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Upleap Review – Everything You Need To Know

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    The growth of Instagram profiles has become increasingly complicated due to the increase in competition in publishing content and the limit of new followers added per day.

    Lately, many Instagrammers who efficiently used Instagram bots to increase their engagement during periods of high social activity found themselves without the support needed to keep their follower level constant.

    But apparently, there is a new solution called Upleap. What is it about? How does it work? But above all, is Upleap safe? Let’s find out together below!

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      What is Upleap?

      Upleap is an innovative service that allows you to use a new following mechanism to boost your popularity on social networks. It is no longer the obsolete follow/unfollow method that was offered by simple bots.

      The basic idea is that the target audience is no longer chosen randomly, with all the negative aspects that followed: sudden loss of followers, inactive fans, deleted profiles.

      Upleap allows you to intercept profiles like yours with similar topics and interests to establish a more stable social relationship.

      Another advantage of this approach is that by following a real and active profile, you are certainly less likely to lose it later, or worse, to get banned.

      Finally, it is also possible to set parameters to concentrate the following action in defined geographical areas. This is especially useful if you are only interested in the North American public, for example.

      Upleap - Registration & Free Trial

      The registration service is straightforward, and it takes a few minutes. After connecting to the official site, you have to click on the button at the top right that says “try us for free” and enter your details.

      In this way, you will have access ti the free trial of Upleap, which is a free three-day trial of the service. This way, you can first test the actual functioning of the work they offer and then decide whether to buy the packages they offer.

      Working Principle of Upleap

      So, this is an innovative service you can try for free for 3 days. But how does it work in practice? I’ll show you in four simple steps.

      1) Registration

      First, you need to register on the site because afterward, a confirmation email will be sent to the email address entered initially. Finally, you need to enter your Instagram profile name and password. (don’t worry, we tested it and it’s safe)

      2) Category

      Here the fun begins and this is also the most crucial moment of all. The category selection will allow you to specify the scope of the Upleap mechanism.

      3) Hashtags

      The third step asks you to choose 4 reference hashtags for the topics you cover on your Instagram profile. Make sure you choose the niche and not too generic ones; otherwise, you risk compromising targeting accuracy but, at the same time, don’t be way too specific in order to have good reach.

      4) Profiles

      Here instead, you are asked for 3 profiles similar to yours. In this way, Upleap will understand even more in detail what your topics are and, based on this, Uploeap will start a targeted and effective following strategy.

      Boom! The game is done. From this moment on, for 3 days, you will be able to see the results on the Upleap dashboard and test the correct functioning of the service, and if it something that you like.

      Advantages of Upleap

      I start by telling you that being a particular service, different from the classic Instagram bots, it is a novelty on the market, and it is worth trying it; then, after the free trial, you can decide whether to spend money on it or not.

      In any case, let’s see more precisely what are the 3 advantages of Upleap:

      Advanced targeting customization

      The main advantage is that by using such a service, you can create a real community of fans and real enthusiasts for your content. Whether you are an influencer or a hairdresser, you can build your niche and start growing fast.

      All these thanks to the way of targeting the profiles to follow. In fact, with the selection of categories, profiles, and reference hashtags, the service ensures you followers that last over time and interact with your content.

      Free Trial

      If you are not convinced of the service, all you have to do is unsubscribe, and that’s it. Although 3 days may seem short to test the quality of new followers, you need to focus on the accuracy of the following activity.

      I tell you this because here, the quantity is not essential but the quality of the followers. Using a generic Instagram Bot, you get numbers initially, but then after a few months, you lose them, or in any case, they are inactive, finding yourself at the starting point.

      Premium options

      As we will see below, thanks to the premium packages, you can enhance the operation of Upleap. Some of the pro features concern the views of the stories of the target profiles. And the selection of geographical areas on which to base the following action.

      But it does not end there; in fact, you can even exclude those keywords related to other social profiles that do not interest you. This tool is essential if you talk about topics that easily get confused with others you don’t care about.

