Last Updated: February 11, 2024 Review – An Accurate Rank Tracker?

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    SEO specialists and SEO tools

    SEO specialist have one of the unique (and  hard) jobs to do. If you compare them with other traditional jobs like 9-5, most people’s week starts on Mondays and ends on Fridays. They usually leave their office around 5:00 p.m. Every day. But, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) work is very different. 

    An SEO professional works long hours, from dawn to dusk, It’s their responsibility to get the best results. So, when it comes to SEO and link building, the more, the better. 

    (well, don’t forget quality, of course!)

    It means that there’s a lot of work to do and many performance goals to meet for an SEO specialist. Their tasks  range from new link and keyword opportunities, to website optimization, to backlinks management. Other things like content development and social media are also included in this list. 

    Creating a website is not a problem, but managing and optimizing it to get results? That’s a hard task. 

    It would be an understatement to say that SEO professionals have a lot to do!

    They need tools to help them get through the day (and night) if they want to stay sane. So, it’s important to try new tools if they look promising. 

    We tried one such SEO tool; Nightwatch to test, and here we are giving you an honest review so you can get to know it better. Also, you can check out our other SEO tools list too. 

    Table of Contents
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      What is Nightwatch?

      A snapshot of homepage.

      Nightwatch elevates your SEO game, with precise data and keywords tracking. It helps your view and analyze real-time rankings of your website form any location in the world. 

      In terms of keyword tracking, Nightwatch has accessibility to a large number of Google Data Centers, which allows them to get extremely accurate results.

      Through Nightwatch, you can monitor keyword rankings for both mobile and desktop devices using organic search results as well as local map results.

      Nightwatch has a streamlined, structured UI that makes its complex features accessible and visually appealing. This is one of its uniqueness that makes it better than many other SEO tracking tools. 

      If you are an SEO virtual assistant or a specialist Nightwartch is the tool for you. 

      Nightwatch has some beneficial features like  broad keyword filtering tools, the ability to swiftly arrange and separate keywords into various groups. 

      We are going to discuss all these features and more in this Nightwatch review. 

      So, keep reading.

      Features of Nightwatch

      Image illustrates the Features of Nightwatch.

      Nightwatch offers these SEO services; 

      Let’s see the each feature in detail and how well they perform.

      Rank tracking

      Image illustrates the Rank Tracking feature of Nightwatch.

      The primary feature of Nightwatch is to monitor and analyze the keywords ranking.

      Let’s have a look at the feature in detail with the help of graphics.  

      Daily Rank Updates

      Nightwatch updates the ranking data for all of your plans every day. 

      Nightwatch’s Starter plan is among the most cost-effective plans currently available on the market when it comes to keyword rank tracking. It provides daily ranking updates with a high level of accuracy, for a number of different search engines and area’s.

      Overview of Nightwatch Panels

      You can use Nightwatch’s overview panels (rank tracking projects) to get an immediate snapshot of your data and performance. 

      A snapshot of Nightwatch's overview panels.

      Keyword Average Position Overview Panel

      A snapshot of Nightwatch's average position overview panel.

      This is precisely what it sounds like; the total number of ranks is summed up, and then that total is divided by the total number of keywords that are being tracked. 
      In simple word, Rank is divided by the keywords (Sum of Rank/Number of  Keywords) to keep the track of the position.

      The keyword average position overview is a great feature to see how your keywords are performing on the search engine results page (SERP). It’s also useful for finding out which pages you should be focusing on and what content you need to improve.
      To access this feature, click on the “Overview” tab at the top of the Nightwatch dashboard. You can then select any keyword from the list or use the dropdown menu to choose all keywords.

      Expect to have a poor average position if you are constantly adding new targets that still require work. 

      The good score is typically the result of simply tracking the terms which are currently ranking well. And at the same time, to get a proper idea of overtime growth you should never add or remove existing keywords otherwise it may affect the overall ranking.

      So, it’s a cool feature, but you should not take it too seriously when analyzing your data.

      What is more interesting, though, is that by dividing up your keywords into several categories, you can sidestep the objections raised about the average position data. One of the benefits of this is that it restores the value of average position data, which is the majority of what we’re looking for in a rank monitoring tool. 

