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Top 5 Sites to Buy Instagram Mentions

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    For years, growing an Instagram account has been the goal of thousands of businesses and companies on the platform, which is why a wide variety of alternatives have born, such as paying for followers… or mentions, a trending strategy used to increase Instagram, awareness, clicks and followers.

    But, if you buy Instagram mentions you want to do it right. It is important to not buy spammy services, but rather quality and targeted ones, in order to actually see an Instagram growth.

    And, for you, we tested and reviewed some of the most popular Instagram mentions services. So read on to discover the best and safest sites for mentions.

    Instagram Mentions is a trending strategy used by famous brands

    It is no secret that growing an Instagram profile successfully requires time and effort, especially if we are talking about a business account for your business or brand. But are there additional alternatives? The good news is, yes. Buying mentions on Instagram is one of the current trends best hidden by famous brands and influencers, and its effectiveness is guaranteed as long as we go to the right site.

    If you are reading this, then you’ve been considering the idea of paying for mentions, and good news is that you’ve come to the right place. We will now talk about the best sites with which you can use to grow your accounts! Let’s get started 😉

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      Below, a quick table view of some top providers, in case you are in a hurry! That being said, we suggest you to scroll down to read our detailed review and tips, since each provider has different features.

      Service Pricing Rating Website
      MrFollower 0.013$/mention 8.8/10 Visit here
      MediaMister 33$/2.5k 8.6/10 Visit here
      BuySellShoutouts 29,99$/2.5k 8,4/10 Visit here

      Where to Buy Instagram Mentions?

      If you want to promote your posts, your account and increase the engagement level, then buying Instagram mentions it’s the best and most under-the-radar strategy. 

      You just need to choose a package that suits you best and then order yourself as many as you need for as many profiles as required. In this article, we will see the top 5 sites to buy Instagram Mentions, tested by our team.

      We have tested the delivery rate, the targeting and the results.


      We have decided to start our list with GetAFollower since it is a website where you can buy Mentions on Instagram and different interactions within the platform easily.

      The big plus about GetAFollower, is that they can deliver mentions upon your selected targeted list.

      Service features

      • Get Instagram mentions by Instagram account followers
      • You can also get Instagram mentions using a customized list of followers
      • These Instagram mentions can be purchased from 1000 to 5000 quantity
      • Delivery can take anywhere from 1 to 5 days. 
      • You can expect top-quality mentions from high-quality accounts

      The process to buy mentions on Instagram with this service is quite simple. 

      1. Choose the number of mentions you want to receive.
      2. Enter your Instagram username and Instagram post link, then proceed to complete your payment information. Eventually, include also your targeted list
      3. Start receiving your new mentions within the duration you have chosen!

      Pricing plan

      Below, discover their pricing plans, based also on the targeting method.
      • Instagram Account followers list – For 2500 Mentions in 1 to 2 days, it will cost $33
      • For 5000 Mentions in 2 to 4 days, it will cost $63
      • Same pricing and quantities apply to custom mentions, meaning based on a list of usernames given by you.

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      Media Mister

      Media Mister is a company that offers social media marketing services. They offer a complete range of services for major networks such as Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, and Facebook. Their website claims that they have more than 50,000 happy customers, and, looking and their organic traffic data, that is surely true. With MediaMister, a big social media company, you surely go safe.

      By ordering 2500 mentions, we tested their Instagram mentions. To ensure we were satisfied, they provided 2874 mentions, so a bit more. Their Instagram Mention service had an above-average sticky rate of 52%, and we have seen an increase in our test accounts visits and followers (3 new followers).

      On top of that, Media Mister provides quality Instagram Mention packages at affordable prices. The company ranks high on our list of top vendors because of its quick turnaround, good stability, and superior service.

      Pricing Plan

      Now, the pricing plan and quantity is exactly the same as GetAFollower. We believe it’s either a marketing strategy or they use the same partner, since they are two different companies. Pricing, are as follow:
      • Instagram Account follower mentions – For 2500 Mentions in 1 to 2 days, it will cost $33.
      • It will cost $63 to get 5000 Mentions done in 2-4 days.
      • Custom – For 2500 Mentions within one to two working days, it will cost $33.
      • Custom – It will cost $63 to get 5000 Mentions done in 2-4 days.

