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Penji Review: Should You Use It For Graphics In 2024?

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    You need graphics almost every day for your business, social media, and in many other use cases. If you are here, you already know the importance of graphics and visuals for the growth and success of your business or personal brand. Poor designs turn down your customer and leave a bad first impression.

    But it’s not easy to get catchy and appealing graphics, especially if you are a busy business owner with no graphic skills. 

    You can hire graphic designers from Fiverr or Upwork, but getting perfect matches for your projects still takes time, and separate projects cost you a lot of money. Especially if your brand depends on social media, you need social media graphics daily.

    That’s where Penji comes in handy.

    Penji gives unlimited graphic designs at one stop for a fixed monthly fee. It connects you with top design creators worldwide. You don’t need to find and interview freelancers to qualify them for your projects. 

    In this comprehensive Penji review, you will learn all the necessary details you need to know about Penji. SM90 reviewed how it works, its pros and cons, features and benefits, pricing plan, and whether you get it in detail.

    So, without further ado, let’s get straight into it.

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      How does Penji work?

      First, you need to create an account, like any other platform. It’s easy and straightforward. If you want to get a feel of how it looks like to use Penji, you can get a demo video or book a personalized tour. 

      Once you have created your account, you will select your pricing plan ( discussed in detail below). Now Penji is all set to show its magic. 

      There are 4 steps involved to get a customized project.

      Step 1 - Create a new design project

      On the Penji dashboard, you will see a “create new project” button on the right. A form will appear after clicking on this button where you will describe your project as accurately and in detail as possible. 

      Everything depends on this single form. If you are clear with your requirements and how you would like the final products, it will make the job easy for you and Penji’s designers. 

      Here is what you need to fill out the form;

      • Project title. Give your project a title. Is it a logo? A brochure? Or a banner?
      • Description. Describe your project in detail. What do you exactly want? What is the project’s purpose, and what are you expecting from the design? Be clear. 
      • Dimensions. Every graphic has a certain height and width, aka size. But if you are unsure, don’t worry; the designer knows what you need. They usually send you a social media kit with all the sizes for socials and websites. So, dimensions are optional.
      • Examples or reference links. If you have something as a sample to show, put that in this box. Maybe you liked someone’s logo and want something similar, or you’ve drawn a sketch and want your designer to give it a life. You can put as many URLs as you want. Just click on Add another icon. Additionally, you can upload images or attachments, too. 
      • Brand color to incorporate. Have you selected your brand colors already? Brilliant. Select your color from the color box. And you will get your design in that color. 
      • Deliverables. If you want specific deliverable files like PNG, PDF, JPG, AI, or EPS, select them. Or click the “let the designer choose for me” option, and you will get all the essential files. 

      That is it. Now, if you are ready to proceed, click Create Project, and if not, you can save your form as a draft. 

      This is the only step where you must spend some time and be conscious and careful. Rest is a breeze.

      Step 2 - Penji Matches the Best Designer for your project

      Penji will find the best fit for your project based on the form you just filled out. In other words, you don’t need to panic about who to select and assign your project. Penji does it for you. 

      This is the beauty of this platform.

      You will be notified who’s working on your project. If you want to give any extra details or tell any missing requirements about the project, or your designer has any questions, you can both communicate. 

      I love this feature; it ensures everything is going well and a real human is working. 

      Remember that Penji is not an AI graphics designing tool.

      Step 3 - Review your Project and Submit Feedback

      It’s time to get your first draft. And based on how complex or lengthy your project is, it takes time accordingly. If it is a logo or a banner, you will typically get it within 24-48 hours. 

      Didn’t like the first draft? No worries. 

      Penji has an amazing built-in tool that allows you to comment directly on the design. For instance, if you dislike any element on the banner, comment to remove or replace it. 

      There is no need to download the files again and again. 

      It vibes like you are collaborating with the designer. And there is no limit to comments. Do it until you are 100% satisfied. 

      Other freelance platforms charge you for extra revisions. 

      And freelancers get annoyed if you ask for too many revisions. Penji is beyond those traditional ways.

      Step 4 - Download your files

      You can download your files if you are 100% satisfied with the final deliverables. 

      There is a wide range of file formats that you can download, like PNG, PDF, MS Office files, Adobe suitcase, etc. 

      You also get a source file that you can edit yourself. So, if you want to add or change the design in the future, you won’t need to hire a freelancer again. 

      Another amazing thing about Penji is that it stores your files. If something happens and you accidentally get your files deleted from your computer, don’t panic. Log in to your Penji account; everything is stored and safe there.

      What kind of graphics does Penji offer?

      As I mentioned, Penji is your one-stop shop for almost all graphic design needs. Whether you need a one-off project or a full-time team for your constant designing, it serves you in 120+ categories. 

      Everything you need in advertisements (all kinds of ad design), marketing graphics, Illustrations, branding and logos, animations (2D and 3D), Merch, packaging designs, infographics,  print and promotion, social media graphics, UX/UI designs, website graphics, and many more. 

      You literally don’t need to look anywhere else if you are a Penji member. But note that Penji also has some limitations.

      What does Penji don’t offer?

      If you are looking for complex animation, 3D modeling, coding, hosting, content writing, or video editing, Penji can’t help you.

      Who can use Penji?

      Penji is not suitable for everyone. If you own a small or established business and constantly need graphics, Penji is the best fit for you. 

