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Copy AI – Is it Still Worth the Hype?

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    In the era of TikTok trends, viral tweets, and Instagram stories, we all know one thing for sure: killer content is king. Whether you’re a seasoned marketing pro, a fresh-faced blogger, or a business-savvy entrepreneur, you’ve got to wield words that pack a punch. When Google gives the upper hand to the AI-generated content that can rank now, our search for efficient and trustworthy tools is never-ending. 

    Now introduce Copy.AI: Your secret writing weapon! In this review, we’ll uncover how can transform your content creation from “meh” to “mind-blowing.” Let’s dive in and see if it lives up to the hype.

    We’ll dissect its user-friendly features thoroughly and share real-world examples. By the end, you’ll be eager to supercharge your content strategy with

    Surely, wondering how AI can work magic with your words? Join us in the universe to see how it’s reshaping content creation! Check out our list for more AI writing tools.

    Let’s dive into the review!

    Table of Contents
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      What is Copy AI?

      Copy AI is an AI-generated platform that produces text in any format or tone you specify to meet your copywriting requirements. Paul Yacoubian, the owner of Angel Investor, founded it.  It has been almost three years since Copy AI entered the AI writing scene.

      In essence, this tool is primarily designed for digital marketers and content creators. Whether you’re an e-commerce store owner, a content creation company, or even a B2B software company, you can leverage its capabilities for various tasks.

      Same as other AI tools, Copy AI also works based on OpenAI’s latest language model, GPT-3. Since the model is an advanced one that can be trained on over 175 billion parameters, that’s insane!, right? It is their USP on how it can generate real, refined, high-quality, and engaging content.

      Furthermore, like other AI writing assistants, Copy AI offers both short and long-form templates, now we’ll explore in detail in the Features section.

      Features of Copy AI

      There are plenty of use cases are available on Copy AI. Let’s see some of the unique and trendy tools in this review. 

      #1 Blog Template

      You’ll find several useful tools under the “Blog Templates” section, including the Blog Post Wizard, Write Blog Intro, Write Blog Outline, and Write Blog Section.

      a) Blog Post Wizard: The Blog Post Wizard is essentially a blog post generator. All you need to do is input the title, and keywords and choose the desired tone for the blog post. Once you’ve completed these steps, click on “Generate Outline.” The rest of the process is a breeze; just check out the carousel below for more details.

      b) Write Blog Intro: It’s the same as the process with other tools. Simply enter the title, provide information about the blog, and select the tone of the blog post. Your blog introduction will be ready in just a minute.

      #2 Product Description

      Product descriptions drive sales of the products. A good description can have a huge impact on product success; however, writing one can be difficult at times.

      CopyAI’s Product Description tool can prove invaluable!

      As part of my evaluation of this tool, I have provided minimal input regarding ‘The SleepyCat Orthopaedic Memory Foam Pillow.’ Now, let’s see its generated product description.

      From my evaluation, all the description variations were impressive as they covered most of our input pointers. Overall, this tool proved quite advantageous.

      #3 Digital AD copy

      Creating new ideas for advertising copy is a time-consuming task.  CopyAI overcomes this hurdle quickly by producing innovative marketing copy, especially for newbies.

      Under this template, we will see three different and unique Use cases.

      • General Ad copy
      • Facebook Primary text
      • Google Description

      # General Ad copy

      When you need help creating compelling ads for Google or Facebook Ads ads, the General Ad Copy tool is invaluable. Simply input your information, and it will generate eye-catching advertisements instantly!

      I put this tool through its paces by giving a detailed account of how the Loom Screen Recorder app functions. Let’s have a closer look at its results!

      Remarkably, this tool produced an impressive array of results. In our assessment, they all appeared highly relevant; most included our initial input into their advertisements. With this tool, you can adjust inputs further for more refined and effective ads.

      # Google Description

      If you want to create captivating Google Descriptions, be sure to make use of this tool. We put it through its paces by giving our Blog review description as an example – let’s examine what happened next.

      This tool generates some remarkable variants for Google Descriptions. Experiment with different inputs to enhance the quality of results.

      CopyAI consistently delivers successful marketing content. However, if your focus is more on advertising than marketing content creation, Writesonic may provide alternatives worth investigating.

      #4 Round Robin Tools

      Looking for a great app name, startup ideas, or viral video concepts? CopyAI can help with all of that and more.

