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Copymatic vs Writesonic – The Battle of the Copywriting Tool! Who Wins?

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    The market for AI content-generation tools is booming, presenting a challenge when selecting the ideal one without firsthand experience. 

    And where competition is fierce, Copymatic and Writesonic stand out as prominent contenders due to their massive popularity.

    So, which one is better among these two heavyweights?

    We’re here to offer insights into which tool suits your needs best based on our own findings.

    We’ll delve into overviews, features, distinctions, and parallels between Copymatic and Writesonic. 

    Before we begin the comparison, it’s essential to understand the overview of what these tools are.

    If you’re new to them, these sections will assist you in quickly comprehending their core offering and features. Let’s get started.


    Table of Contents
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      Insight - Copymatic

      Copymatic AI is a content generator that leverages OpenAI’s GPT (a Natural Language Generating model) for its content generation, empowered by Copymatic’s personal AI models.

      You can whip up compelling text and accurate articles in no time using Copymatic.

      The blog entries it offers are also geared toward search engines, so you can use them to fulfill your SEO content requirements.

      Insight - Writesonic

      Writesonic is an AI Writing Assistant founded by Samanyou Garg in 2020, and headquartered in San Francisco, USA.

      It empowers users to generate content swiftly for articles, blogs, ads, social media, and more. 

      Writesonic also relies on GPT’s latest language prediction model, plus their own algorithms.

      Feature Contrast: Copymatic vs. Writesonic (with Final Verdict)

      Let’s compare the features of Copymatic and Writesonic. If you’d like to examine the features of each tool separately, you can also findnour detailed reviews for Copymatic and Writesonic.

      In this article, we will compare the main features of the two tools, and then also offer a final verdict.

      However, if you are into a quick evaluation, then check out our comparison table! Click here to scroll down to it.

      #1 Long-Form Article

      Both Writesonic and Copymatic have the ability to produce lengthy pieces of content.

      However, Writesonic gains an edge in this aspect due to its incorporation of Article Writer 5.0. This version allows for the generation of up to 3000 words (or more) at once using uncomplicated inputs.

      While Copymatic can generate content effectively, it faces a challenge in maintaining a consistent tone across an entire article when crafting longer articles.

      However, in terms of SEO performance, we believe that Copymatic outperforms Writesonic, due to its higher focus on keyword weight.

      We also tested articles about the same topic for a number of factors.

      Check the Carousel below for the Readability and SEO checks we have made with the articles generated via both tools.

      As you see, when it comes to human readability, the content generated by Writesonic achieves a higher score than that produced by Copymatic.

      Moreover, Writesonic excels in structuring and organizing the formatting of long-form content, presenting it coherently and with a step-by-step structure.


      Our Pick Writesonic

      If you’re searching for a tool to create generic and engaging articles or blog posts, with an eye on keyword weight, Copymatic is an ideal choice. On the other hand, if you require both generic and topic-specific content with a substantial amount of factual information, then Writesonic is a perfect match. Well, our pick is Writesonic for long-form articles!

      #2 Short-form Templates

      Every AI writing tool offers a range of features beyond long-form generation, known as short-form templates.

      These may include paragraph rewriters, bullet point generators, and more. When it comes to short-form templates, both Copymatic and Writesonic stand out as market leaders, consistently producing high-standard output.

      In Copymatic, there are 82 templates available for users to explore, including long-form templates. In contrast, Writesonic boasts 93 templates.

      So, both tools excel in terms of template variety.

      However, Writesonic gains an edge in a specific area: the inclusion of Botsonic, a real-time chatbot feature.

      While many AI writing tools now offer image generation capabilities, the Chatbot feature sets Writesonic apart with its unique and innovative nature, giving it a competitive advantage.

      Especially, we love the fact that, if you desire, Chatsonic will browse the web for the latest information about your query before providing you with an answer.

      This makes it even better than Chat GPT which, in case you didn’t know, does not scrape fresh information from the web and, on the contrary, it uses information up to 2022.


      Our Pick Writesonic

      If you don’t require the chatbot feature, both Copymatic and Writesonic are essentially the same, allowing you to select the tool that suits your preferences, while churning out quality outputs. In our case, we still lean towards Writesonic, given that we are also having access to a powerful chatbot.

      #3 AI Technology

      In today’s age, the name ChatGPT has captured the attention of many. The realm of AI encompasses various versions and technologies, continually enhancing its capabilities through diverse advancements.

