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Is Still Legit in 2024? Our Review

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    Insta Followers is a website that claims to relieve individuals of the stress of organically building their social media accounts from scratch by offering their services of buying followers, likes, and views depending on the platform. 

    Their website ( also claims to help individuals, especially business owners, achieve a high ROI on their business by reducing the “wait time” spent organically building their social media channels and attracting followers. 

    But, is it as good as it sounds? Should you trust their services?

    You will have a hard time knowing if Insta Followers is a legitimate site or not, especially if you are just starting in the social media marketing or influencer world, and you are looking to boost your visibility with Insta Followers.

    You are on this page largely because you are curious about Insta Followers and want to know whether it will be a good fit for you. Don’t worry, as we tested their services and website for you. 

    At the end of this review, you will have adequate information on the services offered by Insta Followers, the pros and cons of using the platform, and the pricing structure, among other information. 

    This will facilitate informed decision-making on your part. Let’s get started!

    Table of Contents
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      How do Insta Followers Provide its Services?

      Insta Followers provides lots of services across various social media platforms and they claim that they have a network of authentic and active users through which these services are delivered.

      For instance, when you order an Instagram follower package, a team of these users is assigned to follow your account. These users are compensated for their services by the company. This compensation could come in any form. It can be in the form of shoutouts, comments, or most likely monetary incentives.

      These purchased followers are slowly delivered over a speculated amount of time so as not to raise any flags with Instagram’s algorithm. The followers are often random and they rarely engage with your posts.

      Services Offered by Insta Followers

      The depth of possibilities offered by Insta Followers truly astonished me. With bundles starting at less than $3, their products and services span dozens of well-known social networks and are offered in hundreds of different quantities. At the time of my review, a handful of their most well-liked products and services were as follows,


      If you want to market your Instagram profile or content, you have an endless amount of services at your disposal. These include Instagram followers, likes, saves, views, impressions, comments, and much more.

      I tried out their flagship product, that is, Instagram followers, and bought 2000 followers. It took a while for it to be added to my account but it was eventually added gradually.


      Genuine TikTok followers, views, likes, shares, comments, and more can be purchased via Insta Followers. They assert that every single product and service on its list, along with all of the others, is provided by a real individual with an actual and active account. 

      I don’t completely think this is true because when I bought some comments from them, and I checked the profiles the comments came from, some of the profiles were not completely set up. Some profiles lacked profile pictures and complete bio information.


      With a listing of products and services like post likes, page likes, comments and reply likes, page and profile followers, group members, responses, event attendees, business reviews, and more, their Facebook area is arguably more extensive than its competitors.

      I bought 50 reviews for my business for just $8.20. This was great as they had a section where that allowed me to choose the sort of comments I wanted. The section consisted of options like whether I wanted the reviews to be serious or positively mixed, and various niches like music, food and beverages, botox treatments, travel agencies, and so on.

      This was a great experience as I was able to streamline the reviews of my business and avoid getting unrelated reviews for my products.


      Massive promotional product options are available for YouTube, addressing anything from channel expansion to satisfying the platform’s monetization needs. Everything from watch time hours to likes, comments, subscribers to channels, and more may be purchased for $2 or less.

      Insta Followers’ YouTube products are great for running multiple promotion campaigns but you have to use them moderately so YouTube’s algorithm will not flag your account for suspicious activities.


      For X, their products and services are equally extensive. They provide likes, retweets, views, bookmarks, and even space listeners which is something I particularly enjoyed trying out. With 500 listeners that I paid for, I was able to attract as many as 2000 organic listeners which is a good ROI.

      If you have a paid verified X account, you may consider trying out some of Insta Follwer’s products so you can earn some more revenue. You should be careful though, as X’s algorithm is very strict towards the use of bots.

      Packages and Pricing of Insta Followers

      Image illustrates the pricing plan for

      The affordability of the packages offered by Instafollowers is truly impressive. They offer a lot of great services in large amounts at good discounts. One thing I found interesting was the free trial offered for some of the social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube. 

      For instance, they provide 10 free Instagram followers every 24 hours. This offers you a chance to test their services before buying in large amounts. This free trial makes them stand out among many other social media marketing sites.

