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Followeran Review: Read Before Using! (My Experience)

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    Are you someone who wants a great social media presence? In today’s world, social media is prominent everywhere. So having a good and popular social media presence is essential, whether you are a business owner, an influencer, or an individual who would like to have a significant status via social media. 

    SMM panels do this for you in a fraction of time or as quickly as you want. At present, you have access to purchase views, likes, comments, followers, subscribers, traffic, and other engagement metrics for various social media platforms. 

    Followeran is one of those that provide all these services and has been in the market for more than 5 years.

    One thing that you did very well is to research about Followeran before purchasing any of their services. If you are stuck between whether I should go with Followeran’s SMM panel or not, you come up in a right place.

    This is going to be the last blog you need to go with a surety to buy SMM panel services from Followeran or not. So let’s begin this Followeran review.

    How Do SMM Panels Work?

    First things first, you have to understand if you can get likes, followers, comments, etc., so how do these SMM panels work? Understanding the work process of SMM panels helps you avoid related threats because SMM panels also raise ethical and authentic concerns.

    When you provide the information of your social media accounts, such as the link, username, etc., to an SMM panel, it connects your profile through the help of APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) with social media platforms. APIs allow SMM panels to connect with such platforms through programming language. It allows the SMM panel to execute actions on social media platforms, such as liking a post, following an account, or leaving comments. These actions are performed as part of the service ordered by you.

    SMM panels work on your behalf and it is clearly mentioned in the terms of Followeran that they do not take any responsibility for any kind of account suspension or other penalties. 

    So it is up to you to choose any third-party SMM panel to increase engagement artificially. In short, SMM panels are not associated with any social media platform and do not give any guarantee about ethical concern and other penalties.

    What is is an SMM panel designed for people in Iran as well as for people around the world who want to improve their social media. They offer many services to help you grow on social media.

    They have done a lot of work, providing 771 services and completing a huge number of 65,930,489 orders and helping a big group of 1,216,308 users till date. 

    They are known for being a reliable place for Instagram and Telegram services. Followeran is a website that cares about improving your social media.

    Features of Followeran

    Image illustrates the features of Filmstro

    To increase your social media engagement, Followeran has many things to offer for every platform. Let’s explore Followeran’s features.

    Genuine and Bots Availability

    Followeran gives you a choice to purchase genuine and bots followers, likes, subscribers, views, etc. The difference is in the price and genuineness. Purchasing genuine services is comparatively more expensive than purchasing bots.

    This distinctive feature of genuine and bots availability allows you to tailor your social media strategy accordingly, and you can also mix them up according to your needs.

    But should I go with genuine engagement or bot engagement?

    Choosing genuine and bot engagement completely depends on your needs and your budget, and I have elaborated on both of them below.

    Genuine Engagement 

    If you want to ensure that a significant portion of your audience is genuine and the interaction on your profile comes from real and active users, you can opt to go with genuine ones.

    This purchase helps you build authenticity and trust with your audience, which can lead to organic growth as well.

    One more thing I want to include is that after purchasing genuine engagement, do you have to pay for other things such as likes, comments, views, and other features? This is completely questionable, which we will discuss further in this Followeran review.

    Bots for Rapid Growth

    I used the phrase “rapid growth” in the heading. Yeah, it means you can boost your engagement so quickly in numbers. This automated interaction can give you an instant influx of followers, subscribers, likes, views, comments, and so on.

    This is particularly beneficial if you want a high level of engagement on your posts and profile, meaning boosting any specific content. It can also help to kickstart if you have a new social media account with less engagement.


    Likes on your posts help you gain more visibility and engagement organically, and you can purchase packages tailored to your needs. Whether you want likes on Instagram, YouTube, LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, and other different social media platforms, you can purchase from Followeran and get that boost for your posts to increase your popularity.


    The best thing I appreciate about Followeran is the customization of comments. You can order different types of comments on all kinds of social media accounts. You can purchase comments from positive to negative, random to specific like birthday wishes.

    Purchasing comments helps you get high engagement because it is not only about numbers; it is also about building meaningful connections and trust with your audience.


    People are more likely to view content like reels, YouTube videos if they see other people have also watched it; they feel like they are missing something if it seems to be viewed by people.

    The views feature of Followeran ensures that your content gets the attention you think it deserves. The increment of views helps for better reach across all platforms, and all platforms are more likely to promote content that is getting views.

    Followers & Subscribers

    This feature of Followeran helps you build a great audience base. More followers and subscribers can help you build a kind of authority in your niche. This is a quick and effective solution to boost your social media presence.


