Last Updated: February 21, 2024

Visla Video Creation Review – Are the Videos Good Enough?

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    If you’re searching for video creation and editing software, you might have come across Visla. But you probably have some doubts. Is Visla the right tool for your specific needs? Or is it all hype and not worth your time? We’ll answer these questions with our Visla video creation review below.

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      What Is Visla?

      Visla is an easy-to-use, AI-powered video editing software. It’s available on the web, as a desktop app, and as a mobile app through the Play Store and App Store. Its main highlight is its simplicity. This allows anyone, regardless of their video editing skills, to create stunning videos with its straightforward interface.

      Functions of Visla

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      Creating Videos

      Visla creates videos by piecing together different stock clips, adding a voiceover to the pieced-together version, and adding background music

      How to Use Visla to Create Videos?

      On Visla, you can create videos through five methods: through an idea, a blog, text, a voice recording, or images. 

      Creating a Video from an Idea

      In Visla video creation, your idea forms the blueprint for your video. It includes a description of the video’s content, your goals for the video, who it’s intended for, and where you plan to share it. You have up to 2000 characters to detail your concept, helping the AI understand exactly what you’re looking for.

      Typically, Visla produces short videos, ranging from 20 seconds to about a minute, based on your initial idea. However, you can extend your video by adding more scenes. You can also trim it down by removing scenes that don’t fit. 

      Creating a Video from Text

      To create a video from text, simply paste your video script, which can be up to 10,000 characters, and describe the type of video you want. In your description, specify the video’s pace: fast, medium, or slow.

      Creating a Video from a Blog

      If you use this method, you’ll enter the URL of the blog post that’s the inspiration for your video. After entering the URL, describe the video you envision. Include details about the video’s topic, its purpose, who it’s for, and where you plan to share it.

      Creating a Video from a Voice Recording 

      This method enables you to make a video using your voice recording. Once you upload the recording to Visla, the software analyzes it and selects matching stock video clips from its collection to align with your narration. These clips are then assembled to create your video. If any clips don’t fit your vision, you have the option to remove them and substitute others that better suit your needs.

      Creating a Video from Images

      Using this method, Visla helps you create a montage video, which is a series of photos or short clips put together to tell a story. After you upload your photos, you’ll describe your vision for the video. Visla then creates the montage, typically adding background music instead of a voiceover. However, if you prefer a voiceover in your montage video, you can record and add it yourself once the video is made.

      Features of Visla Video Creation

      Background Music

      Visla offers 8 stock background music clips: 4 are free for all users, and 4 are exclusive to premium users. When you add background music to your videos in Visla, it automatically adjusts the music’s length to match your video. Visla can also lower the music volume during voiceovers to ensure it doesn’t drown out the spoken words and extend the music seamlessly into the video’s intro and outro.


      The text feature in Visla allows you to add text. to your video scenes. Simply type your text, then adjust its style, size, and placement to fit your video’s look.

      Automatic Subtitles

      When creating a video with Visla, you don’t need to manually add subtitles. Simply turn on the “burn subtitles into video” option. Visla will automatically transcribe the voiceover into subtitles, placing the right part of the transcript with its corresponding scene. You can customize the subtitles’ size, style, and position. Additionally, there’s an option to highlight specific parts of the subtitles in any color you choose.


      In Visla video creation, graphics include emojis, shapes, and charts that you can insert into scenes. You can add these graphics to your videos. In addition, you can enlarge the graphics and change the colors of shapes and charts to any color you prefer.


      Visla offers a selection of 10 transitions, including options like “simple zoom,” “wipe right,” “cross zoom,” and “jump cut.” When creating videos with Visla, incorporating these transitions between scenes can make your video more dynamic and engaging. You have the flexibility to apply various transitions to different scenes to enhance the visual flow of your video.

      Scale Adjustment

      Adjusting the scale of a scene in video editing means zooming in on that scene. The standard scale is set at 100%, which represents the original size. If you wish to zoom in for a closer view, you can increase this scale up to 500%. However, be aware that zooming in too much, especially beyond the default scale, can make the scene appear grainier.


      Animations and transitions are two distinct features in video editing. Transitions refer to the way a video shifts from one scene to the next. On the other hand, animations are about how elements within a scene move or change. In Visla, you have six animation choices, such as “pan left” to move the view to the left and “pan down” to move it downwards.


