Last Updated: December 13, 2023

SEO Power Suite Review – A Reliable SEO Tool or Not?

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    Whether you’re a content writer or a digital marketer, you know the requirements and needs for SEO. Depending on your niche and the content type, the SEO approach varies. However, every type of content has one thing in common that makes it stand out: being organic and relevant.

    To keep your content fresh and organic, you must go through processes like keyword research and content optimization. And to assist you on that, SEO tools were made.

    Today, we’re going to review one such SEO tool, named “SEO Powersuite”, which is claimed to be as a one-stop solution for all your SEO needs. We’ve been using this tool from a while, but never considered reviewing it… until now.

    As we have learnt quite a bit about it, we decided to provide a comprehensive review, including its features, pros and cons, pricing plans, and more. 

    Let’s get started!

    Table of Contents
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      What is SEO Powersuite?

      It’s a versatile SEO tool that mainly focuses on Website Optimization. It’s a Desktop application compatible with Linus, Mac, and Windows. SEO Powersuite has a toolkit consisting of four tools:

      • Website Auditor
      • Rank Tracker
      • SEO Spyglass, and
      • Link Assistant

      Founded by Aleh Barysevich and Viktar Khamianok, the tool has been successful since the beginning and has served SEO professionals and website owners for nearly a decade, making it a trusted and enduring resource in the field of SEO.

      Features of SEO Powersuite

      Since it’s an SEO tool, it has many features to assist the webmaster, within the 4 tools. Let’s see some of the most relevant features:

      1. Ranking
      2. Keywords
      3. Backlinks
      4. Technical SEO, and
      5. Content
      Each of them comes with additional features, which we will now unpack.

      1. Rank Tracker

      Under the “Ranking” feature, you can utilize SERP tracking and analysis, the Local Rank Tracker, YouTube Rank Tracker, and Google Rank Tracker. To access these sub-features, you need to use the Rank Tracker tool within SEO PowerSuite.

      For SERP analysis, follow these steps:

      1. Select the “SERP Analysis” tab.
      2. Choose your desired search engine.
      3. Input your keyword.
      4. Click the “Analyze SERP” button.

      For example, we’ve selected the Google search engine and entered the keyword “AI Writing Assistant.” Please refer to the screenshot provided below.

      Within a few seconds, you’ll receive comprehensive metrics and details about that keyword. This includes:

      • Keyword difficulty
      • Keyword ranking based on page strength
      • Search Metrics
      • Expected visits
      • Estimated PPC (Pay-Per-Click) cost
      • Level of competition for the keyword

      Additionally, you can view SERP averages, which encompass:

      • Page InLink Rank
      • Domain InLink Rank
      • Domains linking to the page
      • Domains linking to the site
      • Domain keywords
      • Domain traffic
      • Performance score

      In short, this feature provides a complete overview of a specific keyword, from difficulty to expected volume.

      Let’s explore the next feature available under Ranking: Local Ranking. As the name suggests, it’s for checking the local area ranking on search engines and Google Maps.

      SEOPowerSuite’s local search results are precise, according to our cross-testing using proxies on incognito. So, how do you use this feature?

      1. Access the Rank Tracker Tool: Open the Rank Tracker tool.
      2. Select “Rank Tracking” Option: On the right side of the Rank Tracker tool, you’ll find an option labeled “Rank Tracking.” Click on this option.
      3. Explore Available Options: Once you’ve clicked on “Rank Tracking,” a set of options will become visible.
      4. Choose Tracked Keywords: Look for the option related to “Tracked Keywords” and select it.
      5. View Keyword Rankings: After selecting “Tracked Keywords,” the tool will display a list of all the keywords for which your website ranks.
      6. Examine Page Rankings: For each keyword in the list, you can see the specific pages on your website that rank for those keywords.
      7. Utilize the Keyword Map: In addition to tracked keywords, you’ll also notice an option called “Keyword Map.” Click on this option.
      8. Analyze SEO Keywords: The Keyword Map feature provides an SEO analysis of the keywords, which includes some of the metrics we have seen in the Ranking feature.

