Last Updated: June 10, 2024

Our Review Of Timebucks: Is This A Scam? Or Legit?

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    Timebucks - Get paid for your time and efforts

    We all spend a lot of time on the Internet, watching videos, uploading images, and visiting numerous websites, scrolling, and other numerous things. 

    But what if you could get paid for your time and efforts? Yes. Some websites will pay you for your time and the activities you do on internet, such as TimeBucks. 

    So let’s dig into all of the specifics, including all of the inquiries, to see whether you can actually earn any money off this platform!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Timebucks?

      In your spare time, you may earn money with Timebucks. It’s a get-paid-to rewards site that provides a variety of opportunities to make extra money. Earning rewards through participating in surveys, microtasks, and other activities on Timebucks, and receiving your profits as cash, gift cards, or cryptocurrencies is possible.

      This article is a detailed Timebucks review. You will learn what you should be careful about, as well as instructions on how to use it to make extra money. 

      Is Timebucks legit?

      Image is the illustration of the question "Is Timebucks Legit?"

      Yes. It is a legitimate company that has been operating for many years. The Timebucks service has been tried and tested by me and my team. 

      It has various types of payment methods, such as cash, gift cards, and bitcoin/litecoin.

      How does Timebucks work?

      Image illustrating "how Timebucks works?"

      TimeBucks employs the cost-per-acquisition marketing approach, which affiliate marketers use. Basically, this means that the organization receives cash in response to your actions, such as completing assignments. Because of your engagement, the company will share a portion of the revenue generated with you.

      Ultimately, this platform enables you to do the following:

      • Join their network in five seconds and start making money right away.
      • Chose from a high variety of available earning tasks.
      • The more friends you refer, the more money you get for both of you.
      • Pay you every week with six different payment methods.

      TimeBucks’ users can benefit from the transparency and openness of the company, which likes to receive feedback and analysis from their uses. This information assists them in the development of marketing campaigns and improving the website, which is something we really like, as there is a concrete relationship between the site’s owners and users network.

      Who can use Timebucks?

      It is Designed for the people and moms who would like to earn money in their free time. They can do it from the comfort of their own homes by completing simple tasks such as filling out surveys, watching videos, finishing offers, and installing free apps. 

      So if you have some free time, Timebucks is for you.

      This website is also available to businesses and organizations that are looking for feedback on their products and services, but if you are an advertiser, then you may want to check our review for advertisers.

      What is the TimeBucks Registration Process?

      Image illustrating "What is the registration process of Timebucks?"

      To begin the registration, follow the guidelines,

      • Go to →
      Timebucks sign-up through Facebook account.
      • Hit → Sign up (If you have social media account, you can sign-up via those accounts)
      • Enter your Email ID and Password
      • Complete the Sign-up process, and you are ready to use the site now!
      Entre your Facebook's Email and Password to sign-up.

      Although the sign-up process is quick and only requires a few seconds, you must complete the profile and payment details to share.

      Providing this information is required in order to connect with surveys and earn your prizes. So, it is a wise option to finish this step before you begin.

      The platform is available to anyone globally, the only requirement for the user is to be above 18 years of age.

      Does Timebucks use a Points system?

      Image illustrating "Does Timebucks use a points system"

      One of the features of TimeBucks is that it doesn’t have a points system. To keep track of your earnings, you’ll see a dollar figure next to each survey or task you complete. 

      So, compared to similar services, this is definitely something that users appreciate, as they get a genuine and live idea of their earnings.

      How much can you earn from Timebucks?

      Your profits will vary depending on a variety of parameters, including your location, profile, and effort. Day 1, you can gain a max of $50 in Bitcoin as in exchange for your efforts. 

      Following that, you can hope to make between $10 and $20 in Bitcoin per day, depending on the activity and the amount of time you spend on the platform.

      The greater your level of activity, the more cash you can make.

      But don’t forget that because of their substantial friends referral program, you have the ability to earn an endless amount. There is no limit to the number of family and friends who can be referred.

      What are the ways to make money on Timebucks?

      It provides a wide variety of jobs, which is nice to not get bored or feel forced to do something which you might not like.

      Check out the below-bulleted ways to earn your bucks!

      • Clicking Ads
      • Instagram
      • YouTube
      • Facebook, Twitter etc.
      • Download Apps
      • Invite Friends
      • Watch Videos
      • Solve Captchas
      • Write articles
      • Make video reviews
      • Complete surveys
      • And more

      Aside from the ways mentioned above, there is also a daily bonus available for the best performing Users.

