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How Many People Can You Follow/Unfollow Per Day on Instagram?

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    Following several accounts on Instagram is one strategy to build connections and increase your followers. Yet it is not all that easy gathering up accounts to follow and discarding them swiftly. This is because limits exist. So, it takes more than just hitting the unfollow button to free up your follow list.

    Instagram has put up measures to check spam and bot activities. Following and unfollowing too many accounts in a short span can raise eyebrows. This act can put your account at the risk of suspension. 

    However, this post will guide you on the best ways to grow or prune your follow list in the most reasonable time possible. It will also give you insights into the best practices to go about your follow spree while keeping your account safe.

    So, buckle up and find out the secrets to smartly following/unfollowing accounts considering Instagram’s daily limits.

    Table of Contents
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      Why Daily Follow/Unfollow Limits Exist?

      There is no smoke without fire, and Instagram is not one to deliberately make a policy to frustrate its users. Many online policies are there to protect account users.

      The most popular reason for daily limits is the menace of bots. As many platforms grow, experts develop bots to ease some processes. Yet, these bots are only sometimes healthy, especially for users who just want to enjoy creating or browsing content. 

      Some bots increase followers but never create any interactions. They do not engage content or offer any value. These bots disrupt Instagram metrics and frustrate any efforts to add value to real users. Therefore, it is necessary to check such automated activities through daily limits.

      Secondly, limits help to protect user accounts from restrictions. Automated follow/unfollow alert Instagram systems and the penalties can include permanent or temporary blocks and shadowbans. 

      Furthermore, Instagram thrives on building genuine connections and relationships. The best way to achieve this is organic engagement. Many people take the pain to create valuable content for their intended audience. Imagine losing such values in the myriad of content due to competition from inauthentic accounts with fake followers. A few real followers who find meaning in content are more valuable than a thousand followers who do not relate to content. Follower limits help to check the efforts of those who build followers through aggressive techniques.

      Lastly, community guidelines create a safer environment for all users. One of the ways Instagram enforces these guidelines is to ensure users interact with trustworthy accounts only. There may be genuine reasons to follow/unfollow several accounts at once. However, the act can raise some questions. Exceeding daily limits, therefore, can lead to restrictions. Instagram investigates such situations and decides if there is a threat to its community.

      What Are the Follow/Unfollow Daily Limits on Instagram?

      Instagram has not disclosed the specific daily limits for follow/unfollow. But note that it closely monitors your activities for unusual behaviors. This is necessary to check spam and bots disrupting the organic traffic and community building.

      However, user reports have been helping to reach a range of daily limits. These limits differ for different accounts.

      Older accounts can follow/unfollow about 150 to 200 accounts daily. Newer ones can start at 100 daily, and gradually build up the limits over time. However, this does not necessarily mean that all older accounts have equal limits.

      The daily limits can vary by hourly activities. Spreading out your follow/unfollow over several hours daily can help to reach a higher limit. Your account behaves more naturally and avoids triggering Instagram spam detection.

      There is no one-size-fits-all rule except for the total number of accounts a user can follow at a time. And this has been capped at 7500, regardless of how many followers the user has.

      Factors Influencing Instagram Daily Follow/Unfollow Limits

      It is not unfounded to wonder how long you have before hitting the restriction message. Follow/unfollow activities are popular with spam tools and bots. So Instagram puts a check on them. But a few factors combine to determine your daily limits. These include:

      Account Age

      Brand new accounts with limited history do not inspire much trust in regular Instagram users compared to older accounts. Older accounts with more posts and interactions are easier to trust. Therefore, it is no surprise that older accounts have more daily limits than newer ones. 


      Unfortunately, having an account for ages does not give an automatic pass for spam. Accounts with proven consistency have stronger claims to higher limits. If you post regularly, share stories, comment, like, and engage consistently, you are likely to get lower resistance and higher daily limits.

      Engagement History

      The amount of activity matters, and so does the quality of content. Accounts with genuine, high-quality engagement are less likely to use bots to generate followers. Organic likes, comments, and even shares from other users are invaluable on Instagram. A reflection of healthy engagement can guarantee higher daily follow/unfollow limits.

      Past Violations

      If you have previously exceeded limits or violated Instagram’s policies, your trust score might be lower. Consequently, you get a reduced limit. It is best to take things slow for some time as you rebuild your account for higher limits.