    Shares are one of the most important things for the virality of your posts. When other organic people see that your content is being shared, they are more likely to share it too with their social media friends, which can ultimately lead to more organic engagement.

    How to Use Followeran (Demo)?

    You might have concerns related to Followeran SMM panels such as authenticity, quality, and many more. But Followeran gives you a solution for all of these concerns. You can use a demo before purchasing and paying a single dollar.

    I’m recommending you to use their demo before purchasing their services without any cost because it is free, and you will get an idea yourself that they actually do what they say or not. Use a demo because it’s free.

    Here are the steps:

    • Head over to Followeran’s website at
    • Sign Up with your account
    • Choose the platform where you want the engagement
    • Put your platform link
    • Place your order and wait
    • Track your order on your dashboard

    Pricing of Followeran

    Followeran is known for its affordable pricing. As we have discussed, Followeran provides services for every platform, so including the pricing of every platform may not be possible. I am including some of the platform prices by which you can get an idea of their pricing because all their pricing is similar, with some being a little more or a little less.


    Instagram is one of the most common platforms where users use SMM panels to purchase likes, comments, followers, story views, etc. So, first, let’s look at the Instagram pricing.


    YouTube is one of the most popular platforms for video creation and is growing continuously. Followeran provides you all the features you will need on YouTube at an affordable price range.

    Tik Tok

    Tik Tok has seen remarkable growth, and Followeran caters to this trend by providing followers, likes, and shares features to enhance the virality of your videos on TikTok.

    My Experience with Followeran

    I used the Followeran demo and bought 100 YouTube subscribers. I just wanted to try out how Followeran works, but I did not think investing in Followeran was a good choice.

    The reason I’m saying that is what they promise and what they are supposed to do is not as expected.

    When I used their services for buying YouTube subscribers, I did not receive a single subscriber on my channel. Then, after 14 days, I got 78 new subscribers on my channel after contacting their customer support. But soon, probably within 10 to 11 days, a drop down occurred, and my subscribers went down to 19 (which was my own).

    So, we could say that the test did not go very well, and while other services worked well, this bad experience makes me think twice before suggesting Followeran.

    But, let’s more forward and analyze both the pros and cons of Followeran.

    Pros and Cons of Followeran


    Refund Guarantee

    We all have that tension, “What if I don’t like their services?”

    To address that concern, Followeran gives you a refund guarantee, which means you can buy their services, and if you don’t like it, you can get a refund within 4-6 hours (according to them).

    User Friendly Interface

    When I was sharing about how to use Followeran’s demo, I wrote everything clearly without elaborating it with steps or pictures. The reason is their user-friendly interface on their website. When you visit their website, you will sense it because using Followeran is so simple and easy to use.

    Clear Terms

    What Followeran is, they clearly have mentioned in their terms. You can read their terms before placing any order. I found that they were clear about what they do, so by reading, you can evaluate how they work and what their responsibilities are when you purchase their services. They have many things; I recommend you read their terms once.


    No review section 

    Whenever I purchase something from a new brand about which I don’t know anything, I firstly go to check their reviews. Most of us do the same, but the funny part is Followeran has no review section on its website.

    I wish I didn’t have to include it as a con of Followeran, but due to their such miserable work, I have to. I think they should include this feature on their website for their customers like us to see what their other users are saying about them because we all want to check before purchasing any service to know what their other users talk about them.

    Slow Website

    I was visiting the Followeran’s website repeatedly to evaluate their services to write Followeran review, but one thing that annoyed me the most is their website speed. It took longer for Followeran to load things. Their website speed is very low, compared to most websites on the internet, including other SMM panels.

    Delivery Time

    As I mentioned before, based on my experience with Followeran’s services, one more thing that I want to share with you is they take so long to deliver the order. 

    Although I’m not sure if they also do the same with others because when I was reading their reviews on TrustPilot and other blogs, I didn’t see anyone talking more about their delivery time. But it happened to me, so I thought why not share it with you.

    Every Time Log In

    As I was researching about Followeran, one more thing that was annoying me every time was, whenever I visit their website, I have to re-login every time. Why can’t they keep me signed in? They should have cookies that save your session, and keep you logged in.

    Followeran Online Reviews

    Image shows a user holding a mobile and looking at rating.

    As I mentioned, I have used Followeran and didn’t get the expected results. To check if it only happened to me or if other people are also not satisfied with Followeran SMM panels services, I started my research to write a blog post on Followeran review.