      Positive & Negative



      The power of social media marketing is no more evident than on Instagram. If you want to get ahead of the game and make sure you’re popular with your followers, buy Instagram mentions. 

      And MRPOPULAR can provide you with up to 16,000 Instagram mentions, guaranteeing instant popularity with your target audience. Not only does it have Instagram services, but It also has various Social media platforms like Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, Youtube, VK, TT, Facebook, Telegram, etc, which we also tested in other situations (and published the results in our blog) and we were happy. 

      Their Instagram mentions make no difference, and the results were up to our expectations. It’s one of the leading mentions providers, riding with the trend. The best thing is, you can get your mentions at the right time without any delay.

      Service features

      Not only does it provide Instagram Mentions, but also it has all sorts of Instagram services. Some of the other services are mentioned below, which are quite unique

      • Instagram Saves
      • IG mass Likes
      • IG Reels
      • Auto Likes
      • Live video Viewers

      Pricing Plan

      Basically, it has three comvenient plans, based on the quality of the accounts used to mention.

      1. Low Quality – The plan starts from $0.0131
      2. Medium Quality – The plan starts from $ 0.0276
      3. High Quality – The plan starts from $ 0.0420

      Positive & Negative



      Let’s not be fooled by the site’s simplicity; has managed to stand out in several internationally recognized media thanks to the plans and prices it offers to users of the platform who seek to pay for mentions.

      On top of that, this is a site specialized into mentions and shoutouts. 

      This site offers five packages:

      • Five-thousand mentions for $ 29.99.
      • Ten thousand mentions for $ 49.99.
      • Twenty-five thousand mentions for $ 124.99.
      • Fifty thousand mentions for $ 249.99.
      • One hundred thousand mentions for $ 499.99.

      By purchasing any of these packages, one thing is sure: The Instagram mentions will reach your account and provide real value and growth.

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      Bulk Social Fan Shop

      Now, our 5th pick but as they say, last but not least. Because Bulk Social Fan not only does it have an Instagram mentions service, but high quality services for any other Instagram purpose, which, as you might remember, we tested in other occasions. 

      But let’s stick to mentions: this site offers high-quality Instagram mentions at an affordable price for users who are just starting on the platform. 

      After completing the payment, the mentions will begin to reach your account in just a few minutes, and, depending on the chosen plan, these will be fully delivered within a period of up to 72 hours to prevent Instagram from registering any suspicious activity on your account. 

      You can filter the targeted users by following a specific Instagram account, Particular hashtags, Particular likes, and you can also get a customized Instagram user list.

      Really, the targeting can’t get any better with this provider.

      Pricing Plan

      If you are willing to buy Instagram mentions from, then you need to connect with customer support to choose your plan. They are offering customized plans for every user.

      Positive & Negative


      Best sites to buy instagram comments (OUR PICK)



      Why Should I Buy Instagram Mentions?

      The main reason you should buy Instagram mentions is to get more traffic, followers, and popularity. With the right amount of Instagram mentions, you will have a lot of people following your account and checking out your posts.

      How do I mention someone on Instagram? 

      To mention someone, type @ followed immediately by their username (e.g. “magnificent photo, @yourname). Don’t include a space between @ and the username. The person you mention will get notification in their Activity letting them know.

      Are my Comments and Mentions hidden on my Post?

      If a person with a private profile mentions someone who isn’t one of their approved followers on a photo or video, the person mentioned will see a portion of the comment in the “You” section of Activity. They may receive a push notification (if their notification settings are enabled), but they will be unable to access the private photo or video.
      If a user with a private profile comments on a photo uploaded by a public Instagrammer, their comment will be visible and their username will be clickable below the photo.
      When you use Instagram Direct to send a photo or video to a specific group of people, only those people can see the comments or mentions associated with that photo or video.

      How Does This Instagram Mention Service Help My Business?

      Assume you sell handbags and you know where your target demographic buys them presently. Why not forward your Handbag offer to people you know are interested in similar items? These Instagram mention services drive your ideal customer to your post. “Why am I not buying this product now and why haven’t I heard of it before?”, you wonder.


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