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The 7+ Best FREE AI Writing Tools of 2024: Unlock Your Creativity!

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    In today’s fast-paced digital age, writing has become essential to our lives. From academic essays to creative content, we rely heavily on the written word to convey our thoughts and ideas. However, writing can sometimes be challenging, requiring time, effort, and creativity. 

    If you’re a prominent company owner, you can hire a freelancer or a professional writer to do all your writing work, from blog posts to social media captions. However, it’s only suitable for some, especially if you’re a digital marketing beginner with a limited budget. 

    Thankfully, technological advancements have introduced us to the world of AI writing generators that can significantly simplify this process.

    AI essay and writing generators are innovative tools that use machine learning algorithms to assist users in crafting coherent and well-structured essays. 

    We have reviewed and tested 50+ AI writing assistants and generators, and we have learned how these AI-powered platforms can save you time and energy, ensuring your work shines with brilliance. 

    And the good news, is that you don’t necessarily need to invest money to use them. In fact, there are many AI writers which have a free plan or free trial.

    In this blog post, we’ll dive into some of the best free AI writing generators available today. Let’s go straight to the Free AI writing/Generators list without further ado!

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      Our Top 7 Picks!

      AI Writers Free ? Pricing Website
      AutoRytr FREE TRIAL Starts from $14/month Visit Here
      BrainPod AI FREE Plan Starts from $25 /month Visit here FREE Plan Starts from 9$ /month Visit here
      GhostWrite AI FREE Plan Starts from $14 /month Visit Here
      Marmof AI FREE Plan Starts from $37/month Visit here
      ChatGPT FREE Plan Starts from $20/month Visit here
      Shopia AI FREE TRIAL Starts from $6/month Visit here

      Top 7 Free AI Writing Assistants / Generators

      As we already mentioned, we have reviewed a hand full of tools in this category, and each AI tool has its own set of uniqueness. 

      So the theme of this blog is to present those free crinkly, winky AI tools to you; the very best AI writers, which come for free. So buckle up and keep reading for more details!

      #1 AutoRytr

      So, our first pick for free AI writers, it’s an affordable and efficient AI writer: AutoRytr. 

      Seriously, it’s one of the best AI writing assistants out there. You won’t believe it, but this thing can whip up long-form articles in under 1 minute! 

      There are other one-click long-form generators, but AutoRytr has this incredible uniqueness. It stays on the topic and churns out totally plagiarism-free articles. That’s what sets AutoRytr apart, and that’s why we love it!

      Other Features

      Here are some of the other features of Autorytr, which you can also use during your free trial.

      • Email Generator
      • Caption Generator
      • Title Generator
      • Blog Intro Generator
      • Blog Idea Generator
      • Blog Outline Generator
      • Poetry Writing and Prompts AI Generator
      • Audio/Video Transcribe
      • YouTube Video Script Outline Generator

      Pricing and free plan

      Its pricing starts from $14 monthly; however, users have FREE TRIAL, where you can get 5000 words to play around with.

      $ 14
      • This Include:
      • 40K Words Included
      • Notes and Text Editor
      • Access to templates
      • 50+ content types
      • Active customer support
      $ 149
      • This Include:
      • 40K Words Included
      • Notes and Text Editor
      • Access to templates
      • 50+ content types
      • Active customer support
      One Time
      $ 299
      • This Include:
      • 40K Words Included / Month/ Lifetime
      • Notes and Text Editor
      • Access to templates
      • All new features for life
      • Can request more content
      • Active customer support

      Pros and Cons


      Now, moving on to our second “free” top-notch recommendation, let’s talk about BrainPod AI – a cutting-edge AI platform set to revolutionize how you create content. 

      This incredible AI assistant is a true game-changer when it comes to generating written content with ease and precision.

      BrainPod AI boasts remarkable versatility and efficiency, making it an invaluable tool for anyone seeking a seamless writing experience. 

      Not only is it affordable and with a free plan, but its performance is also unmatched. Prepare to be blown away as BrainPod AI effortlessly crafts compelling long-form articles in record time.


      Here are some of the features we found are worth it!

      • Image Generator & Editor
      • 1-click Article Generator
      • Explain It To a Child
      • Google My Business – Event Post
      • Review Responder
      • Text-To-Speech

      Pricing and free plan

      Its pricing starts from $25 per month annually; however, users can use their FREE PLAN, where you can get Workflows, 1 Click Articles, Chrome extension, Built-in SEO Mode, and more to play around with.

