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Best Instagram Follow/Unfollow Bots in 2024 – Safely Follow and Unfollow!

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    Almost everyone would love to have over a million followers on their Instagram, as beautiful as this sounds, it’s not always so easy. One of the processes people use to gather followers is the follow/unfollow method where they follow lots of other users at a time with the hope of getting a follow back. They then unfollow the users who didn’t follow back later on.

    This method has been proven to work smoothly but it can be an exhaustive procedure. Having to go through other users’ accounts one after the other to search for the ones that align with your niche, then thoroughly checking your followers list to know the ones that didn’t follow back takes time. This is where Instagram bots come in. With these bots, the whole procedure can be automated.

    Now, searching for an Instagram bot that will deliver excellent results is paramount. This is why we have created this guide to help you find one that works for you in 2024 and will also deliver optimal results. Let’s dive in!

    Table of Contents
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      What is an Instagram Follow/Unfollow Bot?

      Instagram follow/unfollow bot is an automated tool employed to increase followers. This bot typically follows a large number of accounts –targeting specific hashtags or locations – and then expecting some users to follow back, in order to gain real followers within the target niche.

      It then automatically unfollows some of the accounts it has previously followed, to balance the ratio but only after a few days, to seem human to Instagram’s algorithm but also to give time to the followed profiles to follow you back.

      It follows this process over and over until the target followers are reached. It’s also worth noting that the number of accounts you are following won’t increase too much, nor you won’t end up following accounts you are not interested to,  since it will constantly unfollow the accounts that it previously followed. 

      It is undoubtedly a borderline practice, but also extremely effective, especially when using high-quality bots and specific user targeting. There are several Instagram bots out there, so we have curated the best bots for you in this guide.

      Best Bots for Instagram Follow/Unfollow in 2024

      In this section, we have compiled a list of some of the most reputable Instagram bots that you can choose from.

      1. Kenji

      Kenji is an industry-leading AI-powered Instagram bot whose main selling point is its ability to help automate the following and unfollowing process. Kenji uses three distinct processes to achieve this.

      First, it follows and unfollows users in batches which is quicker and more efficient. This batch process ensures improved performance and gets you, real followers, faster than you can imagine. The next process is generating a whitelist, which is a list of your most active followers. Some of your followers will always engage with your posts more than others, this whitelist helps ensure that they are not accidentally unfollowed. 

      The final process is an auto blacklist which is a list of over 10,000 bad keywords. Kenji uses this blacklist to sift through accounts so that you only engage with the right people and avoid suspicious or phon accounts.

      Kenji is user-friendly and very easy to sign up for. After signing up, you will be asked to provide some information about your accounts which include some relevant hashtags and a few accounts you want yours to look like. Next is to simply leave Kenji to do its work and watch your Instagram account grow.

      2. Inflact

      Using Infact is like hiring an SMM specialist except that you are getting all the good things at a much lower price. Inflact’s auto bot can do it all. It can engage with your followers, assist in the exhaustive process of following and unfollowing and it can even reply to DMs like a human.

      Rated 4.2 by Trustpilot, you never need to buy followers again with Inflact’s follower automation system. With Inflact you are guaranteed to gain at least 1000 followers within the first two to three months. inflact is very cautious of Instagram’s terms of service, it can get you mass followers but pauses once it nears Instagram’s limits then starts again once it is in the Safe Start mode – mimicking real user behavior and safeguarding your account.

      You can sign up for Inflact in less than 7 minutes, the process is straightforward. First, you subscribe to one of the plans which are Basic(54$), Advanced(64), and Pro(84$) or you can test using the 7-day trial for just $3 which gives you access to all the Pro features. Next is to grant access to your Instagram account and supply hashtags related to your niche. You can then customize some settings and watch Inflact take the wheel.

      3. Nitreo

      Using Nitreo’s superb automation features is like putting your Instagram account on autopilot. Nitreo aims to organically grow your account with its excellent following and unfollowing feature. It does not just choose people to follow or unfollow randomly but rather uses a secret ranking system to target the top accounts to follow in your niche. 

      With Nitreo, you are not just getting an automated Instagram bot but you are also assigned a personal success manager once you sign up. This success manager helps monitor and ensure that everything goes smoothly. He also provides a much-needed human torch and makes improvements if the need arises.

