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Ampfluence Review – Is It A Safe Service In 2024?

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    These days, not many people have the time and tenacity it takes to grow a social media account. Creating outstanding content for your social media channels is also insufficient. To ensure that your audience sees you, you must also continuously provide content. So how can you hope to grow if you lack the time or perhaps the energy to maintain consistency in your engagement? 

    Automating tasks is what people resort to. A lot of the most successful social media profiles, influencers, companies, and brands opt to outsource via an automation service like Ampfluence. Ampfluence is an automation solution used across various social media platforms like Instagram and TikTok. 

    As blissful as the thought of automation sounds, it is not without its challenges. For instance, there is a risk that the automation service you choose may violate the platform’s terms of service and your account will be banned. In this article, I will be reviewing Ampfluence, one of the most prominent companies offering social media growth services to find out if it is still a safe option in 2024.

    Table of Contents
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      What is Ampfluence?

      Ampfluence is among the most highly-rated companies for growing social media following on InstagramTikTok, Pinterest, Twitter(X), and Threads. Their main purpose is to increase your following and make you more visible on these platforms. They also provide social media content to maintain audience interest.

      One of the major selling points for Ampfluence is that they pride themselves in using a 100% human approach and zero tolerance for bots. There are very few companies that can offer this kind of service without a catch, even though it could appear genuine and not a scam. 

      Making sure a company isn’t utilizing bots to interact with your followers on Instagram on your behalf is crucial as many businesses out there charge high prices and deliver fake engagements that could have serious consequences on your account.

      Is Ampfluence legit, then? Find out in the sections that follow.

      Discussing Ampfluence Main Features

      Image illustrates the features of

      Ampfluence has a variety of features that make it stand out in the industry. Some of their main attributes are:

      1. Consultation

      One outstanding feature of Ampfluence that I particularly enjoyed is the free consultation service it offers. You can reach out to them via email or call them to book a consultation. During this stage, they thoroughly assessed my account to find out what I needed to grow better and help me understand what they could do for me.

      They asked me for details about my niche, such as usernames, regions, hashtags, and gender. By understanding my aims and target audience through this consultation, they were better equipped to develop a tailored plan to engage and increase my audience. 

      Following the consultation, their team determined the target market for me, examined the competition, and determined whether my content was in line with my objectives.

      2. Targeting

      Ampfluence made use of hashtags and various strategies to reach my audience’s location. So if you’re looking to expand your reach to people in a specific demographic, Ampfluence has techniques used to gather information that is used to build an enhanced targeting feature that results in gaining location-specific Instagram followers. Ampfluence also allowed me to target users in a particular niche hence giving me more streamlined followers that engaged with my content. 

      3. Money-back Guarantee

      Another great attribute of this company is its refund policy. The company promises that they will refund the percentage difference or make up the difference in the next month if they don’t accomplish their monthly objective or if you’re not satisfied with their service. I’m not so convinced this works as well as they say it does because there’s always a chance they won’t be able to return your money to you in the time frame they’ve specified.

      4. No-bots

      Ampfluence claims that all the interactions gotten for their client’s accounts are completely human-generated and that they avoid using bots of any kind to generate fake interactions. Now, I think this company uses a few shortcuts that could harm your Instagram account. Hence, the concept of organic growth itself may be impacted by it and your account security they claim to care so much about may be at risk.

      5. Reputation

      The almost unquestionable reputation of Ampfluence is another reason they are considered more legit compared to others. They have many satisfied high-profile clients and recommendations from reputable people in various industries. They are dedicated to delivering quality engagements and would not risk losing their clients by taking shortcuts.

      Services Offered by Ampfluence

      Ampfluence has experts for delivering services across various social media platforms. The major platforms on which they operate are:

      1. Instagram

      Instagram management is Ampfluence’s crown jewel. They are experts in using human-powered strategies to improve a brand’s presence on the most visual social media platform, that is Instagram. They make the effort to comprehend your objectives and target audience to develop a unique plan. 

      They claim that the followers gained are organic and in absolute compliance with Instagram’s terms of service hence no risk to your account. Their Instagram Growth x2 package which I subscribed for delivered more than I anticipated. The plan was to get 500 organic followers within a month and Ampfluence delivered 600 by the end of the month. 

      What I particularly enjoyed about this package is that they took time to research which hashtags would deliver the best results and they were always available to resolve any complaints I had. It did not seem like they made use of bots on my account but there were days when I noticed sudden jumps in my follower count.

      2. TikTok

      Another major service offered by Ampfluence is TikTok management and growth. After a consultation, you discuss your goals with them, then they take time to draft a strategy that is best suited for you. They help with content creation, advertising, daily management, and reporting all engineered to improve your online presence. 

      They have various niche-specific strategies so whether you’re into e-commerce, marketing, blogging, influencing, or perhaps you want to promote a product, they’ve got you.

      I tried out their TikTok Growth package to see how legit they truly are and I was surprised by the results. According to the specifications of the package, I was promised about 250 targeted followers within a month. 

      Ampfluence over-delivered, and I gained 300 organic followers with profiles that seemed legit within the time frame. Ampfluence also provided regular standard reports and welcomed my input during brainstorming sessions.

