Last Updated: March 1, 2024

How to Get Free YouTube Likes in 2024 – Fast, Safe and Free Methods

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    Feeling stumped for ideas on how to get free YouTube likes in 2024? Fret not. We have three great ideas that you can use to get more engagement and grow your YouTube channel. With a decent strategy and a little persistence, your YouTube channel could well be on the way to becoming the next big thing on the platform… and you can get tons of likes for free.

    But first, here’s a (not-so-exciting) reminder of how crucial it is to get more YouTube subscribers, likes, and comments: it’s a cold, hard truth that growing your engagement and subscribers is the only way to grow on the platform. 

    Fortunately, there are several tricks to achieve this; some may require a little monetary investment, while others require you to invest a little time and effort, but are absolutely free. 

    Before we get started, we want to take the opportunity to share some golden tips that will help your organic growth. However, if you want to skip to the best methods to get free likes, click here.

    Table of Contents
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      Covering the Basics First

      Before you even consider looking for tips and tricks on how to get free YouTube likes in 2024, it’s crucial that you cover the basics. Here’s a quick summary:

      A. Create great content

      This is the absolute bottom line. Success on YouTube ultimately comes down to the kind of content you upload to your channel because people will watch, engage, and interact with exceptional content. 

      Produce outstanding pieces of content and not merely a regurgitation of the already available content. Identify, understand, and cater to your niche or audience with a great hook to keep them watching. It might help to consider viral videos, but only as inspiration. It’s not entirely wrong to hop onto a trend, and you can develop a new angle or a creative twist to a viral video or trend.

      B. Find the right keywords for your videos

      YouTube is currently the second-largest search engine. Despite the great potential of visibility or reach, it also poses the risk of your videos getting lost in the sea of YouTube’s search results. Therefore, identifying untapped keyword opportunities for your target audience is crucial.

      Many people focus on the highly competitive keywords that their target audiences are already searching for and where some of the more prominent YouTube channels are already ranking. Targeting the slightly lower competitive keywords will send your channel higher up the ranking list and drive targeted views, which will, in turn, grow your engagement. 

      C. Create catchy titles and thumbnails

      Creating irresistible thumbnails and titles will get you more views, which will, in turn, give you more opportunities to build engagement. Statistics from YouTube show that the vast majority of the best-performing videos on the platform have custom thumbnails. This is virtually the only place where people will judge a book by its cover, in this case, your videos. 

      To create attention-grabbing thumbnails, focus on the ideal size (usually around 1280 x 720 pixels) and colors. Avoid black, white and red, which mostly appear on the platform. Your thumbnails will just blend in or get lost in YouTube’s color scheme. Instead, try other bold, catchy, and contrasting colors. And by all means, avoid clickbait kind of thumbnails.

      D. Commitment and consistency

      The road to a successful YouTube channel is a long and arduous one. But the journey is exhilarating, and achieving steady growth for your channel will require a commitment to consistency. You will need to continuously create high-quality content, engage with your audience, and try out new ideas. Find the right posting schedule and stick to it, and you will begin to see results.

      So, how can you get free YouTube likes in 2024? We established three ways that deliver consistent results. Let’s dive in!

      Getting Free Likes, Option 1: YouTube Exchange Platforms

      For most people, the first thing that comes to mind when they think about free YouTube videos is bots, which can be quite risky for your channel. Using the wrong bots can not only hurt your SEO rankings but also result in the loss of your account altogether.

      Only consider bots that deliver high retention views, which YouTube will interpret as someone watching the video for a period of time as opposed to one that shows several clicks on the video and leaving the page immediately, in which case YouTube will interpret your video as none one liking it enough to watch it.  

      Exchange sites provide a safer alternative on how to get free YouTube likes in 2024. There are a variety of exchange sites to choose from if you want to kickstart the organic growth of your YouTube channel. Though some of them have unique features and services, they all operate under the same premise: you watch other people’s videos, and they, in turn, watch yours.

      How Do Exchange Sites Work?

      Exchange sites provide real, safe, and free likes for your YouTube channel. They provide a platform where YouTube channels can exchange genuine likes, comments, and other engagement criteria with a community of real viewers who also want to grow their channels. 

