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Yarnit App Review – Worth It Or Not? Our Verdict

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    Do you ever get stuck at a blank page, unable to draw inspiration for your writing or designs? It happens to even the best writers and creators out there. 

    This is because there is an overwhelmingly growing pressure to meet up with digital marketing demands. Marketing campaigns, blog posts, and social media posts require fresh and engaging content to keep up with the competition.

    But imagine a tool that can transform your content game. Imagine an app that leverages AI with transformational tools for an optimal content creation experience.

    This article introduces a trending, web-based app that uses AI to generate content ideas with just a few inputs from the user. We are talking about Yarnit. But does Yarnit live up to its popularity? Is it worth upgrading to a paid plan, and how does it compare to the competition?

    We tested and reviewed Yarnit for you. So, read on to find out about Yarnit, and if you should use it as your next creator assistant!

    Table of Contents
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      Yarnit - What It Does in Brief

      Yarnit helps you brainstorm and generate captivating ideas. It can also craft compelling copy through its storytelling method. 

      Furthermore, Yarnit lets you create and edit stunning visuals for social media content and ads. Its user-friendly interface makes it easy to simplify your workflow and boost creativity.

      Yarnit boasts a powerful arsenal of features designed for various content creation needs. You can use its numerous tools to write and create eye-catching visuals, including images, videos, and graphics. Each feature has remarkable capabilities to make your content stand out. 

      One of the app’s intriguing functions is its audience engagement prediction feature. This unique AI-driven tool analyzes your content. Then it predicts its potential success based on audience preferences. It helps you curate your content to suit the intended purpose and maximize engagement.

      Yarnit seeks to be your one-stop shop for streamlined and compelling content creation. And it is on the path to realizing this goal. Its novel features make it stand out from similar and older platforms. 

      Below, we give details of its features and how they can help creators beat the growing competition in digital marketing.

      Key Features of Yarnit

      Yarnit offers a myriad of features within a single platform. Its features are so vast that it can ease an entire content creation journey from ideation to publication. 

      The web-based AI-driven app builds on five core functionalities. These include Ideate, Write, Design, Audit, and Publish. Its five functionalities guide and aid creators throughout their journey to develop highly engaging content. These functions are accessible in their varying features. We explore each feature as follows:

      1. AI Writing Assistant

      Yarnit’s AI Writing Assistant helps you to generate various content formats. The developers take pride in their storytelling approach to content writing. Yarnit stands on the belief that everyone has a story. So it impeccably tells the story to engage an audience.

      Yarnit’s AI writing assistant works amazingly at every level of content creation. Firstly, it can help brainstorm content ideas tailored to your readers’ needs. It can also craft social media posts, captions, hashtags, advertisement copy, and video scripts, among others.

      In addition, Yarnit’s AI assistant adapts to your preferences and styles. So you do not have to start afresh with every post. It automatically aligns every content to your voice, style, and brand identity. However, if you wish to deviate, you can easily fine-tune the output for varying purposes.

      Unfortunately, the AI writing assistant will not completely replace the human touch. But it generates grammatically correct, factual, and engaging content. Its customization tools also make proofreading a breeze.

      #2 Content Design Tools

      Here is another catch with Yarnit. You can create captivating designs, even without graphic design expertise.

      Yarnit is rich with an impressive library of social media templates. You can browse through its rich collection of social media posts, designs, infographics, and presentations. The app also offers stock photos to improve your visual designs.

      Yarnit’s designs are available for different social media platforms and formats. You can get square posts and carousels for Instagram. You can also find layouts for FacebookTikTok, and LinkedIn. These formats are also curated to cater to different content needs. So there is something for your ads, informative posts, and stories.

      Furthermore, the templates are customizable to the finest detail. You can also enjoy custom fonts and colors to convey your brand identity and message.

      One impressive feature of the Yarnit design tool is its storyboarding. The app lets you plan your content and break it down into sections. You can drag and drop each section in customizable visual blocks. Then you work with each section to achieve your desired result. Additionally, you can repurpose each section. For instance, you pick a block from an article and turn it into an image or infographic.

      When you complete your design, Yarnit can handle publishing. You do not have to save your design to your device and manually post it to social media. You simply hit the button and let Yarnit guide you through the easy process. Additionally, you can schedule your post, sit back, and watch Yarnit do the honors. 

      Posting on social media has become even easier now with the AI-assisted caption and hashtag generator. The app saves you the headache of coming up with functional hashtags for viral posts. But you can also include yours or work off its suggestions.

