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Zutrix Review – We Tested For 3 Months And This Is Our Opinion

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    Why you need zutrix for better SEO?

    Do you know what’s most important factor when it comes to get SEO results? 

    For me, it’s KPIs specially “Rank Tracking”. Yes, it is the easiest technique to efficiently measure the effects of doing Keyword Research, On-page SEO, and Backlinks.

    You will be able to see how well your keywords are performing on a daily basis. This way, you can also ensure that you optimize your website for the right keywords.

    There are plenty of keyword tracking tools that help webmasters in to track the keywords, and Zutrix is one of them. 

    But how Zutrix is better than it’s competitors? Is it accurate? And what other hidden features does it offer?

    It has all the features that you need to rank high on Google. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to understand. If you are looking for a keyword research tool, then we highly recommend Zutrix Rank Tracker. 

    In this article you will read a complete Zutrix review including its features, pros & cons, and pricing, etc.

    So, let’s get started. 

    But before jumping into the tool, let’s have a quick look at all the reasons that why Keyword tracking is important for your website and how you can use it to improve your traffic.

    Table of Contents
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      Importance of Keyword tracking AND HOW IT HELPS

      Image illustrates the Keyword Planner feature in Zutrix.

      Keyword tracking is one of the most important aspects for website owners, because it gives them insight into how their visitors/customers are searching for products and services online. And how website is performing. 

      Keyword rank tracking is important (and helpful) for the following reasons:

      • To measure a website’s progress and if the SEO strategies are working.
      • To find and understand who are the competitors and how are they performing. 
      • To see which pages are ranking in SERPs in order to put more focus into optimizing the same. 
      • To be aware if a specific page has a bump/drop in rankings, and quickly act on it. 
      • To be more strategic in SEO efforts.

      To measure and analyze everything accurately, it is important to have a reliable. 

      Let’s see Zutrix is one of the reliable and accurate ones or not. 

      Meet Zutrix – Intelligent Google Keyword Rank Tracker

      A snapshot of Zutrix homepage, where the visitor can start using the SEO tool and it's features.

      Zutrix is an intelligent keyword tracker that helps you find out how well you are doing on Google Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

      This tool offers real-time keyword data and accurate information on your current rankings.

      Zutrix allows you to track up to 50 keywords simultaneously. You don’t need to install anything extra on your computer because the software runs directly within your web browser. (Yes, It is cloud based).

      You can start using Zutrix without having to spend hours researching each keyword.

      Simply enter your chosen keywords into the text box and hit the “Go” button. Additionally, decide if you want to track the rank on desktop, mobile or both.

      That’s it. You’re done. Sit back and relax as Zutrix does the rest.

      In addition to monitoring your rankings, Zutrix also lets you compare them against other websites (Competitors). This feature makes it easier for you to identify which keywords are working and which ones aren’t, and who your competitors are across different search queries.


      Easy Interface

      Snapshot of the interface of Zutrix...showcasing how easy it is t ouse. All features are clear.

      Zutrix allows you to track keywords in real-time. This tool is straightforward to use and does not require much effort to set up and configure. In fact, its simple and easy-to-use interface is one of the things we get to appreciate the most.

      You can effortlessly add add keywords and create campaigns. The displayed results are really easy to read and analyze.

      If you ask me to give one adjective to Zutrix, I’d say “simple”.

      Let’s have a quick glance at each additional feature this rank tracking keyword tool has to offer.

      Real-time Notifications & Alerts

      A snapshot of Zutrix notification, sent to user's device.

      Zutrix provides real-time notifications and alerts for each device. For example, if there are any position changes, it sends a signal to the devices via Telegram, Slack, and email. In addition, you can set the frequency of sending notifications.

      You can also decide the “sensitivity” in ranking change to receive notifications, for instance, you can set to receive notification only when a specific keyword has a “jump” of at least 20 positions on the SERP.