      # Startup Ideas

      If you’re gearing up to launch your startup, this tool can provide you with intriguing ideas. All you need to do is input your areas of passion.

      Here are the startup ideas generated based on my passions: AI Tools, Animation, and Blogging.

      To be honest, I was anticipating practical, creative, and in-depth ideas. However, the startup suggestions offered by this tool seemed rather basic and generic. Not all the results incorporated all three of my passions, which was somewhat disappointing.

      # Name Generator

      Are you on the hunt for a stylish name for your brand, product, or app? Give CopyAI’s Name Generator a try. Simply provide it with a description of your app.

      For my test, I supplied the description, ‘A website for offering SEO and Webdesign services.‘ Here are the results it generated.

      In general, it presented decent names, but none of them stood out as exceptionally unique or striking enough for an app’s name!

      #5 Website Copy

      Website Copy provides many useful tools for websites. Below we explore a selection of them

      # CTA

      Are You Needing Call-to-Action Button Text on Your Website? Give this tool a try if you want to generate relevant CTAs for buttons on your website! I tested it by creating CTAs for RENPHO Foot Massager Corded Electric Machine;

      Its CopyAI Call to Action feature provided concise one-liners that could serve as anchor text on website buttons easily. Although its results weren’t spectacular, they still produced acceptable results that didn’t completely blow my mind.

      # Meta Descriptions

      With this tool, you can also easily generate meta descriptions for the website content you wish to promote. I inputted “How to Write Effective AI Art Prompts?” for example and saw its results.

      CopyAI Meta Descriptions delivered impressive results. Each description had its own distinct approach due to my limited input; but nonetheless I found them engaging and appropriate for use.

      # Landing Page Hero Text

      Are You Struggling with Crafting Hero Text for Your Website Landing Page? This tool could come to the rescue. I provided input such as: “How to Create A Video Using AI Tools.” Let’s see what the CopyAI Landing Page Hero Text feature came up with.

      On average, I found the output variants to be somewhat uninspiring or dull.

      #6 Writing Tools

      As a blogger or content writer, writing tools are invaluable resources for uncovering new ideas and perfecting your writing style. CopyAI’s AI writing tools may just be what you need! Let’s discover them today!

      # Sentence Rewriter

      Are You Uncertain of Your Writing Style? Let the Sentence Rewriter Help Rephrase Sentences Clear and Engaging: 

      Put this tool through its paces with this input “Engaging with video games can offer a unique set of advantages, enabling you to explore virtual worlds and experiences that push the boundaries of imagination. In the process, it provides a different lens through which you can gain insights into yourself and appreciate the multifaceted nature of reality.”

      I found the results were not drastically different than I would expect – overall it makes for a good rephrasing tool suitable for blogs and social media posts alike.

      # Bullet Point to Paragraph

      In a rush? Leave it up to CopyAI! Simply input some bullet points, and it will produce an entire paragraph for you! 

      I tested it with steps I used in creating a Blog post for a medium platform, and its outputs were truly astounding.

      Each point was elaborated upon beautifully; yet there remains room for improvement as sometimes content generation stops prematurely.

      # Simplify Sentences

      For when you need to simplify a complex paragraph; this tool comes in handy. I tested its abilities on an article about How to Buy 50 YouTube Likes from my blog; for testing purposes, I provided “Fiverr is a thriving online marketplace that connects freelancers and clients seeking a vast array of digital services. With a user-friendly platform, Fiverr empowers individuals to access a global talent pool for tasks spanning graphic design, web development, content writing, digital marketing, video production, and YouTube marketing.”

      While most variants created longer paragraphs than before; one variant actually made an effective effort at condensing. On the whole, this tool delivered average results.

      #7 Blog Tools

      With CopyAI, content writers can access an array of blogging tools to streamline the content creation process and speed up production time. Here are the main blogging tools at their disposal

      # Blog Titles

      Are You Struggling with Blog Titles Having trouble coming up with an ideal title for your blog post? Give CopyAI’s Blog Titles tool a try; I used it to generate titles for topics like ‘Complete Guide to Understanding AI Image Generation,’ and here were my results:

      Many of the generated titles were engaging and captivating, making them effective choices for capturing readers’ attention. I found the ideas generated to be quite impressive.

      # Blog Conclusions

      Blog Conclusions can make the task of concluding an article easier with its simple-to-use Blog Conclusions tool.