      3. Audience Engagement Prediction

      You may succeed in developing amazing content but fail to reach the desired audience. Also, there is a chance your content needs to resonate with your audience. It can hurt to find this out late when the engagement on your content falls below your anticipation.

      But with Yarnit, you can predict the success of your post. The web-based app leverages AI to predict content engagement. You simply ask it to analyze your content, and it gets to work.

      Yarnit considers word choices and sentence structures in its analysis. In addition, it compares the sentiment and mood in your post to the target audience. It then calculates your chances of engagement, including likes, comments, and shares.

      Now, the audience may vary by social platform. But Yarnit’s engagement prediction is superb, whether you are checking for Instagram or LinkedIn. Additionally, its scope goes beyond social media posts as blog posts and articles are inclusive.

      The prediction system is integrated with the AI writing assistant. So that the app suggests improvements to your writing for best results.

      User Experience and Interface

      Desktop Platform

      Yarnit works great on all browsers on large screens. So you can conveniently access it on your laptop, desktop, and tablet.

      Yarnit’s platform has a user-friendly interface. The layout is simple with clear labeling and an intuitive setup, organization. Users familiar with other content creation platforms will find familiar elements and features. This reduces the initial learning curve. However, the application is unavailable unless you create an account.

      The main dashboard provides a central hub for accessing all features. The workspace comes with clear icons and menu options. Each section, like the AI writing assistant or design tools, offers dedicated workspaces with easy-to-use tools. More so, users can seamlessly switch between different aspects of the content creation process.

      The basics are readily accessible, but Yarnit also offers advanced features. These might require some exploration and experimentation. However, the app comes with tutorials and FAQs to guide users. Additionally, customer service is available to dispel any confusion.

      As mentioned earlier, Yarnit adapts to the user for a personalized experience. The platform collects some data and studies usage trends to curate user-style content. This data includes your writing style, preferences, and content choices.

      Its adaptive platform suggests relevant writing styles and formats. It applies the preferred tone and voice to keep your brand identity in your design.

      Mobile App Experience

      Unfortunately, Yarnit does not have a mobile app version. However, the web-based platform is optimized for mobile browsing. The mobile site allows you to manage your content on the go. But there are some limitations. Complex design tasks are best on larger screens. Plus the absence of a dedicated mobile app also means some functions are inaccessible to mobile users.

      Pricing and Value

      Yarnit offers a range of subscription options to cater to varying user needs. There are four subscription levels. They include free, professional, team, and enterprise. Below, we summarize what each subscription offers.

      FREE Forever

      for unlimited evaluation
      $ 0 Free for as long as you want


      $ 75 Best for teams and growing businesses focussed on content marketing


      $ 20 Best for freelancers and professionals practising content marketing


      Contact Team Best for enterprises fostering high-growth brands through content marketing

      User Feedback and Reviews

      Upon browsing for online Yarnit reviews, we were not too surprised to see that user reviews on Yarnit have been mostly amazing. The majority of the reviews appreciate how Yarnit simplifies the creative process. Most users rave about the remarkable interface and the intuitive workspace. The platform eases navigation and simplifies the learning process.

      Most users appreciated the AI writing assistant for its precision and accuracy. The fact that the AI assistant incorporates a specified tone and voice makes it better than many other generative AI systems. This is evident in the hundreds of blog posts and social media content that Yarnit has created. In addition, several users are excited that it understands their intentions better than most apps and responds with their exact expectations. Sometimes, it includes unexpected ideas that improve on initial human input.

      Some users attest to Yarnit’s sufficiency in content creation from the first step to the last. It not only writes but also creates visually striking elements. These can accompany texts or stand-alone social media posts. Many users also use the app to repurpose posts, for instance, blog posts to carousels. Furthermore, its cross-channel scheduling can help writers be at ease. Yarnit ensures the right content reaches the right audience at the right times.

      And that is one of the edges it has over competitors. Most similar apps can generate content without visual designs. Others specialize in designs but offer not generative writing assistance. Yarnit offers both. Then it predicts audience engagement to help creator modify their content accordingly.

      Unfortunately, a few users expressed Yarnit’s imperfection. Firstly, Yarnit needs to work on Google login to help users access their accounts more easily. In addition, some characters like underscore are unacceptable in passwords.

      One user was concerned about the app opening new tabs excessively. This impedes a smooth workflow for some creators. Furthermore, users are unable to specify or customize fonts and colors in AI-generated images.

      Overall, the good reviews outweigh the critical ones. This shows that while Yarnit is new to the game, its potential is limitless. The app has gone so far and is a game-changer in the industry.