      Clicking Ads

      Image illustrate "clicking ads" as a way to earn money on Timebucks.

      This is an effortless activity since you may earn money by simply clicking on advertisements. You will be required to remain on the advertisement website for a specific period of time, which is often 60 seconds. You’ll get a minum of $0.01 per click, but it’s a simple pastime that pays well. Check out the snap of sample Task on Timebucks.

      A snap of click-ad task on Timebucks.


      Image illustrates that how can you use your Instagram account t earn money on Timebucks.

      TimeBucks has made a deal with Instagram to assist you in generating income via your Instagram account. The majority of these tasks entail following other people, and each of these tasks will pay you a few cents. Furthermore, if you love spending your extra hours on Instagram, supplementing your income might be a rewarding method. 

      Check out the quick sneek of sample Instagram Task on Timebucks.

      Download Apps

      Image illustrates app downloads on Timebucks.

      You can also be rewarded for downloading, playing, and interacting with applications. 

      This is not a high-paying task, although it can be a great way to learn about new apps and build experience

      Check out the snap of sample Task on Timebucks;

      Invite Friends

      Image illustrates that you can invite your friends on Timebucks.

      You would receive 15% of the profits for each person you mention who becomes a customer. There is no limit to the number of people you may recommend to the site. For more understanding, check the sample given below,

      You can earn 15% lifetime commission on referrals and 10% commission on Ads deposits.

      Watch Videos

      Image illustrates that you can earn money by watching videos on Timebucks.

      On TimeBucks, this assignment requires the least amount of effort. Despite the fact that you will only earn $0.01 to $0.05 per clip, if you enjoy viewing videos, this is a simple way to make some extra money. Check out the snap of sample Task on Timebucks,

      Post on Tik-Tok

      TikTok tasks have their own category in the earning area.  There are rules that must be followed, and you must first agree to the terms and conditions before you can begin.

      You may qualify for each option by watching the corresponding tutorial video. A quality score is calculated once you link your TikTok account, and this number determines how much money you will receive.

      Solve Captcha

      Image shows that you can earn money on Timebucks by solving Captchas.

      You can also get paid to solve captchas. However, TimeBucks review comments indicate that this data task can be a little difficult at the beginning of the process. This activity was simple for me, so there is no restriction on the number of times you can participate. 

      For completing 20 captchas successfully, you can receive $0.03.

      As already mentioned about the Daily bonus, if you outperform other users, you will get $20 as first place; for the fifth place, you will get $1.

      Timebucks's Tricks and Hacks

      Now, I want to share some tips and tricks with you  to make the best out of Timebucks and mazimize your profits as a user.
      • Complete your profile entirely.
      • Be as genuine as possible when conducting surveys.
      • Construct a schedule.
      • Quickly open the qualification emails.
      • Make as many referrals as possible.
      • Purchase a TimeBucks Premium membership.
      • You should prioritize the simplest surveys and avoid the most lucrative ones. Simply because something is the highest paying does not guarantee it is worthwhile of your time.


      Image illustrates the Premium subscription for Timebucks.

      When you upgrade to the Premium version of Timebucks, your income, i.e., earning, can be hype to 25%, that’s too for $4.95 per week only. 

      For example, if you are doing a task and it pays you $1, at the same time you are a Premium user, the you will get $1.25. This 25% increase applies to tasks only, not for Referral or bonus earnings. 

      Also, remember that the increase is applicable to new task you’ll perform after premium. Offers with rates below $0.001 are excluded. The rate is rounded to 3 decimal places.


      Image illustrates the offerwalls on Timebucks.

      Timebucks offerwalls filter the offers available for the device you are using. For instance, check below; I have selected android device.

      You can see the various offers applicable for an Android device below.

      These offers hold normal Signup process, Games, and even taking the survey. These offers will not take more time to complete. But you can earn few bucks in a minute by investing little time!


      Image illustrates the sweepstakes on Timebucks.

      Timebucks runs weekly sweepstakes in which you can earn entries simply by being a frequent visitor to the site.
      If you are fortunate enough to win a prize on this site, it can significantly increase your earnings, making it one of the best sweepstakes options available on any Get-Paid-To website.

      List of prizes that can be won through sweepstakes.

