The Inksprout Review: An Unbiased Look At Features


Nowadays, we can find AI tools for everything, and they are a daily asset for most Internet marketers or businesses. 

We can use it to make our work faster and easier, in many different ways. But what if you want something for social media posts and videos instant generation? What if is an AI assistant that will help you create your own Captions for all your Social media posts?

Well, Inksprout could be the answer. It allows you to create captions for any social media platform like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, etc. You don’t need to be an expert at writing captions. Give the content to this AI tool, and it will generate engaging text posts, or even videos.

But, it is also worth asking, what are the cons? Is it worth the pricing? And are the other tools which can be considered as an alternative?

Well, today, we are going to review Inksprout and its features; so without any further ado, let’s start reviewing!

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    What is Inksprout?

    Inksprout is an all-in-one platform where you can connect and manage your social media accounts, and you can also create a draft, schedule, and share the content on your profiles. 

    But most importantly, it can create many different captions for your social media post by simply feeding the URL to the application and selecting your desired type of content

    Additionally, it also provides an AI writing assistant, to further extend your posts in a glance and a quick AI video generation feature.

    Inksprout Demo

    Are you looking for a demo before reading all the features? Don’t worry, you can watch this demo video by one of our experts Toby! Of course, he is a tech guy (Remember he is a funny guy too! 😄) , and knows every nook and corner of all the trending tools. In just a few minutes, you will know every corner of Inksprout! 

    You can watch the video below, or keep scrolling to read our detailed review.

    How can Inksprout help website owners?

    It can be challenging and take a lot of time to consume large amounts of information at a rapid rate and process that content to extract useful information. 

    Inksprout is able to analyze large amounts of text in seconds and reduce it to its essentials for better understanding, and to generate a social media text post.

    The potential reader is provided with short yet relevant and intriguing information about the content of the page, and the webmaster or internet marketer, with a effortless caption or video generated from its website or blog post, which is ready to be shared on social media.

    In short, Inksprout allows website owners to create many social media posts based on their web pages in a matter of seconds, making social media management – usually a boring and time-consuming process – much easier.

    But let’s look deeper at the many features Inksprout has to offer, so you can better understand how it works and if it is a good fit for you.

    Features of Inksprout

    Let’s see the main features of Inksprout, which are bulleted below;

    • Social Media Link Sharing
    • Summary Composer
    • Prompts Generator
    • Multi-platform Integration
    • AI video generation

    Link-import for Custom Social Media Posts

    Sharing links of your business or website is an essential aspect of social media. Because of the immense popularity of social media, this is often referred to as a “free money” method for a business. 

    And if you share a social network post through Inksprout, this will also cut the time spent to generate captions to seconds, making it easier than ever.

    In addition, your caption has the potential to operate as a call to action, urging readers to click the link for more reading. 

    Developing captions that are intriguing and that will entice readers can be a challenging task. This strain is lightened thanks to Inksprout.

    How to? Simply copy and paste the link, then wait for it to retrieve some suggestions. After that, you can copy or edit it, and use it however you prefer.

    Another powerful feature – and that is why we call it a “custom” summary composer – is the ability to decide the type and tone of the generated content.

    In fact, Inksprout can generate up to 5 different captions or summaries at the same time, using different content templates based on user’s input.

    In fact, you can select between more than 40 different content inputs and templates for your blog post summary. You can see below a few of the available options.

    Custom summary Composer

    It is not always easy to condense all the vital information in a blog post or article into a single paragraph. Because it is unlikely that readers will follow the link, it is likely that they will not read the article or blog post that you have written. 

    This is now possible because of the availability of a tool, which gives a quick and engaging preview (summary) of the web page content.

    It began as an extension for the browser, but it has now developed into a full-fledged service (SaaS) model platform with its own web dashboard. 

    Prompts Generator

    The first few sentences are always the most challenging to write. And the most important, as you need to intrigue your readers. They are your first impression, like the first pages of a book. 

    You will be able to produce prompts with InkSprout, which you can then use to begin your next article, blog post, or other pieces of writing.

    But also, prompts are very effective when used as social media posts, since they intrigue the user and they also tell what the blog post or page will be about.

    When you paste in the link, you will see some prompts. If you are at a loss for ideas, the following suggestions can help you in a few clicks.

    Multi-platform Integration

    You can quickly produce summaries of excellent quality or prompts with Inksprout, which you can then post to various social networks, including Twitter, Linkedin, and Facebook.

    Inksprout integrates seamlessly with a wide variety of well-known social media networks, such as Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. And, more integrations will soon be available.

    This will make social media posts, from content writing to publishing, even faster.

    Video Creation Tool

    Unlike other tools, Inksprout has an option to generate a Social media videos. These videos can be used to promote the service or tool you provide. 

    For showing this feature, we have tried with our website link to generate the video content, and we are surprised with the output. 