      It helps you to develop subsets of keywords such as pillar content, branded content, and others that should not be in a state of constant fluctuation. 

      To put it another way, you have the ability to isolate the background noise and maintain a tiny canary group that reports to you whenever something potentially actionable has occurred.

      Keyword Distribution Overview Panel

      This panel displays the number of keywords that have a ranking in one of the following four categories: top 3, 10, and 100, or no rank. 

      Again, this number also depends on how often you add new keywords to track.  This might make the metric appear to be less spectacular than it actually is if you are not strategic about your keywords entries.

      But, it can also be very useful if you want to get a quick glance of which keywords are ranking close to the first results and, as a result, you might want to put your efforts to increase rankings even further.

      A snapshot of Nightwatch's keyword distribution panel.

      In addition, the dashboard contains tabs for traffic (if you link it to Google Analytics) and backlinks. But, you don’t need to use any of these features. As I mentioned in the introduction that we use a rank tracker for very particular reasons. We are using other tools that are capable of performing these tasks on our behalf. That being said, Nightwatch can be an all-in-done dashboard that could provide you not only rank tracking and positions, but backlinks and traffic data too under the same panel.

      Search Visibility Overview Panel

      A snapshot of Nightwatch's search visibility overview panel.

      Now, comes the Search Visibility panel. There are three types of metrics in this panel:

      • Indexed pages
      • Search visibility %– Nightwatch allocates 100% to rank #1, with the remainder according to CTR levels (below). This perplexing indicator shows how prominent your site is.
      • Click potential – How many clicks you’ll get depending on CTR estimations.
      A snapshot of Nightwatch's indexed pages overview panel.
      Nightwatch indexed pages overview
      A snapshot of Nightwatch's CTR estimate panel.
      CTR estimates
      A snapshot of Nightwatch's keyword ranking table.
      Keyword Ranking Table

      As in the case of top 3, top 10 and top 100 data, these features can be helpful to see the top performing pages and where you should prioritize your optimization.

      Multiple Search Engines

      With this feature, you are able to monitor the relevant keyword rankings using Nightwatch on:

      • DuckDuck Go
      • Google
      • Yahoo
      • Google Places
      • YouTube
      • Bing

      It is a unique capability for a keyword monitoring tools to monitor Bing and DuckDuckGo simultaneously.

      You can track rankings on both desktop computers and mobile devices. You are able to watch all these non-local organic rankings plus local rankings wherever your Google business listing shows since Google offers respectively Google and Google Places. Non-local rankings may be seen on Google.

      You can also keep an eye on the rankings for specific areas e.g. region, area, and even zip code. Because of this feature Nightwatch is a perfect tool for rank tracking for local companies and to monitor their competitors  certain regions.

      Ranks in various types of SERPs

      Nightwatch gives you result on different types of SERPs. You may choose a column in the keyword list to display a dropdown menu of available metrics. You can then monitor different SERP elements such as feature snippets, picture carousel, & knowledge panels, and how your pages rank for the same.

      There’s also a Possibilities metric, which displays prospective SERP features for a specific term. In other words, potential SERP opportunities to optimize and a great add-on, if you are looking for a tool that does more than just plain keyword tracking.

      Various Filtering Methods.

      One of Nightwatch’s best features is the flexibility of its dynamic filtering. 

      There are two types of keyword filtering;

      1) Rapid (Quick Filter)

      Quick filters such as keyword tags, localities, and search engines can be used to quickly filter the results.

      2) Sophisticated (Advanced filter). 

      Using advanced filters, you can store different representations of your term table based on any statistic. It’s possible to segregate keyword ranks by various metrics like search engine, device, location, etc. 

      Competitor Tracking

      A snapshot of teh dashboard of NightWatch's competitors tracking feature.

      If you want to keep an eye on what your enemies…ehm, competitors are doing, this feature is for you. 

      One of the most impressive aspects of Nightwatch is its ability to aggregate stats from several keyword groups and websites.  By using a grid view on your dashboard, you can keep tabs on current trends, tracked keywords and competition.

