Last Updated: April 20, 2023

Vidyard Review & Speed Test – Is It A Reliable Video Hosting?

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    Vidyard is a service designed to help businesses with tasks related to video content. Whether it be corporate videos, video testimonials, or video marketing, Vidyard helps make the process significantly easier and offers many professional templates for people who don’t have much experience in the field, or time.

    Vidyard has been around since 2007 and is based out of Toronto, Canada. They offer a variety of different plans that cater to everyone, from small business owners to large corporations with multiple employees.

    But, the market and the video content delivery is not the same as 10 years ago. Hundreds of video hosting platforms are available, so is Vidyard really worth it? What are its pros and cons? And how does it compare to the alternatives? Let’s start our review, because today, we will answer those questions and much more.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Vidyard?

      Vidyard is a cloud based video platform which offers a wide range of tools to help businesses market their products online. It was launched by a team of professionals who were frustrated with the lack of quality video creation tools available in the market. Today, Vidyard is one of the leading platforms for creating high-quality videos. It provides everything you need to create engaging content and promote your business through video.

      When to use Vidyard?

      Suppose your company is launching a new video content and they are seeking to host the video online to get more traffic, then you are at the right place. 

      Vidyard will provide you with an optimized platfrom to enhance your videos to reach many users. As we tested, and will explain later why, this service could really meet your standard. 

      Also if you are looking for a reliable and branded alternative to YouTube, this is one of our top suggestions. 

      When not to Use Vidyard?

      We know when to use Vidyard, and now we will see when not to use Vidyard, to save you some time. 

      If you are new to video hosting and content, and don’t know anything about this video hosting, remember, you are in trouble

      Yes, because in Vidyard, it can be tricky to some people to understand how the service works. 

      We could say that Vidyard has lots of customization options, which in some cases could enhance the experience of a navigated user but, in other cases, it will just create confusion while hosting a video could be a simpler process.

      If you are looking for more simple and maybe cheap alternatives, then keep reading as we will also talk about that.

      But remember, there might be different rules, options and regulations. Still, don’t worry; you have a support team to help you. 

      If you face any trouble regarding hosting or services, you can connect with them and explain all your queries. They are always ready to reply to your questions, as we pleasantly witnessed while trying Vidyard.

      Features of vidyard

      1. Recording: Vidyard lets you easily record videos with a single click. You can even use the desktop app to record videos.
      2. Video Player: You are also able to generate your own customised video player page using the Vidyard video player. This is an excellent method for giving your video player the appearance and feel of a professional product. The Vidyard video player is one of the most powerful features in Vidyards software. You can create a unique video player for each of your videos. This gives your videos a professional look and feel.
      3. CTA: These are a great ways to add a sense of importance to a video. They give viewers an opportunity to contact you.
      4. Analytics: Vidyards analytics allows you to collect data about how many people watch your videos and how long they watch them. It will help you understand what works best for your audience.
      5. Events: Events allow you to add more information to your videos, such a form or link. This helps you engage more with the audience and get them to contact your company.
      6. Vidyard Video Marketing Software is Easy To Use: Creating an embed code is very easy with the help of Vidyards. It saves time and allows you to troubleshoot any issues that your clients may encounter. It also allows you to share video insights across organizations.
      7. Dynamic Fields: Create videos with dynamic fields is an awesome feature for inserting a person‘s name or SL booking into the videos. With these unique features, Vidyard is the top video marketing software in the industry today.

      Vidyard's Website Speed Test Results

      We always make every effort to provide you with as much detailed information about the video host services as possible. 

      As a result, we checked real website speed, as we believe the speed of a website is a factor we should consider, as a metric of how serious and reliable a business is. Even more, when video hosting is the service offered.

      We do this by utilizing prominent free download speed measurement services. If you are interested in another website, you can use these techniques to measure the loading time on Average.

      It’s a fantastic outcome. Everything on the Website loads rapidly, as you can see. Exactly what we’ve been looking for from Vidyard.

      Vidyard's Uptime Guarantees

      Let’s talk about their video hosting performance.

      The ease of access of your resource is another indicator to consider when selecting a provider. For your clips to be available to users at all times, the hosting must be dependable, and its servers must be protected from outside influences.

      In short, their servers should not experience downtime or performance issues.

      We couldn’t find any specific information about Vidyard Uptime Guarantees on their official Website, but the support team assured us that the videos would always be accessible. It’s a nice promise, but how will it play out in practice? That might remain a mystery…or maybe not.

      We set up an automatic ping for a week on a hosted video, at an interval of each 30 minutes and, surprisingly, we never experience a video hosting server downtime.

      Even though this does not mean that the uptime and performance of the video was 100% the whole time nor forever, it is a promising and positive result.