      You can also choose whether to receive notifications about the positions of every device or just the one closest to you. If you want to know how far away the nearest device is, you can check the distance information sent by the Zutrix sensor itself.

      Keyword Lab

      Keyword lab is one of the best features of this SEO tool. You can use it to find out how many searches are performed per month, what is the competition level, the average CPC, etc. 

      This feature helps you understand the current status of your target keywords and gives you some ideas about optimizing your site for better rankings. 

      Check the Screensnap below,

      A snapshot of Keyword Map feature in Zutrix.

      Advanced Reporting

      A snapshot of Zutrix advanced report feature.

      Zutrix ranks your keywords across multiple metrics such as domain authority, backlink profile, and more. You’ll find out how many people are searching for your target keywords, what device are they using while researching, etc. 

      The report includes a breakdown of the most important metrics for each keyword, such as average position and CTR. If you’re looking for more information about a specific metric, simply click on it to see additional data.

      If you want to know where your competitors are ranked, use the “competitors” tab to view the rankings for the selected keywords.  To do that, simply enter the competitor’s URL into the box next to “domain,” and you’ll receive a comprehensive list of their rankings. You can also export the data into PDF. 

      Free Tools

      Image illustrates the free tools provided by Zutrix.

      Zutrix also has some free tools that help you start quickly. These include:

      • SERP Checker – In case you are out of budget and wondering for a free SERP rank checker, Zutrix is an ideal pick. You can track one keywords per day and get notified if there are position changes. It is entirely free to use.
      Snapshot of Free SERPs checker tool in Zutrix.
      • Google Suggest – You can optimize the contents for an appropriate keywords by using this helpful and free tool that Zutrix provides. It gets data from Google Autocomplete. With this free tool, you will understand how users search for a company’s brand or keyword. As a result, you will be able to identify your audience’s search queries and tailor your actions and SEO optimizations to meet their search queries.
      A snapshot of Free Google-suggestions tool in Zutrix.
      • YouTube Tag generator – Similar to Google Autosuggest, Zutrix offers a free YouTube keyword tool that will pull out the most relevant search terms for you to use in your videos. It helps you generate excellent descriptions and video titles in order to attract targeted viewers and gain more views.
      A snapshot of free YouTube Keyword explorer.
      • Word Counter If you want to outrank your competitors and boost your search engine rankings, you have to publish blog posts with a specified word count. Zutrix free Word Counter does this job. Well, it’s true you may find these anywhere, but it is still worth a mention.
      A snapshot of Free word counter tool in Zutrix.
      • Keyword Planner This is one of Zutrix’s best free tools for improving your search engine rankings, for free. The experienced SEO specialists have created this tool for in-depth keyword analysis. CPC, Search Volume, Competition Score, and General Trend are all provided by the Zutrix Keyword Planner. The results are limited for the free mode, though.
      Snapshot of free keyword planner tool in Zutrix.
      a snapshot of free keyword planner in Zutrix.

      How to use Zutrix Rank Tracking?

      Image illustrates how to use Zutrix for SEO.

      You don’t need to an SEO specialist to use and learn Zutrix. It’s a breeze!

      Step #1: Sign up and verify your account just like you do with any other tool. Then login and access the dashboard. 

      Now add you domain(s) to begin monitoring the keyword positions .
      When you select “Add Domain,” you will be see the following options for entering the details of your website.
      We’re going to include our domain name and a few keywords here.

      A snapshot of Step#1 of using Zutrix where you have to put your domain name.

      Step #2: To keep track of your money-making keywords, click “Add Keyword.”  Use the auto-suggestion tool to examine keyword ideas and add appropriate ones using the auto-suggestion tool here. Select “Desktop” or “Mobile,” or both, and then click “Add Keywords” to begin the keyword research process.

      A snapshot of step#2 in Zutrix where you have to add keywords in Zutrix.

      Step #3: You’ll be able to observe how the keywords are performing. You can also view how many people are searching for them after they’re added to the list. 