      But if you need graphics occasionally for your projects, Penji might not be a good fit. 

      Here is the list of the ideal users of this platform; 

      • Business owners who want to establish a solid personal brand 
      • Agencies owners who have multiple clients and need graphics 
      • Marketers who want to level up their marketing campaigns with catchy and attractive designs. 
      • Print-on-demand sellers who want to keep themselves ahead with trending visuals. 
      • Creatives who want to communicate their ideas through creative designs.

      Perks of Choosing Penji

      You know that graphics are important in a crowded and messy content world. But you will get nowhere if you cannot find a platform to provide tailored graphics. 

      Penji is tailormade for graphics. Serving you with top-notch graphics is their only game. 

      Their website is very user-friendly; even if you visit it for the first time, you can easily navigate what to do next. 

      They have talented graphic designers on their team who know the psychology behind colors, elements, brand voice, and how to give you elite vibes. 

      The best part is that you don’t need to worry about finding the best designer for your project. Penji assigns your project to the top fits.

      Within 24 hours, you will get NOT one but 3 or 4 first drafts to review. It means that Penji forwarded your form to 3 or 4 designers. Now, you have to approve one, and the designer who made that design will start working on the final deliverable. 

      In other words, it’s like having your virtual team of designers without ANY cost. 

      Here are some more benefits of choosing this platform for your graphic designs

      Pros and Cons

      Image illustrates the pros and cons of Resoume.

      Pricing Plan

      For Startups & SMB's looking for a creative extension of their team.
      $ 499 / Month
      For Agencies looking to outsource client projects & expand their team.
      $ 1497 / Month
      For Marketers seeking a dependable & affordable creative solution.
      $ 995 / Month

      The Penji pricing model is simple and a no-brainer.

      It has three packages; 



      For startups and SMBs looking for a creative extension of their team 

      Creative Talents 

      • 80+ Design services 
      • Illustrations 
      • Ad creative 
      • Branding 


      • Real-Time 
      • 1-2 days delivery 



      For Marketers seeking a dependable & affordable creative solution.

      Creative talents

      • 100+ design services
      • Branding
      • Pro Illustrations
      • Ad creatives
      • Web designs
      • Presentation designs
      • Motion graphics


      • Real-time chat
      • Same day delivery
      • Talent discovery
      • Dedicated team



      For Agencies looking to outsource client projects & expand their team.

      Creative talents

      • 120+ design services
      • Branding
      • Pro Illustrations
      • Ad creatives
      • Web designs
      • Presentation designs
      • Motion graphics


      • Real-time chat
      • Same-day delivery
      • Talent discovery
      • Dedicated team

      Penji Users Review

      Image illustrates the user reviews for Timebucks.

      The worth of any digital platform can be seen through word of mouth and social proof

      So, to check the credibility and user satisfaction of Penji services, we sneak peek at Trustpilot (an international reviewing site). Penji has a 4.8 rating out of 5, which is very rare. 85% of the users gave 5 stars, which shows the quality of their services. 

      The platform has served many famous brands like Uber, Hot Wheels, Best Buy, and CVS. It has been featured in Inc., Entrepreneur, The Washington Post, and Technically.

      Matthew Phipps is a satisfied user and commented; 

      The best design service out there.

      I’ve been with Penji for a couple of years now for my e-commerce business. Their design work is of the highest standard, and the portal is so simple to use, allowing you to make specific requests for edits on the work and communicate via chat. Supported by my account manager, Mariagabriella, the service is fast and friendly. As such, they have become my go-to design team.”

      It is obvious from all the reviews and ratings that Penji is a real deal. The customers are happy about the services, and it is helping them level up their graphics.


      Image illustrates frequently askes questions about Resoume.

      Is Penji legit?

      Yes absolutely. 

      It is a legit platform that serves you the best designs. It has professional designers and active customer support. You won’t regret signing up for Penji if you need graphics constantly. 

      Is Penji free?

      No. They don’t even have a free trial. But if you want to know how it works, you can get a demo video or book a call with a professional. 

      What are the best alternatives for Penji?

      If you are looking for the Penji alternatives, here are some; 

      • Design Pickle 
      • DesignFive
      • Webdew
      • Digifloat 
      • Kimp 
      • Flocksy 

      How does Penji’s 30-day money-back guarantee work?

      You can cancel your subscription within 30 days if you do not like the services, and you will get your money back. All plans are eligible for 30 30-day money-back guarantee. 

      You can contact customer support or cancel the plan directly on the platform. 

      What does mean by unlimited graphics?

      It means you can create as many designs as you want without being charged hourly or per project. 

      If you have many projects at a time, create as many as you need; they will complete your projects in a set order. Once the project is completed, they will start the next one in the queue the same day.

      Our Verdict

      You have read about Penji in detail and know how good or bad it is for your design needs; it’s time for SM90 to present the final verdict. 

      Look, there is no doubt that their service scope is wide and quality is high; still, you must keep their business model and prices in mind. 

      If you are an individual who needs graphics occasionally, don’t go for it because you don’t need everything they provide, from ads to marketing to printing. But they charge for everything. 

      But if you own a business or a marketing agency that needs designs constantly for many purposes, Penji is the best option. Because hiring individual graphics for separate designs costs you a lot of money and time. 

      So, you just need to reflect on what you exactly need. 

      Rest assured, this platform is safe, legitimate, and authentic, contains highly trained professionals, and values its customers.

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