      Vidyard's Video Hosting

      Pricing of Vidyard

      Let’s take a glance at the features of video hosting plans. There is a free plan available here. It includes the following:

      • Unlimited Video Creation
      • Recording Time: Up to 1 Hour
      • Unrestricted Video Uploads

      More expensive packages include extra features that will assist you in optimizing your videos for search engines.

      People will appreciate more the way you deliver video content, and your site’s ranking will achieve better positioning as a result.

      The most highly-priced plan allows for five user seats. The monthly fee is $1250. Among other things, you will have your own assistance expert who will answer your doubts 24 hours a day, seven days a week. A plan tailored specifically for big businesses!

      Security Features

      Your videos must be safeguarded. An elevated security measure is critical for both your company and your users. Let’s take a look at the security features Vidyard offers.

      • Password-protected videos
      • Access requests
      • Playback limitations and single sign-on (SSO)

      These features are sufficient in most cases to protect your clips, and a benefit that Vidyard can boast in comparison to other providers

      If security of your content is essential to you, don’t hesitate to contact support to discuss additional security options.

      Vidyard Integrations

      Vidyard has integrations with all major CRM systems including Salesforce, Zoho, SugarCRM, Marketo, HubSpot, etc. This makes it easier for marketers to manage their campaigns. 

      Vidyard Chrome Extension

      The Vidyard Chrome Extension allows you to make changes directly from the browser without having to log into the website. This means that you don’t have to leave your computer while making changes. You can access the Vidyard dashboard right away, and make changes as needed.

      If you are a new user, we recommend using the Chrome extension until you get used to it. It is very easy to use, but there may be some learning curve with this tool. If you are already familiar with the Vidyard dashboard, then you can skip this step.

      How to install the Vidyard chrome extension?

      1. On Vidyard Website click on “Add to chrome” button.
      2. It will redirectly to the extension page, ther eclick on ” Add to Chrome.”
      3. Select the extension and click on the “install” button.
      4. Once installed, you should see the Vidyard icon on the toolbar.
      5. Click on the Vidyard icon and select “Dashboard”.
      6. A pop up window will appear asking if you want to sign-in to your account.
      7. Enter your email address and password.
      8. Click on “Sign In”.
      9. You will now see the Vidyard Dashboard.

      Vidyard Support

      Users can contact customer service to solve problems or obtain detailed information. We tested the response time and were able to get a company specialist in just a few minutes, all the times we tried.

      As mentioned on the Website, we also looked into how quickly the support team responds during the weekends. Furthermore, we did not receive a response on their day off.

      So here are a few advanced customer service options, depending on your pricing tier:

      • Priority Support is available in more expensive plans.
      • Onboarding Basics and Customization
      • Dedicated Manager

      Quick Facts about Vidyard

      Characteristic Fact
      Bandwidth Unlimited
      Platforms Available Chrome, Android, ios, Edge
      Advanced Features Video Calls to Action, Automatic Transcription, Video sharing pages, Embed videos, Online player.

      Positives & Negatives

      Vidyard Users Review

      Let’s see how the users feel while using the Vidyard service. We compared and analyzed the user reviews on Capterra, one of the most popular and trusted sites in reviewing, and Vidyard scored 4.4 stars out of 5, which is really a good score which confirms our positive impression about the service. 

      As you see below, this specific user is happy with the service provided by the Vidyard, and she says, “Vidyard is great and definitely a tool that all sales people should be using daily.”


      Does Vidyard has Chrome extension?

      Yes, It has. You can download the extension directly from their website.

      Is Vidyard Free to use?

      Yes, Vidyard has a Free plan, check out their Pro pricing plans available.

      Can you download video from Vidyard?

      Yes, You can download videos in different resolutions.

      How to share video in Vidyard?

      You can share the link of the video or share via Email by integrating Vidyard.

      Can we record using Vidyard?

      Yes, by using chrome extension  you can record both screen and camera simultaneously.

      What are the alternatives of Vidyard?

      Vidyard Overall Rating

      Good 89%
      Great 92%
      Free 100%


      We recommend Vidyard for product demonstrations, explanations, marketing, and sales in video content. Publish your content here, and they’ll store and process it as needed. It’s a fantastic platform with a high degree of reliability and options.

      Suppose you require complete control over the player controls and the look and feel of the embedded video, with Vidyard you can do that. 

      Moreover, as we mentioned earlier, Vidyard seems more of a complex hosting video hosting tool and if you are simply looking for a branded player, other platforms might be a better fit.

      In any case, it’s a trustable tool that completes all of its tasks. You may use Vidyard to host videos with the free beginner’s plan in order to test the service’s quality. It is a fantastic opportunity that many other video hosting services do not have.

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