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How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers in 2024

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    Did you know you can grow your Instagram organically without waiting for months or spending a lot on social media management? The solution is buying organic Instagram followers. This article will guide you on how to buy organic Instagram followers in 2024. We’ll also highlight the top 7 sites and methods for buying these followers and give you an overview of what each offers, so you can choose which one best suits you. So, let’s not wait any further, and get started with our first pick.

    Table of Contents
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      7 Best Sites To Buy Organic Instagram Followers 2024

      1) UpGrow

      UpGrow is a platform designed to help Instagram users get more organic Instagram followers. Beyond this, UpGrow offers additional free tools to support your Instagram account’s organic growth. This includes an AI-powered Instagram caption generator that crafts engaging captions to enhance the appeal of your posts to your audience. There’s also a free AI tool for generating relevant hashtags for your posts. These tools, along with many others provided by UpGrow, are aimed at elevating your Instagram presence to the level you aim for.

      Features of UpGrow's Instagram Followers

      They Cut Across Various Niches

      UpGrow has provided real Instagram followers to more than 55,000 users across 18 different niches, such as technology, fashion, travel, beauty, and wellness. The key advantage of UpGrow’s service is that the followers you gain are genuinely interested in your specific niche. This means they are more likely to engage actively with your Instagram posts.

      They’re Curated with AI

      UpGrow uses advanced AI technology to identify the best potential followers for your Instagram account. This AI analyzes Instagram users to find those most likely to be interested in your content. Then, UpGrow works to attract these selected users to your account, encouraging them to follow you.

      The Followers Increase Every day

      Purchasing Instagram followers through UpGrow ensures continuous growth for your Instagram account. UpGrow actively works every moment to attract real, organic followers to your account. If needed, you have the option to temporarily stop the influx of new followers directly from your UpGrow dashboard.

      They Can Be Boosted

      UpGrow offers a feature known as “Boost” that significantly accelerates the rate of follower growth on your Instagram account. Users who have activated the Boost feature have experienced a remarkable 275% surge in their follower count. After you subscribe to UpGrow, you have the opportunity to enable the Boost feature at no additional cost. This means you can enhance your account’s growth potential without incurring extra charges.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers from UpGrow in 2024

      • Visit UpGrow and click “Get started for free.”
      • Enter your Instagram username and click “Start your growth.”

      • Enter your email address and set a password to your UpGrow account. 
      • Browse through the list of available subscription plans. Select one and buy it. 
      • Set up your growth settings:

      When customizing your growth settings on UpGrow for your Instagram account, you can specify various preferences that influence how your follower base expands. These settings include:

      1. Growth Speed: This determines the rate at which you gain new organic followers each month. You have three options:
        • Slow Growth: Adds approximately 650 followers to your account monthly. This is a steady and gradual increase.
        • Moderate Growth: Increases your follower count by around 1500 organic followers each month, offering a balanced growth rate.
        • Turbo Growth: Accelerates your growth with an addition of 3500 followers monthly, ideal for rapid expansion.
      2. Follower Demographics: You can tailor the characteristics of the Instagram followers you gain, including:
      3. Location: Specify the geographical regions or countries where your new followers should be based.
      4. Gender: Choose the gender distribution of your incoming followers.
      5. Interests: Target followers based on specific hobbies, interests, or industries.
      6. Language: Select the languages spoken by your new followers.

      If you do not configure these settings, UpGrow will apply default growth settings to your account. Under these default settings, your account will grow at the slowest pace, with an addition of about 650 followers per month. These followers will be of random gender, speak various languages, and come from different locations worldwide. This approach ensures a basic level of growth without any specific targeting.

      Pricing of Instagram Followers from UpGrow

      The pricing for Instagram followers on UpGrow is organized into various subscription plans. Below is a list of these plans and how much they cost.

      • Basic: $69 monthly or $700 yearly 
      • Pro: $99 monthly or $1180 yearly
      • Turbo: $199 monthly or $2140 yearly

      2) Kenji AI Bot

      Kenji AI Bot is a tool designed to help grow your Instagram account smartly. It uses artificial intelligence to follow users who are likely to be interested in your content and unfollow those who aren’t engaging. This method helps filter out uninterested followers, leaving your account with genuine, engaged followers.