      Most of the exchange sites provide a credit-based exchange system where users can rack up credits by watching and engaging with YouTube channels. They can then redeem their credits to gain likes and engagement on their own YouTube channels. 

      YTMonster is a good example of an exchange site. Users can set up accounts and register their YouTube channels. They then earn credits by watching, liking, and subscribing to YouTube channels within the YTMonster community and then using them to attract real, safe, and free engagement on their own channels. 

      YTMonster also provides networking and collaboration opportunities. The platform connects users with fellow content creators, and they can go on to exchange insights or explore potential collaboration opportunities within the community.

      Should You Use Exchange Sites?

      While exchange sites provide a safe and mostly free method to get free YouTube likes, they can be time-consuming. Garnering a substantial amount of credits might take a long while since you have to take the time to engage with other YouTube channels. You may be better off spending your time and resources on organic growth strategies and other strategies. 

      Read on for more ideas on how to get free YouTube likes in 2024.

      Getting Free Likes, Option 2: Websites Offering Free Likes!

      Another option to get free YouTube likes in 2024 is to use websites that offer free, no-obligation YouTube likes. Although on a small scale, they can instantly boost your videos with likes and engagement at no cost.

      QQtube is an excellent example of a website offering free YouTube likes. Users can either use their free one-time offer to gain YouTube likes on their channels or load their accounts with credit, which they can use to pay for services.

      While the vast majority of these sites provide a one-time free offer to get YouTube likes, some of them also provide a variety of other services, including purchasing YouTube subscribers, views, and other forms of engagement. 

      Do Websites Providing Free YouTube Likes Work?

      Online feedback seems to suggest that these websites actually deliver free YouTube likes and other engagement. However, the one-time free offer is quite limited, sometimes to as low as 50 YouTube likes. It’s mostly a marketing strategy to get you to sign up for other YouTube growth tools on the platforms. There are a handful of reliable websites providing free YouTube likes that you can test for free.

      Getting “Free” Likes, Option 3: Quality Websites Offering (Nearly) free Likes

      Another great way to get quick and affordable engagement to grow your YouTube channel is to use social media marketing (SMM) platforms. These websites provide safe, fast, and real YouTube engagement. They cost next to nothing and are super easy to set up and run.

      In fact, you can get 1,000 likes for just $0,7, or 100 likes for less than $0,1. That’s not 100% free, true… but it nearly is!

      But what is an SMM Panel? An SMM panel is an easy-to-use automated tool that you can use to manage and grow your social media presence, including YouTube. They provide a fast, organized and automated panel that gives you complete control of your channel, including all aspects, such as the delivery speed and content output. 

      SMM panels work more like a digital marketing professional, only a lot less cheaper. They handle most aspects that relate to managing your channel and are mostly automated.

      Let’s briefly examine two of the most popular ones: The Social Media Growth (TSMG) and THEYTLAB, where you can also get (nearly) free youtube likes from.

      TSMG is an SMM panel designed by a consolidated team of digital marketing experts who’ve managed to provide a comprehensive list of quality services at some of the lowest rates. While they provide SMM tools for nearly all social media platforms, let’s focus on YouTube.

      TSMG features a superior YouTube management panel that is optimized for views and engagement. The TSMG panel is still among the most trusted suppliers of real YouTube views, likes, and other engagement metrics. It’s as easy as signing up for an account, adding your channel, selecting a service and waiting for the instant results. 

      TSMG provides a fully integrated control panel that’s safe, easy, reliable, and guaranteed results.

      #2 THEYTLAB

      THEYTLAB is an excellent alternative. It has remained one of the most popular YouTube SMM panels. It is dedicated to YouTube and, therefore, has gained quite a reputation for YouTube expertise. This is quite evident in their marketing messages and brand portrayal. 

      THEYTLAB also features an easy-to-use design, both in its UI and overall process. You simply sign up, browse the list of YouTube services (likes, commentsshares, watch hours, etc.), select your desired ones, place an order by adding your channel’s link, and then enjoy your marketing results. You can also track your order within the same dashboard as you begin to get your results.