      Follow/Unfollow Speed

      Rapidly following and unfollowing numerous accounts can trigger alarms. The Instagram analytics can suspect foul play, probably by a bot. But you can avoid this by mimicking natural behavior. Spread your actions throughout the day instead of doing it all at once.

      Best Practices for Following & Unfollowing

      Growing your audience and accessing the right content requires strategy. Doing a lot of following and unfollowing may be the best strategy for you, but you should not go in blindly. Here are a few best practices that can safeguard your account.

      Gradual Growth

      Slow and steady wins the race. Do not rush the process because you want to get it over with. You risk triggering spam detection. Start with a few follows/unfollows daily. 50 to 100 is a great number. With time, you can increase your numbers and reach your goals.

      Target Relevant Accounts

      It is one thing to hoard up numbers. But are they relevant? You want to build connections that make your account more valuable through shared interest. If you are following a lot of people, ensure your niches and interests align. That way, the numbers can also increase your engagement.

      Quality Over Quantity

      Prioritize quality interactions over sheer numbers. Instead of adding up followers, engage with the accounts you already follow. Like, comment, and share their content to boost engagement.

      Additionally, review the accounts you follow now and then. Identify and unfollow inactive and irrelevant ones. You can do this monthly or weekly to avoid unfollowing many of them at once.

      Use Third-Party Tools Cautiously

      You may choose to use third-party tools or automation services to manage your following and unfollowing activity. But you must do so cautiously. Most of these tools pose a risk to your account. They also violate platform policies and can lead to account suspension or bans. 

      Take some time to research any tools or services before using them. Also, review their compliance with Instagram’s terms of service. 

      Some great tools you can consider using include:

      1. Inflact
      2. GrowBot Automator for Instagram (chrome extension)
      3. Kenji 
      4. Autogramer
        Hyper Instagram Bot Follower
      5.  (currently not working)
      6. Jarvee (no longer available)

      Tips for Staying Safe When Following/Unfollowing

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      Following best practices for engagement on Instagram is part of staying safe, but there are also pitfalls to avoid. Taking proactive steps to avoid them can make a big difference. Keep these tips in mind when using the platform:

      Recognize Block Signs

      Pay attention to the pointers. Your inability to follow, like, or comment on posts indicates a temporary restriction. These signs mean that Instagram has flagged your account for excessive or suspicious activities. Therefore, you best stay safe by pacing your rapid following and unfollowing.

      Appeal Blocks Carefully

      If you encounter an action block, carefully review Instagram’s community guidelines and terms of service. If you need to appeal your case, provide clear and concise information about your situation. Also, acknowledge any mistakes and outline your commitment to following the platform’s rules.

      Be Patient and Consistent

      Strive to build your Instagram presence through organic, long-term growth strategies. Shortcuts can be risky. But if you must take them, use trustworthy third-party tools. Nevertheless, the best route is to cultivate genuine relationships with your audience. You can achieve this with high-quality content curated for a specific audience.

      Track Your Activity

      Keep track of your follow and unfollow actions with Instagram’s built-in features. You can also use third-party analytics tools. These can help you identify potential issues and adjust your strategy accordingly.


      What happens if I exceed Instagram’s daily follow limit?

      Instagram might start delaying your attempts to follow or unfollow new accounts. This will slow down your action but will not endanger your account. More serious cases can earn you an action block, limiting your ability to follow or unfollow new accounts. In extreme cases, Instagram might temporarily or permanently suspend your account.

      If you consistently violate limits or engage in suspicious activity, Instagram might reduce your reach and engagement. This is called shadowbanning. It means your content becomes less visible to your followers and potential new audience.

      How long does Instagram restrict you from following?

      Temporary action blocks usually last between 24 to 48 hours. But it depends on the severity of your actions. Sometimes, it extends up to a week.

      Shadowban attracts more serious consequences. Your content loses visibility to non-followers. Unfortunately, you may be unaware of this as Instagram sends no notifications about this measure. Additionally, shadowbans last between a few weeks to several months. You can address the issue by adjusting your behavior and adhering to community regulations.

      The most severe restriction is a total ban on your account. This can be temporary or permanent. You can escape a temporary ban after reaching out to Instagram to review your case.

      Final Thoughts

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      Understanding Instagram’s daily limits is not just about avoiding trouble. It is about being a part of a healthy, authentic online environment. Organic growth and responsible engagement help you create genuine connections with your audience. So, take the tips in this post and refine your strategy. Play safe and watch your Instagram community grow.

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