Last Updated: January 3, 2024

Best YouTube SEO Tools – 5 Must Have for 2024

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    Going on the YouTube journey in 2024? Ready to boost your videos’ visibility and climb the ranking ladder? Well, you’re in the right place! Let’s chat about the five best YouTube SEO tools you must have in 2024.

    First things first, YouTube isn’t just a platform for watching cute cat videos; it’s a second-largest search engine after Google. Businesses all around are using it to promote their brands, making it a bit of a crowded place. So, how do you stand out in this crowded place? Here are the SEO tools for YouTube that can help you.

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      But Why Do You Need to Care About Youtube SEO?

      Before we know more about YouTube SEO, let’s explore what SEO is.

      SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization. In simple words, it’s a strategy to make your online content, whether its text content for your website, an image, or a video for YouTube, in such a way that it can attract search engines that ultimately bring traffic to your content. 

      Imagine you’re looking for something on the internet; SEO helps your content show up higher in the search results. It’s all about using the right words, making your website easy to navigate, and being friends with search engines so they can easily find and recommend your stuff to people searching for similar things.

      Now let’s see why you need to bother about YouTube SEO.

      Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is not only limited to Google for your websites, but it is also very helpful to rank your videos higher in YouTube search results. 

      It is not just about giving your videos catchy titles and eye-catching thumbnails. You need the right SEO tools to optimize your video and make it stand out.

      When you use YouTube SEO, it helps your videos show up better in searches. If you want your YouTube channel to grow and have more viewers, caring about YouTube SEO is the key.

      These tools are your secret weapons for 2024. They help you figure out the best keywords, understand what is trending, and optimize your content to grab that precious audience attention. Think of them as your YouTube helpers, guiding you through the world of videos.

      So, as you step into 2024, prepare your YouTube strategy with these tools, and let’s make your YouTube journey a bit more exciting and successful!

      The 5 Best YouTube SEO Tools

      #1 Biteplay

      Explore a transformative solution for your YouTube marketing strategy with BitePlay. This platform simplifies audience building and monetization, offering strategic precision without the hassle of ineffective ads.

      Key Features and Benefits

      • Efficiency at Its Core: BitePlay streamlines YouTube efforts with lead generation, content research, and view optimization—all in one place.
      • Precision Targeting: AI ensures your message hits the mark by selecting the right videos, resonating precisely with your ideal audience.
      • Strategic Timing: Accelerate your ranking with BitePlay’s AI-powered timing, reaching audiences actively seeking your product on YouTube.
      • Influencer Connections: Effortlessly connect with influencers by accessing the email addresses of creators discussing your topic.
      • Monetization Made Easy: BitePlay turns views into cash with instant insights into audience trends, hot videos, and trendsetters—consolidating multiple tools into one.

      Plan and Pricing

      Choose the plan that suits your needs:

      • Starter: $49 per month
      • Growth: $99 per month
      • Scale: $149 per month

      Empowering over 5,000 brands and creators, BitePlay’s plans offer flexibility for every growth stage.

      BitePlay is a user-friendly tool for your YouTube marketing. With precise targeting, an easy interface, and budget-friendly plans, it’s your go-to for boosting your presence and returns. Claim your free access now for a straightforward way to build your audience and monetize effectively.

      #2 Tubebuddy

      The second of the 5 best SEO tools for your YouTube journey is TubeBuddy. This advanced AI-driven tool is made for YouTube creators, offering a bunch of useful tools to confidently manage, create, and grow your channel.

      Key Features and Benefits

      • Content Guidance: TubeBuddy helps you figure out what content will make your channel grow, giving creators valuable insights.
      • Channel Optimization: Take control of your channel with time-saving tools for uploading, chapter creation, and more, streamlining your workflow.
      • Audience Engagement: Boost clicks, views, and subscribers through tools that let you test and optimize thumbnails, titles, and keywords, ensuring your content connects with your audience.
      • AI and Coaching: TubeBuddy is a helpful tool with smart tips and personalized advice. It uses AI technology to guide you through creating awesome content and growing your brand. 
      • Quarterly Channel Reviews: Receive strategic insights through regular reviews, identify growth areas, and access the only YouTube card bulk editor for targeted improvements.

      Plan and Pricing

      • Pro: $3.99/month
      • Legend: $25.20/month

      TubeBuddy’s pricing offers plans that are affordable for YouTube content creators, providing exceptional value for the growth tools and coaching it offers.