      For 30 days and even a lifetime, Zutrix lets you keep track of your keyword positions.

      A snapshot of keywords performance in Zutrix.

      Step #4: In addition to tracking keywords, you can use the Keyword Planner to track your competition and discover new keywords (This feature is mentioned above). 

      Step #5: The Zutrix reports, notifications and alerts will be delivered to your inbox after you’ve added the keywords you want to track and your competitors’ domains.

      PROs and CONs

      Image illustrates the pros and cons of Zutrix.

      Pricing Plans

      Image illustrates the pricing plan for Zutrix.

      Zutrix has three pricing plans; Starter, Pro and Agency. You can choose any of this depending on your needs.


      $ 9 Monthly
      • Monitor 10.000 Backlinks / mo
      • Track 250 Keywords / dai
      • Plan 50 Keywords / daily
      • 250 API Requests / daily
      • Unlimited number of projects
      • 2 team members
      • Live Share
      • Verifiable SERPs
      • Real-Time Notifications
      • Competitor Tracking
      • App Integrations


      $ 28 Monthly
      • Monitor 25.000 Backlinks / mo
      • Track 1000 Keywords / dai
      • Plan 250 Keywords / daily
      • 1000 API Requests / daily
      • Unlimited number of projects
      • 5 team members
      • Live Share
      • Verifiable SERPs
      • Real-Time Notifications
      • Competitor Tracking
      • App Integrations


      $ 54 Monthly
      • Monitor 75.000 Backlinks / mo
      • Track 2500 Keywords / dai
      • Plan 500 Keywords / daily
      • 2500 API Requests / daily
      • Unlimited number of projects
      • 10 team members
      • Live Share
      • Verifiable SERPs
      • Real-Time Notifications
      • Competitor Tracking
      • App Integrations

      Starter – Starts from $9 per month ($8 annually)
      Pro – Starts from $28 per month ($23 annually)
      Agency – Starts from $54 per month ($44 annually)

      Users Review

      Image illustrates the user reviews for Zutrix.

      Let’s examine what those who have already used the service have to say about the product. Zutrix has a 4.5 out of 5-star rating on Trustpilot, an international review site. These reviews shows its high quality.

      This user was having a great time with the tool and commented;

      Loved the Insight and Detailed site Audit. Helped me resolve the issues quickely, Must Give it Try!


      Image illustrates the frequently asked questions about Zutrix.

      How Accurate Is Zutrix?

      We’ve been using this SEO tool for keyword rank tracking for the past few years, and it’s a great tool. To better serve our SEO needs, We’re considering upgrading our account from the free plan to one with more advanced capabilities like white-label reports. We conclude that it’s an excellent tool for monitoring the position of keywords in Google search results.

      Is Zutrix able to track keywords in a specific location?

      Yes! Zutrix allows you to track keywords based on a specific location or country. It’s the best location tracker with a safe online payment method.

      Does Zutrix offer any free trials for new customers?

      Yes! There is a 30-day money-back guarantee and a 7-day free trial for the Zutrix rank tracker. Plus, here is a bonus point; No credit card information is required to sign up.

      Is Zutrix able to perform competitor analysis?

      Yes! You can do it, and you want to outshine your rivals.

      Does Zutrix need to be logged in to check the keyword’s performance?

      No! Zutrix sends an email notification to the address on file whenever a change is made. It also has a Telegram channel where you may join and get updates on the latest developments.

      our Verdict

      Image illustrates SM90 verdict about Zutrix.

      If you want to know what your competitors are doing online, how much traffic they get, where they rank, etc., then it is time to check out Zutrix. 

      The reason why we recommend Zutrix over the other tools is because of its unique features. In case you are a blogger, SEO professional, or digital marketing agency, then it’s the right time to pick this tool. 

      We hope this review will help you select the best Ranking tool.

      Zutrix Overall Rating

      Excellent 90%
      Great 92%
      7-days Free Trial 100%
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