Last Updated: May 22, 2023

HyperIBF Review – Is It A Legit Instagram Bot?

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    How does Hyper IBF (Instagram Bot Follower) work? What are the prices of the service? And is it worth and safe using it for promoting your Instagram account?

    This article is proposed as a complete review of Hyper Instagram Bot Follower, which after the latest update of the software on which it is based, has taken the name of Hyper Instagram Bot Follower – formerly just IBF.

    We will see in detail how this bot works, how to sign up, how to use it, its strengths, and the prices of the packages available.

    On the other hand, consult our article about the best Instagram bots of 2022 if you are looking for a ranking of the best bots for Instagram currently available.

    Table of Contents
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      What is hyper Instagram Bot Follower?

      Hyper Instagram Bot Follower (IBF) is a potent tool, which can be used to automate various operations on Instagram, which otherwise you would have had to perform manually.

      In particular, it is a bot falling into the “web-based” category. It means that you do not have to install any software since you can access the bot and set it as you prefer using only and exclusively your browser through which you browse the internet.

      IBF has recently revolutionized its platform, changing its name to Hyper Instagram Bot Follower and introducing new features such as the so-called “mass voting,” which we will see shortly. Before that check this video for more understanding.

      Working principle of HYPER IBF

      Let’s now see the main features of Hyper IBF and if they really work, so that we have a complete overview of what this Instagram bot is capable of.

      Hyper Vote

      Hyper Vote is IBF’s most innovative feature, recently introduced, which allows you to interact with tens of thousands of other users’ stories every day, answering their polls, quizzes and questions.

      Thanks to this IBF feature, you can create enormous interest around your profile, encouraging targeted users to interact back with your photos and follow you.

      Auto Follow

      One of the essential traditional features of Instagram Bot Follower is auto-follow. It allows you to follow new profiles in a completely automatic way through the criteria that you will choose personally.

      The auto-follow interface looks like this,

      You can choose in this sense to follow:

      • Hashtags: that is, users who have used specific hashtags in their posts
      • Places: Choose to follow profiles related to particular places
      • People: Follow the followers of specific profiles chosen by you

      I advise you not to start all these automation with the maximum speed allowed, especially if your profile is new. Increase it gradually until you reach the maximum within a month.

      If you check the section that says “Pause actions every day…” you can set a time interval when the bot stops working. It is usually used at night to simulate human behavior and habits. 

      In the “Activity Log” tab, you can check if the bot works regularly and at what speed.

      Auto Unfollow

      The unfollow tab looks like this,

      You can enter a specific list of profiles that cannot be unfollowed.

      Also, in the Source part, you can decide whether to stop following only the profiles previously followed by the bot or all profiles.

      I advise you first to stop following who does not follow you and then in case to proceed with the rest.

      Auto Comment

      The auto comment tab automatically allows you to comment on posts related to hashtags, profiles, and places. You have essentially the same modes of action as the auto-follow tab and also in this case, you may target users based on hashtags and more.

      If you check the “Comment to the feed from the timeline” box, the bot will choose to comment on the posts that appear in the Instagram timeline, which is a more human pattern to integrate and that therefore I advise to use.

      You can set a series of predefined comments. The bot will choose from those proposed by you.

      Auto Like

      In the auto-like tab, you can set automatic likes, the same types of settings as the auto-follow tab.

      Auto Repost

      You can automatically share posts related to specific hashtags, places, or profiles in the auto repost tab. 

      In my personal experience, this can be a useful section, as the users will see that you shared their post and therefore, might follow you.

      But, is best to use with secondary accounts as you don’t want to have your own profile feed full of shared content.

      When using this feature, you can decide whether to keep the original description or put your own in the caption section.

      Auto DM (New Follower)

      Finally, the auto DM tab allows you to send a message to new profiles that follow you automatically.

      Here too, you can decide which message to send; you can customize the DMs by inserting, for example, variables, such as the username of the profile you are writing to.