      A snapshot of several keywords tracking for different websites in Competitors tracking dashboard.

      Keyword Discovery

      Nightwatch sends out alerts whenever new keywords are discovered to aid in keyword research. Based on your website’s growth and competition, market analysis, as well as Google Search Console, if integrated, Nightwatch provides you with a list of relevant keywords which can be  great opportunity for your website.

      Site Auditing

      Image illustrates the site auditing feature in Nightwatch.

      Conduct a fast-loading audit in Nightwatch on either of your monitored websites and identify optimization concerns on all pages as well as the health status of various pages. 

      You can also compare crawl screenshots and results to see how your site’s speed has improved over time as you repair problems reported by the Audit.

      All of the potential SEO factors and common issues are covered by the audit, such as H1 & H2 tags, missing-image alt tags, page size,  internal linking, indexed pages, meta tags, and broken links are just a few examples we could mention.

      Backlink Monitoring

      Image illustrates the Backlink monitoring feature in Nightwatch.

      Creating backlinks is a huge factor when it comes to SEO, but keeping track of them is as important. For different reasons backlinks could be lost, and a lost backlink often harms more than a newly gained one.

      Backlink monitoring provided by Nightwatch makes it simple to keep tabs on all your incoming links. Also, the links are filtered by quality. Find out which links are helpful to the page rankings and when they will be detrimental to the page rankings, and you should consider disavowing them

      When activated, the backlink monitoring summary section will provide data such as the number of active backlinks, the variety of those backlinks, the quality of those backlinks, as well as new and lost connections.

      In addition to that, it offers detailed metrics about your backlinks: trust flow and citation flow, in addition to page & domain authority.

      Integration & Reporting

      Image illustrates the integration and reporting feature in Nightwatch.

      Nightwatch can be integrated with Google search consoleGoogle Analytics, and Google Data studio.

      By using the data from Google, Nightwatch provides you with user-friendly reports, on-site audits, rankings, and other forms of search engine optimization data. You have the ability to both generate site-wide detailed reports or on specific website URLs.

      Checkout complete SEO setup in Nightwatch below!

      PROs and CONs

      Pricing Plan

      Nightwatch pricing is very unique and different than all other tool. It offers a 14-day free trial.

      Its paid plan depends on how many keywords you need to track. Starting from 250 keywords (costs $32 if you select yearly subscription and $39 if you choose monthly subscription) to 10,000+ keywords (costs $559 if you select yearly subscription and $699 if you choose monthly subscription). 

      So in other words, it only limits you on number of keywords tracking, the the features and tools will be the same for any subscription.

      A snapshot of Nightwatch pricing page.

      Nightwatch allows users to test out its rank tracker tool risk-free for a period of 14 days.

      Users Review

      Let’s examine what those who have already used the service have to say about the product. has 4.8 out of 5 rating on Capterra. It shows  its high quality

      Nightwatch Overall Rating

      Good 85%
      Top-tier 93%
      14-days Free trial 96%


      What is Nightwatch used for?

      Nightwatch is an excellent SEO tool, it offers keyword tracking, backlink monitoring, Google analytics Integration, SEO Auditing and more.

      What are all the Alternatives for Nightwatch?

      Does Nightwatch provide API?

      Yes, Nightwatch provides API.

      Does Nightwatch supports Google Integration?

      Yes, as mentioned above, Nightwatch can be integrated with Google search console, Google Analytics, and Google Data studio.

      Nightwatch is Accurate? Is it Legit?

      Yes, nightwatch is accurate, and it is legit. I’ve used it myself, and I’m satisfied with the results.

      Our Verdict

      Image illustrates SM90 verdict of Nightwatch.

      We highly recommend Nightwatch to anybody searching for an economical, accurate, and versatile rank tracker tool with additional functionality for tracking several keywords or places, and discovering keyword opportunities, website issues or lost backlinks in the meanwhile.

      For local SEO initiatives especially, Nightwatch is a fantastic tool, as it is able to track local keywords across many cities, towns, or zip codes, making of Nightwatch a perfect use case for a franchise or a local service area firm.

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