      3. X (Twitter)

      It can sometimes be difficult to grow an X account. You may follow some users with the hope of getting a follow back but then they disappoint. This mentally draining process can be relieved with Ampfluence. They have a thorough process where they first board your account to learn about your brand style and engagement process. 

      Next, their team conducts targeted research based on your objectives, studying prominent accounts in your niche, hashtags provided by you, and your competitors. When this research is complete, they know the right accounts to engage with that will lead to instant growth.

      When I subscribed to their X Engagement package, their team actively liked tweets related to my industry. This was good but I did not consider it good enough for the amount I paid. They engaged with other people in my niche but most of them did not proceed to follow me which was kind of the whole point. You can check out their other packages, perhaps that will deliver more.

      4. Pinterest

      Unless your target audience is truly interacting with your material, increasing your Pinterest presence is meaningless. Ampfluence takes the time to comprehend your audience and develop a unique strategy that best aligns with your brand. After that, their team collaborates with you on your account to interact with your intended audience. They connect with the relevant audience and gradually increase your following through regular social media engagements.

      Ampfluence has assisted clients in cutthroat industries by thoroughly researching the industry of each account and improving their efforts to continuously affect visibility. So if you are a blogger, social media manager, Pinterest influencer, or just starting on Pinterest and looking to improve your following, you can consider using Ampflunce to achieve your goals.

      Prices of Ampfluence’s Packages


      $ 249 Monthly
      • Avg. 250+ Organic Followers
      • Targeted Audience
      • No Hashtag Research
      • Email Support
      • Standard Reporting

      Growth & Content

      $ 349 Monthly
      • Everything in Growth X2
      • Targeted Audience
      • Hashtag Research
      • Priority Support
      • Custom Reporting
      • 15 Social Media Posts ($279)
      • 15 Social Media Captions ($249)
      • 15 Social Posts Scheduled ($199)

      Growth x2

      $ 349 Monthly
      • Avg. 500+ Organic Followers
      • Targeted Audience
      • Hashtag Research
      • Priority Support
      • Custom Reporting

      There are many reputable companies that you can use to automate tasks on your social media account. Here are some benefits you will enjoy if you choose to use Ampfluence for the job.

      1. Safe payment methods

      Ampfluence payment gateway is verified. This implies that your financial information is protected if you choose to purchase one of their packages. They accept different means of online payment such as PayPal. The payment process is fast, easy, and most importantly safe.

      2. Secure and easy-to-navigate website

      That the website is HTTPS secure is excellent. You can browse the website with confidence knowing that none of your personal information will be compromised. The site is easy to navigate and you can easily find details about their various services. They also have an FAQ section on the site where you can learn more about how they achieve their great results.

      3. Transparency

      Ampfluence’s team is open and honest. Whenever they make a mistake, they own up to it, learn from it, and work to prevent it from happening again. These qualities are very important as it shows that they are open to corrections and welcome ideas from you. Also, sharing their strategies with you ensures that you don’t feel left out or like an outsider on your social media account.

      4. Good Reviews

      Ampfluence’s website has positive reviews from satisfied clients in various industries. From chefs to people beauty influencers, the majority of nothing but good remarks. This proves that Ampfluence can be dependable and has proven strategies for delivering across a wide range of industries.

      5. Possibly Organic

      Delivering organic followers is the core of Ampfluence. If this is true, it helps add a personal touch to your account and you can rest easy that your account is in safe hands. Also, dealing with real people means that you can side by side with them to come up with strategies that help achieve your goals. They follow users strategically and unfollow those that won’t help you grow.


      Before opting for Ampfluence, there are some drawbacks that you must consider. 

      1. Expensive packages

      Ampfluence’s packages are costly compared to their competitors. They claim this is because their services are 100% human but they still go on to deliver subpar services. They do not have a free trial and you would have to risk a large amount of money for a service that may not meet up to your expectations.

      2. Suspicion on the Use of Bots

      There have been some complaints from previous users of Ampfluence’s services that indicate that Ampfluence sometimes uses bots to meet the target followers. This is incredibly bad of them as they could put your account at risk. Also, they sometimes create fake accounts to follow clients’ accounts, defeating the purpose of paying ridiculously high amounts. In the end, you are left with inactive accounts that do not engage with your content.

      3. No help page

      Moreover, Ampfluence’s website lacks the customer assistance page that they advertise as being available. No phone number, email address, or form can be found on the website. This implies that even if they so desired, clients would not be able to get assistance in setting up their accounts. I was disappointed by this aspect of the service, and it raised some questions.

      My personal experience using Ampfluence

      Employing Ampfluence’s services was kind of a bittersweet experience for me. For each package, which was the IG Growth x2, TikTok Growth, and X Engagement plans, I started by filling out a consultation form on their homepage. They got back to me within 24 hours and we scheduled a call where we extensively discussed how best to achieve my business goals. 

      As I’ve stated earlier, I got more organic followers with the Instagram and TikTok plan than I anticipated but I noticed that they used some fake accounts to inflate the follower count. Although their strategies targeted users that were related to my niche, they sometimes followed accounts that had a low number of followers and engagements.