      For a better understanding, check this image carousel!

      To demonstrate this feature, we tested it with Backlinko’s website URL.

      So, what can you achieve using this tool? Simply put, you can determine the actual location and position of your site on both desktop and mobile for Google, Bing, Yahoo, and other search engines. You can even choose Maps as an individual search engine to track your site’s ranking. This will provide you with a visual graph illustrating how your local ranking changes and who appears on the map alongside your business.

      Now, let’s move on to more “international” use cases. If you’re an influencer or an artist, your presence on YouTube search is important and crucial.

      But how can you check your YouTube rank? You can use the YouTube Rank tracker tool by SEO Powersuite, to check your video rankings. This tool offers several capabilities, including:

      1. Checking YouTube video rankings
      2. Tracking video features on Google
      3. Researching competitors on YouTube SERPs
      4. Choosing profitable video keywords
      5. Getting SEO reports on your video ranking progress

      In addition to these features, you can:

      • Find video keywords for YouTube
      • Rank your videos by choosing the right keywords
      • Track visibility progress over time
      • Set up automated YouTube ranking checks and alerts
      • Compile a YouTube video ranking report

      We have tested other YouTube SEO tools before, such as Biteplay, but this one definitely takes the crown.

      Since we are talking YouTube SEO, some quick advice for you! Watch time and, audience retention and user engagement are fundamental metrics for channel growth. To achieve them, YouTube SEO is a powerful ally. Here is a quick checklist for YouTube SEO:

      1. Include keywords in your video title and description.
      2. Create a captivating thumbnail. Check our guide to the perfect YouTube thumbnail!
      3. Add closed captions, when possible.
      4. Optimize video tags.
      5. Include timestamps.
      6. Promote your video on social media, or consider hiring a YouTube growth agency.

      2. Keywords

      As the name states, keywords are the key to the organic growth of a website. Choosing popular and relevant keywords is the crucial step.

      When talking about Keywords, many tools are available in the market, for instance, Rank Ranger, Nightwatch, and more. Similarly to these tools, SEO Powersuite also has powerful Keyword tools.

      In fact, under this section, you can find three interesting tools, named “Keyword Research”, Keyword Difficulty Checker”, and “Keyword Gap Finder”.

      Let’s examine them in detail. For testing purposes, in this case, we have used the HBO and Netflix websites.

      • Keyword Research: It helps identify high-impact keywords for your website, aiding in effective SEO strategy. It offers comprehensive keyword suggestions, search volume data, and competitive analysis, enabling you to select the most valuable keywords for optimization, based on metrics such as competition and volume.
      • Keyword Difficulty Checker: This tool assesses the competition level for chosen keywords. SEO PowerSuite’s Keyword Difficulty Checker provides insights into how difficult it is to rank for specific keywords so that you can go for easier keywords, especially if your website doesn’t have yet the authority to fight for high-competition keywords.
      • Keyword Gap Finder: The Keyword Gap Finder reveals opportunities by comparing your keyword strategy with that of competitors. It identifies keywords you may be missing, allowing you to strengthen your SEO campaigns and stay ahead in the online marketplace. This is our favorite keyword tool of SEOPowerSuite!


      To rank your website on Google backlinks are one of the main aspects to maintain. Backlinks are crucial metrics for keeping the website alive on Google. SEO PowerSuite has a backlink feature where you can analyze backlinks, check the backlink history, remove toxic backlinks, and search for link prospects. Let’s now check these features in detail. For testing purpose, we have checked this feature with

