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Onlypult Review: Everything You Should Know About This Service

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    Are you looking for information about Onlypult? You are in the right place!

    This Onlypult review will find out what this tool is for and how it works to schedule posts and stories on Instagram and other social networks. Furthermore, we will see together how to register for the free trial, the prices for paid packages, and the opinions of users who are already using Onlypult.

    Are you ready? Let’s begin.

    Table of Contents
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      What is onlypult and it's uses

      Onlypult is a social media management tool whose primary function is to allow the automatic scheduling and publication of content on social media.

      Publishing posts and stories on Instagram can become extremely tiring, especially if you have to do everything by hand and manage more than one page.

      Today Instagram accounts, both corporate and personal, require maniacal care and content programming. If you want to use Instagram to become an influencer or acquire online customers, you can no longer publish content without precise logic.

      It means that you need a tool that helps you automate the publication of photos, videos, posts, and stories on Instagram, without having to pull out your smartphone at any time of day (and night) and start publishing a post, or a story.

      One of the best tools of this type is Onlypult. It has some exciting features which make it an excellent solution for brands, agencies, companies, influencers, and social media managers:

      • It is effortless to use;
      • It has a very intuitive graphical interface;
      • It allows you to schedule posts and stories without a limit;
      • It has a meager price;
      • It can be used on both desktop and mobile;
      • It has an integrated editorial calendar.

      Furthermore, Onlypult works not only with Instagram and can automate the publication of content on all major social platforms: Facebook, LinkedIn, YouTube, Tik Tok, Twitter, and many more!

      Working Principle of Onlypult & Scheduling the Posts

      So, let’s see now how Onlypult works!
      First, you need to register on the platform. You can do it for free and take advantage of the 7-day trial, which will allow you to test the tool and see if it fits your needs.
      After registering, you will find yourself in the dashboard to add your first account to work on. To do this, you need to click on “Add account”:

      Once you have entered your account credentials, you will receive an automatic email with a code that you must enter in Onlypult to confirm that it was you who carried out the actions I have just shown you.

      Do not worry, and it is a simple security procedure (it is found in almost all online platforms, precisely to prevent identity theft).

      Anyway, here’s what the dashboard will look like once you’ve entered your account:

      Hnd here is a guide that will support you in publishing your first posts with Onlypult.

      First, you need to click “Add”. A post publishing screen will appear, exactly like this,

      We suggest you consistently insert the hashtags (maximum 30) in the first comment to make the description of the content easier to read. To enter the hashtags, just click on “First comment” and then put # in front of each hashtag you want to use.

      After you choose your image for sharing, click on “Plan” to post or schedule the Image on Instagram.

      In addition to post scheduling, I want to point out another feature that I found extremely convenient: the ability to follow hashtags and track users.

      Basically, you just have to enter the hashtag (or username) you want to monitor. Onlypult will show you the latest updates relating to new posts published under a specific hashtag or new content published by a user you follow.

      It is handy if you need to monitor your competitors, your niche trends or always receive updates from the accounts you are inspired by. 

      And, another feature that I love is that you can also repost (i.e., share on your accounts) content with a simple click on the “Republish” button.

      You can also schedule a post to be re-published at certain times in the future, which is a great way to keep your account active with no effort. 

      Of course, this recycle strategy works best with evergreen and quality content.

      Scheduling Stories on Instagram via Onlypult

      With Onlypult, it is also possible to program stories on Instagram, in addition to posts. I’ll show you how. 

      From your dashboard, click on “+ Stories”:

      After uploading the content for the stories, you can also enter the hashtags for which you want your story to be placed in the search. You have up to a maximum of 9 hashtags available, and you can write them as shown in the image:

      You can also decide whether to publish the story immediately or set the exact day and time you want it to be shared on your account.

      Onlypult - Pricing Plan

      We come to the prices of Onlypult. As I have already mentioned in the introduction, you will have an initial 7-day free trial to test this tool.