      Highlighted below are some of their amazing prices, which are less expensive than other vendors:

      Instagram packages

      • 5,000 likes for $44.50
      • 50,000 followers for $285
      • 2,500 views for $6
      • 10,000 profile visits for $55
      • 100 comments for $28.13

      TikTok packages

      • 2,500 followers for $33
      • 500 live views for $67.50
      • 100,000 views for $40
      • 100 comments for $33.50

      Spotify packages

      • 10,000 plays for $25
      • 2,500 monthly listeners for $11
      • 1,000 followers for $5.90

      Linkedin packages

      • 100 likes for $13
      • 500 page followers for $16
      • 1,000 followers for $72

      Backlink packages

      • Standard SEO services and packages for $449
      • On-page SEO services for $554.40
      • Web acceleration for $333.30

      Pros and Cons choosing Insta Followers

      Image illustrates the pros and cons of Resoume.

      Social media marketing sites are known to help individuals build their social media accounts more rapidly. Here are some reasons why you may choose Insta Followers for the job,

      Refund guarantee

      Their refund guarantee is particularly comforting since it demonstrates their faith and is one way of identifying legitimate SMM sites. It’s always a plus to know that you can at least get your money back if things don’t work out or if you are not satisfied with their service.

      Wide range of services

      Insta Followers has a broad range of services to satisfy any social media platform you are looking for. I’m not sure where else I’ve found such an extensive assortment of packages with targeted services. From Instagram services to Vimeo services, they’ve got your back.

      6-month warranty service

      Additionally, they provide a retention warranty for each sale, which protects customers for the first six months against anything that “drops.” So you have nothing to fear if your purchased followers or likes drop. They will be instantly replaced once you complain to their customer support.

      This six-month warranty appears to be as good as it gets because I couldn’t find a comparable seller advertising a longer or more thorough retention guarantee.

      Easy and secure payment

      Insta Followers accepts a variety of payment methods, including online wallets, PayPal, bitcoin, and all major debit and credit cards. End-to-end encryption is used throughout transactions, and the firm constantly affirms its dedication to strong data protection regulations, safety, and security. Everything is easy, nice, and comforting, just the way it should be.


      Despite the many advantages that Insta Followers possess, they also have some significant drawbacks that cannot be overlooked.

      Average service quality

      What determines a high-quality SMM site is how reliable they are, how quickly it delivers, great customer support, and whether the engagements they deliver are from genuine accounts. Insta Followers does not always keep to these metrics. Most of the interactions they provide come from bots and phony accounts. Also, there’s almost always a delay in delivery time which makes them undependable for a marketing campaign.

      Prices higher than average

      Given that most of their services come from automated bots, Insta Followers prices are quite expensive compared to other vendors. Other sites like Thesocialmediagrowth are far more accountable and offer bulk deals at much better prices.

      Some negative online reviews

      On Trustpilot, one of the best and most reputable sites for rating and reviewing various other sites, Insta Followers is rated 1.9, which is very low for an SMM site where accountability and transparency are the slogans. Sitejabber also gives it a rating of 3.2 with some very negative reviews, which mostly involve delays in delivery and massive drops in purchased engagements a few hours after sales.

      Alternatives to Insta Followers

      While Insta Followers’ reputation is a bit shaky, I have compiled a list of great alternatives with good customer reviews, budget-friendly packages, and friendly customer support.

      1. TheSocialMediaGrowth

      TheSocialMediaGrowth is an SMM panel that markets their services as advertorial offering followers and engagements with gradual delivery within the stipulated time. This SMM panel offers a plethora of engagement and growth services for various social platforms, including but not limited to Spotify, YouTube, Twitter (X), TikTok Discord, and Opensea.

      The interesting thing about TheSocialMediaGrowth is that all their services are offered at competitive prices.

      2. QQTube

      According to the website itself, QQTube is the number one SMM Marketplace to Buy & Sell Social media Services for social platforms including but not limited to YouTube, Instagram, and TikTok. This SMM panel has garnered a large fan base as a result of their consistent delivery of value to customers including the openness about the services they offer which helps in increasing trust between the platform and their existing and potential customers.

      The presence of the Secure SSL Encryption on QQTube which is used to preserve client transaction data makes the SMM panel service stand out from others.

      3. LenosTube (best for YouTube services)

      LenosTube offers its services exclusively for you to aid in boosting engagement and followers most especially on YouTube. Their services boast of a forever guaranteed high retention rate. While their services are budget-friendly, all their deliverables have a high quality. 