      TubeBuddy is a valuable tool for over 10 million creators and brands. It offers more than just SEO tools for YouTube; it also helps you take the  steps necessary for success on YouTube. 

      There is also TubeBuddy extension. You can download it for free and use it to make your YouTube videos more SEO-optimized.

      #3 VidIQ

      The third SEO tool for Youtube SEO we have one of the very popular tool called VidIQ. With Vidiq you can improve your YouTube experience. It’s a tool that helps your channel get more views and grow. It goes beyond regular analytics, giving you insights and personalized tips to keep your content doing well.

      Key Features and Benefits

      • Top YouTubers Trust VidIQ : Creators like Marina Mogilko, The Spiffing Brit, Chad Wild Clay and many more trust vidIQ for boosting views and improving SEO.
      • AI Coach: vidIQ’s AI Coach, powered by GPT-4, is your 24/7 helper, providing ideas, keyword suggestions, and view predictions to make creating content easier.
      • Install VidIQ Extension: The vidIQ Vision Chrome Extension gives insights beyond YouTube Analytics, offering a complete report card for your videos. The vidIQ score helps predict video promotion in related videos, searches, and recommended videos.
      • Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): vidIQ keeps you focused on important KPIs, guiding better decisions for your content beyond just views.

      Plan and Pricing

      You can always start free with vidIQ. It also offers various subscription plans too:

      • Pro: $9.99/month
      • Boost Starts at: $48.99/month
      • Enterprise Plan: For those handling more than 5 channels, vidIQ offers a specialized Enterprise plan. 

      These plans provide unlimited access to premium features, catering to creators at different levels.

      VidIQ is a great tool for YouTubers who want their YouTube channels to grow steadily. Trusted by famous YouTubers and with useful features like AI coaching and optimization, vidIQ helps creators make smart choices and succeed in the competitive world of YouTube.

      #4 The Good Creator Co. (Formerly

      On the fourth spot in our list, we have included an SEO tool for YouTube for our Indian readers. The Good Creator Co., formerly, has upgraded to the Good Creator Co. after being acquired in January 2022. It reshapes social media analytics, offering actionable insights from India’s largest creator database. The suite gives access to 500K+ influencers, allowing marketers to target audiences through nano and micro influencers efficiently.

      Key Features and Benefits

      • Large Influencer Database: The Good Creator Co. provides access to over 500K influencers for precise audience targeting.
      • Analytics for Informed Decisions: Check out how well your campaigns are doing by looking closely at YouTubers and content. Also, check out what your competitors are up to for some helpful insights.
      • Consumer Analytics: Tailor campaign strategies with detailed reports on consumers, content, and creators generated within minutes.
      • Creator Profile Analysis: Choose better influencers by looking at whether they connect with the audience, how well they perform, and the return on investment they bring.
      • Campaign ROI Measurement: Use the Campaign Reporting tool for tracking, measuring, and analyzing campaign, creator, and content performance.

      Plan and Pricing

      The Good Creator Co. offers various features within its suite, with pricing details available on the platform.

      The Good Creator Co. and its GCC Suite are a powerhouse for marketers, offering advanced social media analytics. With an extensive influencer database, detailed analytics, and tools for campaign ROI measurement, it enables informed decisions and effective strategies. Dive into the GCC Suite to unlock data-driven influencer marketing and elevate your campaigns.

      #5 Tubular

      The SEO tool for YouTube on our list is Tubular. With a vast database of real behavior data from billions of users worldwide, Tubular helps businesses stay ahead by identifying trends, optimizing content, and navigating the competition.

      • Very Large Database: With more than 11 billion videos, 32 million creators, and 3 billion consumers’ viewership data, Tubular provides a complete view of social video audiences and behaviors.
      • Applications: Tubular Solutions offers a range of applications, from monitoring brand mentions and spotting potential crises to finding content creators that connect with your target audience.
      • Trusted by Industry Leaders: Top media companies, household brands, and creative agencies use Tubular to grow global audiences, optimize campaigns, and stay ahead in the dynamic social video industry.
      • Real Behavior Data: Tubular sources real behavior data from billions of people, avoiding reliance on surveys, cookies, or pixels for unmatched accuracy.

      Tubular Products

      • Intelligence: It’s more than social listening; it’s the one-stop truth hub for social video on different platforms.
      • Content Analytics: Connect views to dollars with this e-commerce tool. Measure how social content impacts conversions for specific brands or products.
      • Audience Ratings: Understand quality viewership with insights like unique viewers, minutes watched, and 30-second views, all sorted by gender, age, and location.
      • DealMaker: Get insights for sponsored partnerships, finding your competitors’ collaborations, and tracking the performance of your campaigns.
      • Insights & Strategy Consulting: Tailored consulting and market research to tackle specific business challenges and trends in your industry.

