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Top 10 Instagram Bots And Growth Services (Working In 2024)

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    Do you want to know more about Instagram bots and find out which are the best bots for auto-like and increase followers on this social network?

    In this guide, we will discover the 10 best Instagram bots existing on the market in 2024. Apart from that, we will analyze the functioning of Instagram bots, the types of software currently available, and the advantages and risks related to the world of Instagram automation.

    Whether you are interested in growing your personal profile to become an influencer, or if you want to give an extra push and automate the management of a corporate Instagram account, in this article, you will find everything you need 😉

    Below, you will find a table that presents you with the Top 3 best Instagram bots of 2024 To discover all 10, continue reading!

    Table of Contents
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      Best Instagram bots of 2024

      We’ve tried almost all the Instagram bots available on the market from downloadable software to browser-accessible bots to even the most innovative organic growth services. The result of all these tests is the ranking you are about to read, which presents the best Instagram bots sorted by power, security, convenience, and functionality.

      Below, our TOP 3 of the suggested bots and growth services.

      Bot Pricing Rating Website
      Inflact 54$/month 8.8/10 Visit here
      InstaGrow 107$/month 8.4/10 Visit here
      IBF 12$/month 8/10 Visit here

      And now, time for the full list of the best Instagram bots of 2024, with our review and the con’s and pro’s for each one of them.

      1) Inflact

      Inflact (formerly Ingramer) is designed for those who want to maximize a web-based bot’s potential and versatility (bot accessible via a browser).

      You will be able to completely automate follow/unfollow, like, comment, direct, and post scheduling operations with Inflact. All with the option of carefully selecting your target via the so-called Pro Targeting Filters.

      Furthermore, Inflact remains constantly updated and takes advantage of the most cutting-edge growth techniques. It recently introduced mass viewing of stories, which is currently one of the most effective methods for growing an Instagram account.

      All of this power comes at a price that is far from cheap. However, the quality/price ratio remains exceptional, in our opinion.

      When you first activate the promo package, the Inflact bot will be in safe mode. It means that the promotion speed will be slower at first to avoid arousing suspicion in Instagram’s eyes. Following that, the speed will be gradually increased until it reaches the regime’s speed.

      Thanks to this Instagram bot, you can expect an increase in followers (between 1000 and 3000 per month), as well as an increase in organic reach, likes, and comments on the content you publish.

      The standard package costs 54 dollars per month for one account. If you buy it for multiple accounts, you can get a discount. Additional services, such as automatic direct messages and post scheduling, must be purchased separately. 

      PROs and CONs

      OUR RATING? - 8.8/10

      2) InstaGrow

      In our opinion, the best Instagram account management and growth service on the market are InstaGrow.

      The company is Italian, and its team of experts is available to work on your profile daily to ensure consistent growth in terms of followers and real likes, quality, and target with the sector you work in.

      The number of followers you can get with the InstaGrow service ranges from 1000 to 3000 per month. There are three packages to choose from:

      • Basic, at the cost of 99 euros per month. (~108)
      • Elite, at the cost of 149 euros per month.(~163)
      • Platinum, at the cost of 199 euros per month.(~217)
      • Diamond, at the cost of 249 euros per month.(~272)

      Because you are paying for real social media managers to manage your account, the cost is negligible, albeit higher than the cost of a bot that you must set up and manage yourself.

      Furthermore, InstaGrow provides you with all of your private growth statistics and advanced advice on optimizing your profile. All with the option of maintaining constant contact with one of the operators working on your account via WhatsApp.

      If you purchase the Platinum package, you will also receive two e-books on Instagram growth and earning strategies as a free bonus, with a total value of 88 euros. We must say that we read them and thought they were excellent.

      We’ve been using InstaGrow for our business project, and We’re delighted with the service’s effectiveness and customer support via WhatsApp.

      PROs and CONs

      OUR RATING? 8.8/10

      3) FollowAdder

      Here we are, talking about the best Instagram bot for geeks!

      FollowAdder is a software to download on your pc, so it guarantees you a margin of control over your profile and a level of performance that is difficult to reach with bots that browsers can manage. Here are all the functions it has:

      • Auto like
      • Follow and Unfollow
      • Planning of posts to be published
      • Automatic private messages
      • Search for users and photos by hashtag
      • Search for users and images by geolocation

      It is a powerful, complete, stable, cheap bot with excellent customer support, many years of service, and tens of thousands of satisfied users.

