Last Updated: April 21, 2023

Teyuto Review – Is It A Reliable Video Platform?

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    As we all know, we live in an era dominated by video. Video has emerged as a significant asset for promoting your company and brand on the internet. If you don’t have the necessary tools and platforms, hosting, publishing, and selling your videos may be difficult and time-consuming. It can also be expensive.

    The majority of well-established video platforms, such as YouTube (the king of video hosting), all have one thing in common, they are distinctive. They have their very own unique style and feel and their own video format, among other things.

    Sounds great, right? Well, not if you are a business or brand owner. Because hosting videos on these sites, despite free, comes with downsides, such as third party branding and lack of own brand’s customization. It looks…cheap.

    Despite the fact that these platforms are powerful, they may nevertheless fall short of what you want as a person or as a business. You could want something to display in a certain manner that is distinct from the ordinary, or you might want to enable additional video formats, greater user control, larger or smaller thumbnails, or something else entirely different.

    However, a lot goes into building your unique video platform from the bottom up. You’ll need a certain amount of technical expertise, time, money, and IT/support staff. Unfortunately, you may not be able to access all of these resources.

    The best part is that you may really do this task independently without any difficulties. What if you could design, build, host, distribute, and monetize your own unique, entirely automated video on demand platform with no coding knowledge and at an inexpensive cost for the rest of your life?

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to our Teyuto in-depth, honest review, here you will also see some examples of embedded video from Teyuto too. So without delay, let’s dive into the reviewing party!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Teyuto?

      When it comes to developing an Over-The-Top (OTT) platform to host, distribute, and monetize your films on platforms such as Netflix, YouTube, Disney+, and Amazon Prime Video, Teyuto is a serious option.

      With Teyuto, you can offer films to customers all around the globe using your own personalized VOD (Video-On-Demand) platform. It includes whatever you need to build your own exclusive online video platform easily and then distribute your content to audiences throughout the globe.

      Do you want to build your own video-on-demand business, distribute your videos worldwide, and monetize your movies? Then read this review further to learn anything you need to know.

      Features of Teyuto

      This application has several features that will allow you to launch your own mobile and desktop video-on-demand business on the market quickly and efficiently. 

      Some of the most durable features are as follows,

      Customization and branding of your video platform: Teyuto allows you the freedom to personalize and brand your video platform to your preference. You have the option of adding a custom logo and favicon, for instance.

      Monetization: Teyuto enables you to monetize your branded video channel by allowing you to earn money from your videos. In just three easy steps. Upload your video(s), construct a series or bundle, then choose a price mechanism from the drop-down menu.

      Pre-Roll animation, you should consider a video with a clever idea. Remember, people are tempted to skip ads unless they’re fun, creative, and engaging. In Tyuto you can include Pre-roll to your videos.

      You may include Ads before your videos, or provide access via subscriptions. VAST is a technology that empowers video players to run video ads and coordinate with ad servers. With this technology, video publishers can program the player to serve ads the way they want them to. Teyuto has a Vast Advertising Support on Videos.

      In fact, access to your video channel and live-streaming may be purchased on a subscription basis or as a one-time payment. The platform also provides you with the ability to produce coupons, gift cards, and promotional materials.

      Embedded Element: You can get up and running fast with attractive pre-set components and responsive layouts. These templates will assist you in creating a visually appealing and user-friendly landing page and dashboard for your channel.
      The embed video player can be customized, it loads quickly and it is responsive. Check the below video, you can see the how highly it’s responsive, also the speed of playback too.

      Analytics and Tracking: You will get complete information on your users’ behavior and habits on your admin dashboard, which you can access from any device with an internet connection.

      Teyuto’s powerful video reporting and analysis capabilities allow you to learn more about how your viewers engage with your content. Your monetization tactics will benefit from this knowledge as you refine and optimize them. Profits, user access and engagements, views, time spent on video, and the proportion of time spent watching videos are all kept track of. If you are a business owner, the data provided by Teyuto might actually be more useful than the one from YouTube or other popular sites.

      Integrations: Teyuto integration is compatible with Google Tag Manager, Facebook Pixel, Google Analytics, Zapier, and Twitter Pixel.

      Construct a Collaborators Network: Creating a Network of Collaborators is a must. Establishing and sustaining a community is critical to the success of content producers. You may encourage user participation with direct messaging, video comments, live-streaming chat, and quick polls to build a thriving video company.

      Flexed, Safe, and Easy Video Technology: The video playback is supported by a powerful Content Delivery Network (CDN), which ensures that the service is available at all times in any country. Teyuto provides the ultimate video-on-demand experience and, your videos will truly load in a breeze.

      Compatible: Distribute your video without a hitch from any location and across all platforms – iOS, Android, Chromecast, AndroidTV (AppleTV), Firestick, MI Stick (Microsoft Surface), and the web.

      The Backend

      In terms of Operation, Teyuto is often described by its clients as a “beast.” But, what can you expect from the backend of Teyuto? Let’s see them one by one,

      Teyuto – Dashboard:

      The dashboard contains the Following Sections, mostly analytics data at a glance, such as income and users. Specifically, it contains, as per screenshot below,

      • Administrators (User Roles)
      • Delivery minutes
      • Storage minutes
      • Live Streaming minutes
      • Graphical representation for Registered Users
      • Graphical representation of Total Income
      • Graphical representation of Interactions
      • Graphical representation of Landing views

      Now, we will move to the core of the backend, which provides a wide range of features to customize, brand and manage videos.