      Features of Kenji’s Instagram Followers

      They’re Real

      Just because Kenji is an AI bot doesn’t mean it will add fake or bot followers to your Instagram account. Every follower you gain through Kenji is real. Using Kenji to expand your business or brand on Instagram means you’ll attract genuine followers who are interested in what you offer and are more likely to support your brand.

      They Can Be Automatically Whitelisted

      In Kenji’s system, to “whitelist” a follower means you’re marking them as someone the Kenji AI Bot should not unfollow. Followers who get whitelisted are those who actively engage and support your content, showing they’re important for building a strong, engaged community on your account. This helps keep your most beneficial followers connected to you. It also promotes a healthy and interactive environment on your Instagram.

      They Can Be Automatically Blacklisted

      While Kenji AI Bot works to increase your Instagram account’s follower count, it’s possible that some undesirable followers may also be attracted. These followers might have odd usernames, lack profile photos, and have no posts on their Instagram accounts. To address this, Kenji employs a feature known as “Blacklisting.” This process allows Kenji to identify and filter out these less desirable followers, separating them from the genuine, valuable followers you want to attract.

      They Increase 24/7

      Kenji AI Bot is designed to consistently work on your Instagram account. So, if you’re looking for a reliable way to steadily grow your Instagram presence with genuine followers, Kenji is an excellent option to consider. 

      They Can Boost Your Engagement Rate

      Your engagement rate on Instagram is calculated based on the interactions your content receives—likes, comments, and shares—compared to your total number of followers. Kenji AI Bot is designed to find followers who are truly interested in your content. As a result, these followers are more likely to actively engage with your posts by liking, commenting, and sharing them, rather than remaining inactive.

      They Can Expand Your Reach

      Have your Instagram stories not been getting as many views as you desire? If you buy followers from Kenji AI Bot in 2024, you’ll experience a radical rise in the number of views of your Instagram stories. This can open up your account to been seen by more people, which can catapult your account’s growth.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers from Kenji AI Bot in 2024

      • Go to Kenji’s website and sign up.
      • Type in your Instagram account’s username. Kenji will then search its database to locate your account.

      • Click on “choose plan” to see the available options.
      • Choose between focusing on “more growth” or “more engagement.” For organic follower growth, selecting “more engagement” is recommended. This option tells Kenji AI Bot to prioritize bringing you high-quality followers who will actively like and comment on your posts.

      • Look through the subscription plans Kenji offers and choose one that suits your needs.
      • Click on “I have a coupon.”
      • Type “15OFF” into the coupon code box for a 15% discount on your chosen plan. If this code is not working when you subscribe, search online for “Kenji AI coupon code” to find the most current codes.
      • After applying the discount, click “proceed to payment” and complete the transaction.

      Pricing of Organic Instagram Followers from Kenji AI Bot

      Kenji AI Bot offers subscription plans that go beyond just providing Instagram followers. These plans also come with extra features, one of which includes sending direct messages (DMs) to welcome each new follower to your Instagram page, alongside other benefits. Here’s a list of the subscription plans:

      • Digital Influencer: This costs $69 or $588 yearly. If you subscribe to this plan, you’ll get 400 organic Instagram followers per month. 
      • Cybersocial Pro: This costs 119 monthly or $990 yearly. If you subscribe to this plan, you’ll get 1000 organic Instagram followers per month.
      • AI Master: This costs $230 monthly or $1990 yearly. If you subscribe to this plan, you’ll get 2500 organic Instagram followers per month.

      3) Flock Social

      Flock Social aims to boost the number of organic followers on both Instagram and TikTok accounts. When you purchase Instagram followers through Flock Social, they work to increase your follower count by engaging in activities such as following other Instagram users, encouraging them to interact with your posts, and unfollowing those who do not engage with your content.

      The main difference between Flock Social and Kenji AI Bot is that Flock Social manually grows your Instagram account while Kenji uses automated, bot-based methods to increase your follower count.

      Features of Organic Instagram Followers from Flock Social

      They’re Real

      Flock Social ensures that the followers you get on your Instagram account are real. These followers can actively engage and interact with your posts.

      They Can Be Added at a Slow or Fast Pace

      The speed at which you gain Instagram followers through Flock Social depends on your goals. If your priority is rapid account growth, Flock Social will add followers to your account quickly, up to the limit of your chosen subscription plan. On the other hand, if your focus is on boosting engagement, Flock Social will carefully select and add high-quality followers to your account at a slower rate.