      Both Copymatic and Writesonic leverage the power of GPT-3 (and GPT-3.5) technology for their content generation processes. GPT-3 represents one of the latest AI advancements, responsible for generating human-friendly content.

      However, while we expect Copymatic to do the same soon, at this moment only Writesonic allows its users to leverage GPT-4 technology for content creation.

      While this comes at an extra cost, it is an extra that gives you the possibility to, eventually, further enhance content creation accuracy.


      Our Pick Writesonic

      If you’re seeking a tool for handling smaller tasks while maintaining a satisfactory output, Copymatic presents itself as an option. On the other hand, if you’re inclined towards a more advanced approach, Writesonic is a prime choice, especially with its recent upgrade offering GPT 3.5 and 4 to enhance performance. Again our pick is Writesonic!

      And hey! Before we think we hate Copymatic, hold on. Copymatic is soon to win some big round against Writesonic 🙂

      #4 WordPress Plugin

      Given that WordPress is a highly versatile CMS platform utilized by nearly 90% of users due to its user-friendliness and drag-and-drop approach, this feature-comparison is worthy of interest.

      When an AI writing tool integrates seamlessly with WordPress, it gains an extra point in terms of usability.

      In this regard, both Copymatic and Writesonic feature a WordPress plugin.

      Consequently, apart from this integration, there is no distinctive factor that sets one tool apart from the other, as they work in a very similar way, rendering both tools equally recommendable.


      Our Pick both Writesonic and Copymatic

      If you aim to seamlessly transfer all your generated content to WordPress – or generate on Wordpress directly – both Copymatic and Writesonic provide the same functionality.

      #5 Chrome extension

      In parallel to the WordPress plugin, both Copymatic and Writesonic provide users with the convenience of a Chrome extension, streamlining the content creation process.

      With Copymatic’s Chrome extension, you retain nearly full control, much akin to utilizing the standalone tool.

      On the contrary, when it comes to Writesonic, their extension primarily serves to establish a connection with Chatsonic, a feature reminiscent of ChatGPT.

      Nonetheless, a notable distinction arises in terms of functionality. While ChatGPT’s capabilities remain confined to developments up until 2022, Chatsonic maintains its full range of features, supported by internet connectivity.

      This facet imbues Writesonic’s offering with an edge, allowing users to harness the benefits of real-time, internet-enabled content generation.

      Ultimately, the availability of these Chrome extensions aligns with the broader trend of enhancing user experience by integrating AI-powered tools with existing platforms and workflows… and, who doesn’t use Chrome?


      Our Pick Copymatic

      When considering usage, Copymatic gains an advantage, given that Writesonic solely offers access to Chatsonic without additional features or capabilities in comparison.

      #6 Language Support

      Currently, Copymatic boasts a broad language spectrum, spanning 28 languages, which includes popular options such as English (US and UK), Spanish, French, Greek, Chinese, Japanese, and Hindi, among others.

      In comparison, Writesonic’s language offering is slightly more limited, comprising content generation in 24 languages. Notably, Hindi is absent from its lineup. 

      Writesonic supports languages like English, French, German, Chinese, Greek, and several other prominent languages, albeit not as extensive as Copymatic’s range, it surely covers the needs of most users.


      Our Pick Copymatic

      If your focus is solely on English, then both tools are ideal choices. However, if you expand your target beyond English – and you are interested in Hindi, for instance – Copymatic holds the upper hand. 

      #7 Free Trial

      Both tools offer free trials without the need for credit card details.

      With Copymatic, you gain access to all its features, including 10 monthly credits, equivalent to a 1000-word blog post.

      Conversely, Writesonic provides a 10,000-word monthly allowance, encompassing all tools, including Chatsonic and Botsonic.


      Our Pick Both

      Considering neither tool requires card details, it’s certainly recommended to give both a try to explore their features and advantages fully.

      Comparison Table

      Features Copymatic Writesonic
      Pricing Starts at $29 Per Month Starts at $16 Per Month
      Tools and Templates 82+ 93+
      Customer Support Yes Yes
      Language Support 28 24
      Chrome Extension Yes Yes
      User Interface Friendly Friendly
      Long form Posts Yes Yes
      Short Form Posts Yes Yes
      Plagiarism Checker Yes Yes
      Integration Yes Yes
      Image Generators Yes Yes
      Team Collaboaration No Yes
      Lifetime Deal No No

      Why are AI Writing Assistants Required?

