Last Updated: December 21, 2023

PepperType.Ai Review: Is It Worth To Buy?

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    Peppertype.Ai helps you ditch writer's block

    Are you looking for an unbiased review of Peppertype.Ai?

    Yes?  You are at the right place. 

    Writer’s block is real, and you can’t escape it. It happens to the best of us.

    Whether you are a blogger or a marketer, you need high-quality content daily. But you feel stuck and unproductive. Creating new content feels heavy. And the daily grind results in burnout. 

    But what if there is a tool that can help you ditch writer’s block? A tool that makes you even more productive and creative?

    SM90 reviewed many AI tools: Peppertype.AI is one of the best tools for writing high-quality content. We have tested this program for over 1 month across all its features and are now ready to spoil you with every Peppertype secret!

    The tool is trained in artificial intelligence and has some unique features. But is it worth the price? 

    This blog post is a complete Peppertype.Ai review. You will read in detail its features, pricing plans, pros, cons, and eventually, its alternatives, depending on your purpose.

    This tool is going to be your best friend for creating content effortlessly. Not only can you blog, but you can also generate captivating marketing ads or share content on social media in seconds.

    But to learn everything there is to know about this tool, both the good and the bad, read the rest of this article.

    Table of Contents
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      What is

      Pappertype.AI sign up dashboard

      It is an AI-powered copywriting tool that is simple and ideal for creating high-quality content. It has a free trial, which helps you understand the tool if you are totally new. But it has very user friendly interface.

      It draws on the expertise of copywriters and artificial intelligence to assist you in writing better content in less time.  It also allows you to create a library of your favorite copywriting styles, such as simple, clear, confident, and inspirational.

      The subject you choose shapes your writing style, which, in turn, defines your topic, resulting in content ready to use. Pepper.Ai helps you write content that is ready to use in minutes. 

      You can create captivating and convincing content independently; just pick a topic and begin writing. 

      But how does Peppertype.Ai write such targeted content?

      It is trained on 100k+ pieces of content, and its AI engine knows what would work best for your target demographics and niche. 

      It also used machine learning from the top Google results to provide reliable SEO-optimized content for better results. 

      Who can get benefit from

      An image which illustrate who can benefit from peppertype.Ai

      Anyone who works online and is searching for a content writing collaborator can benefit from Peppertype.Ai. No matter you are a freelancer,  digital marketer, entrepreneurs, or owns SMMA it helps you get your writing done.

      It has 40+ content types that  you can use in various industries. 

      Peppertype.Ai specifically helps you create; 

      • Social media captions.
      • Any blog outline.
      • Engaging ads copy.
      • Quora answers (for Quora marketing)
      • Content rewriting
      • Product reviews or reviews answers.
      • Content rewriting or expanding

      And many more use cases.

      The image shows some of Pappertype.AI content types that you can opt to write for your purpose.
      Papertype.AI has 40+ content tpyes, some of them are shown above.

      How to use the tool for content writing?

      Now, let’s get into action. As an example, let’s say you’re blog owner and you want to benefit from the help of Peppertype.

      Step 1 - Pick the Content-Type

      Let’s say you own a blog on a specific niche. Now you want to use the tool for maximizing organic sign-ups and scaling your SEO efforts. Topical authority and consistently uploading content is important if you want organic traffic.

      But, you do not have the time – nor the skills to write 100+ Blog Topics that are needed to get you rankings. So, you  selected the content type ‘Blog Ideas’ to assist you with writing.

      Step 1 to select content type. And in this image we select "Blog Idea"

      Step 2 - Enter your Product/Brand Name and description

      Step two to get blog ideas. The image shows that now you'll add your details for what you want to write about.

      You’re just few clicks away from getting a ton of relevant blog ideas. Give your project a name and a description. Let’s simply refer to it as our website’s domain name in this situation. Next add a clear, detailed description of your objective or brand.

