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In-Depth FollowPlanner Review | Everything You Need To Know

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    Content has become the main attractive tool to engage your followers on any social network, especially on Instagram. Influencers and, in general, any self-respecting brand knows how important follower are: for this reason, FollowPlanner is a great tool for some.

    FollowPlanner is a tool that aims to perfect the presence on social networks, always guaranteeing the publication of regular content for its followers to keep the level of activity constant and increase the number of followers.

    But how much does it work, and above all, what are its main features and advantages? But before seeing all its features in detail and some tip, I want to introduce you to this tool and explain why it can be so helpful.

    Table of Contents
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      What is FollowPlanner?

      The presence on social networks can be more or less strong depending on how often you publish your content and its quality. If you want to grow the number of followers or reach potential customers, you need to maintain a certain quality in posts, stories, and comments.

      Often, however, doing so is not so immediate, first because it takes time to organize everything. And second, you have to publish at the right time of the day to maximize reach and response. Fortunately, there are tools for Instagram that can help; in this case, the Bot is called FollowPlanner.

      Yep, they are called Bots, but we could think of them as collaborators through whom you can manage and schedule all kinds of activities on Instagram, such as the publication of posts, stories, comments, follows, unfollows, and messages in private.

      You take care of the contents, and the only thing you will have to take care of is to set some parameters that we talk about below.

      FollowPlanner Tutorial

      The first aspect to focus on is the graphical interface. The simplicity of this service immediately catches the eye; already from the dashboard, it is possible to guess what you can do in general. Then of course, by going to peek in each category, you will discover more details.

      I) Dashboard - Recent activity, Follower, and Post statistics

      From the dashboard, you can browse through the statistics relating to all recent activities. In fact, by setting the reference period, you are shown the performance of today, yesterday, the last seven days, as well as the previous month, lifetime, or during a period of your choice.

      The usefulness of this information lies in the ability to evaluate the progress of your posts and stories, and to find out which are the best days and hours of the day to publish certain types of topics.

      In addition, information is also available regarding the follow-back rate, i.e., the rate of new followers in response to new followers. This is useful to understand if our targeting parameters are being effective.

      II) Planner - Plan and Manage your social strategy

      The Planner is the pivotal function; in fact, it is called FollowPlanner, not by chance. Through this Planner, you can plan for the next few weeks all the types of content you want to post on Instagram: posts, stories, likes, comments, follow, unfollow… that is, practically everything.

      As you can see from the image, starting from the left, you have the whole card with the calendar scheduling you set, at what time the posts are published, and at what time to follow and unfollow. 

      Instead, you can select the target of the profiles you want to interact with within the center. I’ll explain.

      You can set a location, a hashtag, or a famous user, so the system will start following new users based on the niche of people interested to the input you entered, at your pleasure and will.

      For example, let’s say you sell face care products. You might be interested in both famous influencers who often post videos on how they take care of their skin, as well as hashtags related to this topic like #skincare #facelotion, #clearskin, etc.

      You have to click on the green button that says add source or reference. Below you set the maximum number of people to follow; never overdo it if you don’t want to be blocked; always keep a limit of about 20 followed per day.

      Finally, on the right, you can select the type of users to follow: private, business, English, with a profile photo. The good thing is that you can skip the ones that you think are not strategic, like those without profile pictures, for example.

      III) Private messages DM, media, and presets

      The preset function makes your life easier because through it, you can save the publication strategies in the Planner and repeat them whenever you want without having to recreate them every time. It can be a turning point because you can use it many more times if a strategy works.

      On FollowPlanner, you can also program private messages to advertise yourself directly, such as giving discount coupons on your website or inviting users to see your new video on Tik Tok.

      Also the regular app functions can be performed from the dashboard; if you want to publish a post or a story, you can do it from there directly.

      How to register on FollowPlanner

      Registering with FollowPlanner is very simple. Initially, you can even decide to try it for free for seven days, so you begin to understand its potential and if it can be helpful for your purpose.

      First, visit the FollowPlanner official website. Once there, you have to navigate with the cursor at the top right and click on “Start your 7 day free trial,” as shown in the image below.

      Then all you have to do is enter all the requested information, including name, email, and of course, password.

      Once you have filled in and accepted the terms, you are ready to connect your Instagram profile to the FollowPlanner Bot and start adding the options of your choice to program your publishing strategy.

