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Disctopia in-Depth Review – Good For Podcast & Music Artists?

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    Is disctopia for content creators and artists?

    Your creative, entertaining and high-quality  content is useless and nothing if it is not reaching to the right audience in a right way. If you are here you  know that, and now looking for the best site to host your podcast or content so that you can hit right audience and can monetize your content. 

    You may have heard about Disctopia somewhere and want to have a deeper look into it, before choosing it as your go-to site for hosting podcast or music. 

    Whether you are an independent and ambitious music artist or a content creator on a larger scale, having a whole band (or team), you are at right place. 

    Disctopia is a streaming and hosting site that could be the right fit for you! It provides you the simple tools to produce, organize, and publish your work as an independent artist or podcast creator

    In addition, their proprietary advertising technology enables you to generate revenue from the digital music platform. 

    In this Disctopia review I will quickly take you through  the platform features, pros and cons. At the end you will be able to decide whether it is a platform that suits your needs and how it compares to the competition.

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      What is Disctopia?

      Disctopia dashboard. A girl in orange shirt and headphone. All navigation tabs.

      It is a streaming service specifically developed for independent artists, podcasters, and content providers, who want creative independence and straightforward commerce integration. 

      The best thing is that this streaming platform allows you to express yourself more freely than other platform. It allows you to submit an unlimited number of audio content, with no need of going through an excessive review process.

      Disctopia offers a plethora of podcast hosting options, all of which are free. This ad-free & commission-free platform assists creatives in growing their audience while also allowing fans to explore new artists from all around the world.

      How does DISCTOPIA work?

      Image illustrating how Disctopia works.

      Disctopia provides one of the most creative flexibility for creators and indie musicians in terms of music platforms for artists. 

      Since it is a “blank canvas” with multiple customization features, it is possible to achieve long-term success in media engagement and business with Disctopia. 

      It gives you complete democratic control over your content or music when you upload or exchange it.  Your podcasts on Disctopia Podcast Hosting would be featured in all apps worldwide, such as iHeartRadio, Google Play Music, Spotify, Openbare FM, etc.

      It is not just a hosting site, its kind of browsing platform for users too, which help your content get discovered organically.  In other words, Disctopia is a web-based broadcasting & hosting platform that enables you to stream through your web browser or easily browse and access podcasts through their app. 

      In short, this service is currently one of the very few ad-free solutions that allow you to get profit from anything. It offers beneficial features to artist and podcast authors, such as statistics on engaging new listeners via advertising or sponsorships. It helps you track your analytics for better monetization…and you increase your bottom line.

      Disctopia - An ideal pick for NEW Content Creators?

      Image showing - your curated content anywhere - and it's a best pick for new and emerging creators.

      Disctopia gives Independent Artists and Content Creators a complete creative control. Using this service, musicians can convert their works into podcasts. It bless you in many ways, for instance it bring you out of never-ending SEO competition. This way, it offer possibilities and rewards with advertisements networked throughout internet listening spaces.

      What makes this platform ideal for new creators is that they don’t need career authority or reputation of successful soundtracks as they need for Google Podcasts, TuneIn, Apple Podcasts, and others. These platforms depend more on the audience listening experience to monetize along the route, but you don’t need it on Disctopia. And to me this makes it a better fit for new and emerging creators. 

      Disctopia - REVIEW for Podcaster's

      Disctopia as the dreamland of Podcasters.

      For new content creators, Disctopia is a podcaster’s dreamland platform. They can feature their podcasts on the Disctopia radio streaming portal and grow their brand with a business template that is efficient in gaining listeners across all devices, whether they are on their mobile phones, tablets, or desktop computers.

      If you have a podcast, Disctopia is one of the greatest podcast hosting site for income. It allows you to construct your own world, thanks to its high customization inputs. 

      Individuals that are creative and original are encouraged to try it out. Because when it comes to Disctopia podcasting, the team provides podcasters with every chance to exhibit their music track through production, recording, and publishing on its Podcaster self-hosting platform. 

      Listening to music and podcasts on disctopia

      It is not a great tool only for artists and audio creators,  but also for regular users who want to enjoy some quality audio on a smooth, feature-rich platform.

      Disctopia is a fresh option and the best alternative of popular apps such as Spotify and iMusic.