      Remember that the results depends on how much clear, descriptive and detailed you’re when prompting.  Write as you are explaining it to a 5-year-old. It will maximize relevancy and efficiency of the outcome.

      Once you’re done, click on the ‘Create Blog Ideas’ button. The results will begin to populate in a few seconds, and they will be automatically sorted by length and quality (from best to good; there is no poor).

      Step 3 - Check, Edit, and Save Results

      Step three after getting the first draft from Pappertype.AI. This step is to edit, check and save results.

      The results were revealed. 16 different outputs in less than 20 seconds. Pretty fast!

      By clicking on the card, you can make changes to the results (if this is required).

      Each card has a save button on the left-hand side that you can use to save the copy you want. The copy results can also be edited by simply typing your changes into the text box that appears when you click into it.

      Step 4 - View Saved Copies

      Navigate to the saved tab and click on it to view and review the saved blog ideas generated by the tool.

      Step 5 - Create More or pick the following content type available

      If you want to explore more ideas, then navigate to the bottom of the result and click on Create more output.

      If not, you can choose from the available other content types to create more content related to your brand or topic.

      Create more copies for different content type with

      Features of Peppertype AI

      The features of any tool determine if it is appropriate for you or not. Check out some of the most essential features of peppertype and learn about the advantages.

      It has 40+ content type that you can opt for your specific objective. 

      Overall it can cover the following areas:

      • Social Content
      • Blog Content
      • Marketing & Ad Copy
      • SEO Content 
      • Reputation management

      Peppertype AI Alternatives

      If you are looking for an alternative, you will come across several well-known software, such as the following:

      As we all know, AI writing assistant are booming in the market. Each one of them has a unique feature which help the tool to stand out. 

      What makes Peppertype unique? 

      It is an AI writer  as better as any other good writing tool. But two features which are exclusive to Peppertype are;

      • Quora marketing
      • Writing assistant document
      If these two areas are part of your marketing strategy then peppertype is the best option for you. 

      How does Peppertype AI help in Quora marketing?

      Peppertype can be a powerhouse when it comes to Quora marketing. Among all the writing assistants we tried, Peppertype provided with the best, most relevant answers.

      And it is no wonder that their Quora answer use case is the most popular out of the 40+ features available, among Peppertype users.

      Peppertype.AI excels in Quora marketing and it's popular than other content type.

      Quora plays a viral role in internet marketing . Quora questions often rank on the first page of the Google and having an answer there promoting your business. It helps get some extra referral traffic.

      Not to mention the possibility to gain some brand mention or backlink.

      How Peppertype helps there? And how to get the best results?

      At some point, you ran out of answers for Quora questions. Or, you don’t want to spend your valuable time writing each answer yourself.

      With the help of Peppertype, you will be able to create relevant answers in seconds. And you will get ranking, quality content for both answers and questions. 

      All you need to do here is choose your project name and questions. If you have specific terms to be included in answers, include them in the advanced option. Select the tone of voice to generate the content. Voilà!

      Image demonstrate that how to create Quora answers in

      For Example, I have chosen our site name “Socialmarketing90,” and added the Question, “How Socialmarketing90 helps freelancers?” Plus, I added a few more keywords and tone of voice. Now check the results!

      Peppertype ai generated 5 Quora answers for ho

      See, within 20 seconds, it has generated 5 Quora answers for the input data. And honestly, despite using a question which surely nobody ever asked (and never will) and quite generic inputs the help the assistant, the answers are nice.

      If you want to implement Quora marketing in your business strategies – or you want to scale the results and volume of answers – then Peppertype is something you have to try.

      Peppertype AI Pricing Plan

      First of all, good news for you. Peppertype AI has a free version (with a 10000-word limit), so before you buy the AI, you can check and explore its works. Aside, there are many ways to increase and boost your limit by completing a few tasks mentioned in the Reward section.

      Image demonstrate that if you complete the tasks you will get reward of 2500 words in

      You can easily get an extra 25000 words in a matter of minutes, by joining their Facebook groups or leaving a review.