      A quality that makes LenosTube services stand out is that you can choose the service you want at the rate at which you want it to be delivered. Also, this YouTube growth platform offers detailed Analytics that’ll help users with their price strategies effectively and stand out in the cacophony of content.

      4. Upgrow (best for Instagram services)

      Upgrow uses an AI-powered growth engine to deliver Instagram followers, likes, and fans 10x faster than other panels. This innovative method helps deliver engagements from real people in different niches. 

      With a 4.9 rating and used by over 50,000 users, Upgrow employs strategies from experts who have meticulously studied Instagram’s algorithm. Upgrow isn’t just safe, but possibly the best automation bot to use for your Instagram account.

      My Overall Experience with Insta Followers

      A review would mean nothing if I didn’t test their products so I ordered various packages which I’ve previously mentioned. With the Instagram package where I bought 2000 followers, it put me through quite a lot. Despite spending a considerable amount of money, the followers were not delivered within the stipulated period. I had to consistently chat with their customer support before it was eventually delivered. 

      I observed that the delivered followers did not give me the experience I was hoping for. After some time, my follower count started to decrease. This decline happened slowly but consistently and I had to reach out to their customer support again. Some were replaced but the numbers kept dropping and the whole thing got frustrating till I reached and exceeded the guaranteed time given to me by Insta Followers.

      This made me think, “If their flagship product could be like this, what would the rest be like?” so, I went on to try their TikTok comments, Facebook business reviews, and X space listeners. I had a mixed experience with these. Their Facebook business reviews and X space listeners delivered but I question the originality of the accounts the TikTok comments were gotten from. 

      In summary, I didn’t get my money’s worth from their Instagram and TikTok packages but they made up for that in the other packages.

      Online Reviews for Insta Followers

      Image shows a user holding a mobile and looking at rating.

      There has been a lot of buzz about the services of Insta Followers on the internet since various individuals and professionals have enjoyed the account boosting and follower-increasing benefits of the website. Like any other product online, there have also been a few hiccups in the firm’s service delivery, making Insta Followers have a mix of positive and negative reviews. 

      If you take a good look at the website review on the site itself, you will only find positive reviews with acclaimed customers gushing over Instafollowers services. However, if you look at other sources, you will find a mix of complaints and positive reviews. 

      After I had my personal experience with Insta Followers, I went deep digging on the internet to see if there was anyone with an experience like mine on the internet, as I had previously relied only on the positive reviews found on the site. 

      On various other review sites and even personal blogs, you will find comments on negative experiences that people have had with using Insta Followers. Trustpilot, a reputable website known for highlighting true and trusted reviews of companies and websites from trusted users, has banned Insta Followers from the site. Insta Followers tried to use their bots to generate fake reviews on Trustpilot, which earned them a ban. This just goes on to speak volumes about the site’s credibility.


      An illustration of frequently asked questions about Filmstro.

      Is it safe to buy from Insta Followers?

      Yes, it is safe to purchase social media interactions from Insta Followers. They deliver the purchased followers or likes in such a way that slowly drips into your accounts ensuring that the platform’s policies are not violated.

      Is Insta Followers a good value for money?

      Well, there is no direct answer to this. Many people have been known to benefit from using their services while others complain about the quality of their service. In my opinion, it would be better if you conduct thorough research before employing their services or you can simply opt for the alternatives we have listed which have better reputations in the SMM community.

      Which payment methods are available?

      There are various safe payment options available. These include online wallets,, bitcoin, and all major debit and credit cards.

      Insta Followers review: My final verdict

      In my opinion, despite Insta Followers’ claims to offer a budget-friendly service for increasing followers on social media, this seems to be false. This is especially true considering that other websites offer the same services for a much lower price, and the followers delivered also decline over time. 

      Some of their present best-selling packages include the YouTube view, currently valued at $5.10 for 1,000 views, the Twitter likes, currently valued at $1.50 for 50 likes, the Facebook post/ photo likes valued at $1.85 for 100 likes, and Instagram real video views currently value that $2.20 for 1,000 views. These packages are probably top-selling because users have found them to deliver well.

      In the end, Insta Followers have some fantastic products and services but are also faced with significant drawbacks that cannot be overlooked. You may consider testing their free trials, buying small packages to see for yourself, or most advisably using the alternative sites we have listed above.

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