      It’s an excellent way to listen to music on your PC or Mac on any device, and the streaming attribute makes it simple to check out other people’s submissions, play them smoothly and “interact” with them.

      Users may add notes, rate, and comment on any audio or content. There are no network restrictions or too many license terms. Instead, everyone can see licensing permits, rights, and content songs and podcasts in detail.

      Disctopia - for music artists

      For new music artists, Disctopia is an ideal platform where they can establish their brand and acquire listeners across all devices worldwide. 

      Disctopia helps to raise awareness for their ideal musicians and creators through advertising on blogs, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter, as well as online. While this is one of the most widely used methods of music distribution, there are many others. 

      That is why creators and creatives are advised to start building their brand. Disctopia podcasting team provides artists with every chance to exhibit their music track through production, recording, and uploading on its Podcaster self-hosting site. Any amount of audience can come to say thanks if they enjoy what they hear! Disctopia is generous enough to promote creativeness.

      For mobile lovers, Disctopia has a mobile app too. They can stream and listen to their favorite indie music within a fraction of seconds. All you need to do is, sign up for your Disctopia account (or login to your pre-existing account) and start to stream music. Screenshot for the same;

      A snapshot of Disctopia mobile version.

      Disctopia Pricing Plan

      Dictopia has three plans which are suitable for all the independent artists; plans are bulleted below,

      • Creative –  Free for 30 days and then costs $9.99.  
      • Creative+ – Starts from $19.99
      • Agency – Starts from $99.99


      $ 9
      Per Month
      • Upload your albums, audiobooks, or start a podcast. Become a true indie content creator. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts.
      • Free for first 30 days.
      • Stream Exclusive Videos
      • Upload Albums & Podcasts


      $ 19
      Per Month
      • Upload your albums, audiobooks, start a podcast, along with merch integration. No commission fees, with Collab Pay & Weekly Payouts
      • Upload Videos
      • Unlimited Bandwidth
      • Merch Integration


      $ 99
      Per Month
      • Ready to boss up? Are you an artist or podcaster with a team? Do you have an Indie or upcoming record label? The agency and label subscription will allow you to manage 7 team members. All team members will have Creative+ access
      • Team Members (Up to 7 members)
      • Custom Domains
      • Merch Integration

      Pros and Cons

      Image illustrating the pros and cons of Disctopia.

      Users Review

      Image illustrating the user review of Disctopia.

      Let’s look at what the users are saying  about this Music platform tool. On Capterra (One of the best review sites in trend) it has a  4.5 out of 5  rating and stands as tall as Everest.

      As you see the user’s review in second slide, he is excited about the tool features and says, 

      My favorite part of Disctopia is that I can easily push my podcasts to other platforms (Spotify, iTunes, etc.) by setting up my RSS feed. This is valuable to me because I can keep all my content on one site and Disctopia does the heavy liftin in the distribution. There are also some great features like the ability to sell merchandise directly from your Disctopia page. They are truly committed to helping podcasters and music artists monetize their following.

      Disctopia Overall Rating

      Average 75%
      Great 92%
      Free 100%

      Our Verdict

      Image illustrating the final verdict of SocialMarketing90.

      Making a podcast is an excellent method to share your story with your audience and establish a solid personal brand.  

      We suggest Disctopia as the finest podcast hosting site for you because it is also a fantastic platform for revenue.  You’ll be able to monetize your content in no time, thanks to its simple-to-use features and one-of-a-kind advertising system.  

      Is there anything you’d like to know about how Disctopia can assist you with publishing and monetizing your Content? Drop comments here!


      Frequently asked questions about Disctopia.

      How much does Disctopia costs? 

      You get 30 days free trial and then the basic plan costs you $9.99 monthly. There are two other plans; Creative+ and Agency. Choose what’s suits your needs. 

      Does Disctopia music distributor pays weekly?


      Disctopia pays $0.02 (two pennies) for every true play. And you don’t need to calculate how much time your content is played, they pay you when it’s played. 


      How can I distribute my music for free on Disctopia?

      Disctopia allows all indie artists to sell merch online. The growing audience of the platform is the best way to distribute your music for free. And you can use their advertisements deal as well. 


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