      After the seven days, you can choose between 4 different plans :


      $ 17
      • Publishing
      • 5 accounts
      • 1 manager
      • 10 tracked users files up to 50 MB ♾️ posting
      • Bonus
      • Builder 1 page
      • Monitoring 300 mentions 1 project


      $ 45
      • Publishing
      • 25 accounts
      • 3 manager
      • 20 tracked users files up to 100 MB ♾️ posting
      • Bonus
      • Builder 1 page
      • Monitoring 300 mentions 1 project


      $ 24
      • Publishing
      • 10 accounts
      • 2 manager
      • 15 tracked users files up to 100 MB ♾️ posting
      • Bonus
      • Builder 1 page
      • Monitoring 300 mentions 1 project


      $ 69
      • Publishing
      • 50 accounts
      • 5 manager
      • 30 tracked users files up to 100 MB ♾️ posting
      • Bonus
      • Builder 1 page
      • Monitoring 300 mentions 1 project
      • Start (designed for influencers): It costs $17.50 a month and allows you to manage up to 5 accounts and track ten users or hashtags. You can only work on the account without the possibility of management space for your collaborators. (even though, you can share the account credentials)
      • SMM plan (designed for social media managers): It costs $24.50 a month and allows you to manage up to 10 accounts and track 15 users or hashtags. You can work on accounts by sharing information and software with another person.
      • Agency (designed for web agencies): It costs $45.50 a month and allows you to manage up to 25 accounts and track 20 users or hashtags. You can work on accounts by sharing information and software with two other people.
      • PRO plan (designed to do business online with Instagram): It costs $69.30 a month and allows you to manage up to 50 accounts and track 30 users or hashtags. You can work on accounts by sharing information and software with four other people.

      In addition to the ongoing 10% discount that you can enjoy if you sign up, you can have further discounts if you decide to subscribe to a semiannual or annual plan.

      Below you will find a summary table of the prices for annual subscriptions to Onlypult. As you can see, the savings are pretty substantial:

      Pros & Cons


      Onlypult User Reviews

      Looking at the most authoritative site ever in terms of reviews and opinions, TrustPilot, it is immediately clear that its customers highly appreciate Onlypult since it has obtained an average rating of 4.6 stars out of 5 in reviews.

      The reviews confirm the fact that Onlypult represents a very effective software with a fantastic value for money. It manages to operate without blocks from Instagram and, once set, a publication is never missing.

      Customers greatly appreciate the platform’s editorial calendar, customer support, analytics, and handy smartphone app.

      On the other hand, web agencies and social media managers praise its effective delegation and collaboration tools, which allow you to obtain or provide access to the publication of content on various Instagram accounts without having to go crazy with passwords.

      FAQ About onlypult

      Is Onlypult Legit?

      The app has been designed with three objectives in mind. First, it wants to help the user save time by doing all the work for them. Second, it wants to cut costs by allowing the user to manage their social media from one place instead of having multiple tools. And lastly, it wants to provide a better quality of service as a tool that is more reliable and will not let any posts go up late or without being scheduled.

      It’s an awesome tool for scheduling the post and it allows you to calculate your analytics and create multiple accounts.

      Is Onlypult free?

      Onlypult offers a credit-card-free 7-day trial along with a collection of plans for different kinds of users.

      What are Onlypult Alternatives?

      Hootsuite, Buffer, Zoho Social, Sprout Social, and Sendible are the alternatives for Onlypult.

      What are the support option Onlypult have?

      Email, Phone, Live support, and Ticket options are available

      What are all the Language Onlypult Supports? 

      English, German, Japanese, Spanish, French, Russian, Italian and Portugese.



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      So that’s the wrap for today; we hope with enough information about Onlypult now, you can choose your Social media services. If you’re interested in learning more about social media marketing, check our website, don’t miss the updates.

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      Meet you all in the next exciting review. Until that, stay tuned 🫡 Peace out! ✌️

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