      Tubular is one of the best SEO tools for YouTube success. With its vast scale, real behavior data, and powerful features, Tubular helps brands stay ahead, grow audiences, and achieve impactful results in the ever-changing world of social video.

      So these are the 5 SEO tools for YouTube you must have in 2024. Begin your YouTube journey in 2024 with confidence by using these useful SEO tools. As YouTube grows, making sure your videos stand out is important. 

      BitePlay, TubeBuddy, VidIQ, The Good Creator Co., and Tubular are some of the tools available to you. Understand the importance of YouTube SEO and equip yourself with the right tools to optimize your content, boost visibility, and connect with your audience effectively. 

      Prepare for 2024 by using these tools to help you make your YouTube journey exciting and successful!

      Lenos the YouTube Marketing Agency

      Now that we’ve explored the must-have SEO tools for YouTube in 2024, let’s take your YouTube marketing to a new level with Lenos makes it easy, secures, and improves the effectiveness of YouTube marketing, making it easy to understand why it’s a game-changer.

      At Lenos, they understand how YouTube is changing and how important authenticity is. With YouTube becoming good at identifying fake engagement and bots, their services prioritize real, organic, and safer traffic sources. 

      Each order at Lenos comes with a lifetime guarantee, ensuring long last  benefits for your YouTube presence.

      Let’s check some of the key features of Lenos.

      Key Features of Lenos

      Real YouTube Views

      • Lenos provides real, high-retention views for your videos with a lifetime guarantee.
      • Different budget-friendly campaigns are available, making sure quality traffic for various needs.
      • The service utilizes website advertisements to generate authentic traffic, focusing on English-speaking countries.
      • Customizable YouTube Ads Views allow you to target specific countries like the USA and the UK.

      4000 Watch Hours

      • Lenos helps you quickly achieve the 4000 watch hours needed for YouTube monetization in less than 2 weeks.
      • Safe and high-retention campaigns ensure the quality of views.

      YouTube SEO

      • Lenos shows you important methods to boost the ranking of your YouTube videos.
      • SEO analysis by experts is available for brands and high-budget campaigns.
      • Natural views through YouTube search are achieved with a strategic keyword approach.
      • The service includes YouTube ‘backlinks’ and manual promotion on your preferred social media platforms.
      • Lenos conducts channel analysis, optimizes metadata (tags, description, title), and proposes a keyword strategy for organic growth.

      YouTube Graphics

      • Improve the quality, professionalism, and conversion of your videos with engaging intros, outros, and like/subscribe animations.
      • Enjoy customizable and modern intros for a professional touch.
      • Engaging animations attracts likes, subscriptions, and notifications.
      • Professional and customized outros with YouTube end screens enhance conversion.

      Lifetime Guarantee and Privacy

      • Each order from Lenos comes with a lifetime guarantee, giving you long lasting benefits.
      • Lenos prioritizes user privacy, assuring the safety of order details without requiring Google login.

      Support and Customized Campaigns

      • Lenos offers support for any questions about their services.
      • They provide the option for customized campaigns and discounts for large orders.

      Whether you want more views or quality campaigns, Lenos brings good and steady viewers to your channel. They go beyond your expectations for subscribers, views, and likes. cares about safety, testing everything to make sure there’s zero risk to your YouTube channel. Lenos keeps your order details private and secure, and you don’t need to log in with Google.

      If you have questions or need special deals for big orders, Lenos is there to help. Make your YouTube journey better with Lenos, simple, safe, and effective.

      Wrap Up

      In summary, as you start your YouTube adventure in 2024, use important tools like BitePlay, TubeBuddy, VidIQ, The Good Creator Co., and Tubular to make your videos better and reach more people. These tools help you show your content, get noticed, and connect with your audience.

      But there’s more, you can go a step further in promoting your YouTube by using Lenos understands YouTube is changing and wants to keep it real and safe. They promise long last benefits, offering features like real views, 4000 watch hours, SEO, and better graphics for your videos. Lenos makes your YouTube presence strong and safe.

      As you go through the exciting world of YouTube, think of Lenos as your helpful friend. They make sure you get good results, keep your details private, and give you personal support. Use these great tools and Lenos to make your YouTube journey in 2024 fun and successful!

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