    Here is the Screengrab and steps involved to obtain this feature. Plus, we have added the Video generated by Inksprout for you to see the result.

    How to start with Inksprout?

    The Inksprout homepage is straightforward to navigate, and the signup process is uncomplicated. And if you need to still have some doubt, you can quickly watch our demo video by Toby. 

    You can also evaluate the product’s effectiveness by signing up for a free trial account with Inksprout. 

    This gives you the opportunity to become familiar with the tool and the features it offers. If you intend to make regular use of the tool, you can later sign up for a paid subscription to the service.

    To get started with Inksprout, you will first need to visit the website’s homepage. 

    Simply clicking with the cursor over the “Start free” button will send you to the following stage.

    Here, register by providing details and a password. There is also the option to sign up with Linkedin, Facebook, or Google. Regardless of your chosen method, registering is a simple process.

    And you’re done! You will now be transported to the app’s interface. Simply copy the link to your article or blog post, and Inksprout will handle the rest of the process.

    Enabling the extension on Google Chrome will also allow you to use everything Inksprout has to offer. Installing the extension is as simple as going to Chrome’s website and selecting the “Add to Chrome” button from the drop-down menu. It won’t take more than a minute of your time, and then you’ll be set to go.

    The Chrome extension can be used without registering and functions without problems.  

    Inksprout is a wonderful tool that automates your process of creating quality social media posts off your website content.

    Pros and Cons

    Pricing Plan

    There are a few different pricing options available on Inksprout, catering to customers with different levels of purchasing power and frugality. 

    A free trial is also available, but the real excitement starts once you subscribe to the paid version.

    Inksprout makes its tool accessible to a wide audience by providing users with a selection of premium plans to choose from, starting from a very affordable rate.


    Everything you need to try out
    $ 0 Forever
    • Quota
    • 15 summaries & captions
    • 6 videos
    • 5 GB upload
    • Social
    • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
    • Unlimited Social Accounts
    • Drip Campaign
    • Integration
    • Chrome Extension
    • API/CSV Automation


    For professionals to grow brand
    $ 12
    $151 billed annually
    • Quota
    • 150 summaries & captions
    • 60 videos
    • 100 GB upload
    • Social
    • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
    • Unlimited Social Accounts
    • Drip Campaign
    • Integration
    • Chrome Extension
    • API/CSV Automation


    For experts with multiple brands
    $ 48
    $582 billed annually
    • Quota
    • 1000 summaries & captions
    • 400 videos
    • 1 TB upload
    • Social
    • Unlimited Scheduled Posts
    • Unlimited Social Accounts
    • Drip Campaign
    • Integration
    • Chrome Extension
    • API/CSV Automation
    • Free – $0 free forever!
    • Pro – $17.99 per Month (or $151 Annually)
    • Premium – $99 per Month (or $582 Annually)

    Users Review

    Let’s see the user’s review of Inksprout; TrustPilot is one of the most reputed third-party review sites which shows average ratings & reviews for various products.

    We have collected some user reviews here. Inksprout has a 4 rating out of 5, which proves how the tool is trustable, and we can make use of it. Let’s see the user review below.

    “I use Inksprout every time I share an article on social media because it helps me create a clear, concise caption. I love that I can go back and edit my caption anytime I want. Inksprout has also helped me with SEO. I used their AI to create a summary of my article and when I shared it on Twitter, the article got picked up by some influencers. It’s been a fantastic tool.”


    Why Should I use Inksprout?

    Inksprout is a platform that allows you to create your captions and videos in seconds to then share it on social media and improve your reach. You don’t have to be an expert in marketing.

    Who should use Inksprout?

    Inksprout is a great fit for webmasters and marketing agencies that handle their customers’ website and/or social media profiles. It also allows you to create and share your own customised, branded content.

    It’s generally designed to be used by anyone who wants to create unique and engaging content that can then be shared with others on social media Platform, in the shortest time possible. 

    Is Inksprout legit?

    Yes, Inksprout is legit and safe. We have been using this tool for past 5 months and trust us, it’s super handy and It’s perfectly trustable!

    Is Inksprout Free?

    Yes, Inksprout has a free forever plan, but you can upgrade to the paid version for $6.63 per month or $76 annually. The paid version includes more features.

    Our Verdict

    There’s more to captions than just pretty words. They have the potential to enhance engagement, the number of clicks, and potentially the number of sales. It is simple to make an investment in a tool that will automate the process of creating captions for your blog posts and, as a result, will generate more traffic and increase interaction.

    It is highly recommended that you include Inksprout in your collection of tools for social media marketing and SEO. It will give you high-quality content while relieving some of the pressure you are under, allowing you to focus on other matters instead.

    InkSprout Overall Rating

    Output quality
    Good, most of the times 83%
    Output accuracy
    Not always accurate 69%
    Generation speed
    Very fast (time-saver) 96%
    Free Plan 100%
    Responsive 90%

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