Top 5 Sites to Buy Instagram Comments


Instagram comments are a great way to increase engagement or, if you are a business, to increase social proof and reputation.

And, Instagram in general, is a great way to get your business noticed. It doesn’t cost anything to use Instagram and it can be a way of promoting yourself or your business, for free. 

But let’s be honest: it’s difficult to get noticed, and get lots of likes and comments without spending money. So, buying comments can become part of your marketing strategy, but you also need to make sure you are buying the best ones, to prevent drops or algorithm penalties.

The best sites to buy Instagram comments are those that offer high-quality services at reasonable prices. These sites should also have a good customer service team to answer inquiries and resolve any issues you may have.

In this article, we will share our top 5 sites to buy comments, based on our tests and the price to quality ratio.

Top Instagram Comments buying sites - quick table

If you are in a hurry, below you can see our Quick table with the top three picks. Later you can also enjoy our in-depth review and features of the five best Instagram comment buying sites and all their features.

Service Pricing Rating Website
GetAFollower $3 for 10 Comments 9.2/10 Visit here
SocialPlus $12.95 for 10 Comments 8.4/10 Visit here
Mr.Insta $15 for 10 Comments 8/10 Visit here

So without a delay let’s start our business!

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    In this article, we will see the best 5 Instagram comment buying sites, which were tested by us. Depending on the pricing and services they provide, you can then pick your favorite provider, with no risk!

    I) SocialPlus

    SocialPlus is for Instagrammers and Youtubers. Comments can be purchased starting at just two dollars. The 100-comment package costs around $19.95 and it includes the complete package. This can be costly for those who need a lot of comments, but still in a good price range.

    Many IG-specific features are available to users. These include auto likes, views, and followers. You can also use for free some Instagram tool, such as hashtag generators and profile analysis tools.

    And, of course, comments.

    Individuals can go to the website and choose their comment package. They can leave their own or they can also choose from the templates provided by SocialPlus.

    The provider does not ask for login credentials or passwords.

    SocialPlus boasts quick delivery times. Clients can expect to receive their packages almost immediately, most of the times. Although it may take some time to process the order, the growth appears organic and natural, which some people seem to appreciate.

    This secure website is available to clients. Clients can rely on this secure site to keep their credit card information safe and encrypted. If you don’t get your comments within the specified time, there is a policy of refund so your money is safe.

    SocialPlus will also fill any gaps caused by deleted or missing comments. And the support is quite nice, since the website offers a live chat service that is available at every moment.

    SocialPlus Pros & Cons



    II) Mr.Insta

    It’s time to get noticed! You’ve probably spent hours trying to acquire Instagram followers, but it’s not working. What you need are more Instagram comments. With the help of Mr. Insta’s service, you can buy real comments at a low price. 

    As its name implies, Mr.Insta is specialized in Instagram services and it allows you to purchase cheap Instagram comments, from anywhere in the world. 

    This company can help you overcome high competition if you feel your Instagram is lagging behind other companies in your same industry. This company offers affordable and efficient solutions to Instagram growth. 

    They can make your account stand out and help you get recognized by the most engaged people in your industry and they can help you make you stand out from your competition. Mr.Insta is definetely more oriented toward business owners and brands.

    You can start by buying 10 Instagram comments at $15 or 25 Instagram comments at $30. You can also buy 100 Instagram comments at $80. They guarantee that you will be able to connect with real Instagram accounts within days. Your posts are engaged and commented by their high-quality accounts.

    Mr. Insta Pros & Cons



    III) Visibility Reseller

    If you’re on the lookout for a quality and affordable way to gain more followers and likes on your Instagram profile, it’s time to make your account more visible. With Visibility Reseller, it’s super easy to buy Instagram comments for your profile at a reasonable price. 

    The secret to an appealing account is in the details and what people say about you, so make sure you don’t miss out on these comments service.

    Visibility Reseller is a specialist in Instagram comments and other services. Their expertise in various aspects of Instagram promotion has made them an industry leader. We love this site.

    There are both basic and more complex plans. You can buy 10 Instagram comments starting at $5.79 or 30 Instagram comments starting at $6.47. You can also get 1000 Instagram followers at $10 or 5000 Instagram followers at $46. 

