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Top 5 Best Hashtag Generators 2024 – Find Perfect Hashtags

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    In the vast landscape of social media platforms, hashtags have emerged as powerful tools for content creators to amplify their reach and engage with their target audiences. 

    By strategically using relevant hashtags in their posts, content creators can expand their online visibility, attract new followers, and foster meaningful interactions within their niche communities. 

    However, with the sheer volume of content being generated every second, finding the right hashtags that resonate with your content can take time and effort.

    A great hashtag should be niche relevant, have a high volume, but at the same time possibly not overly saturated.

    But that’s where hashtag generator tools come to the rescue. These innovative platforms aim to simplify the process of hashtag selection, helping content creators maximize the impact of their posts. 

    In this article, we will explore the top five best hashtag generator tools available now and delve into each tool’s features, functionality, and pros/cons to provide you with a comprehensive review.

    Table of Contents
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      Top 5 Hashtag Generators 2023

      HashTag Generators Pricing Rating Website
      Metahashtag Starts from ~9$/month 9.7/10 Check here
      Kicksta Starts from 69$ /month 8.3/10 Visit here
      HashTagsForLikes Starts from 19$/month 8.5/10 Visit here
      Flick Starts from 12$ /month 8/10 Check here
      RiteTag Starts from 49$/month 8.1/10 Visit here

      What is a Hashtag Generator Tool?

      Hashtag Generator is an online AI tool that helps extract the most popular and relevant hashtags across different social platforms. 

      Let us break it down for you in a casual and easy-to-understand way. Let’s say you’re a content creator or a social media enthusiast, and you want to make growth on social media, for which your posts need to be more discoverable and engaging. This is where you can use the Hashtag Generator tool to make the task easier for you. 

      These nifty digital helpers take the guesswork out of finding the perfect hashtags for your content. 

      Instead of racking your brain or spending hours scrolling through endless hashtag lists, these tools do the heavy lifting for you. They use fancy algorithms and real-time data from social media platforms to suggest relevant hashtags that can boost your post’s visibility and attract more eyeballs. 

      You usually start by entering a keyword or a phrase related to your content. The hashtag generator then works its magic, analyzing trends and popular hashtags to provide you with a bunch of options that fit your theme. It’s like having a personal hashtag guru at your fingertips! 

      The cool thing about these tools is that they help you stay on top of the latest trends. They keep an eye on what’s hot and happening on social media, so you can hop on the bandwagon and join the conversations that matter to your audience. 

      Whether you’re a social media newbie or a seasoned pro, hashtag generator tools can save you time and effort. They take the stress out of hashtag selection, leaving you more time to focus on creating awesome content.

      Why is Hashtag Important?

      All right, let’s talk about hashtags and why they’re such a big deal in the social media world. Here’s the list just for you:

      • Stand Out in the Crowd: Hashtags are like beacons that make your content shine brighter. When you use relevant hashtags, it’s like giving your post a flashy outfit that grabs attention. It helps you cut through the noise and get noticed by the right people.

      • Find Your Tribe: Hashtags are like magnets that attract your kindred spirits. By using niche-specific or interest-based hashtags, you’re basically saying, “Hey, fellow cat lovers, come check out my adorable furballs!” It’s a simple way to connect with like-minded folks who appreciate what you have to share.

      • Ride the Trend Waves: Hashtags let you ride the wave of the hottest topics and trends. When you hop on a trending hashtag, you’re like a surfer catching that sweet social media wave. It’s an opportunity to reach a broader audience, join the buzz, and show off your witty side.

      • Boost Your Brand: Hashtags are like your brand’s cheerleaders. They help you build a recognizable presence and create a sense of community around your brand. Think of them as your own catchy slogans that people associate with your awesomeness. It’s all about leaving a lasting impression.

      • Measure Your Impact: Hashtags give you a sneak peek into your social media success. You can track how your hashtags perform, see which ones strike a chord with your audience, and adjust your strategy accordingly. It’s like having a social media report card that tells you what’s working and what needs a little tweak.