      • Workflows
      • 1 Click Articles
      • Chrome Extension
      • Built-In SEO Mode
      • Bulk Article Generator
      • Control Input & Output
      • Unrestricted Content Creation
      • Custom Writing Templates
      • DFY Writing Templates
      • Al WordPress Poster
      • Team roles and permissions


      $ 25 Per Month & Billead Yearly
      • Credit Token 17,500 (Monthly)
      • SEO Search Credit 4 (Monthly)
      • Reclaim Tokens 4
      • All in free plan plus Core Features
      • Multi Language
      • Copyscape Integration
      • Translate Language

      Pros and Cons


      #3 GoZen.Io

      GoZen boasts an excellent user-friendly interface that provides an effective overview of its services, including Recent Projects and Analytics. 

      Additionally, the word counts feature helps users track word usage and remaining count, while the Image Count feature allows users to monitor pending image generation, and additional credits can be obtained by clicking “Get more credits”.

      And of course, GoZen can generate quality AI content for you, even for free.


      Here are some of the GoZen features we found are excellent, all of them available on their free plan as well!

      • Workspaces
      • Blog Wizard (Blog post generator)
      • Keyword Ideas
      • Landing Page
      • Summarizer
      • Image generator

      Pricing and free plan

      Its pricing starts from $9 Monthly; however, users can use FREE PLAN, where you can get a 2000 Word count, 10 AI Images, 1 Blog Wizard, 75+ templates, and more for free.

      Pricing same for all the tools!





      $ 9
      • Per Month
      $ 69
      • Per Month
      $ 139
      • Per Month
      $ 230
      • Per Month

      Pros & Cons


      #4 GhostWrite AI

      Check out our fourth pick for a super cool free AI writing assistant: GhostWrite AI! Specifically, this free-to-use tool is an Email assistant.

      It’s like having your own email writing wizard at your fingertips, making email drafting a total breeze.

      Here’s the deal – you just pop in the mail theme or subject, and bam! GhostWrite AI goes to work like a pro. In a split second, you get a complete email draft that’s ready to go. No more staring at a blank screen, or thinking what to reply. This thing has got your back, while making emails fun!

      The best part? GhostWrite AI is totally user-friendly. You don’t need to be some tech genius to use it. It’s designed for everyone, so you can still rock it even if you’re not tech-savvy.

      And, it is has a free plan to use.

      Additionally, it is tailored to you. It learns your writing style and makes the emails sound like they’re straight from you. It’s like magic!


      Here are some of the features of this AI email assistant that we found are excellent!

      • Default response emails
      • Al generated replied
      • Automatic subject generation
      • Multiple email suggestions
      • Self-improving Al
      • Match style and tone
      • Smart reply
      • Al email templates
      • Integration with calendars

      Pricing and free plan

      Its pricing starts from just $4 Monthly; however, users can use a FREE PLAN, where you can get 15 Emails per month and unlimited AI-generated subject line.

      $ 0 Monthly
      • 15 GhostWrite emails / month
      • AI generated subject lines
      $ 4 Monthly
      • ∞ Unlimited AI emails / month
      • Self-improving AI emails
      • Smart reply
      • AI Email Templates
      • Tone, length, and style
      • Integration with Calendar

      Pros & Cons


      #5 Marmof AI

      Alright, let’s talk about Marmof AI – another amazing AI-powered content generator, with a free plan for anyone to use! 

      Marmof is a brilliant assistant that crafts content effortlessly for websites, blogs, and all sorts of digital media. It’s a breeze to use, and you won’t believe how swiftly it generates content – and plagiarism-free content as well, mind you!

      When it comes to instant long-form article generation, Marmof AI is a true gem and among the best out there. It’s the cheerful cherry on top of our list, making it the 5th free AI writer pick for a reason. 

      With Marmof by your side, you can create content faster than ever before, and it’s all powered by the magic of AI. Say goodbye to hours of finishing a piece of content, and welcome Marmof AI into your writing arsenal… with no credit or debit card required!

      Other Features

      Here are some of the other features we found to be excellent, other than the AI article writer.

      • Keyword Generator
      • Freestyle
      • Email
      • Interview Questions
      • Automated Summarization
      • Image Generator

      Pricing and free plan

      Its pricing starts from $37 Monthly; however, users can leverage its FREE PLAN, where you get 5000 words per month, Unlimited documents, and 50+ AI use cases, so you can produce quite a decent amount of content for free.