      To put its accuracy to the test, I generated an insight about AI Image Generation. Here are its various outputs:

      I was impressed by the outputs generated from such minimal input. While some variants may not directly relate to your article, editing can easily adjust them for relevance – on the whole this tool proved itself to be extremely handy!

      Scalenut, Copymatic, or Writesonic may provide high-quality blog content at an economical cost.

      #8 Social Media Tools

      If your work involves creating social media content, these artificial intelligence (AI) tools could save a substantial amount of time. Let’s take a closer look.

      # Instagram Captions

      One of the most beloved platforms among the younger crowd, Instagram requires appealing captions for posts – this tool can come in handy!

      As an experiment, I posted the following text: ‘Watching the dark night starts from my balcony is truly adventurous’ and then observed what captions resulted.

      Most of the results produced were engaging and appropriate to match the post’s aesthetic, making them suitable as social media captions.

      # YouTube Video Descriptions – Intro

      For my YouTube video descriptions, I chose the topic of ‘How to Create a e-commerce website as a beginner.‘ Let’s see the results.

      Most of the outputs did a decent job of representing the video introduction. Although some were short or incomplete, overall they were of decent quality – this tool can prove valuable for YouTube content creators.

      Are You Needing YouTube Ideas

      Need some fresh inspiration for your channel? This tool offers unique and creative suggestions on any topic imaginable – let’s try coming up with ideas around “How to make Kimchi and Black bean noodles?

      CopyAI Crazy YouTube Ideas While my results from CopyAI were promising, some were more creative than useful, and some even related directly to my topic of study – which means there may have been results outside its box. Writesonic may provide an ideal platform for developing social media content creation.

      #9 Social Media Bio

      Today, a brand’s success relies on their social media presence; thus highlighting the significance of having an engaging social media bio.

      Let’s see how the Social Media Bio Template can assist in crafting an impactful bio.

      My aim was to generate an Instagram bio, so I provided several bullet points describing my requirements. Here is what happened next:

      The results proved engaging, with some clever wordplay adding an additional level of appeal. Experimentation can produce even greater outcomes! My experience has shown me that their custom tones could use some improvement.

      #10 CopyAI Long-Form Editor

      Here is the fairy of Copy AI, as I have mentioned about the Blog Wizard in the beginning of the review, still I feel to give a detailed walkthrough of the same. Since,

      Producing blog posts can be time consuming. Looking to save some time? Try the CopyAI Blog Wizard; this powerful tool can help you draft complete blog posts in four straightforward steps. Let’s break them down:

      Step 1: Add Details

      This marks the initial phase in developing your long-form content. Here you will add details for your blog post title, relevant keywords and tone of voice.

      Step 2: Generating Outline

      This step allows the tool to generate an article outline using the information provided in Step 1. Here, you have an opportunity to modify or customize it as necessary by deleting unnecessary points or including new sections where needed.

      Step 3: Generate Talking Points 

      CopyAI will generate multiple talking points under each topic of your outline, so that you can further refine or add/delete any that are no longer pertinent before creating content.

      Step 4: Review Content

      In Step 4, the AI automatically generates paragraphs for every topic discussed in your blog, expertly weaving together speaking points into each paragraph while producing an introduction and conclusion automatically.

      So I managed to produce a blog post of approximately 1,000 words in just 3-5 minutes by following these steps. You can use CopyAI tools to enhance this content further and export your document in.docx format for exportation.

      This tool enables you to rewrite the text of 30 words or more for content rewriting, though its performance may be average. If you wish to access all AI tools and templates available within long-form editors, switch over to shorter windows on the right panel.

      On the whole, I found CopyAI’s long-form editor to be quite user-friendly for beginners. It consistently produced high-quality outputs across most AI tools; therefore if you need something fast, then use CopyAI to quickly draft posts before refining them later for logical accuracy.

      Scalenut, Jasper, or Writesonic may provide some excellent tools for crafting high-quality blog posts.

      Let’s Analyze the Long-form Generated Content

      CopyAI provides long-form content generation on topics that address effective time management; to test its long-form content generation, I used its Blog Wizard article about this subject matter as my basis for assessment of grammar accuracy and plagiarism.

      Grammar Check

      In order to analyze the grammatical accuracy of AI-generated content, I utilized Grammarly Editor. Below are my results after pasting a document into it.

      On the whole , the content earned an 83 overall score which is quite acceptable; however there were a few inaccuracies in its grammar that could have been corrected more effectively.

