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Original Content vs. Spun Content – Pros, Cons, And Comparison

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    Are you an online marketer who needs content to be published on websites? 

    Nowadays, content creation has become so much easier. Once, writing was based solely manually, but now there are ways such as AI article writers, spun content etc. 

    So in this article, we will see everything about original content and spun content, their definition, pros and cons and if the quality is in question. 

    Therefore, without any further delay, let’s dive in!

    Table of Contents
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      Original Content vs. Spun Content

      You can create content in 2 primary ways, those are:

      • Creating original content from scratch or 
      • Using spintax to generate spun content 

      Both methods have their pros and cons, and choosing the right approach depends on your content goals, audience, and available resources.

      Differences Between Original and Spun content?

      Original content is written from scratch without relying on pre-existing material. This type of content is tailored to address the specific needs and interests of your target audience. 

      It can help establish your brand as a credible and trustworthy source of information. And Yes! 

      You can produce original content by writing manually, which is a time-consuming process, or with the popular AI writing assisting tools

      On the other hand, spun content is generated by using software like spintax syntax to substitute words, phrases, or entire sentences within pre-existing content

      This can save time and effort, as you can create multiple unique versions of the same content with just a few clicks. 

      While handwritten and SEO- optimized content has a higher chance of ranking, spun content can be useful for large projects and building backlinks. But, it may lack the same impact on audience trust and engagement as original content. 

      We’ve listed some more vital points of these two. Check out the comparison table below!

      Original Content Spun Content
      Unique content created from scratch Multiple versions of content created by substituting synonyms, phrases, or entire sentences within the original text
      High quality and tailored to specific audience and purpose May suffer in quality due to automatic substitution and lack of context
      Time-consuming to create Saves time by using existing content as a basis
      Requires expertise and research to produce Requires knowledge of spintax syntax or a tool that does it
      Better for building credibility and authority Can be useful for SEO and generating backlinks, but may not have the same impact on audience trust
      More engaging and likely to keep audience interested May become repetitive if overused or not properly reviewed
      Limited in terms of creating multiple versions Can create countless versions of the same content with just a few clicks
      Can be used for a wide range of content types Best suited for content that doesn't require a lot of context or unique insights

      As you see, both original content and spun content have their advantages and disadvantages.

      Ultimately, the best approach depends on the purpose and goals of the content, as well as the available resources and expertise.

      The Importance of Quality Content

      Creating dope content is more important than ever. 

      That’s why making high-quality content is crucial if you want to set yourself apart and be recognized as an expert in your field. 

      Whether you’re from a business or organization, or just a regular person, seo-optimized killer content is the key to success!

      Why quality content is important?

      • High-quality content is important for establishing credibility and authority.
      • Readers trust well-researched and informative content presented in an engaging way and view that as an authority on the topic.
      • This is particularly important for businesses and organizations that want to build trust with their customers or stakeholders.
      • Search engines like Google prioritize high-quality  content in their search results. Even Google released its update on quality content.
      • Quality content helps improve search engine rankings.
      • Investing in creating high-quality content can lead to higher search result rankings, more website traffic, and increased online visibility.

      Factors That Affect Content Quality

      You know, there are several factors that can affect the quality of content. Such as:

      1. Accuracy and reliability of information
      2. Clarity and readability
      3. Relevance and timeliness
      4. Use of appropriate language and tone
      5. Engagement and interactivity
      6. Use of multimedia elements

      To create high-quality content, it is essential to consider these factors and ensure that the content is well-researched, well-written, and presented in a visually appealing and engaging way. 

      By doing so, businesses and organizations can establish themselves as credible and authoritative sources of information and reap the benefits of high-quality content.

      Role of Spun Content in The Content Creation process

      While there is a clear importance placed on original, high-quality content nowadays, spun content still has a role to play in the content creation process. 

      As you already know, spun content refers to content generated by software or other means that take an existing piece of content and rewrites it to create a new article that appears original.

      Although spun content is generally viewed negatively in the industry, it can provide some benefits like:

      • Producing quickly and cheaply, making it useful for webmaster that require a high volume of content for purposes such as link building.
      • Generating multiple versions of an article targeting different keywords or topics, useful for search engine optimization purposes. (programmatic SEO)

      Pros & Cons


      Spun Checker

      Since we have gained a lot of information about original and spun content, it’s the right time to learn about spun checker as well.

      A spun checker is a tool that analyzes text to detect any instances of spinning. It checks the text against a database of previously published content to ensure that it is unique and original. By using a spun checker, content creators can ensure that their content is free from spinning and is of high quality.

      One example of a spun checker tool is Spinmenot. Spinmenot is a free online tool that allows users to check their content for spinning. It uses advanced algorithms to analyze text and detect any instances of spinning.

      Spinmenot is easy to use, simply copy and paste the text into the tool, and it will analyze it to ensure that it is original and free from spinning. It also provides users with a report that details any potential issues with the text and offers suggestions for improvement.

      When you put your content, it shows a probability score. 

      • Below 40%: Your content is original and free from spinning, and it will be highlighted in green. 
      • Between 40% – 60%: It’s questionable, and it will be highlighted in orange Colour code. 
      • Above 60%: It’s highly possible for spinning, and it will be highlighted in red Colour. 

      By using a spun checker, content creators can ensure that their content is of the highest quality and provides value to their readers. 

      And thus, they can make their content unique, engaging, and informative, and can improve search engine rankings and drive more traffic to the website.

      Wrap Up

      Finally, it might seem like original content has the upper hand. 

      However, in this fast-paced world, creating authentic content can take more time. It’s easier to produce authentic-like content quickly by spinning, especially for purposes that don’t necessarily require top-tier quality.

      Programmatic SEO, link building, secondary projects, and so on.

      But as we mentioned, while it might penalize your credibility, using spun content properly will not affect your growth in any way. 

      But, it is essential to make use of the right AI spinning tools and eventually, manually review the content’s accuracy and grammar.

      So that’s a wrap, guys. As we said, always use the tools smartly based on your purpose and to optimize your budgets. See you all in our next informative blog post!

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