      But be careful; before starting, you need the last step because a proxy is necessary.

      What is a proxy? A proxy is an additional server that allows anonymity when connecting to the internet. So you need it to connect to Instagram with multiple profiles and perform various actions without incurring any block or restriction.

      The proxy is provided directly by FollowPlanner unless you want a personal one with more additional options or you already have one; in that case, you can use that.

      We will soon make a best and cheapest proxy guide, so make sure to follow our blog to not miss out on that.

      FollowPlanner - Pricing Plan

      The payment plans are all monthly and are divided into three different price solutions depending on how many social profiles you want to connect:

      • Beginner – This plan is designed for those who want to start using this Bot in a “light” way; the maximum usable accounts are 5, unlimited publication, story planning, automation of niche followings, DM management, automation of likes, comments, follows and much more.
      • Startup – Designed for those who want to invest more resources, obtaining up to 10 connectable accounts but with the same functions as the beginner package
      • Agency – Here, we don’t mess around anymore; we are talking about 50 accounts that can be connected, and as before, the functions are the same as in the beginner package.

      The good thing is that FollowPlanner still offers the same features in each package, so it allows anyone to take full advantage of its resources. So, you can start small and if you like it, you can scale your business by purchasing a larger plan, hence more accounts.

      Alternatives to FollowPlanner

      There are a ton of good Instagram Bots that offer similar services, and we’ve already seen them all in the top 10 Instagram Bots And Growth Services   article. Each of them provides advanced functions of the type of Planner that we have seen previously.

      For example, Jarvee, one of the most powerful Instagram Bot of 2024, provides a downloadable software, not Web-based like FollowPlanner. And you can also manage Instagram profiles and social networks such as Facebook, YouTube, Pinterest, etc. It has more features, but is also more complicate for beginners.

      Or, we reviewed Inflact, an Instagram Web-based Bot, which offers the possibility to view the stories of the chosen target profiles, as happens on FollowPlanner.

      There are many of them, but the one that meets your needs is the best choice. Therefore, I invite you to read the article on the top 10 Instagram bots article to compare the various Bots available on the market and pick the right one for you. Many also have a free trial, to make your decision even easier.

      FOLLOWPLANNER Positive & Negative


      Users Review

      On the official website of FollowPlanner, some users’ reviews are reported, and from what you can see, they are positive. The extreme simplicity of use, as I have already mentioned before, is appreciated, combined with the variety of integrated functions such as the presets.

      Another opinion on FollowPlanner instead underlines the great specialty of this Instagram bot: the programming functions it offers, such as the reusable presets I told you about at the beginning and the possibility of controlling many different accounts.

      Finally, a user compares FollowPlanner with another bot that we have already reviewed. He focuses on the graphical interface of Followplanner, which makes it even better than the other bots on the market because, thanks to the incredible intuitiveness, many processes are made faster.


      What is FollowPlanner used for?

      FollowPlanner helps you manage social media effortlessly by offering the following features: content management and scheduling, analytics, i.e., analysis of statistics relating to followers and interactions in general, performance monitoring, fan engagement, multi-account management, content publishing schedule, automated following and direct messages. 

      How much does FollowPlanner cost?

      Pricing for FollowPlanner starts at $9.00 per month. FollowPlanner has 3 different plans: Beginner for $9.00 per month. Startup for $9.00 per month. And agency, for $32.00 per month.

      Does FollowPlanner also offer a free trial?

      Yes, the is one-week free trial for all new FollowPlanner users. 

      What are the best alternatives to FollowPlanner?

      Here is a list of alternatives:

      • Inflact
      • Instagrow
      • Followadder
      • IBF

      Is Followplanner legit?

      Yes, Followplanner is legit you can reach to their support 24×7.

      Does followplanner have coupon code?

      Yes, Followplanner supports Coupon codes.


      Image illustrates the conclusion of SM90 review about TubeBuddy.

      That’s all we can talk about today, but we hope you know enough about Followplanner to choose the right Instagram service for you. You’ve come to the right place if you want to find out more about Instagram’s bot services. Best Top 10 Instagram bots should not be avoided for any reason.

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      So let’s all dive into the next great review. Keep an eye out for news until then! Thank you very much for reading this, and best of luck!

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