    But, sky is the limit. You can also get larger plans and products on the site. These include 7500 Instagram fans for $69 or 10,000 Instagram followers at $91. You can buy 20,000 Instagram followers for $172, the biggest plan available on the site.

    Visibility Reseller Pros & Cons



    II) Media Mister

    Media Mister stands out from all the rest because of one thing. The look of the followers is what makes Media Mister stand out. They appear authentic and capable of being genuine. 

    The headquarters of this online marketing company is located in Arizona, USA. They’ve been in business since 2012. Many of their Instagram services offer targeting options. The site interface is very user-friendly too, so it is easy to navigate and see find with clarity what you need, and how it works. 

    It is effortless and quick to navigate. You can choose packages from a drop-down menu for each social media site.

    But let’s talk about what you were looking for, hence, comments. There are two options to buy real comments on Instagram: automatic or custom.

    You can customize the comments, likes, etc. Clients can customize the geographical location of the people who will comment. And the accounts look real. There is no chance of comments appearing fake, even if someone opens the profile of the account which commented.

    There are many options available to purchase, each with its own extensive package. This shows that they are serious about what they do. Although their customer service is not great, they do respond quickly. They go the extra mile in solving any problem.

    Media Mister Pros & Cons



    V) GetAFollower

    GetAFollower is an international website that offers the possibility to purchase numerous services for any existing social network. In my opinion, it is one of the best international agency if you want to buy random or personalized Instagram comments.

    The types of Instagram comments made available by GetAFollower are three: random comments, personalized comments, and automatic comments.

    Random comments: In the first case, the comments you will receive under your photos or videos will be random but… you can still choose USA, UK or any other as your target country. If you pick a non-english native country, let’s say France, you might also receive random comments in french. The service price starts at $ 2 for 10 comments and goes up to $19 for 100 comments.

    Custom comments: In the case of custom comments, you decide the text of your comments yourself (just insert one per line). The service price is slightly higher as it starts at $3 for 10 comments, up to $25 for 100 comments. All comments will be delivered within 48 hours from payment (100 comment packs may take a little longer, though).

    Automatic comments: Automatic comments are comments that will be automatically placed on posts you publish in the future. You will need to indicate the number of posts for which you want to receive comments, the number of comments, and the “delay” (i.e., how long after the publication of the content the comments should appear). This is a great featured service.

    GetAFollower also offers customer support via email (which usually replies within 24 hours at the latest) and a money-back guarantee.

    In addition to Instagram comments, GetAFollower also offers numerous other services for the famous photos social network, such as:

    • Replies to comments;
    • Views of stories or videos;
    • Automatic likes;

    GetAFollower Pros & Cons




    Questions are important because they help us learn and explore the world around us. They also help us communicate with others, which is a crucial element for human development. Here are some frequently asked questions,

    Is Buying Instagram comments safe?

    This is a question that a lot of people have asked. The answer is not as simple as it might seem. It depends on the type of comments you are buying, the seller, and how they are being delivered. SocialPlus and GetAFollower are the safest, compared to others.

    What are the benefits of buying Instagram comments?

    A lot of people do not know that buying Instagram comments is a good strategy to engage more users on the platform. It is a way to increase the authenticity of your account on Instagram, and its social proof to visitors.

    Benefits of Buying Instagram Comments:

    • Builds trust with followers on social media
    • Gives credibility to your account on Instagram
    • Increases engagement and following

    Is buying Instagram comments legal?

    Yes of course. But before purchasing, check if the service is genuine.

    Where to buy automatic Instagram comments?

    If you are looking for automatic Instagram comments for your new posts, you can buy them at GetAFollower or some of the websites we mentioned earlier, you will go safe.

    How do the mentioned sites sell comments for Instagram?

    The reviewed sites sell the comments for Instagram online, on their website. They usually offer different packages with different volumes of comments, for different pricing.

    Best sites to buy Instagram comments (OUR PICK)



    Today marks the end of our exploration of Instagram comment-buying sites, but rest assured, you are now equipped with the knowledge to select the perfect service for you. If you’re eager to dive deeper into the world of Instagram bot services, you’ve come to the right place. Embrace the best of the Top 10 Instagram bots without hesitation. Onward to the next exciting review! Keep an eye out for updates and stay tuned. A heartfelt thank you for investing your time in reading this and all the best!

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