      Upleap - Pricing Plan

      There are two types of subscriptions: monthly and yearly. There are three different packages for each of these, the price of which varies according to the additional functions. The three packages are Lite, Standard, and Premium. You can find them summarized below:


      $ 69 Monthly
      • Great for personal accounts, businesses and upcoming influencers looking for organic growth.
      • Organic Instagram Growth
      • Real followers & engagement
      • Influencer targeting
      • Hashtag tageting
      • Whitelist & Blacklist
      • Automatic Whitelist
      • Analytics & Insights
      • Email & Live chat Support


      Coming Soon
      • All active subscribers will get a 20% discount!
      • Organic Instagram Growth
      • Real followers & engagement
      • Influencer targeting
      • Hashtag tageting
      • Whitelist & Blacklist
      • Automatic Whitelist
      • Analytics & Insights
      • Email & Live chat Support
      • Automatic Welcome DM
      • Gender filtering
      • Gender filtering
      • Automatic Like after Follow
      • Personal Account Manager
      • Premium Support on IG
      • AI targeting suggestions

      1) Standard

      In addition to the options of the standard one, this package has two additional functions: the display of Instagram Stories on target profiles and a doubled speed of account growth.

      A monthly subscription is $69, while the annual subscription is $49/month.

      2) Premium (Coming Soon)

      In the Premium package, you get all the functions I have talked about so far, plus the possibility to select the geographical areas of interest and the premium support from the Upleap team.

      Alternatives to Upleap

      Upleap is a truly innovative service and also offers a free trial, but there are some rather convincing alternatives that we have seen in this article. Among the best are Inflact (formerly Ingramer) and Instagrow.

      Inflact is very special because, besides offering the usual features of a typical Bot, such as following and unfollowing direct messages and publishing posts, it also allows you to find the followers you are looking for through advanced targeting.

      Advanced targeting is based on hashtags, locations, gender, and language. By setting these parameters, you can immediately find the followers you need. 

      You can read our review here and also the best instagram bots here.

      Instagrow is a service similar to the previous ones that, through the management of your account, aims to make it grow exponentially with the help of an advanced targeting mechanism. It stands out for its attention to detail and the reliability of the team behind it.

      It is considered some of the best, as it has developed advanced skills that are difficult to find elsewhere thanks to the young italian developers team behind it.

      UPLEAP Positive & Negative


      Users Reviews

      You can find many opinions and testimonials on the Upleap site from people and companies who have used the service to grow on Instagram. Check out some of the user experience mentioned below,

      As can be seen from the Upleap reviews, some of the advantages highlighted concern the efficiency of the services. The views in the case of Youtube and the followers for common interests in the case of social networks.

      You can find many other reviews on the official website, and these were just a tiny taste to make you understand the potential of the service.


      If you still have doubts about Upleap, I invite you to read the following FAQ so, you will solve any perplexity you might still have.

      Is Upleap free?

      In reality, it is not, but you can first try the free trial of Upleap for three days and then decide whether to subscribe to a lite, standard, or premium plan.

      Does Upleap work well on Instagram?

      Certainly yes, this service is specifically designed to obtain optimized performance on Instagram thanks to personalized targeting functions for interests and place.

      How does Upleap work?

      Initially, you will be asked to choose a category or topic of interest to your target audience. Using hashtags and profiles common to yours, you can easily find potential followers interested in your content.

      Is Upleap a scam?

      No, Upleap is not a scam. The service they offer is efficient and works, otherwise there would not be so many customers nor a free trial. In addition to helping many musicians, photographers and models, established brands such as Ikea and BMW have also relied on them.

      What are the best Upleap alternatives?

      As previously explained, a service that I would like to recommend as a valid alternative is Instagrow as it guarantees excellent results. Another very similar is Inflact, also valid, albeit based more on bots than on the manual work of the team. Or, just go to our top 10 bots page to find out more services. But, even before that, make sure you give a free try to Upleap. They do deserve it!

      Upleap Overall Rating

      Best 92%
      Great 92%
      Free-Trial 100%


      Image illustrates the conclusion of SM90 review about TubeBuddy.

      As for today, we hope you have learned enough about Unleap to make an informed decision on which Instagram service best suits your needs. If you’re curious about Instagram bots and tools, you can read more about them in our Top 10 Instagram bot post.

      Meanwhile, here are our Instagram related blog posts for your reference, 

      Let’s all catch up in the next thrilling review. Keep checking back until then! Thank you for your time, and good luck!

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