      They’ll Change Almost Constantly

      When you join Flock Social, your Instagram followers will change often. Flock Social will follow new users for you and also unfollow those who don’t follow back or interact with your posts. This means gaining a dedicated follower base with Flock Social may take some time, as it aims to connect you with followers who truly engage with your content. 

      They Can Be Whitelisted and Blacklisted 

      Flock Social actively selects and marks certain Instagram users as essential for the growth of your Instagram account, a process known as “whitelisting.” Whitelisting involves tagging users to ensure they are not unfollowed because they’re important for your account’s growth.

      Similarly, Flock Social can also “blacklist” users. This means if an Instagram user doesn’t follow back or engage with your content, Flock Social can help you unfollow them permanently.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers from Flock Social in 2024

      • Visit Flock Social and click “get started.” 
      • Finish creating your Flock Social account. 
      • Enter your Instagram username. 
      • Identify your Instagram account from the list provided by Flock Social. Click “select account” to proceed.
      • Add your phone number. Skip this step if you aren’t ready to add your phone number yet.

      • Choose what you want to focus on and click “continue.”

      • Choose a subscription plan. 
      • If you choose a yearly plan, click “proceed to payment” and complete your purchase.
      • If you chose a monthly plan, click “I have a coupon.”

      • Enter the code “KYPWOP5” to get 20% off your first month subscription. 
      • Click “proceed to payment.”

      Pricing of Organic Instagram Followers from Flock Social

      Flock Social has three different subscription options, each providing a different number of Instagram followers. Here’s a list of the subscription plans:

      • Instagram Explorer: If you subscribe to this plan, you’ll get 400 organic followers per month. The plan costs $69 monthly or $590 yearly.
      • Instagram Adventurer: You get 1000 organic followers per month. This plan costs $119 monthly or $990 yearly.
      • Instagram Conqueror: Subscribing to this plan gives you access to 2500 organic followers per month. The plan costs $239 monthly or $1190 yearly.

      4) Instagram Ads

      Instagram ads help to attract more users to your Instagram account. When you run ads, you can gain new followers, get more likes and comments on your posts, and overall increase your account’s engagement. To run Instagram ads, you must first switch your account from personal to professional, as ads are only available for professional accounts.

      There are three ways to buy organic Instagram followers through Instagram ads in 2024. They are:

      • Through boosting an Instagram post
      • Through boosting an Instagram reel
      • Through boosting an Instagram story

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers by Boosting an Instagram Post

      • Select a post from your Instagram profile that you believe will resonate well with a larger audience. This could be one of your most engaging posts based on likes, comments, or shares.
      • Directly below the post, you should see a “Promote” button. Tap on it. 
      • Instagram will ask what you want to achieve with this promotion. Options typically include more profile visits, website traffic, or promotion views. Choose the goal that aligns best with what you’re trying to achieve.
      • You can let Instagram create an automatic audience based on similar interests to your followers, or you can create your own custom audience by specifying demographics like age, gender, locations, and interests.
      • Decide how much you want to spend on the promotion and how long you want it to run. Instagram will estimate the reach of your ad based on your budget and duration settings.
      • If you haven’t already set up a payment method, you will need to do so. Follow the prompts to add your payment information.
      • Once everything looks good, submit your promotion for review. Instagram will review the ad to ensure it meets their advertising guidelines. This process can take some time, but you will be notified once your ad is live.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers by Boosting an Instagram Reel

      • Go to your profile, find the Reel you want to boost, and select it.
      • Below your Reel, you should see a button labeled “Promote.” Tap on it.    
      • Instagram will ask what you aim to achieve with your promotion. You can choose to direct people to your profile, your website, or your Direct Messages. Select the goal that aligns with your objectives.
      • You can let Instagram automatically create an audience for you based on similar interests to your followers, or you can create a custom audience by selecting specific demographics, interests, and locations.
      • Determine how much you want to spend on the promotion and how long you want it to run. 
      • If you haven’t already set up a payment method, you will need to do so. Follow the prompts to enter your payment information, then submit your promotion for review.
      • Instagram will review your Reel to ensure it meets their advertising policies. This process can take some time, but you will be notified once your promotion is approved and live.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers by Boosting an Instagram Story