      As per my testing, copyAI does not generate extremely precise grammar; therefore it is wise to run all content through a grammar checker prior to using it on any professional platforms.

      Plagiarism Check

      In order to detect plagiarism within AI-generated content, I turned to Quetext. Here are its results:

      My plagiarism detection tools revealed an overall plagiarism rate of 9% across the entire content, with four sentences identified as potentially plagiarized. On further check, however, these instances did not match exactly, and their sources were completely unrelated to our topic.

      However, if you check on the 1text, report, it claims to be 100% unique.

      In short, this AI content did not exhibit significant instances of plagiarism; nonetheless, it is wise to run your long-form AI content through an originality check before publishing for greater peace of mind.

      CopyAI Pricing Plan

      CopyAI offers two categories of pricing plans, monthly and yearly. Both plans depend on your word count limit selection.

      The Pro plan is $49/month on a monthly basis, but it’s only $432/year, giving you three extra months free.

      But there are more premium plans Team, Growth, and Scale—their features and pricing are highlighted below.

      Use my referral link for automatic discounts.

      For affordable AI writing, check out Writesonic, Scalenut, and Rytr.

      For growing teams integrating AI into their daily routines
      $ 249 Per Month
      • 20 Seat
      • Unlimited Words in Chat
      • 3K Workflow Credits
      For organizations ready to deploy Generative AI at scale
      $ 4,000 Per Month
      • 200 Seat
      • Unlimited Words in Chat
      • 75K Workflow Credits
      For entrepreneurs or small teams maximizing output
      $ 49 Per Month
      • 5 Seat
      • Unlimited Words in Chat
      • 500 Workflow Credits
      For businesses harnessing AI for exponential growth
      $ 1,333 Per Month
      • 75 Seat
      • Unlimited Words in Chat
      • 20K Workflow Credits

      CopyAI Free Plan

      New to AI Tools? Start out right by taking advantage of CopyAI’s Free Plan; offering access to 90+ Use Cases and a 2,000-word limit per month. You can also try the Pro plan for free with a 7-day trial, no credit card is required.

      For individuals just starting with AI powered solutions
      • 1 Seat
      • 2,000 Words in Chat
      • 200 Bonus Credits

      Payment Methods

      CopyAI accepts payments using credit cards and Google Pay, providing its services to a diverse set of customers.

      Refund Policy

      You can get a full refund if you cancel your subscription within the first 5-days. After that, all purchases are final, and refunds won’t be possible.

      CopyAI Alternatives


      Rytr is an AI writing software that quickly generates high-quality copy for blog ideas and outline, business proposals, AIDA Framework framework product descriptions and more. Like CopyAI, Rytr supports many use cases, such as Blog Ideas & Outlines, Business Ideas, AIDA Framework framework Product Descriptions. Furthermore it features its Magic Command tool which acts like Freestyle tool in CopyAI.

      Rytr has a built-in plagiarism checker and a generous free plan with 5k characters per month, starting at $9 per month, while CopyAI has a limited plan with 2000 words. For further more detail about Rytr, check my detailed review of Rytr on SM90.


      WriteSonic is an AI copywriter that uses machine learning technology to produce original, high-quality text. Like CopyAI, WriteSonic currently supports 24 languages; however, unlike CopyAI, it offers limited tone settings; its price plans start from just $10 monthly, and its pricing plans begin as soon as tomorrow!


      WordHero, like CopyAI, operates on the GPT-3 language generation model to produce unlimited content generation with swift speeds, varied tones and support for over 100 languages – providing high-quality outputs with good readability.

      WordHero may not offer as sophisticated social media tools or high-quality refined outputs as CopyAI does, and their AppSumo Lifetime deal currently costs $89. Find more on my review about Wordhero.


      Final Thoughts

      CopyAI excels at long-form content like ads and sales copies but may not be the best fit for shorter pieces like emails and social media copy. 

      Try the free plan first, then decide on a paid subscription. For shorter content, consider Writesonic and Scalenut. If you prefer long-term subscriptions, look for AI writers with lifetime deals.

      If you prefer long-term subscriptions, look for AI writers with lifetime deals.

      At any rate, I hope this CopyAI review was enjoyable. Have you utilized an AI writer for blogs or ads in the past, or considering testing out CopyAI? Feel free to share your experiences in the comments below.

      Until that, it’s Janani here. Have an amazing journey ahead and keep learning! Thank you all for reading, and please continue advancing yourself and yourself as learners.

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