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      Average Rating: 4.8 VISIT YARNIT OFFICIAL SITE

      Frequently Asked Questions

      Is Yarnit worth the money?

      Yarnit is worth every penny if maximally utilized. This means that if you are going to use all its features regularly, it is absolutely worth the price. Firstly, it generates content ideas, saving the creator from writer’s block. And where an idea exists, Yarnit can produce it, then fine-tune it and suggest improvements. The app also saves you time and energy with its intuitive design tools. So you can create more creative content, in less time. 

      Is Yarnit suitable for beginners?

      Yes. Users new to content creation and visual designs will find Yarnit easy to use. The app is web-based with a user-friendly interface and intuitive tools. Yarnit features pre-designed elements that designers can use in their content instead of designing everything from scratch. The AI assistant also works on the barest input and produces amazing results beyond expectations. Furthermore, Yarnit offers a support system for users through its simple, yet detailed tutorials. So beginners can learn on the go while actualizing their ideas.

      Can I customize the content generated by Yarnit?

      The content you generate on Yarnit is highly customizable, whether it is text or image. Yarnit allows you to plan, generate content, and edit your post with different tools. When the AI-writing assistant generates a copy, you can then make changes to suit your taste. This goes for visual designs too. Even stock images and templates are customizable to cater to various content needs.

      Additionally, Yarnit’s audience engagement prediction system helps you understand the potential reception by your audience. The insight from this feature encourages creators to modify their content for intended purposes and customize it for various platforms.

      Is my data safe on Yarnit?

      Yes, Yarnit employs industry-standard security practices to protect user information, and it does not sell user data. The website is encrypted with the latest technology and https. Yarnit only collects the necessary data to optimize the user experience, such as the data used strictly for purpose of generating content. In its Policy, Yarnit guarantees that it does not collect a user’s personal information without consent, and that the collected data is not used for marketing purposes or shared with any third parties.

      Does Yarnit offer customer support?

      Yes, Yarnit provides customer support through various channels

      You can reach the company via email, social media, instant chat, and even phone calls. However, access to support channels varies by subscription. Free, basic users can get help through email. On the other hand, teams and enterprises get priority support and can get assistance through phone calls. Regardless of the mode, according to our experience, the customer service is highly responsive and prompt in sorting out issues.

      What are the best Yarnit alternatives?

      Writesonic, Jasper and Scalenut are great Yarnit alternatives for content writing, while Canva is a great alternative for graphic design. Yarnit offers AI solutions for content creators. But it is a worthy competition out there, with other great similar apps on the internet. When it comes to content writing and optimization, just like Yarnit, Writesonic offers AI tools for writing blog posts, landing pages, copywriting, and video scripts. Writesonic has been in the game for much longer than Yarnit and is popular among creators. 

      Jasper AI is another popular AI assistant for writers. It boasts features for longer-form writing and amazing marketing tools. However, Yarnit is more encompassing than these two as it also offers visual designs and templates for creating visual content on social platforms. 

      Another similar app for content writing is Scalenut. This web app focuses specifically on SEO. It offers tools for content planning, content writing, and competition analyses which are SEO-focused. But, while Scalenut might be better for SEO, Yarnit incorporates these services at a much lesser cost. 

      Lastly, Canva offers amazing visual designs, templates, graphics and video editing, and AI-assisted art. It also comes with a generous free plan. But, unlike Yarnit, Canva does not predict the performance of your content. It also does not have analytics to measure the success or otherwise of your social media posts.

      Our Verdict

      Image illustrates SM90 final verdict for WriterZen.

      Can Yarnit revolutionize your content creation process? 

      This web-based AI-writing assistant offers much more than writing. It is a one-stop shop for content creation. It offers innovative design tools for high-quality content planning, design, and publishing. Its storytelling technique keeps your audience hooked to its engaging content. In addition, it improves audience engagement through its AI engagement prediction.

      Yarnit is super user-friendly and easy to learn. Its huge collection of stock and premium media resources makes it an outstanding app for content creation. It also offers a range of media formats for publishing and is well-suited for several social media platforms.

      Pricing on Yarnit is flexible as there is a plan available for different purposes. Solo users can enjoy the free version, although with limited access. They can also upgrade to the single-user professional package with more advanced features. Teams and enterprises can exploit its affordable collaboration features with more advanced tools and unlimited access.

      In conclusion, Yarnit is not a magical wand. However, its impressive features can combine to create the best content for the right audience. It is a one-of-a-kind tool for writers and designers alike. Its AI features are not a dime a dozen, especially for audience engagement. However, there is a need for improvements, especially for the mobile experience.

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