      So, these hashtags are your secret weapons for standing out, finding your tribe, riding the trend waves, boosting your brand, and measuring your impact. Embrace the hashtag power and let it work its magic for you! #YouGotThis 😉


      After conducting thorough research and testing, we’ve finalized a list of the 5 best hashtag generators. Those are: 

      1. MetaHashtags 
      2. Kicksta 
      3. HashTagsForLikes 
      4. Flick 
      5. RiteTag 

      Let’s get to know them.

      1. Metahashtags

      You’ve probably heard of hashtag analysis tools like, but what exactly are they, and how can they benefit you? What are the pros? Let us break it down for you here.

      • It’s Totally Free: The best part about MetaHashtags is that it won’t cost you a dime! Yup, it’s completely free to use. So you can dive right in and start exploring without any worries.

      • Find Popular Hashtags: With MetaHashtags, you can uncover a treasure trove of popular hashtags in your niche. Whether you’re a fashionista, a foodie, or a fitness enthusiast, this tool helps you discover the hottest hashtags that are trending right now.

      • Filter and Customize: Not only does MetaHashtags provide a list of popular hashtags, but it also allows you to filter them based on frequency, size, and popularity. You can tailor your search to find the hashtags that best suit your needs.

      • Keep an Eye on Competitors: Curious about what hashtags your competitors are using? MetaHashtags has got you covered. You can sneak a peek at the hashtags used by others in your field and gain insights to level up your own hashtag game.

      • Accurate Analysis and FAQ: Users rave about the accuracy of MetaHashtags’ hashtag analysis. Plus, they have an extensive FAQ section that answers all the common questions people have about hashtags. They’ve got your back!

      • Transparency and Support: It values transparency and provides comprehensive support for its customers. They make sure you understand costs and how they impact you. So you can trust that they’re there to help you every step of the way.

      • Easy and Human-Curated: Using MetaHashtags is a breeze. The tool offers a user-friendly interface and provides human-curated hashtag suggestions for your posts. It’s all about making your life easier and boosting your social media presence.

      • Metrics and Banned Hashtags Checker: MetaHashtags offers a range of useful metrics for hashtag analytics. You can explore popularity, trends, variants, and even check if a hashtag is banned. It’s all about keeping you informed and helping you make data-driven decisions.

      • Copy, Paste, and Save: With MetaHashtags, you can effortlessly copy the hashtags you find and paste them into your posts and tweets. They even allow you to sort and save your own hashtag sets, so you can stay organized and efficient.

      So, whether you’re a blogger or running a social media campaign, is a must-have tool for all Instagram users. It’s free, easy to use, and packed with features that help you discover the perfect hashtags to skyrocket your online presence. Give it a whirl and see the difference it can make!

      Pros and Cons


      Pricing Plan

      MetaHashtags offer a free trial. Also, you don’t have to login into Instagram. There are three different premium pricing plans available, starting at just $9.

      • Monthly subscription $9
      • Annual subscription $72 

      You get a 7-day money-back guarantee and cancel your premium subscription anytime.

      $ ~9 Monthly
      • Unlimited hashtag results
      • Search any account's hashtags
      • Filter hashtag results
      • Save hashtags to collections
      • CSV export your hashtag lists with all data
      • Track hashtag rankings
      • Track multiple accounts
      $ ~20 Monthly
      • Unlimited hashtag results
      • Search any account's hashtags
      • Filter hashtag results
      • Save hashtags to collections
      • CSV export your hashtag lists with all data
      • Track hashtag rankings for 1 accout
      • Track multiple accounts
      $ ~32 Monthly
      • Unlimited hashtag results
      • Search any account's hashtags
      • Filter hashtag results
      • Save hashtags to collections
      • CSV export your hashtag lists with all data
      • Track hashtag rankings for 3 accounts
      • Track multiple accounts

      2. Kicksta

      You’ve probably heard of the Kicksta Hashtag generator if you’re on Instagram. This handy tool can generate hundreds of hashtags from just one hashtag, and it’s a game-changer for increasing your followers and engagement. Here are some key points about the Kicksta Hashtag generator below,

      • Ease of Use: Kicksta is super easy to use. You can create tags and view the best recommendations with just a few clicks. No need to install any software or go through complicated processes. It’s all about simplicity and convenience.