      Having to download and install it on your PC will take some time to configure it the first time and get familiar with it, but I assure you that any person with a minimum of computer skills will use it effectively.

      Regarding the price, FollowAdder provides for the payment of a monthly subscription equal to 24 dollars per month for a single account or 48 dollars per month for ten accounts (recommended option for social media managers).

      We highly recommend it also because it is one of the most potent bots ever. If you want to know more, check our complete honest review about followadder here!

      PROs and CONs

      OUR RATING? 8.8/10

      4) Instagram Bot Follower

      In our opinion, Instagram Bot Follower (IBF) is another excellent Instagram bot for the “web-based” category. We prefer it to all the others because it has a truly exceptional quality/price ratio.

      It has recently renewed its platform and its packages, introducing exciting new features such as the so-called “HyperVote “or the possibility of interacting with many polls, quizzes, and questions included in the Instagram stories of other users.

      Besides the HyperVote, IBF also offers all the other essential features present in the other Instagram bots, such as auto-follow, auto-unfollow, auto-DM, auto-like, etc. And the ability to monitor in real-time the performance you are obtaining thanks to an advanced data analysis system.

      What we like most about Instagram Bot Follower is its immediacy: to set it up, it took me less than half the time it took me to set up Followadder. And this is no small thing since, with IBF, you have the convenience of managing everything from the browser without having to install anything on your PC! The graphical interface is also charming and intuitive.

      As for the price, the packages offered are currently 4, and the cheapest starts at 11.99 euros per month (~$13), which is very little for what this bot provides.

      If you want to try IBF without paying the monthly subscription, you can take a 24-hour trial for only 0.99 euros.

      In any case, the first step to discover how this bot works and all its potential is to create a free account on their platform. You can do it, we recommend it, Plus, check our IBF review here!

      PROs and CONs


      5) Stellaton Media

      Stellation Media is a so-called mass story viewer bot, i.e., those bots that use as their primary strategy to grow your account. The display of hundreds of thousands of Instagram stories published by other users attracts their attention and pushes them to follow you. Or to interact with your profile.

      There are many bots of this type, but Stellation Media is currently the best and most powerful of all, so much so that it can allow you to view up to 400,000 stories in a single day! Beyond that, it provides most of all the other features typical of an Instagram bot:

      • Automatic direct messages;
      • Auto like;
      • Auto-follow / Unfollow;
      • Post planning;
      • Advanced analytics.

      The service price is higher than that of a standard Instagram bot. Still, the growth you will be able to achieve will also be significantly higher, so I recommend that you try Stellation Media’s “light” or “standard” plan for a month. You will not regret it!

      PROs and CONs


      6) FollowPlanner

      Even FollowPlanner is an excellent bot to Instagram, which offers slightly different features than the other tools listed in this article.

      The strong point of FollowPlanner is undoubtedly the ability to manage multiple Instagram accounts simultaneously, planning and automating the publication of photos and stories. This feature makes the bot attractive to all social media managers.

      At the same time, with FollowPlanner, you can also:

      • Remove inactive followers;
      • Interact with your followers;
      • Increase followers;
      • Send automatic messages;
      • Manage posts and comments.

      And you will have it all for a meager cost: with only 9 dollars a month, you can manage up to 5 accounts. The intermediate package costs $ 19 a month and allows you to use up to 10 accounts, while the one called agency costs $32 a month, and you can manage up to 50 accounts with it!

      Therefore, I consider it an excellent solution for social media managers or anyone particularly interested in fully automating the management of their Instagram account. You can also take advantage of a 7-day free trial period. Interested to know more? Check Followplanner Review here!

      PROs and CONs


      7) Upleap

      Upleap is another excellent Instagram account management service.

      In practice, your profile will be managed 100%  by an account manager specialized in growth techniques on Instagram. As input, you will only have to provide profiles similar to you and the hashtags to base your promotion.

      The cost starts at  $69  with the basic profile. Starting from the intermediate profile, the technique of massive visualization of stories is added, which will allow you to have faster organic growth. In addition, you can get a discount by deciding to purchase an annual subscription.

      Overall another excellent service. The advantage of relying on a natural person and not a bot translates into greater security against possible blocks that your profile may encounter.

      Finally, We remind you that you have the opportunity to try the service for free for ten days, to get an idea of its convenience. Check Upleap review

      PROs and CONs


      8) InstaZood

      Instazood also know as Izood is a very popular bot, among the most used globally for the web-based category, and offers a reasonably cheap basic package ($ 11.99 per month).

