Twitch–just name it, SocialWick is the site for you.

      In terms of pricing, SocialWick is highly affordable charging $0.44 per 10 comments.But, you will get generic comments, and not custom.

      4. TheYTlab

      TheYTLab is especially known for its super fast delivery. Since the majority of their services are connected to automated servers, you will notice a rise in comments within a short period.   With a 4.0 rating from Trustpilot and endorsed by Gearice, TheYTLab boasts effective strategies from experts who have spent years studying YouTube’s algorithms and policies. 

      Their team of experts has developed proven and tested strategies for ensuring that the comments delivered to you boost your video’s ranking and visibility. Quick and ever-available customer support is another feature that distinguishes TheYTLab from other YouTube comment vendors. 

      They have a ticket system that allows you to submit your queries and you will be attended to within 8 hours. Their friendly support makes them easy to depend on. In terms of pricing, you can get up to 3000 comments on TheYTLab at the rate of $12 per 1000 which is highly affordable.

      5. Media Mister

      With over a decade in the business, Media Mister offers unparalleled experience in delivering premium comments that immediately drown negative comments and increase engagement on your video. 

      They offer cost-effective packages that suit various budgets and packages. Depending on your budget, you can choose to get a customized order where the comments will be manually written just for you, or if perhaps you can’t afford that, other packages deliver random comments that are 100% related to your video.

      Media Mister also allows you to target a specific demographic with comments sourced from different countries. They deliver these targeted comments in a way that looks natural and does not trigger YouTube’s spam filters.

      Media Mister offers a starting price of $5 for 10 comments and a maximum price of $37 for 100 comments purchased at once.


      One of the most reputable and well-established services available in the current market for increasing social media platform interaction is called They specialize in supplying comments on various social media platforms, particularly on YouTube. Their packages start at just $0.90 and can provide you with 1, 10, 20, 100, or more comments, depending on what you need.

      They provide customers with privacy and safe payment options, as well as interesting, customized, or precisely targeted comments that naturally appear on your channel.

      They have established a reputation for providing excellent customer service and a personal touch; their comments are manually written rather than through bots or automation, which is the mark of subpar services.

      Because of all of this, is among the greatest places to buy YouTube comments, especially if you want to purchase personalized comments. Their service is also speedy, simple to use, and fully backed by their passionate team of professionals.

      7. QQTube

      One of the most well-known websites for purchasing YouTube comments is QQTube. They offer genuine content from active users that can be customized to increase engagement on your channel.

      Also, they have a seamless and secure payment method. All you need to do is provide the URL to the video you want the comments to be added to then fund your account and complete payment. 

      Furthermore, they have a readily available customer service committed to ensuring customer satisfaction at all times. As for the pricing, QQTube offers $16 for 1000 comments.

      8. TheSocialMediaGrowth

      Building a channel as a beginner can be an exhaustive process. Gaining tons of comments on your content can be a really good way to jumpstart your YouTube journey.

      TheSocialMediaGrowth can supply you with as many as 1000 comments in a single order. This can help your marketing strategy. Also, the platform does not require you to give up your password which helps ensure your privacy and security,

      They offer a lifetime guarantee in case there is ever a drop in comments delivered. You will always get more than the comments you ordered with an immediate increase in ranking searches. 

      You can purchase any of four YouTube comment packages starting from $4.97 for the YouTube blue tick verified comments up to $14.97 for the 4th package. Please note that all packages come at a rate of 1000 comments.

      Why You Should Buy YouTube Comments?

      Image illustrating that why HTTPS is must.

      A large percentage of business owners and content creators look at comments on YouTube as just a way to get feedback from their viewers. It is true that comments help get feedback and reveal the thoughts of the audience, but they have numerous other benefits as well, including

      Improved visibility

      Does the thought of more people viewing your videos and subscribing to your YouTube channel entice you? I’m sure it does. One of the easiest and strongest ways to increase your video and channel visibility is to buy YouTube comments. 

      Most times, new viewers will not watch your video because of the video itself but as a result of a comment they saw that attracted them to the video. Buying comments is one of the surest ways to increase visibility on YouTube.