      This feature may be useful for brands, e-commerce and business owners who want to engage with their new followers.

      Profile Scraper

      Profile Scraper is a tool that provides a smart filtering of profiles search and scraping. 

      It works by analyzing data from social media accounts or Instagram search, and then by pulling – scraping – users list based on your targeting settings.

      This can be useful for marketers who want to directly target specific audiences or brands who want to reach out to new leads.

      The advanced Instagram Scraper allows you to search for users based on their location, followers, hashtags, and more.

      The advanced Instagram Scraper is able to scrape information from any Instagram user who has a public profile. The HyperIBF tool is also available as a Chrome extension that works with your Chrome browser. Below, the Screenshot for the same.

      Schdeuled Posting

      Scheduled Posting is a feature of IBF that allows you to plan out your content in advance so that you may post it at the time that works best for you.

      You can also use this feature to make sure that you are posting the right amount of content at the right time.

      With IBF’s scheduled posting feature, users are able to create a schedule for when they want their content to be posted on Instagram. 

      This way, they can ensure that they are posting what their audience wants and in the time they prefer. It also allows keeping a profile or page active, even when you don’t have time to be there.

      You may take a vacation and not think about publishing any new post, and at the same time be able to take more time to craft quality content

      Some social media marketers are able to schedule posts on a specific time of day to ensure they are posting at the peak times where they know their audience will be most engaged.

      This post scheduling tool is an Ideal pick for busy users who people who take Instagram growth and content creation professionally.

      Positives and Negatives

      HYPER Instagram Bot Follower Pricing Plan

      Once you have completed your account registration, you will have to proceed to make the payment for one of the available packages, which are 4 in total.

      One of the strengths of this Instagram bot is its price: it is one of the lowest on the market, starting at only 12 dollars per month (9.99 Euro).

      Let’s see the available packages:

      You can decide to pay monthly or annually. In the second case, you will receive a generous discount.

      Personally, if you don’t have special needs to promote for many accounts, I recommend the mini package.

      Alternatively, you can test the full power of the service for 24 hours for just $1.25 (0.99 Euro).

      Users Review

      Now let’s see what users who have already had the opportunity to use Hyper’s Instagram Bot Follower think, their opinions about it, and if they were satisfied with the service.

      We browsed the web for reviews across various sites and we noticed that in particular, users appreciate the platform’s ease of use that allows them to carry out various actions in a few minutes and the variety of tools.


      Still, have doubts about Hyper IBF? Don’t despair! Below you will find frequently asked questions on this topic and their answers. I’m sure they will help you solve your doubts!

      What are the best Instagram bots currently around?

      You can check our guide with the complete list of the best Instagram bots.

      What is Instagram Bot Follower?

      It is a web-based bot that you can use to increase interactions on your Instagram profile in terms of followers, likes, and comments. Recently, it has been renamed to Hyper IBF.

      Are Hyper IBF and Instagram Bot Follower the same?

      Yes, Hyper IBF is the new name, which came with a tool’s upgrade that included new features as well.

      Is HyperIBF Safe?

      Indeed, the promotion speeds of your account are regulated according to the current constraints imposed by the Instagram algorithm.

      How much does HyperIBF cost?

      The price is meager. You can take advantage of the service for just $12 (€9.99) or try for 24 hours for just $1.

      Opinions on Instagram Bot Follower

      I conclude this Instagram Bot Follower review by providing my personal opinion.

      I tried various Instagram bots, and by testing the service, I certainly got to compare with the others.

      The main advantages of Instagram Bot Follower are:

      • The low price: starting from $12 (9.99 euros)
      • Ease of use: to set it up, it takes a maximum of 10 minutes
      • The completeness: since it offers both the traditional follow/unfollow and the innovative hyper voting module

      So, if you have no particular claims and don’t want to spend too much money on more expensive, complex, and powerful software, certainly Hyper IBF – or Instagram Bot Follower – is for you.

      IBF Overall Rating

      Good 85%
      Great 92%
      Affordable 100%
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