      • Backlink Analysis: SEO PowerSuite’s Backlink Analysis feature provides a comprehensive view of a website’s backlink profile. It enables users to assess the quality and quantity of incoming links, identify link sources, and analyze anchor text diversity. This data helps optimize link-building strategies and monitor the impact of backlinks on search engine rankings.
      • Backlink History: It’s a historical perspective of a website’s backlink profile. Users can track the growth and changes in their backlinks over time, allowing them to spot trends, evaluate the effectiveness of their link-building efforts, and identify potential issues or drops in backlink quality.
      • Toxic Backlink Removal: This feature helps users identify and eliminate harmful or toxic backlinks that can negatively impact a website’s search engine ranking. SEO PowerSuite’s Toxic Backlink Removal tool assists in locating and disavowing problematic links, safeguarding the site’s reputation, and ensuring compliance with search engine guidelines.
      • Link Prospecting: This feature aids in discovering new link-building opportunities. It allows users to search for relevant websites, blogs, or platforms within their niche, making it easier to identify potential link sources and build valuable connections to enhance the site’s authority and visibility.

      Technical SEO

      Here is where all your SEO hunting will be processed. In Technical SEO, you can find the main features such as SEO Spider, Page Speed Checker, and Site Structure Visualizer. Here’s an overview of three of its prominent features: SEO Spider, Page Speed Checker, and Site Structure Visualizer.

      • SEO Spider in SEO PowerSuite is a powerful website crawler that meticulously scans your site, identifying critical issues like broken links, duplicate content, and missing meta tags. It provides valuable insights into your site’s structure and helps optimize it for search engines, ultimately improving your website’s SEO performance.
      • Page Speed Checker is a handy tool within SEO PowerSuite that assesses your website’s loading speed. It analyzes various elements contributing to page load times and offers recommendations for improvement. A faster website not only enhances user experience but also positively impacts SEO rankings.
      • Site Structure Visualizator allows you to visualize and analyze the architecture of your website. It provides a clear overview of how pages are interconnected, helping you identify opportunities to enhance navigation and user experience, ultimately optimizing your site’s SEO.


      Next, Content feature, SEO Powersuite has a tool to analysis your content of the website. There are two features that you can check on SEO content optimizer and TF-IDF Checker.

      • SEO Content Optimizer is a powerful tool that helps boost your website’s visibility in search engines. It analyzes your content, suggests improvements, and ensures it meets SEO best practices, from keyword placement to readability. This tool makes optimizing your web pages for search engines more efficient and effective.
      • The TF-IDF Checker in SEO PowerSuite is a handy feature that helps you fine-tune your content’s keyword usage. It analyzes your competitors’ pages to identify important terms and phrases that you may have missed. By incorporating these relevant keywords, you can improve your content’s relevance and authority, ultimately enhancing your website’s search engine rankings.

      Pros and Cons


      Pricing Plan

      Currently SEO Powersuite has two paid plans, as it’s free to use; still, for more details, you must upgrade to any of the plans according to your needs.

      It has professional and Enterprise plans, available for 1, 2 and 3 years. Professional plan starts from $299 per year, and Enterprise begins from $499 per year. Check for the features of these plans provided below!


      for unlimited evaluation
      $ 0 Free for as long as you want


      for in-house use
      $ 299 Subscription fee


      for client work
      $ 499 Subscription fee

      Users Review

      Let’s see what Users feel about this tool. When we check on top reviewer sites like Trustpilot, Trust Radius, and more, everyone says good about this tool; check the user review below; on average, this tool has 4.6/5 reviews.

      Wrap up

      The SEO PowerSuite stands out as a comprehensive and versatile toolkit for anyone looking to improve their search engine rankings. Boasting powerful features like Rank Tracker, Website Auditor, SEO SpyGlass and LinkAssistant – providing all of the tools required in one convenient place – in addition to in-depth user reviews, pros/cons analysis and pricing plans we discussed in this review – hopefully our in-depth user reviews gave a clear indication of what to expect!

      SEO PowerSuite provides an abundance of resources and insights for both experienced SEO specialists as well as website owners looking to increase their online visibility, helping you meet your goals faster. Though not without its minor drawbacks, its extensive functionality and reasonable cost make it one of the premier tools in any SEO toolbox.

      No matter where you are on your SEO journey, SEO PowerSuite should be on your consideration list. Thanks for joining us today for this review; until next time, stay safe🫡 and stay tuned😁. Peace out✌️.

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