      Additional functions (comments, posting, auto DM) are not included in the basic package and require the purchase of a different module.

      It is pretty easy and comfortable to use, even via smartphone, as it has a graphic interface optimized for each device.

      Instead, as regards the bot’s power, it must be said that Instazood certainly does not represent the best existing solution. Sometimes it is not very stable and guarantees lower results than other more powerful bots like FollowAdder.

      We consider it a great tool to start with for those inexperienced with Instagram bots and have little money to spend. At a later time, it is always possible to switch to a more advanced solution.

      Again, you have a 3-day free trial period before making the payment.

      PROs and CONs


      9) Use Viral

      Use viralnot only cares about the security of your account on Instagram, but they also want to help you grow your engagement organically.

      They’re a no-frills kind of Instagram bot, and they can mimic human behavior on the social media giant so that you don’t get in trouble with the gram itself.

      There’s a lot to be said for Use viral with its affordable pricing and great services. Depends on the service you pick the pricing chnages accordingly!

      We also love that they want to sit down with you and figure out the perfect Instagram engagement strategy for your account.

      PROs and CONs


      10) Jarvee

      Disclaimer: It’s Closed now!

      Jarvee is a bot that falls into the type of software to download since it must be installed on your PC and configured manually by you.

      I would define it as a natural tool for managing all social media platforms more than an Instagram bot. Given that its potential is extended to all the following platforms:

      • Instagram
      • Facebook
      • Twitter
      • Pinterest
      • LinkedIn
      • Tumblr

      You can add your social profiles and manage them totally from Jarvee, automating the publication of content and actions that lead to a growth of your account (follow, unfollow, likes, comments, DM, etc.)

      Another thing we love about Jarvee is that, unlike FollowAdder, it offers a 5-day free trial period. However, at the end of this period, the price is higher than FollowAdder (this is normal, considering everything it offers).

      Compared to FollowAdder or web-based bots, it is complex to configure, especially if you are not very familiar with the computer.

      we recommend it if you are a social media manager, or in any case if you intend to automatically manage different social profiles of the same project or other Instagram accounts.

      On the other hand, you are only interested in the growth of a single Instagram account; in our opinion, it is not worth buying Jarvee, and we would rely on the other solutions that you find in this article.

      PROs and CONs


      What is an Instagram bot and what is it for?

      An Instagram bot is a program or service that automatically manages specific actions you would otherwise have to perform by hand. These actions are, for instance:

      • Follow or unfollow other profiles (follow and unfollow);
      • Put “Like” on the photos of other users (auto like);
      • Comment on the images and videos of other users;
      • Send private messages to other users (auto DM);
      • Massively view the stories of other users;
      • Automatically respond to questions and surveys;
      • Publish photos and videos at predefined times for you.

      As you can guess, the benefits of automating these tasks and not taking care of them yourself are great. For this reason, for several years, thousands of influencers, social media managers, and digital entrepreneurs have used Instagram bots to save time, find customers or collaborations and improve their online visibility.

      However, the problem with Instagram bots is that they go against the social network regulation since Instagram does not allow the use of external software to automate the various operations that users should perform manually. Excessive automation risks making the experience of other users who come into contact with an account that uses bots less authentic.

      For this reason, starting in the summer of 2019, Instagram developers have embarked on a campaign aimed at countering services (such as Instagram bots) that go against the guidelines. In this sense, the follow/unfollow limits have been decreased to a maximum of 200 per day and 20 per hour.

      If you decide to use an Instagram bot, remember to keep the speed with which you make it perform automatic operations on your account moderate to avoid penalties by Instagram or temporary blocks. If possible, rely on professional and safe bots such as Inflact, which have the so-called initial safe mode, to avoid any problems with the social network.

      The Types Of Instagram Bot

      They are proffering the substantial interest of users in using this type of tool. In recent years, more and more companies have decided to offer their Instagram bot on the market, putting real teams of developers and web marketing experts to work to guarantee a high level of quality and efficiency.

      You must know that creating a tool that interacts with the Instagram application by simulating human behavior is not easy to achieve and requires a significant investment and constant maintenance to keep up with the updates that Instagram releases for its app.

      For these reasons, there are different types of bots on the market, characterized by additional functionality and quality levels. We see below the three main types of Instagram bots currently in operation, with their respective advantages and disadvantages.

      1. Program to Download

      The first type of bot is that of the classic software to download, such as FollowAdder.