      • Aligns With Organic Goals: Kicksta offers a user-friendly approach that aligns well with organic growth strategies. So, while selecting a hashtag generator, consider your overall goal on Instagram. If you’re simply trying to boost your follower count, you might want a less-automated service.

      • Free Trial and Benefits: Kicksta offers a 14-day free trial, which is a great opportunity to explore its features. During the trial period, you can generate up to 25 hashtags per day. Additionally, the trial includes access to a detailed archive of social media strategy. It’s a win-win situation to test out the tool before committing.

      • Creative Hashtag Suggestions: The Kicksta Instagram Hashtag Generator helps brands find the right hashtags for their posts. You can choose from a variety of suggestions based on your niche. Don’t limit yourself to generic options – get creative! Play with words, puns, and even use hashtags as CTAs (Call to Action).

      • Safe and Organic Growth: Kicksta prioritizes organic growth and targets the accounts of active and legitimate Instagram users. Your data is never disclosed to third parties, and their US-based servers ensure unauthorized access is prevented. So, you can feel confident and safe while using the tool to promote your brand on Instagram.

      • Cutting-Edge AI Technology: Kicksta leverages advanced AI technology to attract real followers. It goes beyond the time-wasting follow/unfollow method and focuses on targeting the right accounts. By engaging with genuine users, you’re more likely to receive reciprocal engagement and build meaningful connections.

      In a nutshell, the Kicksta Hashtag generator is a user-friendly tool that can help you find the perfect hashtags for your Instagram posts. It offers creative suggestions, a safe and organic growth strategy, and a free trial to explore its features. 

      So, give it a shot and see how it can elevate your Instagram game!

      Pros and Cons


      Pricing Plan

      Apart from the 7-day free trial to test its features before subscribing to its service, you can choose to ‘Pay as you go’ and cancel anytime. 

      There are 3 premium pricing available. Here are those:

      • Starter: $69/month, $2.30 a day 
      • Advanced: $129/month, $4.30 a day 
      • Ultimate: $219/month, $7.30 a day


      $ 49 Monthly
      • (only $1.63 a day)

      Boost Plan

      $ 218 Monthly
      • (only $7.27 a day)


      $ 99 Monthly
      • (only $3.30 a day)


      HashTagsForLikes offers a range of impressive features for social media marketers. Here are the features to get your glance!

      • More Customized to Fulfill Individual Needs: HashTagsForLikes offered features are more tailored towards individual users and has a limit of tracking up to 5 accounts. So, it’s important to note that if you’re looking for a solution for larger-scale operations, it’s not the best choice for agencies or businesses.
      • Boost Your Visibility and Engagement: HashTagsForLikes helps you boost your visibility, grow your account, and engage with your followers. By utilizing the best hashtags, you can increase awareness, extend your reach, and enhance interaction with your audience.

      • Compatibility Across Platforms: One of the perks of HashTagsForLikes is its compatibility across multiple social networks. Whether you’re on Instagram, Twitter, or other platforms, you can leverage its features to enhance your hashtag strategy and stand out from the crowd.

      • Targeted Hashtags and Insights: The service suggests hashtags that match your audience and provides information about each one. It’s crucial to choose hashtags that target your specific audience to maximize their effectiveness. Popular hashtags can be great, but don’t underestimate the relevance of less popular ones, especially if you’re starting with a new account.

      In short, HashTagsForLikes offers impressive features, but it’s important to consider your specific needs. It may not be the best fit for agencies or businesses with larger-scale operations, but for individual users looking to boost visibility, engage with their followers, and utilize targeted hashtags, it can be a valuable tool. Give it a try and see if it’s the right fit for your social media accounts! #HashtagSuccess 🫡

      Pros and Cons


      Pricing Plan

      There are 2 premium pricing categories HashTagsForLikes offers. They have both monthly and weekly plans, allowing flexibility in choosing the right option for you. 