      • Go to your profile, and tap on your profile picture to view your current Story.
      • If you have multiple Stories posted, swipe to the Story you want to boost.
      • Below your Story, you should see an option labeled “Promote.” Tap on it. 
      • Instagram will ask what you aim to achieve with the promotion. Goals can include more profile visits, website traffic, or more messages. Choose the one that aligns with your objectives.
      • You can allow Instagram to target your promotion automatically to people similar to your followers, or you can create a custom audience by specifying demographics, interests, and locations.
      • Decide on the amount you want to spend and how long you want the promotion to run. 
      • If you haven’t added a payment method to your account yet, you’ll need to do so now.
      • Once you’re satisfied with your promotion settings, submit it for review. Instagram will check to make sure your Story adheres to their advertising guidelines. Approval usually happens within a few hours, but it can take longer.

      5) Inflact

      Inflact is a marketing tool that performs the functions of a social media manager for Instagram with the aid of bots at a low cost. Inflact helps you build a dedicated fan base on Instagram, who may later become loyal customers of your brand, by automating actions that motivate Instagram users in your target audience to trust your Instagram account and follow you. Such actions include automatically viewing their stories, liking their comments on your Instagram posts, etc.

      Features of Organic Instagram Followers from Inflact

      They’re Driven by Inflact’s Instagram Bot

      Inflact uses an Instagram Bot to carry out strategies aimed at boosting your follower count on Instagram. The Bot engages in activities like following users interested in your niche, interacting with their Instagram stories, and liking their posts. These actions encourage those users to follow your account in return. Additionally, you don’t need to be concerned about following too many users. If the Inflact Bot observes that some users you’re following and engaging with aren’t reciprocating, it will unfollow them automatically.

      Getting Them Isn’t 100% Safe

      Inflact recommends that you activate its VPN service if you want to get the most out of your subscription plan. This indicates an attempt to hide the Bot’s activities from Instagram’s monitoring systems. Instagram rules forbid using bots for actions like liking and following, as they can disrupt the platform’s genuine engagement. 

      By using Inflact’s VPN, you’ll mask the source of these automated actions, making it harder for Instagram to trace and penalize your account for breaking their rules.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers from Inflact in 2024

      • Create an Inflact account. 
      • Enter your Instagram username and click “add account.”

      • On the page where subscription plans are displayed, click “Customize your own.”

      • Select only “Promo.”

      • Click “I have a promo code.”
      • Paste the code “IN2021” to get 20% off the price.
      • Complete your purchase.
      • Authorize Inflact’s Instagram Bot to work on your Instagram account. 

      Pricing of Organic Instagram Followers from Inflact

      Inflact doesn’t directly sell Instagram followers. Instead, it sells a Promo pack. If you buy the Promo pack, Inflact’s Instagram Bot will carry out actions designed to naturally attract organic followers to your Instagram account. The Promo pack costs $54 per month or $454 for an annual subscription.

      6) Ampfluence

      Ampfluence specializes in helping Instagram accounts grow. While you can’t directly buy organic Instagram followers from them in 2024, you can hire them for their social media management services. They have strategies that involve engaging with your target audience to encourage them to follow your Instagram account. Besides social media management, Ampfluence also offers Instagram advertising services to boost the exposure and visibility of your Instagram account.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers from Ampfluence in 2024

      As mentioned before, you can’t buy real Instagram followers from Ampfluence. However, you can use Ampfluence’s services to naturally increase your Instagram followers.

      Here’s how to go about it:

      • Visit Ampfluence.
      • Click “Let’s do it.”
      • Choose a subscription plan and click “Get started.”
      • Pay for the subscription plan.
      • Book a consultation with Ampfluence to discuss your Instagram account’s needs. 

      Pricing of Ampfluence’s Instagram Growth Services 

      Ampfluence prices its Instagram growth services in three tiers:

      • Ads Growth: $749 monthly 
      • Ads Growth ×2: $949 monthly 
      • Ads Amplified: $1249 monthly

      7) Google Ads

      Google Ads is a tool from Google to help advertise your business. You can’t buy organic Instagram followers through Google ads. However, you can use Google ads to make more people know about your Instagram account, which could help you get more followers.