      The main feature of these bots is that they are cheap and can be managed directly from your computer. Once you have paid for the service, you can download the program and install it on your PC or a VPS.

      By choosing the latter solution, you can use the bot even when your PC is off in the cloud.

      PS If you are looking for a cheap and safe VPS, I recommend using GreenCloudVPS. You can use in particular the VPSs of the section called “Jarvee Optimized VPS.”

      These bots are usually the cheapest and safest to use but are challenging to set up and manage. If you do not get along well with the computer, I recommend you rely on one of the other two categories of bots that I am about to introduce.

      2. Web-based bot

      Web-based bots are slightly more expensive than programs to download but much more immediate and easier to use.

      All you have to do is choose the site to rely on, make the payment, enter your Instagram account data and set the bot options directly from the service bulletin board.

      You don’t need to download any software or applications to your computer, and it usually takes 10 minutes to set everything up. At any time, you can change the settings, stop the bot’s activity and restart it whenever you want.

      The best bot of this type out of all the ones I have tried is Inflact

      3. Account management services

      The third solution is the so-called account management and growth services, which are increasingly popular due to their convenience and security.
      These companies take charge of the total management of your profile, entrusting it to a team of experts, ensuring rapid growth (of real followers and post interactions), and being consistent with the topics you deal with.
      It is a more expensive solution than the others, but it is worth it if you are serious and have a budget (even a small one) to dedicate every month to Instagram.
      The best service of this kind is called InstaGrow.

      Free Instagram Bots

      In this article, I have introduced you only to professional Instagram bots, which at least offer a few days of the free trial, but which in the end, are always paid.

      But are there any free bots for Instagram?

      If you don’t have any money to invest in your Instagram account each month, it’s expected that you are now asking yourself this question. Unfortunately, the truth is that there are no free Instagram bots of the same level as professional ones.

      At the limit, you can use some free apps for Android, such as ” Followers Assistant “or ” Followers & Unfollowers, “which allow you to perform some basic operations such as:

      • unfollow users who don’t follow you;
      • find out who has stopped following you;
      • perform some fundamental analysis on your account.

      Some of these apps also offer a paid version, which allows you to simulate the follow/unfollow option of an Instagram bot to grow your account, but these are still less powerful and less secure options.

      If you want to increase the number of your Instagram followers, my advice is to rely on an updated and safe tool, which inevitably will also be paid.

      If, on the other hand, you want to unfollow users who don’t follow you, then it may be enough to use a free app like the ones I listed above. 

      Instagram bot: FAQs

      Below, we have decided to schematically summarize some of the most relevant topics of this article and answer the most frequently asked questions about Instagram bots.

      What are Instagram bots, and how do they work?

      Instagram bots are tools that allow you to automate certain operations and processes on Instagram, such as likes, Following/unfollowing a large number of users, sending direct messages, schedule and automatically publishing your photos.

      What is the best Instagram bot of 2024?

      Thanks to its power and ease of use, the best Instagram bot of 2024 for auto like, follow, and unfollow is undoubtedly Inflact

      How much does an Instagram bot cost?

      Inflact costs 54 euros per month for the standard package that offers auto likes, follow, unfollow, and several other advanced features. 

      Am I taking risks using an Instagram bot?

      The use of bots is not a practice well seen by Instagram, so it is possible to run the risk of temporarily blocking the account or shadowban, primarily if you rely on low-quality bots or follow and unfollow settings. Unfollowing is too hard. 

      Which Instagram bots offer a free trial?

      Several Instagram bots offer a free trial period to the customer (usually three days) to allow them to test the service before having to pay. The best bot that provides the free trial is FollowPlanner. 

      What are the best Instagram story viewer bots?

      Recently some Instagram bots have developed an innovative feature: the so-called “mass story viewing,” or the ability to automatically view tens of thousands of Instagram stories of other users, to push them to visit your profile and follow you or like your photo. Stellation Media is currently the most powerful of these bots. 

      Is using an Instagram bot the same as buying Instagram followers and likes?

      No, these are two different practices. Usually, using a bot or a growth service is better, since people decide to follow you naturally and therefore, the engagement on your account will be better and the followers active. If you purchase likes and followers, it’s very likely that they will never engage. with your profile. 😉

      Our Verdict

      Buying followers or likes is a cheaper and faster solution if your main purpose is to increase your profile’s social proof and boost the number of followers. For natural and targeted growth, though, bots and management services are a better pick.

      If you have any more questions, let us know in the comments section!

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