      Getting “Free” Likes,Option 4: Organic Ways to Get Free YouTube Likes in 2024

      Organic approaches to growing your YouTube channel might take a little longer and call for more effort, but they ultimately provide the best results. It is more sustainable to try to grow your channel organically, and you never have to worry about potential bans or penalties. 

      If you have covered the basics, such as creating quality content, optimizing your videos, creating captivating thumbnails, etc., here are some ideas on how to get free YouTube likes in 2024 without having to spend any money:

      I. Share your videos on other social media channels

      Social media can help you get your video in front of more fresh eyes, which would ultimately translate to likes and more engagement. Therefore, you’d do well to leverage the power of your social media handles to promote your channel. However, posting an image with text and a link to your YouTube channels isn’t going to work. 

      While linking your YouTube channel on your Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram accounts might make sense, it rarely produces the desired results. The simple reason is that most social media companies want to keep users on their platforms, and their algorithms will, in most cases, not favor a post with an off-platform link. Therefore, your click-through rates and impressions will be quite low and not generate good results.

      Instead, post the entire video on your social media channel with a link to your YouTube channel. Alternatively, post a teaser video to your social channel and add a link to the entire video back on your YouTube channel. And when doing so, ask them to also like your YouTube video!

      II. Engage your audience

      Engaging your audience will increase the chances of viewers caring more about your brand and your channel. Turn on comments and respond to viewer comments as soon as they pop up, and you’ll increase the chances of racking up likes for your videos and gaining new subscribers. Responding to comments is polite and courteous. 

      Shout out to your followers and fans, ask questions and try to solicit ideas from your viewers, and run YouTube contests to generate more engagement. You provide giveaways and structure them in a way that garners more likes and engagement.

      Engaged fans will often like your videos even before watching them!

      III. Collaborate with other YouTubers

      If you just launched your YouTube channel, you are likely on a budget and may not have the funds to hire an influencer. Instead, consider collaborating with other YouTubers in your niche or related niches. This will attract new viewers to your channel and increase your chances of garnering more likes and engagement. You’ll benefit from cross-channel engagement and even gain new subscribers. 

      Therefore, if your values align and you both have the same vibe and charm, consider doing mash-ups, covers and guest appearances with other like-minded YouTube creators. You can even do a series of videos and create a playlist so that you can also rack up valuable watch hours. Depending on the agreement, the videos can live on your channel and simultaneously on their channel.

      IV. Ask for likes

      This might seem pretty obvious and banal advice, but it actually works. Ask your viewers to like and subscribe and suggest follow-up videos at the end or in the middle of your videos. You can create video end screens that remind viewers to like and subscribe to your channel. Don’t be afraid to ask your viewers to smash that thumbs-up button!

      V. Consistency is key

      Last but certainly not least is consistency of action. Once you get into that groove, keep creating and posting new videos on your channel. One of the best ways to remain consistent is to create a schedule that works for you.

      Many YouTubers are often not prepared for the long-term journey of growing their channels. Starting a YouTube channel and trying to build an audience fast is a worthy ambition. But more often than not, it takes dedication, diligence, and consistency to build a successful channel.

      Consistency is one of the key factors in growing a YouTube channel. When you consistently upload videos and follow all the other best practices, you have a much better chance of satisfying the YouTube algorithm. By posting consistently, you get a chance to get more and regular feedback that will help improve the quality of your content and, consequently, engagement rates. 

      NOTE: consistent doesn’t just imply posting videos regularly on your channel. It also means uploading videos of the same quality, theme, topic, and vibe. YouTube’s algorithm will reward more often reward this kind of approach.

      Final Thoughts

      YouTube likes aren’t just a vanity metric. They indicate intent to build an audience and a community and increase your channel’s visibility. While bigger channels might aim for thousands of likes, even a few dozen likes for smaller channels can significantly impact their visibility.

      Getting engagement and building a successful YouTube channel will require concerted effort. You will have to try a bunch of different things at the same time. All the tips and strategies shared here deliver results. However, different channels might benefit from different approaches. Find out what strategy can best help you get free likes on YouTube in 2024.

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