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VidIQ In-Depth Review – Everything You Need To Know!

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    When approaching a new reality, the ideal would be to do it with tools that allow us to control the situation in the best possible way. This can give us a considerable advantage over the competition while saving us valuable time.

    And if you have decided to sit at the YouTube content creators table, you can’t do without the help of tools like VidIQ, as these are indispensable if you want to do a great job on the tube!

    This article will explore what VidIQ is, analyze its functions, and all the advantages that can be derived from its use. We will check if the quality/price ratio is affordable. Finally, we will also include the reviews and opinions of those who have already used it to understand this tool fully. Find out more information now on the official VidIQ website.

    Table of Contents
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      What is VidIQ?

      A snapshot of VidIQ homepage.

      VidIQ is a tool that allows you better to manage your YouTube channel under its main aspects.

      It is a browser extension that will help you control all the variables that allow a video creator to be successful through a channel and consequently make money from his digital efforts.

      All factors will be carefully analyzed, starting from the channel’s name up to the optimization of publication times. You will not have to open another window, but you will find all the VidIQ tools at your disposal directly when you open your YouTube channel.

      Both Chrome and Firefox support VidIQ. As for Chrome, just go to the web store and add it to your extensions, while for Firefox, you can download it from the section dedicated to Add-Ons. The important thing is that it will not affect the functioning of your device in any way or slow it down.

      As far as prices are concerned, this extension proves to be very competitive: in fact, four price ranges are available, the first of which is free while, as for all services, the more the amount increases, the more the tools made available the software developers increase. It must be admitted that the price/tools ratio available is excellent indeed.

      VidIQ review & Tutorial

      Let’s now analyze the functions of VidIQ and the services it offers to allow you to reach the maximum performance of your YouTube channel.

      VidIQ is a tool that allows you to analyze every single factor of your production. In this way, it will be easy for you to identify where to turn your attention; you will understand how to increase the number of views and achieve monetization as soon as possible, and then increase your earnings.

      Immediately after logging in, you will see that the chosen interface is intuitive, and the light colors do not tire the eyes. It will be apparent to you how to move between the various functions in no time, and you can start working right away.

      Using the VidIQ extension, all the video factors will be taken into consideration, both in the creation phase (choice of title, insertion of the description) and for the post-analysis (views, likes, subscribers). All the other elements, i.e., those relating to monetization and earnings, will also be kept under constant monitoring.

      In addition to this, you will have the possibility to insert the proper tags to create content that is always of high interest to your audience. You will also be able to plan the publication of your videos: VidIQ will analyze the days and times in which you have obtained the highest values ​​in terms of visuals and schematize your future efforts based on the results.

      All interactions with your videos will be recorded and cataloged. In a single screen and a few minutes, you will have under control all the traffic related to your production. Again, in terms of control, a smartphone app is available that will allow you to check your channel even when you are out of the office.

      But perhaps, the real strength of VidIQ is the speed and reliability of the SEO tools: in addition to the various TAGs, you will constantly be updated on the search trends by YouTube users. Creating content for which there are actual searches is very important because it will first bring you many views and consequently more subscribers, facilitating the climb to fame and success on this social media.

      And beyond that, you can also analyze competitor videos, check which tags are used, shares received, and tag placement, all in less than the blink of an eye.

      Furthermore, the analysis of the values ​​related to videos, both SEO and technical data, will be very useful. In this way, you will understand where to direct your attention and which issues to push.

      It must be said that these values are calculated quickly and contained in a single screen, making you earn a lot as regards the time to search for information.

      But those listed above are just some of the features offered by VidIQ. And know that if you choose to use VidIQ Pro or the even more advanced versions, the application opportunities will increase exponentially. On the net, you will find several VidIQ tutorials in which many other details are reported. Still, I suggest you follow the official channel, which shows different ways to make the most of the VidIQ vision.

      VidIQ Pricing Plan

      In this paragraph, instead, we will analyze the prices to access the different tariff plans that will allow you to use this tool. We will also see how to decide which is best for your needs.