      • Monthly: REGULAR – $19/Weekly, PRO – $/25month 
      • Weekly: REGULAR – $59/Weekly, PRO – $89/month


      $ 59 Monthly
      • Reach more users on Instagram
      • Dedicated Growth Manager
      • Track and Manage Hashtags
      • Hashtag Difficulty scoring
      • Live Analytics
      • Performance Reports
      • Safe and Secure


      $ 89 Monthly
      • Everything on Regular Plus:
      • TikTok Hashtag Platform
      • Track 5 Profiles
      • *3,000 Hashtag Searches Monthly
      • IG & TikTok Growth Channels
      • Track and monitor competitors
      • Priority Support

      4. Flick

      Whether you’re on the hunt for a new hashtag for your hashtag campaign or just trying to find the hottest posts out there, is your go-to helper. This awesome tool provides a list of the most popular hashtags and helps you discover what’s trending in your niche. And guess what? Users love it!

      But wait, there’s more!

      • Viral Post Finder: Flick’s got this super cool tool that lets you peek into what’s buzzing on social media. It’s like having your finger on the pulse of the internet. People can’t get enough of it!

      • Nifty Hashtag Assistant: Import your existing hashtag lists from other sites and use them in Flick. It syncs seamlessly with the free Hashtag Assistant app, making your life a breeze. 

      • Competition Score: Oh, and did we mention the Competition Score? It tells you how tough it is to rank among the top posts for a certain hashtag. Take your hashtag game to the next level!

      • Plans that Pack a Punch: The premium plans grant you access to all of Flick’s features. That means unlimited support, a mobile version for all your on-the-go needs, and easy exports to Instagram. But wait, there’s more! If you are a content creator or solo entrepreneur, the ‘SOLO’ pricing is for you. If you are a busy business owner and marketer, continuously on your toes; the ‘Pro’ pack is dedicated to you. And for agencies and freelancers who handle heavy workloads, there is an ‘Agency’ plan with more powerful features. So, maximize your social media marketing efforts and hit your target audience with precision.

      • Free Trial Fun: Here’s the cherry on top – Flick offers a free trial! Test drive the platform, explore all its features, and see if it’s your cup of tea for a full 7 days. If you love it (and trust us, you probably will), you can then choose to subscribe to the premium services. It’s as easy as pie!

      • User-Friendly Bliss: Flick is designed with you in mind. It’s so user-friendly that anyone can navigate the app like a pro. Export and download your data without breaking a sweat. And guess what? Flick’s app is tailored specifically for Instagram. It’s like having a secret weapon for Instagram success, complete with custom analytics just for the Instagram.

      • Keep it Real: Beware of scams! Stick with legit sites like Flick. Steer clear of those phony Flick Tech reviews on third-party sites. They’re just software-generated mumbo jumbo. You deserve the real deal!

      • Your Hashtag Sidekick: Looking for a simple Instagram hashtag search tool? Look no further than Flick. It’s got killer analytics, helps you find quality hashtags for your Insta game, and even gives you juicy insights reports. Remember, when you’re posting on Instagram, sprinkle those hashtags like confetti. Flick has your back!

      So there you have it, Flick is the bee’s knees. Viral post finder, nifty Hashtag Assistant, killer plans, free trial, user-friendly interface, no scams, and all the hashtag magic you need for your Instagram journey. Let Flick be your trusty sidekick in the land of hashtags and watch your Instagram game soar!

      PROs and CONs


      Pricing Plan

      As mentioned, you will get a 7-day free trial. The subscriptions are divided into 3 categories, both on a monthly and yearly basis. 

      Also, you can cancel the plans anytime. Let’s check out the pricing plan available below:


      $ ~8 Yearly
      • Link 1 Instagram Account
      • Schedule 10 posts /month
      • Track 10 posts /month


      $ ~13 Yearly
      • Link 2 Instagram Account
      • Schedule 30 posts /month
      • Track 30 posts /month


      $ ~20 Yearly
      • Link 5 Instagram Account
      • Schedule UNLIMITED Posts
      • Track UNLIMITED Posts


      $ ~43 Yearly
      • Link 12 Instagram Account
      • Schedule UNLIMITED Posts
      • Track UNLIMITED Posts

      5. RiteTag

      So, you’re looking for a hashtag tool that covers all the major social media platforms? Well, let us introduce you to RiteTag! It’s got you covered for major social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Pinterest and LinkedIn. 