      You will receive 100 entries for every day that you log into Timebucks, 1 entry for every $0.001 that you earn from any task you complete, and 200 entries for each person you refer to Timebucks. You will receive 100 entries for every day that you log into Timebucks.
      Additionally, downloading the Timebucks Sweepstakes software is a simple and effective way to passively earn a large number of additional entries.
      Every 10 minutes, simply by running the software, you will receive 100 free Sweepstakes entries, with no need to perform any other tasks. Just keep in mind that it is currently only compatible with Windows-based computers.
      Inside Timebucks, you’ll find it in the Sweepstakes section, where you can download it.

      Image shows how you can download sweepstakes software.

      The app mines cryptocurrency using your unallocated processing power, and Timebucks will reward you with Sweepstake entries in exchange for your participation.
      For instance, you can check below for my Sweepstack Entries.

      Sweepstakes entries when you will use sweepstakes software. in Timebucks.


      Image illustrates "interests" on Timebucks.

      Timebucks introduced a new tab; Interests. You can get paid for your Interest in Timebucks tasks in this task, which means you need to send links to your friends. 

      You might be wondering  how I will earn from this? It’s simple if your friends click on this link, they will land on the Search Engine result page, and then you will get paid for that.
      How to do this? Simply follow the steps bulleted below,
       → Enter the Keyword in the box; for instance, check below;

        → Now, hit Generate Link

      Step two of interests where you will can click to generate link.

        → Copy the link generated and share it with your friends.

      Step 3 of interests, where the link is ready to share.

      How to Redeem in Timebucks?

      Image illustrates that how can you redeem your cash from Timebucks.

      Your cash out starts from $10, and there are three possible ways to get your bucks;

      • Bitcoin
      • AirTM/Neteller/ Skrill (Wallets)
      • Bank Transfer

      Bitcoin: The minimum payment is $10, with a Tuesday cutoff time of 23.59 New York Time. Any unpaid wages will be carried over to the following pay period.

      To receive your first $10, you must first prove your identity. Uploading ID papers are required, and they are permanently wiped from TimeBucks servers. You should get paid by Thursday.

      AirTM/Neteller/ Skrill (Wallets): People who use these methods can get paid a minimum of $10, and they get paid in the same way as BitCoin. However, AirTM gives you the chance to earn money into your Paypal. You can choose PayPal mostly on the AirTM platform, so you can rapidly get your money back in 48 hours. Unlike Bitcoin, where you need to provide ID proof for your first $10 payment.

      Bank Transfer: Like other payments, you need to have $10 to withdraw, plus the Tuesday cutoff is applicable.


      Image illustrates the pros and cons of Timebucks.

      Users Review

      Image illustrates the user reviews for Timebucks.

      Let’s see what other users are saying about the platform. On TrustPilot (the international review site), Timebucks has an overall rating of 4.5 out of 5. Which highly proves it’s quality ad authenticity. 

      This user was very satisfied with  this platform and said; 

      Timebucks is real and it pays. Although at first I was really skeptical about it, i reluctantly registered and spent less time on task but after I received my first payment, I am now very active on timebucks and have even told some persons about it. 

      Our Verdict

      It takes time to earn a few dollars on this website, just as it does on other Get-Paid-to websites. As long as you enjoy playing games, expressing yourself through social media, watching movies, and publishing on platforms such as TikTok, Timebucks is a great method for you to earn money while doing what you already do and love. Or if you want to earn some bucks and have free time, Timebucks would be the best choice. 

      Instead of wasting time idly scrolling around Facebook or watching television, devote an hour or two per day to earning money/bitcoins at There is absolutely no risk. 

      If you don’t need the extra money to pay bills, you might want to consider cashing out your Bitcoin winnings. Keep your Bitcoins for the long haul, and your $30 in Bitcoins today will increase by a factor of two, three, or perhaps a thousand times throughout your lifetime. For me, it is definitely worthwhile to exchange part of my free time for bitcoins.

      Timebucks Overall Rating

      Good 89%
      Great 92%
      Free 100%


      Image illustrates frequently asked questions about Timebucks.

      Does Timebucks have a mobile app?

      Currently, Timebucks does not have app support, but the website is mobile-friendly to use.

      Is Timebucks Free?

      Yes, absolutely! 

      It’s free to join. Once you reach the 10$ in your account, you need to provide your ID proofs to withdraw the amount, that’s too free of cost. 

      Which region of people can use Timebucks?

      Timebucks is globally available. Those who have Internet can access the site easily.

      Is Timebucks a Scam?

      Nope, it is not. Timebucks is a trustworthy site that pays you regularly if your tasks are completed correctly. 

      Is your Information safe in Timebucks?

      Timebucks will NOT share your information without your permission and ID proof documents are deleted as soon as they are verified.

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