      $ 0 /month
      • 5,000 words per month
      • Unlimited documents
      • 50+ AI Use Cases
      • 25+ Languages
      • 20+ Voice Tones
      • Blog Post Wizard tool
      • Paraphrasing Tool
      • Writing Long Content
      • Auto-Save
      $ 37 /month
      • Unlimited documents
      • 50+ AI Use Cases
      • 25+ Languages
      • 20+ Voice Tones
      • Blog Post Wizard tool
      • Paraphrasing Tool
      • Writing Long Content
      • Auto-Save
      • Priority email support

      Pros & Cons


      #6 ChatGPT

      Introducing our impressive 6th pick, ChatGPT AI writing assistant! Yes, everyone knows about it, but that does not change the fact that our beloved ChatGPT is able to provide some quality content. And on top of that, for free.

      It is versatile and efficient and excels in various writing scenarios, making it a valuable tool for bloggers, marketers, and social media enthusiasts alike as well.

      For instance, did you try to tell to ChatGPT to write you an article? Just provide him the topic, and you will be surprised by the quality.

      Use it to craft engaging blog posts, discover trending hashtags and create engaging social media captions effortlessly. Need help with emails, product descriptions, or creative writing? ChatGPT has you covered there too!

      With its adaptability to different writing styles and answers to nearly any type of prompt, it’s the ultimate AI writing assistant you’ve been searching for. 

      ChatGPT can easily handle your writing scenario, and the amazing statistics of ChatGPT out there remind us that if a tool is getting so popular, there is a good reason.


      Here are some of the features worth a mention, which you can ask ChatGPT to perform.

      • Blog Post Creation
      • Hashtag Generation
      • Captivating Captions
      • Any Language
      • Personalization

      Pricing and free plan

      Its pricing starts from $20 Monthly; however, users can use FREE PLAN, where access is available when demand is low, Standard response speed, and Regular model updates.

      $ 0 /month
      • Available when demand is low
      • Standard response speed
      • Regular model updates
      ChatGPT Plus
      $ 20 /month
      • Available even when demand is high
      • Faster response speed
      • Priority access to new features

      Pros & Cons


      #7 Shopia AI

      So, coming in as our 7th pick is Shopia AI! If you’re looking for a top-notch AI writing assistant that’s both versatile and user-friendly,Shopia AI is an absolute must-try in the world of AI writing.

      Not only is efficient and affordable, but it also boasts an impressive range of capabilities. Especially, Shopia is able of generating plagiarism-free and researched long-form articles in a flash! Yes, you heard it right – Shopia AI can whip up high-quality blog content quickly…and of course, by offering a free plan as well.

      Other Features

      Other than the excellent AI article generator, Shopia offers a set of remarkable AI writing tools and features. 

      • Product Reviews
      • Article Rewriter
      • Suggest a Template
      • Cluster
      • Language Support

      Pricing and free plan

      Shopia’s pricing starts from $6 Per Month; however, users can use a FREE Trial; with it, you will still get access to 80+ AI writers, Email support, Unlimited workspaces, and so on. The free trial is available with no need of providing your credit card details.

      $6 Per Month
      • Access to all AI templates, content planner & our SEO article writer.
      • For 20K Words
      • 5 SEO Reports
      • 0 Topic Clusters
      • 20 Image Credits
      • 1 User
      • ____________________________
      • Includes :
      • 80+ AI Writers
      • Write & Translate 30+ Languages
      • Email Support
      • Unlimited workspaces
      $13 Per Month
      • For small business – Work in teams & organise client’s content
      • For 50K Words
      • 20 SEO Reports
      • 10 Topic Clusters
      • 20 Image Credits
      • 5 User
      • ____________________________
      • Includes :
      • All standard features
      • Bulk generator
      • One-click articles
      • 5000+ Integrations
      • API access
      • Priority support (email & live-chat)
      • Create custom AI templates

      PROS & CONS


      How Can AI Writing Tools Help Us?

      AI writing assistants are more than just tools that help you write faster and better. They serve as your creative partners, collaborators, mentors, and even friends.

      These assistants can assist you with various tasks, from crafting a catchy headline to editing and proofreading your text.

      But why do you need an AI writing assistant in 2023? Let me give you some compelling reasons:

      1. The world is evolving rapidly, and so is communication. To keep up with the latest trends, styles, and writing formats, you need an AI writing assistant to help you adapt to your audience’s changing needs and expectations.
      2. In a fiercely competitive landscape, standing out from the crowd is crucial. While some argue that many AI writers have a similar writing style, the truth is that quality AI writing assistants can aid you in generating unique and creative ideas that captivate the attention and interest of your readers, making your content shine. 
      3. The workload can be overwhelming, and saving time and energy is essential. An AI writing assistant can expedite your writing process, automating tedious and repetitive tasks such as spelling, grammar, punctuation, formatting, and more without compromising on accuracy, clarity, or consistency.