      They will also reward you by scheduling a training call with them, so double benefit in one.

      Aside, if Peppertype gained your trust, it has two paid plans.


      For individuals, entrepreneurs, freelancers, and small teams.
      $ 35 You will pay $420 for a year
      • 50,000 words included
      • 40+ content types
      • Notes and Text Editor
      • Access to templates
      • Unlimited projects
      • Active customer support


      For professionals, marketing teams, agencies, and startups.
      $ 199 You will pay $2,388 for a year
      • Everything inlcuded in Personal
      • Collaborate & share results
      • Access control
      • Export results
      • Request custom content types

      Even by subscribing to the starter plan, you will gain access to unlimited content generation credits, which is quite amazing, considering most competitors have monthly limits also for paid subscriptions.

      As per the pricing, for monthly subscriptions,

      • Starter Plan will cost $35 for 1 user
      • The growth plan will cost $199 for 5 users.

      For Annual subscriptions,

      • Starter Plan will cost $25 for 1 user
      • The growth plan will cost $165 for 5 users.

      For the Enterprise plan, you need to contact support to know the pricing details.

      Pros and Cons

      Image illustrates the pros and cons of

      Users Review

      Image illustrates the users reviews for

      Let’s see what users are saying about it. It has an overall rating of 4.6 out of 5 on TrustPilot, which proves its quality.

      This user was really enjoying this tool and said; 

      “ has been a great friend when it comes to writing my blog posts. I am not a very good writer, and I never thought that I could write anything intelligently. But with the help of this AI writer, I have been able to maintain a high-quality blog that keeps my visitors interested. I thought that I will never be able to write as well as someone who writes for a living, but has proven me wrong. It’s very easy to use, and the interface is the most user-friendly one I have ever seen. It has made all the difference to my blog.”

      A happy user's review for Peppertype ai reviews on Trustpilot

      We also noticed that users were delighted with fast customer support, which quickly assists  even in complex problems. 

      Pepper AI FAQs

      Time to remove any further doubt you might have about this tool. Below are the most frequently asked questions about the tool. 

      Image demonstrate frequently asked questions about

      Is worth it?

      Definitely, Yes

      If you’re looking for a tool to assist you in generating blog post ideas or other creative works, it can be a great resource for you. On top of that, Peppertype has so many features that probably, you won’t need any other copywriter. 

      What are peppertype's best features?

      Overall, peppertype is able to produce quality results. That being said, also compared to similar tools we tested, Quora answers is their most powerful feature.

      Where can I get more information about Peppertype?

      YouTube videos, blog articles, review articles, and other social media posts will give you more info about this tool. All of the key points and features that are most important to you have been described in detail in this review article for you. The easiest way to know if it’s good for you, is to test it for free.

      Can I use peppertype to generate an entire blog post?

      If you want to write a compelling blog post and have it checked for plagiarism, you can use this tool to do so. But this is not the peppertype’s main purpose.

      Does Peppertype AI have lifetime deal?

      Currently no deals, but some lifetime deal might come up in the future. To make sure you won’t miss it, make sure to subscribe to our newsletter. 

      How does this tool work?

      This tool uses AI (Artificial Intelligence) to generate content ideas using AI. You will manually prompt what you need and it will bring quality results based on best writing rules. 

      Our verdict

      SM90 verdict on

      Marketing totally depends on high-quality content. It is now important more than ever to  have new, interesting, and high-converting material on all of your websites.

      Overall, is a straightforward artificial intelligence copywriting tool that allows you to produce quality text in seconds.

      It’s perfect for articles, blog posts, Quora marketing, landing page content, ad copy, emails, and even e-commerce websites.

      If you are having difficulty creating or are suffering from writer’s block, this is a great article-producing tool for you. is a free service to try out, and has so many features that you can use it for different use cases.

      PepperType Overall Rating

      Responsive 95%
      Great, with some unique features 92%
      Free trial available 97%
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