      How to Increase Organic Instagram Followers Through Google Ads in 2024

      • If you haven’t already, sign up for a Google Ads account at Follow the prompts to set up your account.
      • Once logged in, click on the “+” button or “New Campaign” to start setting up your campaign.
      • Choose a campaign goal that aligns with driving traffic to your Instagram profile, such as “Website traffic.”
      • Choose a campaign type. For driving traffic to your Instagram, “Display” campaigns or “Video” campaigns might be most effective, as they allow for more visual advertising which can entice users to check out your Instagram profile.
      • Name your campaign.
      • Choose your target audience.
      • Set your budget for the ad.
      • Design your ad. Your ad should visually appeal and clearly communicate the value of following your Instagram profile. Include a compelling call-to-action (CTA) like “Follow us on Instagram for more!”
      • Input the URL of your Instagram profile in the “Final URL” field when creating the ad. 
      •  Select keywords related to your Instagram content to help Google place your ads in relevant contexts.
      • You can also choose where your ads appear. For visual content, consider websites and apps in Google’s Display Network that align with your brand and audience interests.
      • Choose a bid strategy that matches your goals. For increasing Instagram followers organically, focusing on clicks (CPC) might be the most relevant.
      • Review all your settings and details. Once everything is set up to your satisfaction, launch your campaign.

      Why Is It Important to Buy Organic Instagram Followers?

      When purchasing Instagram followers, opt for organic ones. The reason is that providers of organic followers engage in authentic, real interactions to bring followers to your account. Organic followers tend to stick around longer and don’t disappear over time. Moreover, if you buy organic followers for your business account, there’s a good chance they could become loyal customers eventually.

      Also, buying Instagram accounts obtained via organic promotion method is much safer. By staying away from bots, you won’t risk getting your account shadow-banned or, even worse, suspended.

      Note: by bots, we mean bot accounts, and not automation tools such as Inflact.

      Tips to Increase Instagram Followers Organically

      Image illustrates the tips for hiring efficient virtual assistants.

      If you implement the following tips to increase Instagram followers organically, you’ll be surprised at how much your Instagram account will grow. Here some great tips for you!

      • Consistently post high-quality, engaging content that resonates with your target audience.
      • Utilize relevant hashtags to reach new users and increase your visibility.
      • Engage with your followers by responding to comments and messages.
      • Collaborate with other Instagram users through shoutouts, tags, or joint posts.
      • Share your Instagram posts on other social media platforms to attract a broader audience.
      • Use Instagram Stories and Reels to showcase behind-the-scenes content and capture attention.
      • Host giveaways or contests that encourage users to follow you and engage with your content.
      • Optimize your profile with a clear bio, profile picture, and links to your website or other social accounts.
      • Post at optimal times when your audience is most active to maximize engagement.
      • Analyze your Instagram Insights regularly to understand your audience better and adjust your strategy accordingly.

      FAQs About How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers in 2024

      An illustration of frequently asked questions about Filmstro.

      Is it safe to buy organic Instagram followers in 2024?

      Buying organic Instagram followers is safe and won’t get your account banned. This is because you’re not buying the followers directly. Instead, you’re paying for services designed to naturally draw followers to your profile, which is allowed by Instagram.

      What is the best site to buy Instagram followers in 2024?

      The best site to buy Instagram followers in 2024 is UpGrow. UpGrow not only helps your Instagram account grow consistently but also provides you with various tools to sustain your account’s growth. But, all the other sites that we mentioned in this article are valid alternatives.

      What is the cheapest way to buy Instagram followers in 2024?

      In 2024, using an automation bot tool like Inflact is the cheapest site to buy organic Instagram followers. You can start with a $3 trial for seven days. If satisfied, subscribe for $54 monthly or $454 annually to continuously increase your Instagram followers. 

      How many new followers can I expect?

      The additional number of Instagram followers you’ll get depends on the site you buy the followers from and how much you pay for them. On average, though, if you pay between $100 and $120 monthly, you can expect about 500 new organic followers each month.

      How to Buy Organic Instagram Followers in 2024: Conclusion

      Getting organic Instagram followers is quick, simple, and affordable. What makes these “organic” is that they follow you because of your genuine engagement with them over time. If you have a little money to spare for your Instagram account’s growth in 2024, consider buying organic followers. You’ll be happy you did.

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