      As always, it is good to highlight two factors: the first is the awareness that the services offered by the premium version will be many more than the free mode. In contrast, the second is that one must not interpret the payment of a figure as a scam or a scam but as the right amount to pay if you want to obtain greater efficiency and effectiveness from a service.

      And obviously, these factors also apply to VidiQ.


      $ 7
      • Get More Analytics and Research Keywords


      $ 39 Monthly
      • Increase Views on NEW Videos*


      $ 79 Monthly
      • Group coaching

      There are three paid plans of VidiQ:

      • VidIq PRO: just over $7.99 per month, and you can start using this extension. You will have the analysis of your videos, the comparison with the data of your past videos and the study of the views as well as the search for the most profitable publication times;
      • VidIq BOOST: less than $39 every thirty days, everything that is included in the VidIq pro range, plus all the functions related to SEO analysis become available, and also the analysis of your videos will be complete. You will also have the possibility to check the shares received and the positioning of the video tags of other competitors. This is the version that is used the most and the one recommended by the platform itself. It has the best quality/price ratio;
      • VidIq MAX: version for enthusiastic users costs about $79 per month, but which guarantees you all the functions of VidIq pro and VidIq BOOST. More importantly, you will be entitled to personalize and live assistance. You will also be provided with advice and techniques designed specifically for your channel and your type of content. The figure is a bit high, but you will not have problems monetizing in a short time with this model.

      In addition, a free version of VidIq is also available that will allow you to test its first functions and accept that it meets your needs without spending a single penny, try it now!

      Positive & Negative

      VidiQ Users Review

      But to get a complete picture of VidiQ, we cannot fail to give space also to all those who have tried this browser extension. So let’s see some opinions and reviews on VidiQ

      VidIQ vs Tubebuddy

      Now let’s take some space to compare VidIQ with its direct competitor. Obviously, I’m talking about TubeBuddy, which is a  browser extension just like VidIQ.

      A snapshot of Tubebuddy homepage.

      The first thing to say is that both extensions are of high quality and great tools to grow your YouTube channel. But, do VidIQ and TubeBuddy have any differences?

      As mentioned at the beginning of this article, VidIQ needs Chrome or Firefox to work, and you can find it in the list of available extensions. In contrast, TubeBuddy does not require a particular browser to use it, and you just need to access the official website. Both, once in operation, are always present in the bar at the top right of the screen and will accompany you in your analyzes.

      Both give the possibility to keep under control all the variables related to your videos, facilitating even the more minor fun issues, such as optimization of descriptions and title, for example.

      Even the search for TAGs and keywords and everything related to SEO tools are available both on TubeBuddy and on VidIQ vision, which for the growth and development of a channel, I must say, are tools that cannot be given up.

      TubeBuddy had the exclusive advantage of allowing you to analyze the production of other creators (shares, visuals, likes, etc.). Still, for some time also VidIQ has aligned itself in this sense, introducing competition analysis tools.

      Regarding the price, they are similar for the central bands, and both provide a free version to start getting familiar with the extensions. Still, only VidIQ allows a mode, although not accessible to everyone’s pockets, which provides you with personalized and live assistance for the growth of your channel.

      VidIQ Overall Rating

      Good 80%
      Great 92%
      Free 100%


      Is VidIQ safe?

      Yes, VidIQ is absolutely safe.

      Is VidIQ Legit?

      VidIQ is a legitimate tool. It offers real-time YouTube analytics and data on keyword volume, trending videos, competitors’ VPH, tag suggestions, and much more.

      Is VidIQ Accurate?

      No keyword research tool, after all, is 100 percent accurate! Regardless of how pricey your keyword research tool is, Google retains ownership of the original data.

      Should you pay for VidIQ?

      Initially, try with free version to understand the features more. If your requirements get satisfied with the free version, go for it. 

      Our Verdit

      You now have a better understanding of vidIQ. It is completely free to sign up for the service. That should provide you with sufficient information to assess whether the product is appropriate for your company. If you like what you see, you can upgrade to a more expensive level of service.

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