      Increase engagement rate

      A video with numerous comments is like a fish market that is sure to attract flies. People are more likely to contribute to an already ongoing discussion than comment themselves. Therefore, seeing a video with some comments will prompt them to respond to those comments, which then increases your engagement rate. Look at it this way: a good comment jumpstarts more comments. Simple!

      Social proof

      Want more potential customers to view your videos? Social proof is the way to let that happen. When humans see comments on a video, they are more compelled to watch the video, and the reason is simple: humans subconsciously trust other humans even if they’ve never met them. Commenting on your video is an endorsement to potential viewers that your videos have been seen and liked by others and will make them follow suit.

      Attract more organic views

      If you want to attract more people naturally to your videos and convert them to long-time followers then buying comments is the way. As a result of social proof, more people will be attracted to videos with significantly more comments.

      Trigger discussion

      Sometimes you might want to get feedback from your followers, for instance, maybe you want to know what they think about your new product. Buying comments could be a good way to trigger them to start discussing their various experiences with testing the new product.

      In other words, buying comments allows you to decide what is being discussed in the comment session which can also help drown negative comments.

      Increase trust in your products, services, or channel

      In today’s world, it is easier for people to trust social media personalities with large followership, why? Social proof! It has been covered in the previous point but the bottom line is that humans will trust other humans. So if more people comment on your video which is a form of endorsement, other people will follow suit.

      Cons of Buying YouTube Comments

      Despite the numerous benefits of buying YouTube comments, there are a few cons:


      In terms of pricing, UseViral has one of the cheapest packages with the least being just $5 for 10 comments. For more credibility, you will need to buy over one thousand comments which is over $500. The cost of jumpstarting your YouTube channel is not exactly cheap as you will need to do this over and over for multiple videos till you start to get a bit of organic reach.

      Short-term boost

      Buying comments to boost a video’s visibility only works for a short time and other marketing strategies need to be implemented alongside buying the comments. This makes for a more holistic marketing strategy that works long-term without fail. 

      Could be against the terms of service

      YouTube community guidelines are totally against generating fake engagement on the platform. YouTube does not allow content creators to artificially inflate likes, comments, views, or other engagement metrics and suspends accounts in violation of the terms of service. For this reason, it is highly important to only select providers that deliver quality service not from bots but real humans.

      How to buy YouTube Comments?

      Although many people believe that buying YouTube comments is an easy process, there are certain obstacles to be aware of before proceeding. While purchasing YouTube comments can help you promote your videos and trigger certain discussions, many unscrupulous vendors in the market only offer subpar services.

      You can safely navigate this world by following the step-by-step procedures listed below:

      1) Define your objectives

      Before you begin searching for service providers, you need to define your objectives. What do you want to achieve from buying comments? Do you want to increase your engagements, or do you want to get people talking about your products and services? Do you want to increase your ranking in searches, or do you want to increase your credibility?

      Answering these questions will help you determine what kind of package and quality you will purchase.

      2) Search and select a reputable supplier

      The next step is to search for a reputable provider with good standing in the social media management market. Make sure your research is thorough to ensure that genuine comments are delivered to you.

      After doing your homework, pick a supplier who meets all your requirements—that is, one with positive feedback from happy clients, a solid refund policy or service guarantee, and genuine comments from real accounts.

      3) Choose a comment package then supply the URL of the video

      Reputable suppliers often have a range of packages with different amounts of comments and prices to choose from. These packages are often of different qualities, ensure you choose one with real comments based on your requirements and budget.

      After choosing a package, you will need to enter the YouTube video link to the video you want to the comments added to. Be careful not to give up any sensitive information during this process.

      4) Personalize the comments

      This step is optional. Some suppliers allow you to tweak the comments and give guidelines on how you want the comments to be written. This can be very helpful if you want the comments to address a particular topic or target a specific audience or demographic.

      5) Complete the payment

      Following the provision of the necessary information, the payment must be made. Before entering your financial information, always make sure the website you have selected is secure. If there isn’t a lock icon next to the website URL, suggesting that the website is potentially dangerous, your device and personal data could be compromised.