      Teyuto – Customize and Settings:

      Basically, the customization tab is for modifying the site: adding a new menu links or new pages can be done here. You can customize it for both users and guests, and decide which page is public and which not. 

      For uploading Logos and favicon for your sites, you can can also use the setting sections. Furthermore, you can add the preferred Currency, Footer information, Icon display on video (for branding), Comment section, and other details. You can also add a background image for the Login and Registration page. 

      Teyuto – Promotion: 

      Here, you can generate a Coupon code or a Giftcard, which can be very effective when promoting your platform to new users.

      Teyuto – Direct:

      This is a very powerful feature, that we have not seen very often. Here, you can quickly email all your registered users, by eventually filtering the paying/free ones as well. You can then check the sent emails and manage them. You can also set up or add a third party email service. 

      You may use this feature for newsletters, promotions, updates and so on.

      Teyuto – Analytics:

      In this section, you can view complete details about the reach and performance of your site and videos, with graphical representatio as well. 

      Whom should prefer Teyuto?

      Who is Teyuto suitable for? Brands, instructors, and Content providers that wish to distribute video material via their own channel are the perfect fit for Teyuto, especially if they plan to integrate a paid subscription.

      Pros and cons

      Pricing plan

      Teyuto has three pricing plans with both annual and monthly support.

      • Free – Suitable for Small audiences
      • Essential: ~$212 per month (~$105 annually per month)
      • Premium: ~$384 per month (~$319 annually per month)
      • TeyutoPrime: You should contact the support team for the plan details


      $ 0 Forever
      • What's Included
      • Storage - 5 Hours/Total
      • Delivery - 10 hours/month
      • Live streaming - 1 hour/month
      • FULL HD / 1GB x Video
      • Unlimited Creators
      • 0% Transaction Fee
      • Like & Comments
      • Analytics
      • Video Quiz
      • Visual Channel Editor
      • Integrations: Zapier, Affiliate and 3rd party
      • API Documentation
      • Core by Teyuto


      $ ~105 /month
      • What's Included
      • Storage - 50 Hours/Total
      • Delivery - 500 hours/month
      • Live streaming - 10 hour/month
      • Everything in Free +
      • FULL HD / 4GB x Video
      • Live Streaming Chat
      • Coupon & Gift Card
      • Connect Custom Domain
      • Custom Page
      • Custom CSS & HTML Section


      $ ~320 /month
      • What's Included
      • Storage - 150 Hours/Total
      • Delivery - 2000 hours/month
      • Live streaming - 25 hour/month
      • Everything in Essentials +
      • 4K / 20GB x Video
      • Courses
      • Multi Language
      • Geo-blocking
      • Live Streaming Instant Poll
      • Video Pre-roll & Ad Tag (VAST)
      • Webhooks
      • Remove ‘Powered by Teyuto’
      • Free migrations


      Contact Sales Team
      • What's Included
      • Storage - Tailored minutes/total
      • Delivery - Tailored minutes/month
      • Live streaming - 25 hour/month
      • Everything in Pemium +
      • White-label mobile apps
      • White-label TV OTT apps
      • Chromecast & AirPlay support
      • Support for your customers
      • White-glove account management

      Users Review

      Let’s see the opinions of those who have already used the service. On TrustPilot, the international review site, Teyuto has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5, proving its quality.

      This user was really enjoying this tool more and said, “With Teyuto, you can create a customized VOD platform in just a few clicks. You can also distribute your videos around the world, and monetize them with ease. […] So if you’re looking to create a powerful and profitable video streaming business, Teyuto is definitely the software for you.”

      Users were also delighted with the promptness of customer assistance, which quickly solved even problems that were not precisely simple. I remind you that it has a 14-days free trial, so you can try it without paying a cent by creating an account on their official website.


      Is Teyuto Legit?

      Absolutely Yes, Teyuto is a Legit and trustable VOD service.

      Does Teyuto offer a Free trial?

      Yes, you can avail 14-days free trial depending on the pricing plan; All plans include a free trial.

      Can you brand the web portal and apps?

      Teyuto lets you make your video area look like something from your company. You can change images, texts, and how they are shown. If you want to make more changes, you can choose CUSTOM plans or use the API integration.

      What platforms does Teyuto support?

      Android, iOS, and Android TV. And then apps for Roku, Amazon Fire.

      Does Teyuto helps in Monetization?

      Yes, you can monetize your videos easily here, either by pre-roll Ads or paid subcription.

      What are the alternatives for Teyuto?

      Vidyard is an alternative you can look for. There are still many of the best video hosting platform, might work for you. 

      Teyuto Overall Rating

      Good 85%
      Great 92%
      14-Days Free Trial 100%

      Our Verdict

      We see Teyuto as one of the most effective video-on-demand platforms available. With continuous development, you can ensure that your video distribution company will be on the cutting edge of the trend. You should try this VOD service and we believe you will stop looking for alternatives.

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