      So you can supercharge your presence on those platforms too. It’s like having a one-stop shop for all your hashtag needs.

      • Hashtag Suggestion and Comparison: RiteTag’s standout feature is its ability to suggest and compare hashtags. You can easily see which hashtags are trending and save them for later use. Say goodbye to scrambling for the perfect hashtag on the spot. RiteTag has your back.

      • Seamless Browser Extension: The RiteTag browser extension integrates smoothly with popular social media publishing tools like Buffer, Hootsuite and Sproutsocial. No more wasting time copying and pasting hashtags into your posts. It’s a time-saving miracle! And it works seamlessly with all these tools, eliminating the need to switch between accounts. Efficiency at its finest!

      • Comprehensive Hashtag Suggestions: RiteTag offers comprehensive hashtag suggestions. Simply input an image or text, and the tool will generate hashtag suggestions based on their popularity. It even ranks them using a grading system, so you know which hashtags will work best for your posts. It’s like having a personal hashtag assistant right at your fingertips.

      • Mobile Apps for On-the-Go: RiteTag has got your back when you’re on the move with its iOS and Android apps. These apps allow you to monitor your hashtags, track user engagement, and access insightful analytics. It’s like having a command center for hashtags in your pocket. You can even see which hashtags are trending and performing the best in your category. Stay ahead of the game with ease!

      • Budget Considerations: It’s important to note that RiteTag may not be the most budget-friendly option out there. 

      In a nutshell, RiteTag is your go-to solution for hashtag wizardry across multiple platforms. It saves you time, helps you find the perfect hashtags, and keeps you on top of your social media game. Give it a whirl and watch your social media presence soar!


      PROs and CONs


      Pricing Plan

      You can purchase RiteTag for $49/year. You can check this out with a 7-day free trial. 

      It includes hashtag suggestions for 1000 queries/month from browser extensions and mobile apps combined. 

      Important: Hashtag reports are charged separately based on data volume.


      $ 49 Per Year
      • Includes hashtag suggestions for 1000 queries/month from browser extensions and mobile apps combined.
      • Important: Hashtag reports are charged separately based on data volume

      Best hashtag generator by social media

      Here’s a list of the best hashtag generators for popular social media platforms like Instagram, TikTok, Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube Shorts. These tools will help you find relevant and trendy hashtags to boost your social media presence. Let’s dive in!

      1. Instagram

        • HashtagsForLikes: Find popular and niche-specific hashtags for your Instagram posts. It provides suggestions based on your keyword or niche.
        • All Hashtag: Discover trending hashtags and generate relevant ones for your Instagram content. It also provides hashtag analytics.
        • Ingramer: Get hashtag recommendations for your Instagram posts based on a keyword or URL. You can analyze the popularity and competition level of each hashtag.
      2. TikTok

        • Find the best hashtags for your TikTok videos with Flick. It offers personalized recommendations based on your content, helping you reach a wider audience.
        • TokUpgrade: Generate hashtags that are currently trending on TikTok. It provides insights into the popularity and competition of each hashtag.
        • Task Ant: Discover trending hashtags on TikTok and receive personalized recommendations for your content. It also offers hashtag tracking and analytics.
      3. Twitter

        • RiteTag: Generate real-time hashtag suggestions based on your tweet text or URL. RiteTag helps you reach the right audience and increase engagement.
        • Twitonomy: Analyze Twitter hashtags and their performance with Twitonomy. It provides insights into hashtag usage, trends, and influencers.
        • Hashtagify: Discover popular and related hashtags on Twitter. It offers detailed analytics and insights into hashtag trends.
      4. Facebook

        • Seekmetrics: Find relevant hashtags for your Facebook posts and increase your reach. Seekmetrics provides insights into hashtag performance and usage patterns.
        • Socialert: Discover trending hashtags on Facebook and analyze their popularity and engagement levels. It also offers hashtag tracking and campaign monitoring.
        • Fanpage Karma: Get hashtag recommendations for your Facebook content and track their performance. Fanpage Karma helps you optimize your hashtag strategy.
      5. YouTube Shorts

        • VidIQ: Optimize your YouTube Shorts with the right hashtags using VidIQ. It provides hashtag recommendations based on your content and analyzes their performance.
        • TubeBuddy: Discover trending hashtags for your YouTube Shorts and analyze their popularity. TubeBuddy offers a range of tools to optimize your YouTube channel.
        • YouTube Tag Generator: Generate relevant tags and hashtags for your YouTube Shorts. It helps improve your video’s visibility and reach on the platform.