      In Visla video creation, the style of your video is based on two main elements: the aspect ratio and the background of each scene. Adjusting the aspect ratio is key to making sure your video looks right for where you intend to use it. For TikTok, you should use a “TikTok (9:16)” aspect ratio, meaning the video is taller than it is wide. For YouTube or viewing on a desktop, choose “Landscape (16:9)” or “YouTube (16:9),” which means the video is wider than it is tall.

      Video Editing

      Visla lets you upload and edit videos. The editing functions that Visla offers are cut, crop, extract, call-to-action, and add voiceover. Here’s a summary of what each function helps you do:


      In Visla, “cutting” a video means removing any part you don’t need. To do this, first identify the part you want to remove, then click “Mark to Cut.” This step is crucial because it ensures you only remove the parts you intend to, preventing accidental deletions. Visla also offers a preview feature, allowing you to see how the video will look after the cut before you click “Mark to Cut.”


      Cropping a video in Visla means removing unwanted parts from the video frame. It’s important to know that once you crop a video, the action cannot be reversed. However, you can save a copy of the original video before cropping, so you have the option to start over if you’re not satisfied with the cropped result.

      Call to Action

      If you’re looking to include a clickable Call to Action (CTA) in your videos, Visla can help. With Visla, you can easily add a CTA button featuring your chosen text and link. You have the flexibility to customize the button’s color and decide its placement within the video—center, top right, or top left. 

      Screen Recording 

      The web version of Visla does not allow you to record your screen. For screen recording, you need to download and install the Visla desktop or mobile app and log in to your account. Keep in mind that screen recordings cannot exceed 1 hour in length.

      Screen recordings in Visla can be edited just like any other video. This means you can trim, crop, add calls-to-action (CTAs), and voiceovers. If there’s a particular segment of a screen recording you want to keep, you can extract it to form its own video clip.

      When using the Visla desktop app for screen recording, you have access to several advanced features. You can add “Speaker notes” to write key points you plan to discuss. The app allows you to capture your computer’s audio, highlight mouse clicks, and optimize the recording for virtual meetings, making it perfect for capturing content from online meetings.

      For a more personal touch, you can record yourself speaking during the screen capture. If your computer supports it, you have the option to blur or remove your camera background, enhancing the professionalism of your recording. 

      Video Recording

      Video recording is possible on the desktop or mobile app version of Visla. Recordings can’t be more than 1 hour long. But while recording, you can add media, such as photos and videos and PDF files. The provision of these functionalities hastens the process of creating videos, because instead of first recording a video and adding media to it and editing it through some other app, you can do all you want to the video right in Visla.

      Are Visla Videos Good Enough?

      In this section of our Visla video creation review, we’ll answer the question you’ve been itching to ask: are the videos good enough? To answer this question, we’ll assess Visla’s performance based on the criteria below.

      Video Quality

      Visla produces high-quality videos with clear and sharp resolution. However, when it comes to choosing the right clips to match your script, Visla falls short. The AI isn’t advanced enough to accurately pick clips that fit your story.

      For instance, if you ask Visla to create a video about a specific character’s journey, you might end up with a mix of clips that show different people of different races representing the same character, leading to a confusing and disjointed video.

      This issue is mainly because Visla has a limited selection of clips. It tries to make do with what’s available, often resulting in videos that don’t meet expectations.

      If you’re clear about what you want your video to look like, you’re better off sourcing your own clips or recording footage yourself, and then using Visla for editing. Relying on Visla for the entire creation process might not give you the results you’re looking for.

      AI Voiceover Quality

      Visla offers highly realistic AI voices for video voiceovers, but you can’t modify the voice characteristics like pitch, volume, emotion, or expressiveness. This limitation makes it more likely for viewers to recognize that the voiceover is AI-generated.

      Despite this, Visla provides a wide variety of 50 voices, including 29 with US accents and 21 with UK accents.


      Visla’s performance in terms of speed is reasonably good. It typically takes about two minutes to generate a video from scratch, which is a decent pace.

      Adherence to Instructions

      Visla’s AI isn’t really good at adhering to your instructions, especially regarding video length, pace, and theme. You may frequently find yourself needing to swap out scenes for footage that better matches your original vision.