      Another reason why Nitreo is a great choice is that it has a feature called smart hashtags. When you initially set up your account on Nitreo, you asked to provide some related hashtags. Nitreo then uses machine learning to improve on them and get better tags which can be used to not just target followers in a specific niche but can also be optimized to target users in a particular location. This process helps give your Instagram growth some relevance.

      Nitreo also has great auto-blacklist features that help unfollow and avoid shady accounts. To sign up, simply provide your email address and follow the instructions.

      4. Ampfluence

      Although Ampluence is not an Instagram bot, it still provides one of the best social media marketing services. With Ampfluence, you will collaborate with committed social media managers, analysts, and designers on the best strategies to apply to increase your Instagram followers.

      When you sign up for Ampfluence, their team studies your account and learns all there is to know about your brand and style. This makes it seem as if it were you who is directly engaging with your followers. This also lets them know the right people to follow and engage with, increasing your account’s visibility.

      Ampluence has three Instagram packages which are Growth($249 per month) which promises 250+ organic followers among other things, Growth x2($349 per month) which promises 500+ organic followers, and Growth and Content($1499 per month) which promises double of everything Growth x2 has to offer with the addition of social media contents.

      To get started, you can book a free consultation via email.

      Choosing the Best Bot to Use for Your Instagram Account

      When choosing an Instagram bot to use for following and unfollowing, there are some important features that you must consider before finally selecting one and granting it access to your account. Highlighted below are some of such significant features and how they affect your user experience:

      1. Automation

      Being able to save time and the stress of following and unfollowing people is by far one of the major reasons for using Instagram bots and you must choose one that does this automatically. The best Instagram bots have features like auto-follow, auto-like, auto-comment, and even auto-reply to help engage with your followers efficiently without having to spend much time on the platform.

      These features are amazing but ensure you use them moderately as you don’t want your account to be flagged for dodgy activities involving following too many people at a time.

      2. Targeting

      One other thing to look out for is the bot’s ability to target followers in a particular niche, location, and related hashtags. This feature will help tailor your followers to a list of people interacting with your posts. Therefore, select an Instagram bot with great machine learning ability to continuously learn, improve, and provide better hashtags that you can use to target people in cities and industries who will be interested in your content.

      3. Detailed analytics

      Another important feature to consider is if the Instagram bot can provide frequent detailed analytics and reports. This provides a means of measuring your progress with the Instagram bot to know if your strategy is working or if you need to tweak some settings. This report lets you know which hashtags to target more, where most of your engaging followers are located, and what sort of content your followers are most interested in.

      4. Anti-Detection

      Anti-detection is another must-have feature for any Instagram bot you choose. This is very important because this is what prevents Instagram’s algorithm from finding out that you’re using bots, hence, protecting you from suspension. Therefore, ensure that you conduct proper research and select a bot that has proxy rotations, emulates human behavior, and is well-trained to perform efficiently within Instagram’s follow and unfollow limits.

      5. Easy-to-use interface

      Great Instagram bots are easy to set up. You should be able to understand and connect the Instagram bot to your account easily without prior knowledge. The best Instagram bots have a straightforward interface, and you should be able to get started without hassle.

      Advantages and Risks doing Following and Unfollowing with Instagram Bots

      Here are some advantages and risks associated with follow/unfollow Instagram bots.


      1) Time-effective and stress-free

      Instagram bot’s auto-follow features can interact with users on your behalf and run your account continuously for 24 hours a day. This saves you a lot of time that running an Instagram account demands since it is no longer necessary to spend time going through different accounts looking for people to connect with because the bot can handle it for you. 

      2) Target users in a specific niche

      The bots are significantly quicker than you at locating users who fit your niche. With its ability to target specific locations and hashtags related to your niche, Instagram bots can narrow down followers to users who will find your content useful and happily engage. This leaves you with a community of followers who are committed to helping your account’s growth.

      3) You can set daily limits

      Instagram bots are easy to use and allow you to set daily limits for Instagram follow or unfollow so that you can stay within Instagram safety daily limits.. This implies that you can easily set your limits and go do other things, without worries. 

      4) Increase your follower count

      Building genuine engagement with your followers takes time and Instagram follow/unfollow bots can be your assistant. Some of these Instagram bots have features like auto-like and auto-comment and can also reply to DMs for you. These features make it possible for you to be able to engage with all your followers efficiently and none will feel left out which in turn increases your follower count on Instagram.