      Remember, using a mix of popular and niche-specific hashtags can help you expand your reach and connect with your target audience. Experiment with different hashtags and track their performance to refine your social media strategy. Happy hashtagging!

      Other tools to integrate in social media growth

      Apart from these hashtag generators, there are several tools available for Social media growth. 

      Ah, social media growth! It’s a fascinating world where tweets fly, posts go viral, and likes multiply like rabbits. If you’re looking to conquer the realm of social media and make your online presence soar, there are a few things you need to keep in mind. Here’s a rundown of the essential maintenance tips for your social media journey!

      1. Consistency is key: Regularly post engaging content that aligns with your brand. Your followers crave that consistent dose of awesomeness. To do this schedule the posts, reels and stories in advance using schedulers. For example, Predis AI, not only you get to schedule the post but also you can create and design the post in one place. 

      2. Be interactive: Respond to comments, messages, and engage in conversations. Show your audience some love, and they’ll return the favor.

      3. Hashtag it up: Use relevant hashtags to make your posts discoverable. But, don’t go overboard or you’ll end up in hashtag purgatory. Our choice is using hashtag generator like Metahashtag! Which is popular and free to use too.

      4. Quality matters: Don’t be a pixelated mess. Share high-quality visuals and well-crafted captions that leave an impression. Be the Mona Lisa of social media. And guess what? There are AI-powered social media managers out there that can assist you in scheduling and automating your posts. They’ll be your virtual sidekick.

      5. Get creative with graphics: Stand out from the crowd by using graphic design tools like Canva or Adobe Spark. They offer pre-made templates, fonts, and stunning graphics that even a non-designer can handle.

      6. Captivating captions made easy: Need help coming up with catchy captions? Fear not! You can rely on social media caption generators like Copymatic or Texta AI. Just input a few keywords, and they’ll whip up some clever lines for you.

      7. Supercharge your engagement: Bots like Inflact can help you boost your social media presence by automatically liking, following, and commenting on relevant content. They can save you time and help you reach a wider audience.

      8. Analyze and adapt: Keep an eye on your metrics, monitor what’s working and what’s not, and tweak your strategies accordingly. A data-driven approach, coupled with the power of AI tools, can optimize your social media game.

      Remember, social media is a wild rollercoaster ride, but with these maintenance tips and the help of AI-powered tools, you’ll be well on your way to social media stardom. 

      Our Verdict

      Image illustrates SM90 verdict about Zutrix.

      There are many social media management tools available to make the change you want. However, hashtags, as we mentioned earlier, are like secret ingredients for social media success.

      If you want your post to feature on the trending page for a particular hashtag, you gotta use it in your post. But here’s the catch: you need to use the right hashtags that are relevant to your content. No point in hashtagging #PancakeLovers if you’re posting about your latest hiking adventure, right? So keep it on point and choose wisely.

      Now, here’s something interesting. The number of hashtags you can use varies from one social media platform to another. Some platforms allow you to go hashtag crazy, while others have a limit. But here’s the thing to remember: it’s not just about the quantity of hashtags; it’s about the quality too. So don’t go overboard and hashtag everything under the sun. Be strategic and pick the ones that will actually attract your target audience.

      And the tools we mentioned in this article are among the best to help you find the most relevant and trending hashtags, while keeping an eye on their competition.

      Remember, hashtags are your secret sauce for social media success. Use them wisely, stay relevant, and watch your followers grow. Happy hashtagging, folks!

      And we would love to hear from you! Did we manage to answer all your burning questions about the best hashtag generator tools and online services? Let us know in the comments section, and see you on the next one!

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