      Now, let’s explore how an AI writing assistant can optimize your work, depending on what your purpose is.

      #1 Blog Post Writing:

      • Generate catchy titles to attract more clicks and views.
      • Create engaging introductions that hook your readers and encourage further reading.
      • Structure your content with clear and logical paragraphs to effectively convey your message.
      • Add relevant keywords to boost your SEO ranking and visibility.
      • Provide summaries and compelling calls to action at the end of your post.

      #2 Story Writing:

      • Generate plot outlines that guide your storytelling process.
      • Craft realistic and relatable characters that emotionally connect with your readers.
      • Write vivid and descriptive scenes that immerse your readers in your story world.
      • Create authentic dialogue to reveal your characters’ personalities and motivations.
      • Deliver a satisfying ending that leaves a lasting impression on your readers.

      #3 Slogan Writing:

      • Generate catchy phrases that capture the essence of your brand or product.
      • Utilize rhyme, alliteration, or wordplay to create memorable slogans.
      • Appeal to emotions or incorporate humor to resonate with your target audience.
      • Use simple and clear language for easy understanding and recall.

      As evident, an AI writing assistant can significantly enhance your creativity, productivity, and overall quality. Additionally, it can make the writing process more enjoyable for you.

      However, AI requires computing power to work and it is a costly technology. As a result, most AI writers on the market charge users a monthly fee or usage-based fee to use their AI services.

      While this may limit the volume of people who can have regular access to AI writing assistants, the good news is there are also several websites offering a free plan or free trial.

      By leveraging free access, anyone can benefit from the numerous benefits provided by AI writing tools. In this article, we shared with you a list of the best AI writing softwares that offer either a free plan or a free trial without credit card details.


      Is there a 100% free AI writing tool?

      There are no 100% free AI writing tools because AI requires a lot of computing power to function and, as a result, it is a costly technology. However, there are a few Free AI writing tools available out there, meaning tools that provide a free plan as well. Some of the best, are:

      Since these tools are having free plans with some limitations, you can check their respective reviews for more details. 

      How many AI writing websites offer a free trial?

      According to our research, most AI writing tools don’t offer free trials. However, you will still find many that do. In this article, we created a list of the best AI article writing generators which are accessible for free.

      Do I need to provide my credit card details to start a free trial?

      Whether you’ll need to give your credit card details for a free trial varies from company to company and the specific tool you’ve chosen. Some may require it, while others won’t. Keep in mind that this can change over time, so there’s no one-size-fits-all answer. Always check the terms before signing up.

      Free vs Paid plans

      Sure, free is great, but sometimes it comes with a “cost”. Let’s see the pros and cons of using an AI writer for free, versus actually paying for it.

      FeaturesFree PlansPaid Plans
      BenefitsHandy for budding freelancers and digital marketers, requiring no investmentUnlock advanced features and tools for professionals
      CostZero cost, perfect for budget-conscious individualsMonthly or annual subscription fees apply
      FeaturesLimited features, but still useful for basic needsComprehensive features and customization options
      Content QualityDecent quality, suitable for simple projectsHigh-quality tools to elevate content creation
      User SupportBasic customer support servicesPriority support and assistance for paid users
      SuitabilityIdeal for beginners or small-scale projectsEssential for professionals and content experts
      Usage ScopeLimited usage for casual useExpansive options for extensive content management

      In a nutshell, opting for a free plan is perfect for those just starting or trying out a tool. It offers a no-cost entry point, making it accessible to budding freelancers and digital marketers looking to gain experience without financial commitments.

      However, if you’re a seasoned pro seeking top-notch features and advanced capabilities to take your content writing game to the next level, investing in a paid plan is the way to go. The enhanced tools, support, and content quality will undoubtedly add value to your work. So, choose the option that suits your needs and level of expertise to make the most of these valuable tools!

      What are the best free AI writing tool of 2023?

      In current trends, we find these tools are the top 3 best free AI writing tools in 2023,

      1. AutoRytr
      2. BrainPod
      3. Marmof

      These are our top picks.

      Now that we’ve explored the top 7 free AI writing assistants/generators and understood their importance, let’s wrap up this blog post with a thought-provoking question! 

      Besides the reasons mentioned earlier, why do you believe AI assistants are crucial, and how do they revolutionize your daily work routine?

      Also, do you think that the paid plans for AI writing assistants on the market are too much? What do you think would a fair price be?

      And with that, let us conclude this post. But stay tuned for more exciting blog posts in the future. Until then, stay safe🫡 and peace out!✌️

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