      What’s more, the bots can communicate with other users based on their time zone, which boosts your visibility when it matters most.


      As fascinating as the concept of being able to automate most of your Instagram activities –such as following and unfollowing– is, there are some demerits you have to take into consideration.

      Violation of Instagram’s terms of service

      Instagram’s terms of use are strictly against the use of bots to attract followers or engage with other users on the platform. Some bots are well-equipped with ways to work around the terms of use, but if you don’t conduct proper research, you might end up using low-quality bots, which can be harmful to your account.

      Risk of account suspension or shadowban

      As mentioned earlier, using low-quality bots can have severe consequences, such as shadowban or account suspension. Your account may be suspended if you are caught using such bots, so it is essential you only rely on highly reputable bots.


      Some Instagram follow bots can be very expensive to use. For instance, Amplfuence has three different packages with the last tier going for $1499 which might be too high for a lot of people. Other bot pricing ranges from $50 to as high as $2000 per month for some of the bots.

      How to Safely Use Instagram Follow/Unfollow Bots

      Unfollowing is more time-consuming. Therefore, using an automation tool to streamline the following and unfollowing process on Instagram is an ideal option, as it can save you a lot of time. However, you must take some precautions to prevent negative consequences like temporary or permanent account restrictions. Here are some tips you can employ to stay safe while using Instagram bots:

      • Stay within Instagram’s limits and follow the terms of service: Instagram’s internal policy strongly prohibits the use of third-party applications. Violating this can lead to a shadow ban or even a permanent restriction of the profile. This is why it is very important to obey their terms of use.
      • Find reviews from previous and verified customers: The reviews from previous customers can assist you in making your own decision by providing insight into the bots working procedures and can also help. 
      • Avoid using just any bot: Some of these tools are scams and can steal personal data from your Instagram profile and even other valuable information from your device. This is why we highly recommend that you use some of the bots that we have listed in this article.

      Instagram bot vs Manual follow/unfollow: What’s Better?

      In terms of speed, Instagram bots are the best while manual follow/unfollow can be very slow but safest. There is a lot of customization needed to get the Instagram bots right, but once you get it right, it becomes an easy-to-do thing. 

      Getting the right bot for your Instagram can be a tedious task, although it is way better than manual follow/unfollow, we have taken our time to outline the best Instagram follow/unfollow bots out there. It saves time, increases engagement faster, and saves you a lot of stress.


      Image illustrates the frequently asked questions about Nichesss.

      Is it safe to use Instagram bots?

      Yes, it is safe to use Instagram bots as long as you conduct thorough research before choosing one. Ensure that the bot you choose stays within Instagram’s limits and obeys their terms of use. Also, look up reviews from previous customers. To be safe, you can choose one from the bots listed earlier.

      How do I set up an Instagram bot?

      Setting up an Instagram bot often differs for each but the process is often similar. First, you follow the instructions on the site to set up an account which often requires you to supply your email address. Then link your Instagram account to the bot and provide the relevant hashtags to your niche.

      Do you need proxies when using an Instagram bot?

      Using proxies for your Instagram bot is not a must but it adds that extra level of anonymity to your activities. This can keep your account safe from restrictions and getting banned. 

      Is there a risk of getting banned when using Instagram bots? 

      While Instagram allows you to automate your posting schedules, they frown at using follow bots for engagement. They have a strict rule against it and you can get banned. That’s the reason you must use trusted providers that can guarantee the reduction of such risk.   

      What is the maximum number of follows/unfollows per hour?

      Instagram’s rules on the maximum amount of follows/unfollows are flexible. The platform sets restrictions according to your age, follower count, and level of interactions. An hourly average for a person should not exceed 150 likes, 60 comments, and 60 follows/unfollows. This makes sense because nobody can follow, like, or comment on so many posts in a short period.


      There is no doubt that an Instagram automation follow/unfollow bot will ease your online marketing process and help you get more positive results in a short amount of time; however, there is a need to use them with precautions. The negative impact of indiscriminately using Instagram follow/unfollow bots has been outlined in previous sections of this article.

      To conclude, I would reiterate that while numerous Instagram bots can harm your marketing strategy, the key to staying safe is to research adequately and carefully consider the options that you are presented with. Additionally, to stay safe while using one, follow the tips we have outlined in this article.

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