      Ease of Use

      Visla is one of the easiest AI video creation apps to use. All of its features are easy to access and i you can find all tutorial videos right within your Visla home page.

      What Is Visla Best for?

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      Now that we’ve revealed that Visla’s videos aren’t good enough, you may be wondering what Visla is best for. Visla excels at video editing, screen recording, and video recording.

      Pricing of Visla

      Considering the quality of videos Visla creates, its price is appropriate for its features. Below is a summary of Visla’s pricing plans.

      Basic Plan

      The basic plan is free and lets you publish up to 50 minutes of video each month. But, Visla will add its watermark and a special intro and outro to your videos. 

      Premium Plan

      The premium plan costs $24 a month or $228 per year. Subscribing to this plan means your Visla-created videos will be free from watermarks, and you can publish videos of any length without monthly limits.


      Basic Plan
      • 50 min/month video publish time
      • Unlimited recordings and uploads
      • 3 hrs/month transcription time
      • 10 GB total storage


      Billed monthly until cancelled
      Premium Plan
      • Unlimited video publish time
      • Unlimited recordings and uploads
      • 10 hrs/month transcription time
      • 100 GB total storage

      Online Reviews for Visla

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      And what do online users think of Visla? Well, Visla has received an outstanding rating of 4.95 out of 5 on Product Hunt. The majority of the positive reviews applaud its ease of use, particularly for screen recording and video recording. On the flip side, there are a couple of negative reviews, with one user expressing disappointment in Visla’s video creation features. Also, some reviewers have suggested that Visla should enhance its video creation capabilities. However, the overall online feedback for Visla is positive.

      Visla Alternatives


      Pictory is an AI-driven software that simplifies video creation for social media and content marketing. It transforms scripts and long blog posts into short, engaging videos for platforms like TikTok, Instagram, and YouTube, and condenses longer videos into shareable snippets. 

      Key features of Pictory include automatic captions, a vast image library, and over 15,000 background music tracks. Pictory also lets you personalize your videos with your brand’s logo, colors, and fonts.


      Fliki is a tool that’s great for turning scripts and blog posts into videos. Fliki lets you choose from over 900 AI voices in many languages for creating a voiceover for your video. You can raise or lower the pitch of the AI voiceover in any part of the video. Also, Fliki puts subtitles on your video automatically, and you can edit the font and style of these subtitles. In addition to these functions, Fliki can help you record voiceovers and podcasts. is a versatile platform that covers all your video creation needs. You can use it to generate videos from scripts and blog posts, record new videos, and edit your existing videos.

      Additionally, provides a comprehensive library of stock images and short video clips in various categories like sports, health, nature, real estate, food, technology, and more. You can easily incorporate these visuals into your videos.

      Furthermore, offers free customizable video templates that you can personalize to suit your needs. And once you’ve finished creating or editing your video using, you can conveniently create a thumbnail for your video right within the platform.

      FAQs About Visla AI Video Generator

      Is Visla free?

      You can use Visla for free if you’re okay with a watermark on your videos and don’t need to edit or create many videos each month. However, for watermark-free videos and more extensive video editing and creation, consider subscribing to Visla’s premium plan.

      How do I download a video from Visla AI?

      To download a video from Visla AI video generator, follow these steps:

      1. Click “export.”
      2. Wait for the exported version of the video to finish loading.
      3. Click the three dots at the top right corner of the exported version. 
      4. Select “download.”

      How do I upload a Visla video to YouTube?

      To upload a Visla video to YouTube, follow these steps:

      1. Download the Visla video. 
      2. Open your YouTube account. 
      3. On a desktop, click on the camera icon with a “+” in the upper right corner, then select “Upload video.”
      4. Drag and drop the Visla video onto the page or click to select the video file from your computer.
      5. Enter the video details, e.g., its title, description, tags, etc. 
      6. Select visibility and publish. 

      Can I monetize Visla videos on social media?

      Yes, Visla uses a large library of royalty-free footage and music to generate videos. Additionally, each video is unique. You can therefore monetize any Visla-generated video on social media platforms such as YouTube.

      Final Verdict

      Visla’s ability to create videos from scratch is pretty average, and it occasionally struggles with sticking to scripts. However, many Visla users rave about how great Visla is for recording videos, capturing screens, and editing footage. So if you do these things often, you’re going to love using Visla.

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