      AI writing assistants have become indispensable tools for individuals, professionals, and businesses alike.

      The demand for fast and quality content creation has never been higher, and AI writing assistants address this need in several ways:

      1. Enhanced Productivity: AI writing assistants suggest relevant vocabulary, sentence structures, and even entire paragraphs… or they churn a full blog-post in seconds. These features significantly reduce the time and effort required to compose quality content.
      2. Grammar and Style Correction: Writing assistants utilize advanced algorithms to detect and correct grammar and style errors. This ensures that the final output is polished, professional, and free from embarrassing mistakes.
      3. Content Consistency: Maintaining consistent language and tone across various documents or platforms can be challenging. AI assistants help in maintaining uniformity, reinforcing a brand’s identity. Especially, when using top-tier AI writers.
      4. Idea Generation: Writer’s block is a common obstacle that many face. AI writing assistants offer creative prompts and suggestions to stimulate fresh ideas, overcoming the creative impasse!
      5. Language Enhancement: For non-native English speakers, AI writing assistants offer real-time language support, aiding in constructing accurate and coherent sentences. Similarly, if you don’t speak a specific language, you can count on AI writers to generate grammar-perfect content for that same language..

      In essence, AI writing assistants fill the gap between the increasing demand for well-crafted content and the limitations of time and writing expertise. 

      This makes them a crucial asset in today’s communication-driven world for businesses, marketers and more!

      A comparison of PRICING

      Here is the detailed pricing plan of both tools!

      Writesonic Pricing

      Free Trial
      Give Writesonic a try for free
      $ 0 month
      • Try out all features to determine what works best for you
      • 10,000 words/month - 1 User
      For businesses and agencies
      $ 12
      • Upto 15 Users and pricing differs accordingly!
      • Both GPT 3.5 and GPT 4.0 Version available according to the version pricing differs
      • 200,000 - 1 User upt0 12,000,000 - 15 Users
      For large businesses and enterprises
      • Get custom packages, SSO, custom AI model development, onboarding, and support.
      • Starts at $1000/month.
      For individuals and small teams
      $ 16 month
      • Upto 10 Users and pricing differs accordingly!
      • UNLIMITED - 1 User

      Copymatic Pricing


      $ 29 Billed Monthly
      • 1 user seat
      • Unlimited words
      • Unlimited chat access
      • Access to all tools
      • Unlimited projects
      • 25+ languages
      • Plagiarism checker


      $ 99 Billed Monthly
      • 25 user seats
      • Unlimited words
      • Unlimited chat access
      • Access to all tools
      • Unlimited projects
      • 25+ languages
      • Plagiarism checker


      $ 49 Billed Monthly
      • 5 user seats
      • Unlimited words
      • Unlimited chat access
      • Access to all tools
      • Unlimited projects
      • 25+ languages
      • Plagiarism checker

      Closing Note

      As we continually strive to provide insightful comparison articles about AI writing tools, we’ve already covered – after purchasing and testing them for you – over 30 AI writing tools… with more on the horizon!

      Our commitment to delivering comprehensive analyses led us to conduct an in-depth comparison of two specific tools: Copymatic and Writesonic. We carefully selected these tools because they cater to nearly 70% of our projects, given their remarkable efficiency and rapid content generation capabilities.

      And according to our market research, they are also among the most famous and utilized aruond the globe. Two heavyweights of AI writing for sure!

      Starting our comparison series with these two powerhouses was a no-brainer, as we use them daily on our projects. So, we hope that sharing our knowledge was helpful to you, and you may pick the best tool for you based on your needs.

      If you’re curious about similar comparative analyses for other tools, don’t hesitate to drop your thoughts in the comments section! Your suggestions will guide our future explorations.

      Now, let’s address the question that’s likely on your mind: which tool do we prefer? Admittedly, it’s a challenging decision. However, factoring in cost-effectiveness, Writesonic emerges as our choice.

      The value it offers, particularly in terms of chatbot generation at this price point, is truly remarkable.

      But, we also have an active subscription with Copymatic – and we love it! – so, if you need fast, SEO-optimized content, Copymatic is a reliable tool.

      And off we go! Stay tuned for our upcoming blogs, where we delve into more exciting AI writing tools and their capabilities. Your support is what keeps us going. Stay safe 🫡 and peace out ✌️

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