      I consider my X Engagement plan a waste of money because their strategy for liking related tweets did not get me up to 50 new followers. Also, they took some time before responding to my email complaints and refused to refund my money when I was not satisfied with the service I was getting. They said all they could do was give me a 10% discount on my next subscription with a promise to do better.

      In summary, I enjoyed their commitment to delivering targeted organic followers on IG and TikTok but with a suspicion of using bots to inflate my follower count. Furthermore, they need to do better with their X package as it’s not worth the high amount.

      Online Reviews for Ampfluence

      Before choosing a social media automation service, searching for reviews from previous users is a crucial step. Now, the Ampfluence site is full of positive reviews from their clients but some of them look fake and these reviews alone cannot be trusted as it could be a dubious scheme to get you to trust them. 

      The best platforms for finding legit reviews are social media platforms or reputable sites like Trustpilot which is a site that ranks other sites and allows people to talk about their experience using a company’s services. 

      On Trustpilot, Ampfluence is rated 3.2 which is very low for a business in the social media automation industry. There are some positive reviews from clients who appreciate Ampfluence’s ability to target an audience in a particular niche or demographic and create a sense of belonging for their followers. 

      It would have been nice if it was nothing but positive remarks but other reviews on Trustpilot and other personal blogs had negative comments. Some of them say that Ampfluence refused to listen to instructions and kept following people blindly. At the same time, the rest are agitated that despite Ampfluence’s claim to be 100% human services, their accounts got suspended which could only mean that Ampflunce made use of bots.


      Here are some answers to popularly asked questions regarding Ampfluence’s services.

      1. Is Ampfluence safe to use for growing my social media presence?

      In my opinion, Ampfluence is safe to use for growing social media accounts as I did not encounter any security or privacy issues when I used their services. Also, most of the techniques they used were in line with the platform’s terms of use but ensure you do your research just to be convinced.

      2. How effective is Ampfluence in increasing my followers?

      Ampfluence knows its onions as it has proven strategies for increasing engagements on various social media platforms. You are sure to see an immediate increase in your follower count and you may even get more followers than you paid for.

      3. Can I customize the targeting and engagement strategies used by Ampfluence?

      Yes, Ampfluence listens to your objectives and instructions and then applies this in targeting your audience. Their team develops a personalized strategy just for you based on your niche, the nature of the content you create, and what you hope to achieve through social media automation.

      The Finest Substitutions for Ampfluence

      I’ve talked about Ampfluence as a potential choice for your social media growth, but now is the time to consider your options and determine whether another solution would be a better fit. Let’s talk about the best options I could find to replace Ampfluence.

      1. Growthoid

      Growthoid claims to be the most organic social media growth service, which is why I love it. Growthoid presents itself as a fully human-powered social media automation company rather than as an automation or bot tool.

      They don’t use bots or phony engagement, only genuine individuals working on your account at all times, and they can help you expand your social media profile organically with actual followers. Its pricing is also more acceptable and within the reach of small and medium-sized businesses.

      To target the ideal individuals for your content, Growthoid searches for accounts that have interests in your community. I love that this Instagram growth service includes smart targeting, VIP email assistance, and a personal account manager.

      2. Inflact

      Inflact by Ingramer has positioned themselves as a comprehensive marketing toolkit for Instagram. They use a suite of smart tools designed to help build your target audience and effectively engage them. Inflact is dedicated to attracting users to build a loyal community using growth analytics and smart targeting. 

      There are several features included in Inflact including Chatbot with automated replies, Direct messaging, and an easy-to-use CRM system for customer interaction. You don’t have to worry about your account being inactive as Inflact helps your account stay active even when you are offline thereby improving customer trust via consistent activity. You can pick from various packages based on your needs.

      3. Nitreo

      I like that Nitreo is dedicated to discussing both what they can offer and what they don’t. They only utilize real, authentic growth for your social media accounts and they don’t tamper with fake engagement or use bots. Delivering organic and natural engagement that draws more potential for organic and natural growth is Nitreo’s mission.

      Setting up an account with them can be completed within two minutes, and they provide a two-week growth guarantee so you can decide if they are the best option for you. Nitreo is simple to set up and provides effective actual engagement, which boosts your social media presence and account performance.

      My Final Verdict: Is it safe?

      Ampfluence seems like a legit company for growing your social media accounts but some shortcuts they take make them questionable. From my personal experience and research, some strategies and language they use seem a bit dodgy for a company that claims to be fully human-powered. 

      Despite these drawbacks, Ampfluence is still very good at what they do as they have many more happy customers than unsatisfied clients. Hence, I will recommend giving them a shot as they were very helpful in increasing my followers on Instagram and TikTok. If perhaps you have any doubts about employing Ampfluence’s services, you may consider opting for the best alternatives that I have previously highlighted.

      However, you should conduct as much research as you can. Keep in mind that utilizing bots will never be good for your reputation, credibility, or profile. All social media platforms have strict rules against the use of bots to gain interactions and grow accounts. You could have to rebuild your credibility and presence from scratch.

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