      Authentic suppliers, such as those mentioned above, provide a secure transaction by offering safe payment options like PayPal or credit/debit cards.

      6) Keep an eye on the delivery

      The vendor will specify when the YouTube comments will be delivered. While some vendors might send random comments rapidly, others might take several hours or days.

      You should be patient at this point because the service provider needs to send your order in a safe way that flows into your account.

      While it would be fantastic if your video got 500 comments all of a sudden, it is suspicious if they all appear at once. If that occurs, YouTube will flag your account.

      7) High-quality inspection

      You will have essentially wasted your money if the comments you buy for your YouTube uploads are unrelated or of poor quality because YouTube will probably erase them. 

      After the comments are added, review the quality. Genuine comments must come from real accounts, relevant to your content, and the rate at which they are added should appear natural.

      8) Reply to comments

      Interact with your viewers by responding to their comments. Reply to their questions and engage them in interesting conversations that will make them want to view more of your content.

      9) Continue to Provide High-Quality Content 

      Although buying comments may give your video more initial legitimacy, long-term success on YouTube requires high-quality, engaging content.

      Focus on creating informative videos that resonate with your audience if you want to grow your organic comments and YouTube followers. Ask them questions that will pique their interest and encourage them to engage with your videos.

      How to Increase Your YouTube Video's Organic Comments

      So far we have talked about the benefits and pitfalls of buying comments to boost a YouTube video’s reach, however, it has been established as one of the ways to boost a video’s visibility and get even more engagement on the video. 

      Getting many topic-related comments on your video will trigger more people to also view and then comment on your video. Now as expected these newly added comments and views will also trigger even more people to engage with your video – leading to a domino effect of gathering Ray people from different parts of the world to organically review and engage with your video.


      Let’s talk about some often-asked questions about purchasing YouTube likes.

      Is it safe to buy YouTube comments in 2024?

      Yes, as long as you pick a reputable provider. Verify if they are a reputable business with a website and a safe way to make payments. Select a supplier that has excellent customer service and positive testimonials from devoted, contented clients.

      Purchasing YouTube comments is safe as long as you choose a provider that fully understands the YouTube algorithm and delivers the comments in a way that drips into your account and looks natural. The list of sites we have compiled are safe choices to choose from.

      Are purchased comments from real people?

      Reputable providers ensure that the comments delivered are from real active users. These comments might be random or specifically customized just for you depending on the package you purchase. 

      Only scrupulous providers make use of bots to generate automated comments and you should stay away from them as the YouTube algorithm can easily detect that they are fake which can lead to your account being suspended.

      Therefore, always ensure that you choose a provider that delivers quality comments from real people.

      How quickly are my purchased comments going to be delivered?

      The speed at which your comments are delivered is primarily determined by the service provider you select. Some might respond to your video right away, while others might need a few hours.

      In any case, you will need to exercise patience as every provider has a different strategy for making sure the comments don’t go against YouTube’s regulations.

      How much does it cost to buy YouTube comments?

      The cost of buying comments varies depending on the supplier. For ten comments, some suppliers charge as much as $5, while others charge as much as $9. The most crucial thing is to make sure the company you choose is reputable by conducting a thorough investigation into them.

      Can I modify the YouTube comments I purchase?

      The greatest services will provide you with a choice to modify the contents. Reputable suppliers provide you the option to give guidelines on how exactly you want the comments to be written. This ensures the comments you get are only what you desire and you can choose to target a specific topic or audience.

      Is anyone going to find out that I purchased comments?

      The comments you purchase from a trustworthy website will be generated by actual accounts rather than automated bots, making them identical to comments that were gathered more naturally. 

      Therefore, no one is going to find out that you purchased comments, since they will be very similar to comments derived organically. Also, these providers are committed to protecting your privacy and ensuring that no one finds out you bought comments.


      If you want to grow your business, YouTube is one of the best platforms to use and to get people to engage with you will need a head start. Buying comments to inorganically boost your video reach will give you that required traction to attract even more people naturally to your video and by extension, your channel.

      The process of getting comments for your YouTube channel should not be tedious, and the content we have provided should provide clear guidance in helping you take the first step to begin this procedure. 

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