    Although the issue I faced was experienced by a bare minimum of other people, most of them are saying they were not happy with their services and were sharing their concerns which were not in favor of Followeran.

    Other reviews about their services are not satisfying, although some people were saying that they were happy with their services when they purchased their SMM panels, and they have been using Followeran for a long time. However, sometimes issues like order delays and drop-downs are something they face often.

    Alternatives of Followeran

    Throughout our discussion on the Followeran review, it is indicating that using Followeran often can lead to the wrong choice. Here, I want to include some alternatives to Followeran that may help you achieve your desired results.


    TheYTlab is made by its developers and YouTube entrepreneurs. You can say their main features are for YouTube subscribers, views, likes, comments, and watch time. Alongside, they offer services for Facebook, Instagram, and X (formerly known as Twitter).

    A couple of notable things about them that I really appreciate are, you can track your order progress in real-time on your dashboard, although this feature is also available on Followeran, they do not have any accurate data like TheYTlab.


    SMMFollows has been in the market for over 7 years. Their main USP is their customers are all over the globe, and that is why they have tailored options for every targeted market. One more thing I like about them is they offer different payment methods such as PayPal, UPI, and other local payment apps or services.

    However, SMMFollows doesn’t provide you with any free trial, but what makes me wonder about them is that they have no reviews on one of the biggest review websites, TrustPilot.

    The Social Media Growth

    I rarely see anyone offering the “Drip-Feed” feature with their services. What the Drip-Feed feature is, let’s say you want to buy 1000 likes but you don’t want them altogether or all at once, so you can get 200 likes every 2 hours of an interval. That way, you will get 200 likes every hour. 

    You can do this with every order when you buy any services by clicking on the Drip-Feed button and then customizing it according to your needs.

    Moreover, what I saw on TSMG website was a suspension guarantee, which means if you buy their services and you get fined by social media platforms, they take care of it. Insane but doubtable!

    Organic Growth

    Here, I want to touch on something slightly outside the main focus of this blog post of Followeran review. I recommend considering an alternative approach—opting for organic growth. If you have the financial means to invest in SMM panels, you can channel that budget towards fostering your organic growth either through personal efforts or by hiring someone.

    Remember, going from zero to one is always hard but not from one to ten. You have to put efforts first to get from zero to one, which is the initial step and will be hard, but after that, your journey will be simpler as you go further.

    Look, I’m not against any SMM panels, but almost all social media platforms are. They clearly mention that if someone uses any third party to grow artificially, they will take strict action against the user, such as account suspension or other penalties

    Opting for organic growth offers the advantage of building genuine trust with your audience, without the risks of potential penalties. With a bit of research, you can find professionals skilled in organic engagement strategies, providing a viable alternative to SMM panels.

    One Catch with all SMM panels

    One thing that I always think all SMM panels should do is, if they are providing real engagements on a social media account, they should make it better by providing other things such as likes, comments, etc., for free.

    Let’s understand it in this way. For example, you buy some Instagram real followers, and after buying followers, you post some pictures and reels. The advantage you should get is likes, comments, shares, etc., on these posts after purchasing followers because you have bought genuine followers, but your followers do not engage. Not only Followeran, but almost every SMM panel does the same so that they can increase their sales this way if a user has to buy everything manually.

    Although some SMM panels provide you with this feature, but after some time, engagement on your social media accounts disappears, and you have to buy everything manually from them again.


    In the end, understanding SMM panels, especially Followeran, is important. The online world is changing, and having a strong social media presence is really needed. Followeran has been around for five years and offers many services to boost your social media.

    We talked about how SMM panels work and the ethical concerns they have. Followeran has features like real and bot engagements, likes, comments, views, followers, subscribers, shares, and a demo that is easy to use.

    Followeran’s prices were mentioned, and it’s known for being affordable. But a review shared a different experience, saying there were problems with what was promised and what actually happened.

    We listed the good and bad things about Followeran. Good things include a refund guarantee, easy-to-use website, and clear terms. Bad things include no review section, a slow website, late delivery, and having to log in every time.

    We also looked at other SMM panels like TheYTlab, SMMfollows, and The Social Media Growth. We talked about choosing organic growth for a better and long-lasting result.

    Followeran and other SMM panels get criticized, making people think about other options and maybe choosing to grow organically. It’s important for SMM panels to improve and give users better features. The final idea is that choosing between SMM panels and organic growth depends on what each person likes and wants in their online journey. But, if you choose the latter, it is essential to go with high-quality SMM panels. And Followeran, might not be the best fit in that case.

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